The Twilight Saga

After the heart jarring ending of Poisonous Flames, you probably want to know what happens to all the characters.

That is why life invented sequels.

Dan takes Alyssa to the healers, and we meet the all famous Charisma Timms's brother!

Jared is back! And so is Agnes, and they will be up to their old tricks ; ).

Will Dylan find love in this one?

The world may never know if you don't read. =)

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xD, In Word (you always here me say I'm revising because I really am) I kept mixing up their names (I guess I forgot some last time) and in one sentence, I had Cassia say "Thanks Julid." That makes ZERO sense. And In DR I originally named Michael, Will, and I still write Will every once and awhile. I'm a bad person when it comes to names.

wow who is Julid? Wow lol bless you :) Is that a mash up of Julian and Jared? it seems like it lol

xD, I have no idea. I write chapters late at night, when the ideas come to me in the shower, so I guess I didn't have enough caffeine, XD.

oh lol wow nice :)

Chapter Seven; Who’s the Father?

Cassia’s POV

 I felt the pain in my throat first. It felt like someone had reached in, and gave me a thousand paper cuts. Though I knew I was somewhat alive, I still felt the pain of death in my heart and stomach. I looked around me, and I saw one familiar face. It was Jared’s. I looked towards him.

“You bastard,” I rasped, and I punched him in the face, and watched him fall to the ground.

I looked at the two teenagers next to him with disgust. I rushed out of the area and headed for the stairs. The girl ran after me just as I was about to grab the door.

“Mom, wait!” She said.

“Mom? Is this some sort of practical joke? I’m young enough to be your sister!” I asked, and I started walking away.

“You’ve been dead for seventeen years! My father, James Bennett, is a ghost and now you are all I have! I worked so hard to get you back; I worked with Jared Withers for god’s sake! The least you could do is speak to me.” Her lips quivered, and she was about to cry.

“Seventeen years?” I stepped closer to her.

“Look at Jared. Does he seem older to you?” She asked. So I looked closer. He did. I noticed his face had plumped up a little since I last saw him, though he was in good shape. His jacket that he had since we had dated was hanging on the wall, and it was covered in dust.

Then I looked at the girl. I couldn’t tell if she was my daughter, but she was definitely a Bennett. Her hair was light brown, and her face looked just like James’s. Did she have my ears? Could this be Alyssa? Or was it—no. The other couldn’t possibly be alive. Besides, this girl looked nothing like Jared.

“Who’s he?” I asked, looking at the boy.

“Daniel. I’m her shadow watcher.” He answered. I smiled. The Daniel was my daughter’s shadow watcher. That put good thoughts in my head.

Jared was finally becoming conscious. He shook his head, and sat up. “Alyssa, Daniel, go upstairs. Jared and I need to talk.” It had to be Alyssa because she nodded.

“You’ll be okay?” Alyssa asked, slipping me her blade in midsentence, and I winked in response.

 Jared and I looked at each other for a long time. We’d known each other for a long time, so seeing him again after seventeen years was a shocker.

“I knew you didn’t die.” I spoke first.

“It was a smart move, wasn’t it?” He asked.

“Smart, but predictable.” I shrugged.

“To you maybe,” He smiled. “So, I see you’ve met Alyssa and Dan. Gosh they remind me of James and Charisma.” He said, and I felt my heart jump to my throat.

“Hopefully Alyssa won’t have the same demise as Charisma. I was wondering by the way, have you heard anything about—” I asked, and he knew what I meant.

“No. I’d assume she’s dead. But of course, no body has been found.” Jared spoke lowly.

“Sometimes I wished that she’d bring us together again. But now with Alyssa, not to mention Madeira’s son,” I said Madeira’s name bitterly.

“It would make things complicated if either of them found out. Madeira herself doesn’t know.”  Jared said.

“Well, of course James did. He helped a ton with keeping the secret.” I said. “After all, he did die keeping it.” I sighed.

“You know?” Jared asked.

“No. Alyssa just hinted that he’s a ghost, so I assumed…” I answered.

“She wouldn’t know what an inlaqueaverunt unumis is. I bet even Eddy Ravener doesn’t know.” Jared said bitterly.

“Edward and Hazel?” I asked.

“Sure, they’ve watched all of the kids.” Jared answered.

“Anyway, so you’re telling me you put him in the astral plane?” I asked.

“For his own good,” Jared shrugged.

“This is James B—my husband we’re talking about.” I corrected myself. Jared smirked.

“You forgot he’s your husband. Cassia, do you still have feelings for me?” He asked.

No!I wanted to say, but our lips were already locked.


Okay, sorry this was so short, but I'm just getting used to my school schedule.

So what do you think Cassia was talking about when she said "the other"?

What about her conversation with Jared?

Was it all planned?

Leave your comments, predictions, and questions below!


Wow, there is still a spark between Jared and Cassia!  Is she talking about Agnes?  Is Agnes her daughter with Jared?  Or was there another child?  And what exactly is going on with Cassia?  Can't wait for the next chapter!


Hmm, all very interesting points.

The next chapter is in the past, and I can tell you that a lot will come out in this next chapter!


wow well that's interesting. I think she wants to Deny her feelings for him but can't

Hmm... there is a sort of dark forbidden romance there...

We'll see =)

Ohh I love those :)

Chapter Eight; Let’s Just Say, It Really Went Wrong

Cassia’s POV

21 Years Ago

 I awoke in Jared’s bedroom as I often did these days. His red sheets and white pillows, not to mention the room smelled like ashes from his mother’s fireplace in the living room were what I always was surrounded by. But it was a comforting and quiet place; Jared seemed to be the only one with me most days.

 This was, unlike at my own home where my mother was always entertaining. She always wanted people around, being that my father just passed away recently. My solution is usually just to get away from the old place. But I guess she thought differently.

 Jared’s parents were different than mine ever were. Jared’s mother was a lovely woman, she had the same dark black locks as her son, and she had blue eyes the color of midnight. She wasn’t the classic type of mother; she couldn’t care less what Jared was doing. She just cared that he was alive. I sometimes wish my mother was like that.

His father was a working man, that I knew, but I was never told what his profession is. I guess that’s because I rarely see Nathaniel Withers. The only thing I knew about him was what he looked like, he had dark brown hair and green eyes. Besides that, I truly knew nothing about the man.

Jared’s lips were on my neck. He was half asleep still, so his eyes were glued shut. I turned and kissed his lips lightly, but then I decided to get dressed. I easily found my pants and underwear, my bra was already on. I had to search harder for my shirt though. I crawled on the ground, and I got a major pain in my stomach. I groaned, and sat up. Jared was finally awake.

“Where’s my shirt?” I asked, the pain moving to my shoulder.

“I’m not sure. Mind borrowing one of mine?” He asked.

“Yeah, why not?” I asked, and he went to his closet. He tossed me a black long sleeved shirt. I put it on quickly. I stood up and the sleeves were too long, so I looked like a zombie. Jared looked at me and I shook my head. We both started laughing.

 “This one should be smaller.” He tossed another shirt that I recognized from last year, it was a white one with short sleeves that were light gray. I couldn’t help but laugh as I put it on.

“This one’s a little better.” I said. He chuckled, and put shorts on over his boxers. He just put on a white undershirt. I walked into the bathroom, laughing still, and I closed the door.

One good thing about Jared’s house was that there was just about anything you could need in the medicine cabinet. I reached for a pregnancy test, just to make sure; it wasn’t that I was hoping. I looked down at the thing. I heard a weird noise and I looked down.

I gasped. It was positive. “Jared!” I shouted, but I fainted before he walked in.

“Are you sure it’s even possible? Honestly, it seems impossible. Right?” Just by his face I knew Jared doubted that himself.

“I don’t know, but face it, we’re having a kid.” My face flashed with worry, and so did his.

“My father will kill me.” Jared shook his head.

“I know, we just have to pretend nothing happened for today, and we’ll figure something out.” I said.

“Hopefully.” Jared sighed.

 Cecily, Jared’s mother, sat at the table. She was eating toast with margarine. Cecily looked sad, like someone died or something. She didn’t turn around when she heard Jared and I coming. I flashed Jared a worried look, but I’m not sure if he saw me.

Jared took out a glass, and the milk gallon. “Thirsty?” He asked me, barely noticing his own glass was over flowing.

“No, I’m fine.” I answered, and looked down.

Cecily looked at me for a second. “Jared, I need to speak with you alone for a second.” Cecily bit her lip. Jared had a scared look on his face, as if he were thinking, does she know?

“Oh.” He said simply, and I left the room quickly. I leaned against the wall of the parlor, and the pain grew in the pit of my stomach.

“Jared, your father is dead.” I heard Cecily say coldly as I eavesdropped.

“Yeah, well I’ve got other problems.” Jared said. Just by the way he spoke to his mother; I knew his family was nothing like my own. “Cassia’s pregnant.” He blurted out.

I peered into the room to see Cecily holding the glass, she was stunned. She fell to the floor as the glass shattered.

Jared ran into the room where I was. “We have to go.” He said, and began walking to the door. I was hesitant.

“And leave your mother?” I asked.

“She had a heart attack. Obviously I can’t stay here, she’s discouraged. You should have seen her face as soon as I mentioned it.” He shook his head.

“Think Jared! Where do we go? What do we do? What do we say?” Cassia asked.

“I don’t know!” He was worried.

“Umm, we could say I’m taking a nine month vacation to Earth,” Cassia began their story.

“To find yourself or something like that…” Jared added.

“Then we just have to worry about the baby.” Cassia said.

“Let’s go one step at a time.” Jared answered. “So where will you really be?” He asked her.

“You can’t know until the baby comes. Otherwise you’ll slip and tell someone.” Cassia bit her lip.

“I have to know Cassia.” Jared shook his head.

“I’ll call you every day. It won’t matter, okay?” Cassia asked.

“What am I supposed to tell your mother? And Dennis?” Jared asked.

“I’ll call them too. Just, not every day,” Cassia responded. Jared sighed.

“What will we name it, the kid?” Jared asked.

“If it’s a boy, Jason, if it’s a girl, Cassandra. It sort of sounds like our names, but it isn’t. I like that.” She smiled.

“Cool.” Jared answered. They heard footsteps on the floor.

“What the hell?” They heard that it was James.

“What do we tell him?” Jared asked.

“The truth,” Cassia gulped.

“Or?” Jared wanted another option.

“Or you can look like you murdered your mother.” Cassia bit her lip.

“Fine, but no one else can know.” Jared said.

“Okay,” Cassia sighed.

Then, they told James everything.


Okay, so, this is the "how it happened" chapter.

So, you found out a little more about Jared's parents.

Is his mother dead?

What could all this have to do with what is going on now?

Leave your comments, predictions, and questions!


wow well this is interesting. 


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