The Twilight Saga

Jason and Autumn cannot stand each other.  They can't be alone in the same room for more than five minutes before they start screaming at each other.  But one day, in the middle of a fight, they started making out.  It's been a few weeks and they think they have feelings for each other, but they can still barely stand each other.

Jason; Lexi.

Autumn; Me.

Lexi and Derrek are best friends, and Derrek imprinted on Lexi when he was sixteen.  But Lexi has a boyfriend.  A boyfriend who hits her.  She hasn't told Derrek, but he has his suspicions.

Lexi : Lexi.

Derrek : Me. 

I will allow other people to join when I feel like more people are needed.

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Jason couldnt even swallow his juice, he spit it up in the sink "Oh no im not, im taking my sister to the mall, you are so not coming with us.' he said shaking his head "I dont even want you in my house much less my car! No!" he said looking at her smirking face just made him even madder. 

Lexi laughed and rolled her eyes, "You shouldnt say that until you have seen me in the morning when i just wake up," she said "Oh wait you have, so  know your lying but thanks anyway" she walked up the stairs to her room, knowing he would follow. "Hmm anything, its your turn to pick remember" 

Autumn laughed.  "Yeah, well, sucks to suck," she said and stood up.  "Well, I'm gonna get ready," she said and walked upstairs into his sister's room.  She changed into a pair of skinny jeans, and a one shoulder tee shirt.  She put on her Smokey Eye make up.  She pulled on her flats, and smiled at her image, then went downstairs agan.

Derrek laughed.  "I wasn't lying," he said and looked around.  "Hey, let's go to the lake," he said.  They hadn't been there in a very long time.  And he remembered when they first found it.  They were nine years old, and had been walking around the woods when they found it.  It was like their special place.  The last time he was there was the day he imprinted on her.

Jason was mumbling under hs breath the whole time, he knew something like this would happen. she always had to run a good day. He was finishng his break fast, taking another drink of his juice when she came into view. he spit up his juce again but this time for a whole different reason. she looked pretty good, which only made him hate her more

Lexi Laughed "sure whatever you say" she grabbed a brush and started brushing out her wild hair, she added some stuff that kept her hair wavy, and that also made it smell good. turning to look at him she smiled "yeah lets go,  could go for a swim and i just brought this new bikini that i have been dying to wear" she excitedly. she missed hanging out with Derrek so much

Autumn looked at him and shook her head again.  "Let's go, I'm not waiting forever," she said, and leaned against the wall.  She crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows, waiting for him to get up.  She hated how he could even make that "rolled out of bed look" look good.  She averted her eyes away from him.

Derrek laughed.  "Well, i'm glad you get a chance to use it," he smiled and stood up.  He held his hand out for her.  "May I escort you to my car, m'lady?" He said and raised his eyebrows, bowing down slightly for her.  He was such a jokester when it came to her.  And she knew how to joke back, and that's what made her amazing.

Jason continued to couch as he grabbed hs keys and glared at her. She walked infront of her and he couldnt help but check her out a little. He liked the way she looked which only made his mood worse. "walk faster, i have plans later and  dont want to be at the mall with my sister and especially you, forever." he sad as they walked out the door. 

Lexi nodded"Me too" she grabbed it and put it on the put her clothes back over it, she threw the things she needed n her bag, and grabbed her phone. She pretend she had a dress on and curtsied "I would be honored, M'lord" she said and batted her eyelashes at him. "we are such dorks" she said as she took his hand and they walked down the stairs together

Autumn stopped in her tracks.  She turned quickly and stared at him.  "Plans with who?  Who would want to hang out with you?" She said, not meaning to sound so mean, but she couldn't help her.  Something about Jason made her want to explode.  She didn't know what it was.  Ever since middle school, they couldn't be alone with each other without nearly hitting each other.

Derrek laughed.  "We're cute dorks," he said and looked at her.  He walked her out to his car and opened the door for her, and once she was in, he shut the door and walked over to his side and got in.  "Buckle up," he said, starting the car.  Derrek drove fast, and he never wanted anything to happen to her.  He smiled slightly at her.

Jason looked at her and laughed, "well wouldnt you like to know" he said walking past her brushing against her in the process "You wouldnt know anything about friends, because you dont have any, besides my sister" he said as he got in his car"and thats only because your parents pay her to be your friend" he said and laughed again at her facial expressions. 

Lexi Nodded "oh we are the cutest" she said and got in the car. he did as she was told becuase she knew all too well how fast he drove" Well since you came to me and i was going to take you breakfast, now we have to stop some where to eat because i'm starving" she said all dramatically "I'm so hungry, i could eat you" she said to him and laughed. he knew she was always hungry

Autumn felt the tears build up in her eyes after he said that, but she wouldn't let him see that.  "Screw you, Jason," she said and turned around and walked away.  She had no idea where she was going, but she just couldn't be around him.  She felt the tears run down her face, and she wiped them away quickly.  She just kept walking.

Derrek laughed.  "Where do you want to go?" He said.  "I'll eat anything," he smiled.  He ran his hand through his hair as he began driving into town, pushing the speed limit.  He loved the thrill of driving fast.  He rolled the windows down, and let the wind blow his hair around, not caring really that it would get messy.

Jason looked at her and stopped laughing, he had actually hurt her and he felt so horrible about it. He jumped out of his car and ran to her "hey' he said but she kept walking faster he grabbed her hand and pulled her to a stop "Hey, dont cry, im sorry" he said, and he was. He brushed some of the tears away "I really am sorry, i shouldnt have said that, im a jerk" he said stepping closer to her

Lexi Laughed " dont care as long as they have good food and coffee, thats all i need" she said and moved the hair from her face. She glanced over at Derrek and she struck at how cute he really was. Before she thought anymore about him, her phone rang, it was her boyfriend. She didnt want to answer it but she knew that t would be bad if she didnt. She just looked at her phone with wide eyes.  

Autumn pushed him away.  'No, you do not get to apologize.  Don't touch me," she said staring at him.  She pulled away from him and kept walking, wiping away her tears, and she walked down to one of the docks in town, and took off her shoes, and sat down, her feet in the water.  And she kept wiping away her tears.  She thought about how Jason tried to apologize.  He was obviously not sorry.

Derrek pulled into one of the places that served breakfast and looked over at her.  She looked terrfied.  "Hey, who is it?" He asked and looked over at her.  He placed his hand on her arm, hoping to find some way to comfort her.  He had never seen her look like that in his life.

Jason felt so bad, he never knew when to stop or when somethng was too personal. he followed after her "Im soo so sorry Autumn, you have every right to hate me, heck even i hate me rght now, and thats hard to do because i love me" he said trying to get her smile "Look just stop,let me help you, let me fix this" he said 

Lexi was tense and when he touched her she jumped a little, she looked up at him then away "Umm no one, its no one" she said her hands shaking a bit as she reached for the handle to get out. When she did her phone rang again, ths time it was a text reading 'CALL ME NOW!' she cleared her throat that suddenly felt dry "Umm i have to make a call i will meet you in there ok?" she said in a small voice

Autumn shook her head, refusing to look at him.  She knew it had been true.  Autumn didn't really have that many friends.  She wasn't exactly popular.  She didn't look at him, she just looked at the water, and trying to get the tears to stop.  She didn't know why he actually had gotten her to cry.  He never had before.  She just sighed.

Derrek shook his head.  "No, tell me what's wrong," he said and look at her.  "Lexi, I know something is wrong.  Please tell me," he said and stared at her.  He hated seeing her like this.  It was physically hurting him.  She looked so sad, and nervous, and scared.  "Is it your boyfriend?" He said in a small voice.


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