The Twilight Saga


   As I entered the dreary town of Forks Washington I knew that my life was going down hill and I knew three things:

  1. My life would never be the same
  2. I never thught that I would meet anyone like him
  3. And last that I knew my life would end when his did and vice versa





Chapter 1


 I knew that when we moved into our new two story house here in Forks that would be the begining of my miserable life here back in California I had a life and that didnt involve staying in on a rainy day and watching the minutes pass by

"Shadow 'cmon dont be day dremin'" my mom said in her western accent dad said he finds it cute but he really means sexy I chuckled thinking of that "whats so funny hun"

"oh nothing mother"

"you have to hurry you only have fifty minutes till school starts so get your stuff and hurry"

"sure thing mom" I huried up to my room grabed my book bag and ran out the door my dad tossed mr the keys to my motorcycle I started the engine quickly and headed off to school I parked near the front office walked inside there was a short lady siting in the chair she was reading a book her sherry red hair was pulled back into a tight bun her tiny rectangular glasses framed her blue beady eyes

"hello young lady how may I help you"

"I am Shadow Zanthe"

"oh you are the new girl yes the daughter of the owner of Zanthe's Mart"

"yeah" she handed me a paper with my schedual

"you have to get this paper sighned by all your teachers then brought back to me by the end of the day"


"thank you bye have a nice day"

"thanks" as I walked down the hall way I got stares from everyone maybe it was the hair or the clothes here is a description of me white blonde hair with a streak of black down the side I do the scene style to my hair my eyes were a peircing emerald green I had seven pearcings going down each of my ears and a nose pearcing(I also had a pearcing on my belly button) I put the eyeliner thick around my eyes mt clothes were black I have a belt that wrap's around my waist a couple of times and a leather jacket boots that go all the way up to my knee my arms were filled with black bracelets  I had a tatoo of a skull at the bottom of my wrist (and several others like one that ran across my lower back and another one on my soulder) when they saw me thought my skin was bone white they think I'm eather freak or danger I dont care eather one is fine not like I care much for friends as I walked down the hallway everyone moved out to make ay for me I looked at my schedual my first class was literature with Ms. Lineth I walked thrugh the hallway the bell rang I walked slowly to class when I finally got there I slamed the paper onto the teachers desk

"why are you late Ms. Zanthe" she asked

" becase I wanted to be" I said there was some laughter in the room

"that is not an excuse next time you will be on time"


"what did you say"


"good now sit in the back next to Vladimir it is the only seat open"

"'kay" I said my heart beat started to accelerate this is a strange feeling I walked up to the guy he had an emo haircut his hair was jet black his eyes black his skin was paler than mine he was wearing a black shirt that hung losely he had two chains hanging from his pants his arms were muscular he had one of his hands in tight fists and he was looking down at the table the other was over his nose what did I stink I smelled my hair nope it smells like lavender my favorite shampo


by the end of class I couldnt stopt thinking about the way he glared at me why does he hate me we dont even know eachother but its not like I care what a guy like him thinks about me he's an idiot hes handsom and oh forget thathe's an idiot stupid ass hole my next class was gym and oh boy quess who the first guy I saw was

If you guessed


then your right

when he saw me looking at him he just glared at me wht the hell is this guys problem I am going to ask him what is it I walked right up to him

"whats your problem dude you dont have to glare at me" I said

"my problem, my problem is you, you just marched into class and ruined my day so you better stay away from me if you dont want to get hurt"

"hurt!me?the only person who is going to get a foot up their ass is you"

"stay away from me then"

"fine just stay away from me boy and you wont get hurt"

"why you-" he didnt get to finish his threat because a gothic girl walked up to us

"is there a problem Vladimir"

"no Serenity"

"good now walk away from the girl"he walked to the other side of the gym it looked as if he hadnt breathed thrugh the whole argument "you are going to have to forgive me my brother Vladimir doesnt really get into much arguments so you are the new girl that everyone is talking about you aren't as scay as they say you are"

"wow every school I go to everyone says that I am some kind of demon" I chuckled "oh my name os Shadow and yours must be Serenity nice name"

"thanks well see you later Shadow"

"kay" she walked away she did a movement with he hand that seemed like she was grabing onto a peice of rope then she did a movement as if pulling the rope or whatever I felt a tugging pain in my heart I grabed onto  where my heart should be I saw Vladimir do the same thing but he glared at Serenity and at me back and forth







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love the story and the banner
this story is.......................



Interesting but awesome plz more soon
this is a cool story plz more soon
it's cool rachel but you need to pay attention in mrs. turpins class hehehe
Ima EMO!<3 need mre details kay Zoe loves you!!! keep writing!!!!
Chapter 9(I think)

Luis walked torwards us Serenity glared at him.
"Hey Shadow." He loked at me. I heard Serenity mumble something incoherent under her breath. Luis glared at her. "So you want to haang out later today."
"She cant she's going to be hanging out with me today." Serenity said.He glared at her.
"Thats okay."
"We better get to class we dont want to be late."
"See you around Myst."

I tried skipping lunch hour but someone got in my way
"Mystery can I talk to you."
"No." Then I felt myself unwillingly turn around and face him our faces were only inches away. "That is so unfair you used your power."
"I dont like to but I also dont like being away from you and you are breaking my unbeating heart the only reason I come to school now is because I get to see you and when you got upset with me I didnt know what to do but there is going to be a dance today and I was wondering if you could come with me to the dance." The smell of his breath hitting my face had me dizzy and I couldnt think well so all I could say was.
"You dont know how happy you made me." He kissed my forehead and quickly walked down the hallway.

For the rest of the day I couldnt think about anything except Vladimir.

I'm soooooo sorry its short but I have to go now.
new reader, would you please send me the link for chapter 4 its missing, its really good write more soon :)
so awesome.. luved it..
Chapter 10

Serenity drove me to her house I was nervous wondering if Vladimir was going to be there.
"Don't worry Vlad is not going to be there he is helping some friends out." I took a sigh of relief. When we got to her house she lead me up to her room it was so incredibly creepy.
"Wow Serenity your room is kind of um creepy."
"Thanks It took a lot of work getting some of the stuff like the coffin was hard to get it just the way I wanted it but it was worth it." Her room has cobwebs black wall black curtains and well black everything. She opened her closed and inside was a black chest with golden stripes She opened it and inside there were two dresses. "This one is yours." She gave me a light pink one with silver desighns and she took out another one that was yellow and gold with a pattern on it(The ones in the picture). "And this is mine." She looked at me. "Go put it on and then come back Alice is already here to do your make up."
"Kay." I walked to the bathroom that was its own room by the size of it.I quickly changed byt couldn't get the zipper up bu myself. So I held the dress went to open the door but Alice was there before me.
"Turn around'' She said. So I did she zipped up the dress. "Sit" And so I did. She pulled out a professinal looking make up kit and got to work.

When she was done she lae me look at myself in the mirror.
"Wow thanks Alice."
No need to thank its my job now go on your da- er Dance Serenity is ready."

When we got to the dance there were a lot of people dressed up. We walked inside and Vladimir was leaning against the wall when he saw me he walked to me. He took my hand and kissed it.
"Would you like to dance."
"Yeah." He placed his hand on my waist and grabed one of my hands and I put my hand on his shoulder. Then we started spinning around the floor.
After I got tired of spinning we sat down. I noticed Serenity dancing with someone.
"Thats Serenity's ex."
"doesnt look like her ex anymore." I said. He took my face in his hands.
"Can you tell me is there any way that I can be your friend again." I didn't want to be his friend I wanted to be way more than that.
"Well I want to be more than-"
"So you want me to be your boyfriend." I cringed at the word.
"How about verry good guy friend."
"Same thing."
"Yeah but its a better way of saying it."
"Whats the problem with the word boyfriend."
"Okay then say it."
"Boyfriend there I said it."
"So do you want me to be your boy friend."
"I would like that."
"I could proove my love for you by doing anything you want."
"You dont need to do anything."
"Its planned then I'll go meet your parents."
"Why not!"

We drove to my house my parents opened the door and I walked inside as if it were unlnown teritory.
"So who is this young man Shadow." Mom said well he is my vampire boyfriend. No thats not good.
"Well he's my um."
"I'm her boyfriend."
"Oh I'm so glad Shadow whats his name." Mom said.
"What a nice name." Mom said.
"What about your parents." Dad said.
"Well my birth mother died when my sister and I were young so we lived with our father who later married an new wife."
"Oh thats so sad honey."
"Thats okay Clair is great and she is like my birth mother Cassandra."

After mom and dad asked Vladimir a ton of questions he left but before he did he whispered in my ear.
"Leave your window open.

What is this dress for?
lols. idk what the fress is for why don't you tell us. hehe loved it can't wait for more. i thought the rents were in hawai or however you spell it? anyway serenitys ex is hot :) and S+V are making progress yeah ! loved it


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