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AJ~ Donna and Royal are so full of wisdom and good advice.  To thine own self be true. 

You are a wonderful Person, Partner, Friend, Sister.

Love you!

Sisters, we dont know what each Sister deals with in their lives...its very easy to give advice but very hard to take it when you are lost..its easy to say "I would never put up with that" or "I dont know why they live that way"....they live that way because its the only way they know for me, I know...I have found pride in myself knowing I am a good person...I have love to give, I have friendship to share but no one knows what its like to walk in my long as I have shoes on I have to follow the path that is easiest to walk....for me.

We have come such along way together...there is still alot of world to to give, friendships to make and memories to share...Thank you for sharing yours with me... 

Thank u sisters, I'm lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for listening and reminding me who I am and what I have to give, but most of all what I have to do. When I read your advice, I'm always overwhelmed with gratitude for your wisdom, I think, Oprah ain't got nothing on my sisters! Ha! But seriously, thank you. Love you all dearly, & god bless you 

Well, to answer the last question first: Because then there'd be nothing we'd love about the saga!

It's hard to put up with put downs. They never lead to anything good, no matter what people say. And that 'cruel to be kind'? That's usually a piece of crap hiding some other more malignant motive, in my opinion.

It might be worthwhile to let him drop the motto and help you. Losing weight is a commitment and an effort. If someone criticizes you all the time, the problem becomes monumental. I just read this weekend that women who were trying to lose weight who had a significant other partner with them in their efforts lost twice as much weight as women who tried it on their own. Ask him to help you by walking with you, exercising with you, encouraging you. If it were me, having someone ride my butt about my weight is about all the exercise I want to do because I'm so hurt and drained.

There's nothing wrong with you "letting" him talk to you like that. Don't blame the victim here; that's a man's game. I'm sure there's plenty about him that makes you go crazy, but you married him for who he is. Not for who he was or who he will be in the future. It wasn't a marriage of potential.

Remind him that you'd like the same love and support that you've given him. It seems he's going the first step down pat, identifying the problem. The next step is action - supportive action. Insults just don't encourage anyone to do anything but dig in their heels.

Ooops, sorry. I got on a big old soapbox. Excuse me!

Thank you Mrs cope, as usual I'm surrounded with great advice and support. Thank you for caring. Why can't there be bridges  between all our countries, so I can drive to visit you all! Not a good flyer this sister over here :)


I'm with you! How are we going to solve that?

AAAARRRRGGGG! My computer is sick and so is my Chloe'! So computer has to wait. Appt. at vet in am. So worried! Pray sisters!

Ahh Spunky, what is it with our pets...Harley had pnemonia over New Years and I am still forcing antibiotics down him...he is better...Keeping Chloe in my prayers

Thanks Sis! How is Harley doing?

Chloe' sounds like a goose honking! might be pneumonia also.

Oh, poor, sweet Chloe.  I hope she and Harley both get better quickly.

I'm keeping you all in my prayers... 

Baby puppies and kitties should not get sick. That is just wrong in so many ways.

I Pray all the little "babies" recover soon.

Pats on the heads and tummy rubs to them.


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