The Twilight Saga

Hiya,Im Sara Renee Ackles~Winchester. But you can just call me Sara. :) 

I started design graphics about a year or two ago. I was terrible it was just not pretty to look at. But I improved over time and learned from my mistakes. I entered competitions that helped alot too. Its frustrating and fun at the sometime. I use GIMP. I LOVE IT! I honestly don't want Photoshop, cause I am to comfortable with Gimp.

I am a Junior at an High School. I am 17. I have siblings. Im a middle child. I have three bestfriend that without I'd be a very lost teenager.

P.S My Obsessions Are Down There.






His Sarcasm :D

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Everything looks beautiful girly!


OMG! Im so excited about that show coming back on in the summer!

And thank you,Claire!


AHH. Me too!

I've been buying the republished manga as soon as it comes out! 

It's all too exciting for words!

My only concern is that I really realllyyyy hope it's not going to only be available in Japanese. DX

Ive never sat down actually read the Manga but since school going be over in a few weeks I think I might.

I know Im worried about that.

Im hoping for English,ahhahaah


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