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After a few years Edward finally decides that he can't live without Bella any longer and immediately returns to Forks. He finds out that Bella disappeared not long after he left, and no one can find her not even the werewolves or Victoria. But when trying to find her strange things happen...
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Most Characters and Orginal storyline are created by Setphenie Meyer
(Heads Up: I have very bad grammar/spelling)


Chapter 1
The Return

Edward looked out the window of the plane, watching the sun subside from the violet and navy blue sky.

The clouds below were an ocean of blazing oranges and reds, flowing passed the plane like a strong current.

But it wasn't fast enough.

His fortitude was grained down to the smallest particle of dust. After being nearly half a decade away from Bella he finally capitulated from the agonizing pain.

He wondered how he was able to endure the torture for so long.

Each day seemed to last as long as his whole life.

The images of her beautiful face hunted his mine, provoking him. She was the only cure to his shattered heart.

When he left Forks, left her, his heart crumbled slowly to the ground, leaving a trail behind him like bread crumble. And as each piece fell it felt like an anchor was drop and was tied to him, trying to hold him back.

As he pulled further, their bond ripped into him like rusted cables, leaving invisible but scaring tears in his flesh and soul.

And then he began to bleed. All the happiness, warmth, and love that he ever felt poured out of him like a river dyeing the earth in a lugubrious black.

The rust on the cables infected and spread through him, twisting onto every nerve and ruptured them.

After that everything went dark. He wasn't sure if he just blacked out or passed out, but he felt like he was consumed by a black flame that he couldn't put out nor escape.

This was his punishment.

This was for endangering Bella's life and lying to her in the worst way possible. When he told her that he didn't love her anymore, he could see the agony reflecting in her eyes.

He would do anything to take back those words, and now he could only hope that she would be able to forgive him.

Forgive him for all he did to her and failed to do.

He didn't expect her gratitude. He would leave her if she wished; he would do anything for her, even give up his own existence as a small reparation for his sins.

But if there was a even a faint spark of hope that she would look at him again, as she once did before, he would gladly get down on his hands and knees and beg her to take back the pathetic and trivial vampire that he was.

The plane shook as it grounded on the runway.

He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

This was it. This was his judgment with his existence at stack.

Its conclusion would put him into euphoria or abyss.


.....To be continued


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Updated June 27:

Chapter 10, What We Are, Part 1


Updated July 3:

Chapter 10, What We Are, Part 2 Preview 

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Due to a major bio test I have I'm really sorry to say that i wouldn't be able to post the next chapter of Searching for Bella till Tuesday at the least T.T
I got the rough drafts done for the next few parts of the chapter, just I can't find the time to polish it up, and as of the last post I know that you all hate Edward or me, as i pridicted, but it all of a good reason hopefully it will all be clear by the next posts
and once again i'm really sorry and please don't hate me

m( _ _ )m *bows down on the floor*

We don't hate you! (Well I don't at least) Take your time, just hurry up! ;b
OMG!!! Your banner is SO AWESOME
i have to agree with Ashley. write more plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is so wasome please contiue quickly and please when u have time can u read my story called
Breaking Dawn gone wrong
the link is on my page if ur intersested thanks so much for writting this story
yours truly
hope you repost soon good luck with your test
im in love with this story
its so different nd awesome
its the best dark thing i have ever read
keep me updated please
A little preview from the next chapter :3


“Why?” Jasper asked in a hard demanding voice. “Why did you do it? Why did you make me hurt Alice?”

Edward arched an eyebrow. “Well I guess because I was bored. Or maybe I just wanted to have a little fun with this new power.” A sinister ginned slowly curved itself on his lips and his eyes became menacing. An amethyst broader inaugurated around his pupils and like a rippled of water it echo across his irises, encircling itself around the irises and began to glistened like a ring.

“Ow!” Jasper yelled as Emmett arm’s tightened harder.

“What’s going on? Why are they moving by themselves?” Emmett exclaimed. “I can’t control my arms.”

“Edward.” Jasper whimpered from the pain. “Stop it!”

“It’s so much fun though and I haven’t had any fun for such a long time. Do you honestly want to ruin it for me?”


Dural silently approached the side of her bed. She was sound asleep, her facial feature were more peaceful rather than the coma like state that it was a few days ago.

He sat down on the bed, not making the slightest sound nor disturbed her with any of his movements.

He studied her for a while. Her hair was messily draped over her face due her weaselling in her dreams. He would often hear her faint moans, no matter how far he was from her in the hideout, and every time he would come to see if she was alright.

She’d cry out Edward name as tears rolled off her checks and only stop when he gentle patted her head and brushed the tears away. At times he would be with her for a few minutes or a few hours, but he’d stay until she was sleeping soundly again.

He reached out his hand and drew back a strand of hair from her face. His softly trailed the tips of his fingers down her check and along her jaw to the tip of her chin. Her skin felt hot against his, he could feel the sweet blood of life pumping under her skin, even the one within the capillaries.

She was so young, delicate, and defenceless like a baby.

Suddenly he snatched away his hand and he hissed in a breath as if he was in major pain.

“No!” He growled pressing his palms to his face. His breathing ragged. The disturbing distressful cries of a baby began to echo in his ears.

He covered his ears with his hands but it didn’t shield them from the deafening wails. Its high pitch shrieks, resembled the sound of nails starching against a black board, sending an ice cold chill down his spine and twisted his stomach in agony.

The haunting memory was trying to slither back into his mind, trying to make him remember about-.

He didn’t want to remember, he didn’t want to relive it. He wouldn’t let it happen again.

Never again!


I would also like to thank everyone that voted Searching for Bella for Best New Moon Inspired Fan Fiction Story :3
It's not fair:(
ome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO WRITE MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh, and please dnt make edward evil....
since im Mrs..Edward Cullen............please dnt make my husband evil! please!
OMG!!! Edward is sooooooo evil!! plz don't make him like that......and plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz write more...I can't stand waiting anymore!!
the story is sooo addicting please dnt make us wait longer then that


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