The Twilight Saga

Hey guys! Ok so this story is about Bella. About 4 months after she went cliff diving, and Alice never saw her jump. Edward hasn't returned and things aren't getting any better, not even with Jake around. She decides to leave for Jacksonville, but on the way there something happens that changes her life completely.

There are chapter links, so i suggest you use them. There may be a lot of Random Chat inbetween chapters. And if its not on that page, go to the next, or the one before that. Its most likely on that one.

PG-13....Just to be safe:)

-------------------------------------------------------------Chapter Pages-----------------------------------------------------
Chapter 2- Accident
Chapter 3: Savior

Chapter 4- The Angel
Chapter 5- Realization
Chapter 6- Dream
Chapter 7- Decision
Chapter 8- Vampire
Chapter 9- A dream come true
Chapter 10- Questions
Chapter 11- Moving
Chapter 12: The meaning of words.

(Part 1) Chapter 13: Visions
( Part 2) Chapter 13: Suprise Me
Chapter 14: DeeDee
Chapter 15: Shopping

Chapter 16: I love you

Chapter 17: Complications

Chapter 18: She's dead

Chapter 19: Aftershock

Chapter 20: Pain
Chapter 21: Visitors
Chapter 22: Heartbreak

Chapter 23: Headache
Chapter 24: Plans

Chapter 25: Life or death
Chapter 26: Tricked
Chapter 27: Intruder

Chapter 28: The Truth


Edward has been gone for months. He wasn't coming back. and i wasn't going to sit around and wait, waste away. I had to leave. Everything. everything.

Chapter 1- Goodbyes
Life had become too painful. I had given up hope long ago of Edward coming back for me. 3 months had passed and things weren’t getting any better. Even my best friend Jacob had lost hope in me. Every night I would lie in my bed, clutching my chest so it wouldn’t fall to pieces. I would lie like that all night, protecting my broken heart.

School would pass by in a flurry, a blur but still long torture. I would sit in class spacing off, while the teachers tried to get my attention. But nothing could bring me back to reality, I was far too gone into my love, my life. It felt like life had come to an end.
Despite Charlie’s protesting I had decided to leave for Jacksonville. This may be one way, If I wanted to try to get any better.

“Bella, I know things are hard, now, but I’m sure they’ll get better.” Charlie pleaded.

“Charlie, I know what’s best for me. And staying here in Forks is certainly not going to help.” We had had this conversation many times before, but now was the time I planned on leaving, driving all the way to Jacksonville.

We were by the front door, my suitcases in my hand. Charlie gripped the end of one, an attempt to pull me back. “Please Bells.” He pleaded again with sorrow filled eyes. “Don’t leave me again.”

As he said that it only made me want to run into his arms and comfort him. But this was my life at stake and I needed to do what was best for me.

“No Charlie, I’m not leaving you, just doing what’s best for me.” And with tear filled eyes I ran to my car. God….. All I ever did was cry these days.
I pulled open the car door with such force I was afraid it would come off its hinges. I hopped into the truck and slammed the rusty door shut.

As the car rumbled to life I chanced a glance back to the house. I saw Charlie Peering out the window with tears rolling down his face. I shook my head trying to remember this is what is best, this is what is best. With that I threw my suitcases into the backseat and backed out of the driveway.

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yay!!! =)
so happy i caught up with your story
omg i can't believe the cullens are going 2 the wedding
talk about drama LoL
please update soon
Lol Just posted more! Glad your enjoying it :)
Chapter 21: Visitors
Bella's POV

Adam didn't tell me much. Besides the fact he was having some old friends over for a visit. The rest was a 'suprise'. In his words. But to me it was just a big slab of unknown blocking my way to gaining more knowledge. I had begged and pleaded but he still refused. He just kept on repeating 'It's a suprise!' He was really starting to annoy me with this.

I was attemping once more to know what was happening.

"Come on Adam! It's been 2 days! How much longer can you keep that secret?" I pleaded. He just smirked at me and playfully bent down to kiss me. I swatted him away.

"No." I said, as if talking to a dog. There was laughter behind his eyes. "No kisses until you tell me what is going on!" He pinched his lips together and didn't say a word. "Fine!" I threw my hands up in defeat and turned to head in the oppisite direction.

He laughed. "They should be here soon. Today in fact. They haven't called me but they should be landing in a few hours." I grumbled, that wasn't the information I wanted to know. Suddenly he swooped me up and before I could do anything, quickly kissed me.

"Hey!" I shouted, and wiped my lips. Acting like I was disgusted. He tried hard not to laugh as he set me down.

"Go and get ready!" He yelled after me as I stomped down the hall, waving him off.

I didn't really want to meet anybody, and they probably didn't want to meet me. I mean, I'm the one putting Adams life in jepordy just by knowing he is a vampire. But since they were coming I only thought it was fair if I knew what was happening as well. But that's not how Adam sees it. So reluctantly I threw open my closet doors and searched for something to wear.

Eddie's POV

"Edward," Carlisle coaxed, as he had been for the last few days. "You need to come with us." He pleaded. I silently felt guilty about putting my family in more pain than they were already dealing with. But I couldn't help it. Without Bella life had no meaning, and I was lost. I knew they all loved Bella as well. She was like a third daughter to Esme and Carlisle, A best friend to Alice, A little sister to Emmett, and seeing Alice as happy as she was around Bella made Jasper happy as well. And well to Roasile, I think they had started to become closer.

Bella brought a whole new meaning to me, but now it was gone. And without it. . . Well I didn't know what to do. "Son? Are you listening?" Carlisle words pierced through my thoughts. "We all loved Bella." I cringed, and he squeezed my shoulder for reassurence. "But she is in a better place right now. And I think it would be better for all of us if we got out of this house for a while."

I merely nodded, too unsure to trust my voice.


Alice and I sat next to each other on the drive to the airport. Neither one of us talking, and no one talkint to us, It had been like this for a while. She leaned her head on my shoulder and gave a tiny sigh. Her tiny figure shook as she tried to keep herself under control. I turned my eyes from her out to the foggy window.

When orange streak went dodging in and out of the woods I sat up straighter and rubbed the window with my hand. It was gone. I looked all around the car. Nobody else had noticed. Esme and Carlisle were chatting quickly between each other, a frown line appearing every so often upon Esmes face. Rosalie was sitting with her legs crossed, impatience and bordrem radiating off of her. Emmett tried to engage her in converstaion but she ignored him and concentated on her nails.

Alice was the only one that noticed my tenseness.

"Edward, what is it?" Alice's thought echoed through my head. I looked at her and back to the windown, slowly. She seemed to be understanding part of what I was saying. And I was afraid with the condition that I was in, if I told Carlisle what I had seen. . . I didn't know what he'd think. He'd think his son had gone mad. And there wasn't any need to complicate their lives even further.

"Is something out there?" Her voice chimed in again. I nodded, still not looking at her. My gaze had returned to the window. Her mind quickly shifted gears, trying its best to push all other thought out of her mind, but at the same time, keep her emotions under control so Jasper wouldn't suspect anything.

"What could it be?" He voice was hardly a whisper. I took my gaze to meet hers, and I didn't need to say a word. She understood I didn't know, and that I was worried. If someone was tracking us, we would be leading them straight into another vampires home, with his human Fiancee.

But I kept my lips pinched together as we sped along to the airpost, hoping whatever or whoever would leave us alone.


"Rebecca!" Adam called.

"Yeah?" I yelled back.

"I'm headed off to the airport to pick them up ok?"

"Alright" I replied, trying to color my voice with annoyance. Adam obviously saw through it and was sudde ly in he bathrom. I turned to wrap my arms around him. "I hope one day I'll get used to that." He chuckled

"I hope so too." He lifted my chin with two fingers, so my eyes would meet his. I giggled and streched in my tippie toes so I could reach his lips. He responded quickly. I was the first to pull back and met his eyes.

"Love you." I said, He smiled.

"Love you too." He bent down once more to peck me on the lips and then ran out the door. I returned back to the mirror to continue my makeup, which I owed to DeeDee. I didn't know what I would do without that girl. And with one last swipe of eyeliner and stepped back to look at myself in the full length mirrow. I was wearing a smilpe blue top with Mek jeans, the jeans that DeeDee said she absolutly adores. On my feet were a pair of silver high heals that made me seem a little less short. I quickly slipped on a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet, saving my engagement ring for last. I slid it on my 4th finger on my left hand.

I felt bubbly inside as I touched it. I spent a little longer looking at the ring again. ( )

I forced myself to remove my attention from the ring and onto completely getting ready. I took out the curling iron and plugged it in. As I waited for it to heat up I drummed my fingers along the counter, thinking about what might happen in the hour to come.


I was just finnishing my las curl when I heard the car pull into the driveway. Hurridly I curled the last bit of hair. But while uncurling my hair from it My finger caught the bare metal.

"Damn." I muttered and set down the curler to closer examin my finger. I finally decided it wasn't that bad and grabbed some hairspay spritzing it all over. I took one final glance at myself in the mirror, I thought I looked decent enough. Soon I heard the door opening, and voices floated into my room. I suddenly felt a wave of nervousness engulf me, and my legs became wobbly.

A thin layor of sweat started to cover me and I started to become dizzy. Putting a hand to my forehead and one around my stomach I slowly started to sit down, my breathing shallow. I felt rediculous, and I knew I should. I was acting silly. I attempted to gather myself and stand up, trying to make my breathing even. I kept one hand out to balence myself along the wall while walking into my bedroom. Then I heard Adams voice.

"I'll go get Rebecca, make yourselves comforterable." He said, accompanyed by another males voice, which I couldn't make out the words. Then I heard Adam ouside my door.

"Come in." I called. And he entered.

"Ready?" He asked. "By the way you look beautiful, as always." I smiled, and wrapped my arms around him. Adam bent down to kiss me.

"I'm ready" I said, trying my best to sound normal. But as always Adam knew something had been wrong.

"Don't be nervous." He ran a hand down my cheek, leaving a trail of goosebumps. I looked up at him through my eyelashes.

"Well lets go, we don't want to keep the waiting do we?" Adam chuckles and took my hand, leading me out the door and into the living room. I felt my heart starting to beat a little laster, Adam sqeezed my hand in reassurence. I smiled up at him and took a shakey breath. As we rounded the corner to our awaiting guests I kept my face looking towards the floor, my cheeks flushing a brilliant red.

I could imagine Adam beaming as he spoke. "Friends, this is my Rebecca" He wrapped an arm around me and I looked up. Everyones face in the room was of shock, and one vampire with bronze hair looked at me staright in the eye, A looked of complete shock on his face. He got up slowly, apraoching me.

"Bella?" He asked. I felt my eyes roll back in my head as I sank to the ground, everything around me silent, and black.


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