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Hey guys! Ok so this story is about Bella. About 4 months after she went cliff diving, and Alice never saw her jump. Edward hasn't returned and things aren't getting any better, not even with Jake around. She decides to leave for Jacksonville, but on the way there something happens that changes her life completely.

There are chapter links, so i suggest you use them. There may be a lot of Random Chat inbetween chapters. And if its not on that page, go to the next, or the one before that. Its most likely on that one.

PG-13....Just to be safe:)

-------------------------------------------------------------Chapter Pages-----------------------------------------------------
Chapter 2- Accident
Chapter 3: Savior

Chapter 4- The Angel
Chapter 5- Realization
Chapter 6- Dream
Chapter 7- Decision
Chapter 8- Vampire
Chapter 9- A dream come true
Chapter 10- Questions
Chapter 11- Moving
Chapter 12: The meaning of words.

(Part 1) Chapter 13: Visions
( Part 2) Chapter 13: Suprise Me
Chapter 14: DeeDee
Chapter 15: Shopping

Chapter 16: I love you

Chapter 17: Complications

Chapter 18: She's dead

Chapter 19: Aftershock

Chapter 20: Pain
Chapter 21: Visitors
Chapter 22: Heartbreak

Chapter 23: Headache
Chapter 24: Plans

Chapter 25: Life or death
Chapter 26: Tricked
Chapter 27: Intruder

Chapter 28: The Truth


Edward has been gone for months. He wasn't coming back. and i wasn't going to sit around and wait, waste away. I had to leave. Everything. everything.

Chapter 1- Goodbyes
Life had become too painful. I had given up hope long ago of Edward coming back for me. 3 months had passed and things weren’t getting any better. Even my best friend Jacob had lost hope in me. Every night I would lie in my bed, clutching my chest so it wouldn’t fall to pieces. I would lie like that all night, protecting my broken heart.

School would pass by in a flurry, a blur but still long torture. I would sit in class spacing off, while the teachers tried to get my attention. But nothing could bring me back to reality, I was far too gone into my love, my life. It felt like life had come to an end.
Despite Charlie’s protesting I had decided to leave for Jacksonville. This may be one way, If I wanted to try to get any better.

“Bella, I know things are hard, now, but I’m sure they’ll get better.” Charlie pleaded.

“Charlie, I know what’s best for me. And staying here in Forks is certainly not going to help.” We had had this conversation many times before, but now was the time I planned on leaving, driving all the way to Jacksonville.

We were by the front door, my suitcases in my hand. Charlie gripped the end of one, an attempt to pull me back. “Please Bells.” He pleaded again with sorrow filled eyes. “Don’t leave me again.”

As he said that it only made me want to run into his arms and comfort him. But this was my life at stake and I needed to do what was best for me.

“No Charlie, I’m not leaving you, just doing what’s best for me.” And with tear filled eyes I ran to my car. God….. All I ever did was cry these days.
I pulled open the car door with such force I was afraid it would come off its hinges. I hopped into the truck and slammed the rusty door shut.

As the car rumbled to life I chanced a glance back to the house. I saw Charlie Peering out the window with tears rolling down his face. I shook my head trying to remember this is what is best, this is what is best. With that I threw my suitcases into the backseat and backed out of the driveway.

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What about Edward? Oh well, I like Adam!
Lol aww Eddie:)
Abbie, that was awesome!!! I love Adam, really, but I want Edward back in the picture...
Lol i think every1 does as well:)
Lol thxs:) Oh i will try, it took me so long to get this posted... :)
Hey Abbie!! Awesome chapter, really.....and I like Adam and all....BUT....quit calling my Bella, Rebecca, and get Edward here quick to get his girl! Please! Please! I cannot take hearing Bella say "I love you" to anyone else but Edward!! *pouts*


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LOL weeeeeell... *thinks of how to respond* awww well, i guess you'll just have to c how it all plays out then huh??? teehee
MEanie! LOL!!! LOved the chapter! :D AWESOME! and the best part is THAT!!..... i know what will happen! LOL!
LOL! and U called me a meanie :D
ABBIE!!!! I need to ask you a question, you play soccer right?! Well, Tomtom is trying to come up with nicknames for you and Angylle, and they are trying to find the perfect ones, so yeah! We have a whole list of them on FFFS, so check them out! And add one you like XD
O ya i play soccer! :) LOL i already got 1 from him!! *drum roll* *smiles* Kicking Beast!! LOL


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