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Hi everyone!
As many of you know, I began writing this story last summer.
But school came and I was too busy to update.
So I stopped writing. 
But a lot of you read it and I figured that I would repost it and continue to write it!
So, please, read, comment, and enjoy!

Crying silently
Hurting Underneath
If you sob out loud
You can't cry, too
He'll see them and you
Don't show your weakness
Camouflage the pain
Can't let him see you're hurting
You can cry in the rain
That way no one will see
Won't see the tears stream
Down your face they flow
But only as the rain will blow
You can fake it
If you're good
You can act
Pretend, you could
Stay expressionless
Look emotionless
Even though it hurts
Even though it's ripping you apart
Even though you're screaming inside


When the pain starts to break through, your'e screaming on the inside. But you can't show the weakness. That would only bring amusement to them. You can't scream out loud. You've got to stay expressionless. Look emotionless. Cover up the proof. Smile.
Even though it hurts.
Even though it's ripping you're insides.
Even though you're screaming on the inside.....

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Keep it up. =]
love it plz keep me updated
Awesome! I hope Bo can help her! Please write more!!
Aw, they kissed I love Bo! keep writing!!!
Thanks everyone!!!
YaY!!!!!! they finally kissed!!!!
this story is really really really!!! good
i should of read it sooner
please update soon
i can't wait to see what happens
hopefully Lili doesn't abused anymore
i love it
plz keep me updated
this story is really good can you update me wen you post more i really like your story
Chapter Eight

Lili's POV
I pulled away to look at him. When he opened him eyes, I smiled.
He sighed, happily and then smiled.

"I didn't know you felt like that." I told him.

"Gosh, Lili. You couldn't tell? I have since just about forever."

"Wait. You've liked me for longer?? Jee, Bo. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want to ruin our friendship. And I was afraid you wouldn't feel the same." He sighed.

"That's crazy. If you would've told me, I would've smiled and told you I felt the same." I told him.

"Hey Lili?" Bo asked.


"I love you." He told me. "Always have."

I smiled even bigger and grabbed his hand.

We ran back to school and got on our bus, right before they pulled away.
I sat in our normal seat and Bo sat down, next to me.

"Lili, do you want to come to my house?? I mean, instead of going to yours?" Bo asked.

"I can't. I need to get h-" Bo covered my mouth with his hand.

"Lili, then I get to come home with you. I hate to bring this up again. But I'm not letting anything else happen to you." Bo told me, while the bus pulled to my stop.

"No, Bo. I'm sorry. I'll try to call you later." With that, I stood up and walked to the front, saying goodbye to the bus driver.

Bo's POV
I watched Lili walk down the bus stairs.
I let her go, too.
But she didn't really believe I wasn't going to go to her house, did she??
I hope not. Because I had a plan.

When I got home, I set down my backpack, grabbed my video camera, and told my mom I'd be back in an hour. The I headed to Lili's.
I peeked in her kitchen window and saw her there.
So, as quietly as possible, I climbed the tree by her window and jumped into her room. She always left the window open.
I walked to her closet and crouched down, inside, pointing the camera right in the crack.
I was gonna record whatever happens.
And if it's bad, you better bet I was gonna turn it in.

I heard a car pull in and Lili walk into her room.
I think her dad is home.
She pulled the shades shut, over her open window and I watched.
I could hear the front door slam shut and heavy footsteps come up the stairs.
"LILI?" I heard a voice yell.

"Yes, dad?" Lili called back. I could hear the fear in her voice.

When I saw her dad in the doorway, I pressed record. The little red light came on and I pointed it out of the small crack in the closet door.

"I had a real bad day at work." He stepped closer to her. "The boss was 'disappointed in my work ethic' and 'didn't believe I was doing well.' So, tomorrow is my last chance. If I slack. I'm fired." Now what do you think of that?"

I saw him sneer and his hand raised.
My nostrils flared and I no longer knew if I could just watch this happen. I had planned on watching and then escaping in silence to show the police.
But it wasn't quite working.

It all happened at once, after that.

I saw his hand collide with the left side of her face. Then I saw her wince and grab her cheek. The I saw him smile and shove her into the wall.

That's when I shoved open the closet door and ran towards her and her father.
awesome!!! more ASAP
ahh!!! i love it!!!!!
cant wait to read more
hopefully this is the end to the abuse
Yani, we need to write.....soooonnn.
It's my turn, right??
I think I'll send it to you, today.
Thanks, chica!


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