The Twilight Saga

After the heart jarring ending of Poisonous Flames, you probably want to know what happens to all the characters.

That is why life invented sequels.

Dan takes Alyssa to the healers, and we meet the all famous Charisma Timms's brother!

Jared is back! And so is Agnes, and they will be up to their old tricks ; ).

Will Dylan find love in this one?

The world may never know if you don't read. =)

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ahah lol :)

Chapter Two; Killer in the Crowd

Alyssa’s POV

 I felt my breathing speed up. The last thing I remembered was Jared’s face; his disgusting, putrid, yet poisonously charming face. I couldn’t think of anything else, though I wished I could. When my eyes fluttered open, I saw a hut filled with people, but I couldn’t concentrate on any specific faces.

“Dan,” I croaked, remembering he was there too. He couldn’t be dead. He just couldn’t.

 My fever was worsening, but my senses were keener. I felt bodies shifting away, and someone moving toward me. I heard someone kneeling next to my bedside. Then, I recognized Dan’s angelic touch against my cheekbones. It felt cold and soft, unlike Jared’s rough and cup-like palms. It felt good, to feel the real Dan next to me again.

“Alyssa,” He said finally, his voice was calm, though I felt his hands shaking against my body. I saw him clearly, his beautiful face, and his eyes.

“Marissa, please get her some cold water.” A woman with black hair ordered a more slender girl with auburn hair. The girl with auburn hair nodded, and almost instantly handed me a glass of water.

“Give her some space; you’re only making her fever worse!” The girl I now knew as Marissa said, and everyone except Dan backed up a few steps. “I’m Marissa, I’m a healer, and I only want to help you. Drink up; it will help your fever.” She half smiled, and touched my forehead.

 “Alright, thanks Christian, Edward, but I think we can take over from here. I’m sure Hazel and the children would like to know that Alyssa’s going to be okay.” Melissa said, and Edward got up from the chair. Then a muscular man who I hadn’t known was standing behind me left as well, but he gave me a second glance before doing so.

 He seemed familiar, but I couldn’t remember who he reminded me of. I decided to shrug it off. We’d meet again soon anyway.

“Okay Alyssa, this is Ada, and the two girls next to her are Daphne and Lily.” Marissa said soothingly. Ada crossed her arms, but Daphne and Lily each waved. Marissa bit her lip.

“Ada, Daniel, why don’t you go inform the Forctis that Alyssa’s okay.” Marissa said. Ada left quickly.

 Dan hesitated. “She’ll be fine.” Marissa assured him, he nodded. Dan came over and kissed my forehead, and then he followed Ada.

 Marissa left the room to go get some supplies. So now I only had the company of Lily and Daphne. Neither of them had spoken to me.

“Are you guys not allowed to speak?” I asked as kindly as I could.

“No, we can.” Daphne smiled.

“Marissa and Ada are in charge, so we just follow orders usually.” Lily shrugged.

“Don’t you ever question that system?” My brow furrowed.

“Rule number one, don’t question the system.” Daphne frowned.

“So, Alyssa, how does Jared look?” Lily quickly changed the subject.

“As good as any forty year old killer does.” I laughed, Daphne did too.

“You have a good sense of humor.” Daphne smiled, and I almost felt the three of us bond.

 The all of the healers, besides Ada, had left to speak to the Forctis about my recovery. Dan went back to the Academy doing hell knows what. So I was left with Ada. She was flipping the pages in her book, pretending to read. She looked up at me.

“You do realize you’re a demon hunter.” Ada glanced at the pages and looked up again.

“No, I didn’t.” I said sarcastically. She ignored it.

“You and Dan aren’t allowed to be in love.” She spoke coldly.

“But my father and Charisma were?” I asked.

“Yes. But do you notice young Charisma is no longer with us? Neither is your father, last time I checked that is.” Ada raised a brow.

“Yeah, but they weren’t the savior and the demon hunter.” I answered.

“Never the less, Daniel is a member of the Overworld, and you are a member of the Underworld. Those paths aren’t meant to cross for anything more than protection. Daniel may protect you, but I protect him as a healer, and I don’t want him to end up dead like Charisma. Not to mention, Edward wouldn’t want you dead like James.” Ada said.

“Your point?” I asked, raising a brow.

“The Forctis is still debating on it, but we are deciding whether or not Daniel can see you romantically. Just to inform you, Edward and I voted against it.” She spoke bitterly.

“But our love life isn’t your decision to make, it’s ours!” I nearly shouted.

“Don’t strain your voice dear, it isn’t worth it. We have to take you and Daniel to the Underworld to make the final decision anyway.” Ada shrugged.

“I’ve never been to the Underworld.” I said.

“You were born there.” She replied. I nodded.

 I saw Dan coming in, and he looked distressed. “Ready to go?” He asked, and we teleported to the Underworld.


Okay, so we're setting up for the "trials" about Alyssa and Dan's love.

I can inform you that one character from the first book may surprise you in the next chapter ;).

This isn't the last of the Overworld =)

So, Ada's a creep, right? XD. I'm starting to prefer Jared.

Jared does return in the next chapter.

So be prepared.

Leave your comments, predictions, and questions!


Oh boy. I have a bad feeling about the trails. They should be free and love each other and not judged of who they are. You can't help who you love and so exited to see bad boy Jared back :)

I agree =)

But most of the Overworld doesn't ;)

yeah true :) and well boo them :( lol

Things are getting really interesting once again!  The theme of forbidden love...  I do hope Alyssa and Dan are allowed or will find a way to be together!  But I am sure before that happens a lot of issues will have to be resolved first!  Will you still have chapters describing past events, or is this story strictly going to take place in the present?  It might be interesting to see how past events shaped people's thoughts and feelings in the present!

PS: I like Christian's character banner and the title of the chapter!  Isn't it a line from one of the songs on the Eclipse soundtrack?  And who or what is it referring to?

Haha, MANY issues =).

I will, I think I'll have to go into the past to explain more about Christian.

PS: Thanks so much. Ooh, you're good! It's in the bridge of Heavy in your Arms by Florence and the Machine. Well, it's referring to the fact that someone in the crowd caused the trials about Alyssa and Dan, and they are the "killer in the crowd". Maybe I said too much ^-^?

I love that song, its from the eclipse soundtrack I think

Mhm! It is a great song, I love that band in general. They also did Breath of Life for Snow White & the Huntsman.

I want to see that movie lol

It was pretty good, but kinda overrated. :/

how come? 


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