The Twilight Saga

Renesmee Carlie Cullen is already trying to figure out her complicated teenage, vampire/human life and no one understands her. Not even her year-long boyfriend Jacob Black can understand her. She ends up turning to help from the last person she ever thought could actually take anything seriously. But it turns out Emmett really does help her by teaching her to laugh and enjoy life. But as Renesmee and Emmett get closer their relationship turns into something more than just friendship. And Renesmee ends up turning to him for more than she thought.

Renesmee POV


Oh! Oh my God! Oh no! What the hell am I doing?! I kept thinking to myself as I pulled back from a unexpected kiss and looked into his eyes. He looked just as suprised as I looked into his beautiful eyes. "Renesmee." He said looking as if he just witnessed me commit a crime. "No." he gasped. I knew what he was thinking it was clear on his face. Why did I just do that? What would Jacob think? Worse. What would daddy think? 

"I, uh, I" I stammered. 

"Nessie?" I heard dad call from downstairs, apparently back from his hunting trip. Emmett's eyes widedend and he flashed out the room, out of the house, and probably out of the state for now. Knowing what dad would do to him if he found out. But where did that leave me. Standing in the room, looking like a complete idiot. 

"Yeah dad?" I called back.

"Can you come downstairs for a minute? Your mother and I wish to talk to you." His voice didn't sound murderous but as I walked downstairs, trying to remember every mind-blocking technique Alice taught me, I knew I might not walk back up these stairs again. Because dad was going to kill me.

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Chapter 4

It was September 8th. Just two more days until my 16th birthday. A week had past since Emmett and I had almost kissed and luckily Alice had kept everyone so busy planning a birthday party for me (which I argued against and lost), Dad forgot all about the talk we were supposed to have and hasn’t been focused enough to read my mind. Emmett hadn’t shown up ever since he left. Since it’s nearing towards the end of autumn, Dad thought he just wanted to get the last of the bears before they went into hibernation. I, however, knew the truth. He was avoiding me. he was avoiding Dad, he was avoiding all of us until he could keep his head clear enough for Dad to not kill him. But I missed him terribly.
Everyone was in the living room. Dad was talking to Mom about sneaking away to their cottage...ew. Alice was on the phone with the bakery in Portland, discussing my birthday cake. Jasper sat on the floor by her knees with a game controller in his hands and his eyes glued to the TV screen. Carlisle was in a chair reading “The Ways Of Medicine”. Esme was sitting quietly on the couch with a pencil in her hand and a sketch pad in her lap. Jacob and I were in the love seat hand-in-hand. He was asleep, and I was pretty close to unconsciousness myself when everyone suddenly heard--
“What do you mean three days?! I need that cake ready in two!” Alice had jumped up from the couch. Mostly everyone ignored her, but I listened in to hear the poor baker’s defensive argument. “Well then I guess you’d better get to work, now shouldn’t you!” Alice snapped and hung up the phone.
“Ugh! Humans just tick me off sometimes.” She groaned obviously annoyed and stressed out. Jasper paused his game to put his hand on her thigh. She sighed a deep sigh of relaxation. “Thanks, babe. I just want everything to be perfect.” Alice held her head in her hands.
“And it will be. Everything is going to be absolutely wonderful.” He assured her.
“I thought I was the psychic.” She smiled. I couldn’t help but think what she would do without him.
“Lose her mind.” Dad answered my unspoken question. Everyone laughed, obviously knowing what the question was.
“Renesmee, come on. Let’s go.” Alice ordered as she grabbed her keys.
“Where are we going” I asked her.
“Where going shopping in Olympia for your birthday dress!” She squealed, apparently feeling much better now.
We spent the entire night in Olympia. I know I must’ve tried on a thousand dresses that night. The next day went by quickly everyone one was getting ready for the biggest party of my life. Everyone would be there. The wolves, Denali, The Amazon coven (which really made me happy, I missed Zafrina), and The American Nomads which was mainly Peter, Charlotte, and Garret. But the guest that made me more excited than all the rest was Nahuel. He had taken intrest in me when I was a kid and we’ve just stayed in touch ever since. It was never anything more than friendship for me but he always found a way to hint at how he really felt about me. It felt good to be around him to remind me that I’m not alone.
Everything was ready for tomorrow. The cake, the outfits, the guest list. Maybe Jasper was right. Maybe everything would work out. Maybe it might really be wonderful. It was 8 o’clock at night and I just stood outside the house and stared at the moon. No matter how hard I tried to distract myself from him, he kept finding his way back to the center of my attention. Emmett wouldn’t miss my birthday would he? But what if he did come? What if the site of me would jump-start that feeling again. Dad would lose his mind. Jacob would lose control. My entire birthday party would be a disaster. So why was I so anxious for him to come? I knew the answer to that. Because I was falling, fast and hard, in love with Emmett.

*Thank you guys so much for reading. I’m really excited about the party :) I think I’ll enjoy writing about that. Who knows who might show up? LOL
Again thank you guys for reading and comment or like and tell me what you think*

great update!  please write more soon!

Thank you. And I'll update as soon as I can :)

This is a really great chapter I love it


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