The Twilight Saga

Plot: Bella left forks after Edward left her and she finds her self in a small town, in a house...that is haunted. But one day she meets the One Direction boys...but each of them have a secret. What will happen?

Note: One Direction with a supernatural twist.


These were made by the lovely Nikki :)

These were made by the talented Claire :)

This was made by lovely Rachel :)



Chapter 1~New Home

Chapter 2~Dejavu

Chapter 3~Snowy Day

Chapter 4~Missing

Chapter 5~Graveyard

Chapter 6~Pain

Chapter 7~Zayn's chance for amends?

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Chapter 4~Missing

Liam looked at me and he rubbed my arm softly “Come on, let’s get back” he said and I just nodded. I sighed and I followed him back the house. Harry and Niall were silent too. I didn’t talk much either.
When we walked in, I frowned, Louis and Zayn were not back at the house. I wondered what was going on and if they were okay. I went to the living room and looked through some old photo album, as I looked through the pictures, some brought a smile to my face. But each picture was not dated past October 2012.
“Odd.” I muttered to my self. Each picture was before October 2012 and few in October.
I flipped through some of them again and then something hit me, the last picture of the boys was taken on the 21st October, nothing past that. I sighed, I knew something was up. I remembered Louis’s words. Don’t go looking for answers.
But how could I not? How could I not want to know..what’s going on. When things seem so odd. Zayn and Louis freak out over the blue picture is dated past 2st October 2012, each of the boys seem to act bit strange, mostly Zayn.
I wanted to know what was going on. “I’ll get to the bottom of this.” I muttered to my self
“What?” Harry said looking at me
“Nothing.” I shake my head “I am going to bed” I said and kissed their cheeks “Night” I said.
They all nodded as they watched me go to my room. I used the upstairs bathroom and cleaned my self up before I slipped into bed, hoping for a peaceful night’s sleep.
I laid on the bed and curled up trying to keep warm and I fell asleep...thankfully. No nightmare, no screaming, no fire and no pain tonight. I woke up in the morning rubbing my eyes and stretched out on the bed.
I saw a note on my chest. I picked it up.
Made Breakfast already, Niall and Harry are still asleep. I’ll see you when you come downstairs.

I smiled at the note, I didn’t even hear Liam come into my room. I got changed and walked downstairs, I smiled at Liam softly “Morning”
He smiled “Morning, had a good night sleep?”
I nodded “Yeah, actually I did” I said and smiled and sat at the table. Liam was eating already so I got some breakfast on plate, I was about to take a bite when Harry and Niall joined us. I smiled softly and they smiled as they sat with us and started to eat.
I looked around and frowned “Are Louis and Zayn back yet?” Liam swallowed as he and the others exchanged a look
“Not yet.” Harry said and sighed
I frowned “Aren’t you worried?” I said confused, they seemed to be taking Louis and Zayn being gone, way too lightly.
Niall looked at me “It happened before....a few times.” He said “They’ll turn up sooner or later.”
I frowned “So, you’re just letting them be missing?!” I said and frowned and shake my head and sighed.
Liam sighed “Bella...they’re not...”
“You don’t call....them being gone...not even saying where they are going...not missing?!” I cut in and snapped. I sighed “Sorry...I didn’t mean to snap at you Liam.”
Liam nodded and sighed “I know you’re just worried Bella, it’s okay.” He said and smiled at him warmly.
I thought about Louis and closed my eyes, I felt attached to him, he was the only one that seemed to be getting me the most somehow, like he believed me. But I didn’t tell him what was going on...but the dream. I shook it out of my head and sighed. I thought about what Zayn said...the connection. I didn’t get it my self either.
I wondered...maybe Zayn was right. Maybe me and Louis do have a connection, that for some reason, no one will be able to understand. I looked at the sky, the moon was still blue. Harry looked at me “What is it Bella?”
“Do Zayn and Louis always ran off when the Blue moon is around?” I asked looking at them.
Liam looked at me and nodded “Yeah, why?”
“I was just curious.” I said and then I got out my laptop and got on google. I typed in the Blue Moon and saw that I had over a million pages come up on it.
Harry raised his eyebrow at me “Bella...”
I sighed “Harry, please. I need to do this, Zayn and Louis’s life could be at stake here!” I said. Not knowing that there was no life at stake there for them anyways.
Harry just nodded “Alright.” He said and he gave my hand a squeeze.
As I searched through the different pages, something came up about Ghosts and Zombies, I rolled my eyes at that, god some people were really crazy, what did those two things had to do with the blue moon?
I searched through one site, that was rather interesting, but something came up about Ghosts and Zombies once again:
If you think that Ghosts are see-through and cannot touch an object, you’re wrong. They can look like normal human beings in the day light, only when the moon is out, they will be seen in their ghost form and the viewer may seen any damage caused to the person, when that person was alive. They fear the blue moon as Zombies are after them most at that time of the year, the blue moon is rare and occurs mostly every thousands’ of years, but sometimes they can happen each year for 10 years. Each cycle lasts about 3 days.
I tried to put it together and I frowned. I gathered that Louis and Zayn didn’t like the Blue moon. But Zayn....the vacant stare....could he be? Wait...but Zombies smelled rotten and Zayn smelled normal, like a human person. This was confusing and I could not bring my self to even think that the boys would not be human. I just could not. They were human..end of.. This was just some stupid theory someone came up with. Not true. Not true! I told my self firmly in my head.
I closed my eyes and rested my head in my hands. I looked at the clock, it was 4 in the afternoon when I finished doing some research and found nothing interesting. I looked around the house and found a book on the Blue Moon and found the same thing about Ghost and Zombies. I groaned, this was so frustrating and got me no where.
“No luck?” Niall asked looking at me
“It’s all jibberish, I swear some people don’t know anything really, they keep bringing Ghost and Zombies into the whole Blue Moon thing, it’s just stupid.” I said
Liam looked at her “And what if it’s not?”
I looked at Liam “So you’re willing to believe, that two of your friends are a ghost and a zombie and one of them is trying to kill the other one?” I said and raised an eyebrow. “They’re just tales Liam..really.” I said..but seeing Vampires are real, maybe this was real to.
“I didn’t say that.” Liam said as he looked at me.
I sighed and nodded “I know...I just...I don’t know what to believe anymore.” I said
“Tell me about your ex.” Harry said looking at me, he had a certain look in his eyes, I could not quite put my finger on it. “Was he human?” that caught me off guard.
“What does he got to do with this?” I said looking at Harry
“Well, if he was not human, what ever he is or was, exists, so this theory you found out must exist too, no?” Harry said looking at me
“I...I considered that...but...” I said
“But what?” Harry said looking at me “Are you not willing to believe in that?” he said “Or maybe you do, you just won’t admit it.”
“Harry! Enough!” Liam said as he placed his hand on Harry’s shoulder
I sighed and shake my head “No, Harry’s right Liam.” I said and looked at them. Niall looked at me and Liam let his hand drop from Harry’s shoulder and he looked at me as well “And yes, my ex wasn’t human.” I said, why was I telling them this? “He was a Vampire.”
The boys looked at each other then me “Like Dracula?” Niall asked
I giggled softly “No, not exactly.” I said “He drank human blood, some Vampires drank human blood, so their eyes were red, but Edward had golden one’s. He was a vegetarian with his family. They also sparkled in the sunlight.”
Niall nods “Oh, well that sounds kind of cool.”
I nodded “I have no idea why I just told you all that, but this is between us right?” I said
Liam nodded “Of course, Bella. We keep secrets.” He said and smiled. I could see he was telling the truth. I nodded and smiled softly.
Harry nodded and he gave my shoulder a squeeze. I looked out of the window and sighed, the Blue moon was in the sky still. I closed my eyes hoping Zayn and Louis were okay. They just had to be. I would never forgive my self if something happened to either of them. I grabbed my jacket and put it on.
“Bella...what...” Before Harry finished I ran out of the house and into the woods. I looked up at the sky, the blue moon seemed to be going away early. I kept running as fast as my human, fragile legs could carry me.
I looked around the woods, I could barely see a few things, but I was thankful that some light came in through the tree tops “Louis?! Zayn!?” I called out as I kept running “Louis!” I called out as I kept running through the woods, trying to find either of them. “Zayn!” I looked around, and shivered slightly. I could see my breath due to the cold.
I stopped when I saw blood on the floor. I followed it and gasped when I stopped in front of a body....Louis’s body “Louis!” I dropped to my knees in the blood covered snow and I felt his pulse, he barely had any, there was a bite mark on the left side of his neck “Louis....please wake up.” I said and tears ran down my cheeks. I took of my jacket and managed to rip it up and pressed it to Louis’s wounds trying to stop it. I didn’t even care I was freezing.
I got up and started to Pull Louis’s limp body back to the house when I tied the jacket around his wounds. He was rather heavy and him being limp made it worse. It took me a while to get to clearing near the house. Liam was outside and he saw me and Louis and ran over “What happened?”
“I found him like this.” I let out a sob and tears ran down my cheeks.
Liam sighed “God..” he said and he helped me pick up Louis and we carried him inside the house. We set him down on the couch and I grabbed the first aid Kit. I was not sure what I was going to do.
“Bella...” Harry tried to stop me
“No, Harry I can’t let Louis die...I can’t.” I broke down and dropped to my knees crying. I curled up in Harry’s arms when he wrapped them around me and I cried even harder.
Liam sighed “Oh Bella..” he said and he kneeled beside me and Harry “Louis will be okay, I promise.”
“He has to be...he has to.” I cried more and at that moment Zayn walked in..his clothes were torn and he was covered in blood. I saw him and jumped up and started to hit his chest “ did this to Louis! You monster...” I couldn’t find any words to say, I cried and screamed hitting his chest.
Liam and Harry tried to pull me away but I kicked my legs and cried more. Niall sighed “Zayn...out...of the room.” He said and he yanked him away from me before I could try and do something more to him.
I was chocking on my tears and sobs and was shaking in Liam and Harry’s arms. I heard a intake of breath behind me and I felt a cool hand on my wrist “Be...Bella.” Louis breathed out.

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