The Twilight Saga

Plot: Bella left forks after Edward left her and she finds her self in a small town, in a house...that is haunted. But one day she meets the One Direction boys...but each of them have a secret. What will happen?

Note: One Direction with a supernatural twist.


These were made by the lovely Nikki :)

These were made by the talented Claire :)

This was made by lovely Rachel :)



Chapter 1~New Home

Chapter 2~Dejavu

Chapter 3~Snowy Day

Chapter 4~Missing

Chapter 5~Graveyard

Chapter 6~Pain

Chapter 7~Zayn's chance for amends?

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Hey Summer, I like this a lot. I'll try and catch up later tonight. Thanks for the invite.


I am glad you do :) and thanks, I look forward to reading your comments

This is good Summer. So the boys died in a fire? I'm guessing here of course. I'll have to read further on to find out, right, lol? Haha, It might take me a bit to get to all of them but I will. Good work.


Thank you Delilah :) one of the boys died in a house fire, but the others have died in a different way, as the story goes on, you will find out who died in a fire and what the deaths of the other boys were and what they are.

Chapter 2~Dejavu?

I stared at my arms in shock trying to figure out what was going on. I felt something brush against my shoulder and I screamed as I span around and bumped into the sink turning on the tap with my elbow.
The door swang open and Zayn was standing there, his vacant stare still in his eyes, but as he stepped closer to me, his eyes softened “Are you alright?” he asked looking at me worried
I nodded a bit “Umm...yeah I am okay” I said and swallowed as I took a breath and switched off the water tap and when I turned back around. Zayn was right in front of me. I could feel his breath on my skin, it was all warm and tingly.
“You don’t know what you got you’re self into.” He said, his voice now more harsh then before, and that vacant stare in his eyes again, It send shivers down my spine. I closed my eyes trying to calm my breathing down, when I opened my eyes again, Zayn was gone.
I leaned my head against the doorway and sighed “Maybe he’s right.” I muttered to my self and then re-joined the others in the kitchen. When I walked in Louis watched me, it felt like he watched my every move, waiting for me to make a mistake...slip up. But in what?
“So, why did you move here?” Liam asked looking at me with a soft smile on his face, at least he was nicer then Zayn who seemed to be confusing me.
“I wanted a new life.” I said and sighed “Someone I loved and thought that loved me to left hurting me. I could not just carry on with my old life back in Forks, so I moved here.” I said.
Liam nodded “Oh, I am sorry you got hurt.” He said, the words came from Louis not Liam which surprised me as Louis didn’t even seem to be listening when I said those words. “He’s a jerk.” He said as he looked at me.
His blue eyes seemed to sparkling in the light, he took a step towards me. I closed my eyes feeling his icy breath against my skin, I opened then again looking into his eyes. His hand touched mine, his hand was cool....but not Vampire cold....just normal cold....maybe ghost cold?! However a ghost cold might feel like, but his touch was softer then feather, he leaned in and he whispered into my ear “Be careful Bella...please! Do this for me!” something in his voice....sounded he was begging me...he sounded desperate. There was more to his words, I could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. But I didn’t press it.
The others watched me and Louis as I stared at Louis speechless, not sure what to tell him. I felt tears prickling my eyes and I looked away closing my eyes taking a breath. Pull your self together Bella.
I felt so confused right now and I felt bit faint. I felt Louis’s arm wrap around my waist softly “Rest Bella.” He said kissing my forehead, his lips were cool against my skin and I felt my eye lids drop.....when I woke up I was in my was the morning.
I groaned as I rubbed the back of my head. I felt bit faint and I sighed. The drapes were shut and I looked around the room and then was right where I left it when I got here...I got up and looked inside it, it was all packed “What the?” I opened the closet, the clothes I set in there...they were in my bag...but this time the closet was clean but empty.
I looked down at the shorts and t-shirt I slept it then my eyes widened as I saw my arms...the burns marks..were there again. I gasped for breath. What was going on? I ran downstairs and looked around....the guys were gone. I started to panic and span around and bumped into someone screaming as I fell back.
The boys were there staring at me, like they did the other day. Zayn was one to speak again, his vacant stare even more menacing then before “This is our house!”
I looked at him “Zayn...come on it’s me Bella...we’ve been through this yesterday!”
He stepped towards me and he grabbed me by my neck slightly “There was no yesterday!” he hissed in my face. I gasped for breath trying to get away.
I closed my eyes and tears rolled down my cheeks...I felt like I could die in his arms right body stared to burn and I let out a scream..but it was faded by the way he was holding me so tightly. I felt a cold hand on my body and then it was the wind pushed Zayn back and I collapsed in Louis’s arms.
“I believe you.” He said as I gasped for breath. I looked at him then my arms.
He looked down at my arms and his fingertips brushed against my skin softly “The fire.” He said to him self and he looked at me “Did you say you were here yesterday?”
I nodded “Yes..what’s going on?” I said looking at them..Zayn seemed to be shaking...was this some kind of dejavu or a nightmare? I Would say nightmare.
Louis looked at me, his eyes searching mine, mine searching his...for answers...some comfort “You don’t want to know.” He said as he pulled me up to my feet.
“But...” I protested and he set his finger to my lips softly
“ careful” he said. Careful....careful...the words kept ringing in my mind
“How can I be careful? When I don’t know what’s going on?” I said, as I looked at Louis then the others “You believe me right?”
Liam nodded “I believe you...only Zayn doesn’t...he has issues.” He said...something about the way Liam said Issues...made me scared. I swallowed.
Zayn looked at me and his eyes seemed to get more darker as he glared “You have no idea...what you got your self into!” he hissed so loud the windows started to shake. I stepped back by back pressed again Louis’s chest, who slid his arms around me holding me to him tightly. I let out a scream and covered my face with my hands and woke up screaming in the middle of the night on my bed.
Louis was by my side “’s okay” he said as he touched my cheek softly and he kissed my head softly as a muffled sob escaped from my lips. He wrapped his arms around me and rocked me softly.
“It’s okay...I am here.” He said as he rubbed my back in soothing circles and I clinged onto him like I was a little kid.
“What is going on with me?” I whimpered into his chest as tears ran down my cheeks..soaking into his t-shirt.
"Please, don't go searching for Answers Bella." Louis said looking into my eyes

Louis didn’t want me to go searching for Answers, but I needed and wanted to know what was going on. I could not just let this go away on it’s own, I knew something odd was up and I was going to find out, one way or another. I looked at him not sure what to tell him, he seemed to be worried about me but sometimes his words had double meaning. A hidden meaning behind what he meant...but what? It made me confused. I leaned my head on his cool chest and closed my eyes and dozed off again for a few.

When I woke up it was noon. I walked down stairs after I cleaned my self up and wrapped a jumper around me tightly as it was cold and It was snowing outside. I stopped when I saw Zayn and shivered remembering my nightmare, but it felt so real. He took a step towards me and I fell back when I took a step back bumping into the chair.

He frowned “’re alright?” he said and looked at me, he reached out trying to touch me but I ran to the other side of the table.

“Don’t touch me.!” I said

“Would I hurt you Bella?!” he said looking into my eyes, his eyes soft again. His brown eyes seemed to filled with sadness that I was thinking he would hurt me, but after last night’s nightmare, I was not sure what or who to trust anymore.

“Would you?” I just swallowed and tried to stop shaking. It was like he could smell my fear.

Zayn looked at me, the sadness and soft look still in his eyes, he walked around the table and he stopped in front of me, he placed his hand on my cheek softly, his hand felt warmth and some what rough “Of course not.” He said

“” I said

He sighed “I know, I’ve been acting bit odd towards you and I am sorry.” He said, he was looking into my eyes, so I would know he meant it.

“You act like you hate me.” I said looking at him truthfully. I wondered what he would say to that. I felt tears prickle my eyes.

He sighed and he looked down at the floor slightly then at me again “I guess, I just fell jealous of Louis.” He said

I looked confused. “What? Why? He’s one of your friends.” I said

“You two seem to be getting on the best.” Zayn said, so? Why was he jealous because we got on the best? Louis was sweet, they all were...well apart from Zayn I guess..who struck me as rude and odd, at the moment “Like you two, have a connection I won’t be able to understand.” He said and at that moment the others guys walked in,

“Is everything okay?” Liam asked looking at me as I shivered and clinged my jumper around me more tightly.

“I....I don’t know.” I said and closed my eyes and took a few breaths trying to calm down as Zayn dropped his hand back to his side. I could feel Louis’s eyes on us both, even though I had my eyes shut, I could feel him watching it a sixth sense if you will.

Niall watched me “You look like, you could use a hug.” he said and he wrapped his arms around me in a hug and I closed my eyes leaning my head against his warm chest, I felt the warmth ran through me, like my blood was boiling, he gave me a gentle squeeze and I smiled at him slightly and patted his shoulder gently.

Louis’s eyes were on me still. I looked at him then I bit my lip and looked down and closed my eyes tightly.

I felt Louis’s hand on my shoulder giving me a gentle squeeze. I looked up at him again, my eyes burning with tears, I had no idea why. I was a wreck today. He gently pulled me into his arms and I buried my face in the nape of his neck.

When I pulled back, I noticed a big scar on the left side of his neck, it seemed like a scar from a bad burn. I swallowed as I felt a shiver down my spine and quickly pulled my eyes away from his neck. Louis seemed to notice but didn’t say anything as he zipped up his jacket hiding the scar. I looked at Zayn who was just looking down and I closed my eyes tightly.

Harry looked between us “Hey, it’s lovely outside in the snow, we should take a walk.”

I looked at Harry “Yeah, sure that sounds nice.” I said and smiled softly. I then walked upstairs and got changed more for the outside. I pulled on my wrist warmers and gloves then my coat and walked downstairs, the boys were changed already. We all walked outside into the snow.

I took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh and snowy air. I loved the snow. I walked beside Louis and I gave him a soft smile.

He smiled back and wrapped his arm around my shoulders in a friendly was as we walked. We walked through the woods and I saw Zayn stiffen beside me “Zayn?” I said and waved my hand in front of his face “Zayn...are you alright?” I asked but he seemed to be frozen, not responsive, like he was having a flash back or something.


Zayn’s Flashback (His P.O.V)

I was running through the woods, I was going for my normal jog as usual, trying to keep in shape like the rest of the lads, I stopped when I smelled something odd. I shook it off and kept on running but gasped as I felt something brush against me. It felt like my skin was on fire and I fell flat face onto the floor.

I gasped for breath, as the wind was knocked off within me. I sat up but something kicked me few feet away and I landed on my back right on a rock. I let out a groan in pain as I felt some blood trickle down my back.

I saw the most hideous thing in front of my eyes, it didn’t look like a human...I was not sure what it looked like really. It smelled so horrible, I gagged for breath. It kneeled down and sank it’s teeth into my neck and I screamed out in pain as I clawed at the ground beneath me.

I felt like I was on fire and I gasped for breath...I blacked out and laid there unconscious for goodness knows how long. I was not sure if I was dead or alive. I just knew I was...well not human anymore.

End of Flashback.


I saw Zayn shaking and I looked at the others confused. I turned him around softly and gasped when I saw his eyes gave gone black, the vacant stare back in his eyes. Louis pulled me back behind him and Liam. Harry set his hand on my shoulder and Niall gave Zayn a warning look that made Zayn take off running faster then lighting, in the other direction.

I swallowed “Wh...what was that?”

Liam looked at me “Believe me Bella, you don’t want to know.” He said

“Is Zayn okay though?” I asked...I bit my lip. What a stupid question...stupid question Bella. a voice said in my head “Don’t answer that, I know it’s stupid of me to ask that.” I said before any of them could answer

Louis looked at me and he sighed and he rubbed my arm softly, we kept walking in silence for a few hours, talking here and there.

I looked up at the sky and noticed a blue moon was in the sky “Aww, how beautiful, a blue moon.” I said and smiled, I never saw a blue moon before, it was captivating for me really.

Louis went stiff cold beside me and I looked at him “Louis?” I asked and nudged him softly but he swallowed.

“I...I got to go.” He said and ran off. I looked confused and frowned. Okay first Zayn rans off and now Louis.

“What on earth is going on?” I muttered to my self and sighed. Only Liam, Harry and Niall seemed to be acting normal around me at the moment.

Omg I can't wait for more give me more I want more please :)

oh lol, there will be more soon :) I promise.

Can't Wait For More!!

Keep Me Updated...


I will do :)

Amazing job. So captivating please write more.

aww thanks :) glad you like the idea


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