The Twilight Saga

After the heart jarring ending of Poisonous Flames, you probably want to know what happens to all the characters.

That is why life invented sequels.

Dan takes Alyssa to the healers, and we meet the all famous Charisma Timms's brother!

Jared is back! And so is Agnes, and they will be up to their old tricks ; ).

Will Dylan find love in this one?

The world may never know if you don't read. =)

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oh lol yeah it kind of suits him. I love Ron remarks in the films

Interesting!  I wonder what Alyssa is planning?

We shall see....

Chapter Six; Deal With the Devil Himself

Alyssa’s POV

“So, do you have any idea what my lead is?” I asked Dan.

“Nope, but I’m in love with you, therefore I have to follow your crazy ideas.” Dan half smiled.

“Oh. Well, I realized that I do owe Jared something, and my mother would be a good prize, right? Anyway, since she is the love of his life, she might be the key to killing Jared.” I grinned.

“That would be genius that is if we could guarantee that she’d be willing to kill him.” Dan sighed.

“The man killed her once.” I shrugged.

 As we were transported to the Withers mansion, I recognized a familiar voice, but the face and hair weren’t ringing a bell. The man’s hair was a dirty blond, his skin was somewhere between tan and pale. I could only see the side of his head, but I saw him wearing a pair of black shades. But, there was one thing peculiar about him. He was wearing black combat boots.

 Before I could say anything, Dan said, “Hey isn’t that guy the wacky warlock who healed my wounds?”

“Walcott? I’m not sure, but those are definitely his boots.” I answered lowly.

“Why would he be here?” Dan asked.

“I don’t know, but with him here, we’ll have to teleport in.” I said.

“Teleport?” He looked at me like I was crazy.

“Yes! It’s not like Jared doesn’t already know what you are.” I rasped.

“But a customary person knocks.” Dan shrugged. I shook my head, and he nodded reluctantly. We teleported inside, unseen.

 The mansion looked different. It looked like Jared hadn't kept the glamours up since the “battle”.

 The whole place was white walls and floors with nice furniture, and spiders on the ceilings. The stairwell and balcony was still there, and the door to the basement was ajar. I heard a crow calling, ca-caw! ca-caw!

 A bat flew over our heads; Dan grabbed me close to him as we ducked. “That’s almost never a good sign!” He whispered.

We heard a creaking from the balcony. It was Jared, he was looking down at us in bare feet –and was that a robe? “Ah, the children who want to kill me! Come right up, because you know how much I love your visits.” Jared said dryly, and began walking toward one of the upper corridors. We rushed to follow him.

Jared’s voice echoed through the house like a fire truck’s siren echoes through a town. “—You know what? I don’t really get why you came. You two could happily have your own apartment, and have what Cassia and I never could.” Jared spat, and we walked into a room I’d never seen before with a bar, and Jared poured himself a drink.

“Oh, so that’s what this was all about?” I asked. Jared cleared his throat.

“No, I totally just did it to make you owe me something in return. Alyssa, I’m not completely heartless.” Jared spat.

“Speaking of, we have an idea of what you want in return for that little favor.” Dan said.

“Oh, you two are planning on leaving me in my eternally depressing solitude? My life just got that much better.” Jared was being very sarcastic today.

“Alright, it’s fine if you don’t want Cassia back. I’ll just forget about it.” I turned to the door.

“I’ve been trying for the past fourteen years.” Jared slammed his fist against the bar in frustration. “It’s impossible.

“But I’m Cassia’s daughter, her flesh and blood; there must be some spell I could use.” I said, just by the way he looked at me, I could tell he knew I was right.

“What’s the catch?” He asked, sipping at his drink.

“After this we’re even.” I stated.

“Fine,” He said, and he led us into the basement.

 Jared flicked his wrist and the basement was illuminated. There were several differences compared to the last time I was here, the table in the center had cockroaches scattered over it, and books were spread over the floor. Shattered glass and broken windows were easily spotted.

 Even the Wither’s blade which was now dimmed out and my dry blood stain that shown on the floor.

Jared glanced at the ground, and picked up a book. It was his copy of The Forbidden Texts, but there was the emblem of the Academy in Evane, a shield with a lion on it, and two blades behind it. Jared flipped through the pages, and opened up to a summoning spell, but not like the one Sophie used, it was a mix of dark and light magics, some was in Latin, and other things were in French.

Then Jared grabbed a kitchen knife and a large golden goblet. He handed me the knife and he held out the goblet. “Cut your finger and let it bleed into the cup.” Jared spoke surprisingly calmly.

“Aww, you wouldn’t want the honor for yourself?” I asked dryly, and I sliced the top of my right index finger, and the blood flowed.

Jared handed me the goblet, and began chanting the spell. “Dilectus spiritus voco te, veni ad me tua amator de semine tuo scriptor sanguine. Weiss vocat Cassia tibi ad tua filia venit.”

“The English translation is in the back if you’re curious.” Jared winked. The goblet burned in my hands. “Drop the goblet, let the blood spill, trust me.” He said, and I did, only because I know he wanted this as much as I did.

The goblet clanged against the hard solid ground, and the ground itself seemed to absorb my blood if that’s possible. Dan grasped my hand, and I grabbed it willingly.

Dust began to circle around the room. Even Jared looked a little startled, as he stepped back behind us, as if he’d never gotten this far. Finally a figure appeared, blonde hair, brown eyes, a white dress that was red around the stomach, probably where she was bleeding.

Cassia let out a loud and banshee like scream.


So, how about that for getting even with Jared?

Do you think Cassia wants to be back?

Why is Walcott lurking around?

Leave your comments, questions, and predictions!


What kind of spell did they use to call Cassia?  Jared would do anything to get her back, and not necessarily all good.  Did she scream because she was hurt or angry?  Will she be happy to see her daughter?  And how wil she react when she sees Jared?  It will be interesting to see how things turn out.  Also: why was Walcott there, and whose side is he on?   So many questions...  So many reasons to read on!  Please don't leave us in suspense too long!

Hmm all good questions.

The fact that the spells at that part of the book were in two different languages foreshadows there are some good and evil things here.

Yes, and another thing to think about is James for Cassia's reactions. I can assure you she doesn't know if he's dead or alive.

Walcott is a mystery, but when the answer comes out, I'll flash back to that scene so you can see who he was talking to.

And I won't, I just had a little writers block with all this back to school stuff.


wow okay. cool spell :) Even though Jared wants Cassia back at all costs I think he still might have something up his sleeve so they are not really that even. I am not sure if Cassia would want to be back, she might as she will see her own daughter and the man she loves but maybe she would want to stay dead. Mhh who knows? And Willcot might be seaking something that Jared has in the manner?

woopps lol meant Walcott not Willcot soz

XD, I do that a lot. You are on the right track about one of your predictions of Cassia, but I won't tell you which one.

Walcott IS working with someone, a character you know, but I won't say who...


Ooh intresting and yay lol! I wonder which of my predictions is true :)

can't wait to find out and lol sorry for the name mishap, was still sleepy when I wrote the comment

xD, I always abuse my 15 minutes when I leave a chapter as a comment, for some reason two chapters ago, I wrote Julian instead of Jared like 10 times.

oh lol well they both start with a J and Julian is Jared so it kind of works ahaha lol


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