The Twilight Saga

Jason and Autumn cannot stand each other.  They can't be alone in the same room for more than five minutes before they start screaming at each other.  But one day, in the middle of a fight, they started making out.  It's been a few weeks and they think they have feelings for each other, but they can still barely stand each other.

Jason; Lexi.

Autumn; Me.

Lexi and Derrek are best friends, and Derrek imprinted on Lexi when he was sixteen.  But Lexi has a boyfriend.  A boyfriend who hits her.  She hasn't told Derrek, but he has his suspicions.

Lexi : Lexi.

Derrek : Me. 

I will allow other people to join when I feel like more people are needed.

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Autumn just laughed softly and shook her head.  She leaned up to peck his lips once.  "Piggyback ride?" She asked, and gave him her best puppy dog eyes.  She was quiet the tiny girl, so it would be no problem for Jason to carry her.

Derrek put his finger under her chin and lifted her head so that she was looking at him.  "Was it Alex?" He whispered and frowned.  He wanted to know what had upset her.  He wanted her to be happy.  No matter what.  She came first.

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(It's ok :) Good Night)

Jason grinned, he was happy that he got his Autumn back, the one he loved...That thought stopped in his tracks, did he love her? he knew that what he felt for her was strong, like nothing he had ever felt before but love? clearing his throat and shaking his head and nodded "Yeah, anything for you when you give me those puppy dog eye" he said and kissed her nose before getting into piggyback ride position 

Lexi looked at him and nodded swallowing hard "Yes" she said and frowned, he bottom lips trembled as she fought to hold back the tears. She didnt even know why she was cry or wanted to cry. she knew it was just a stupid dream and that it wasnt real, but maybe that was it, it had felt so real too real like it had happened before. "i'm sorry" she whispered 

Autumn giggled and jumped onto his back.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck.  She rested her head on his shoulder when he began walking, and she smiled to herself.

Derrek shook his head.  'Don't apologize, never apologize," he whispered and kissed her forehead.  He pulled her close and sighed.  "He won't ever hurt you again, okay?  I promise you," he whispered and pulled away so that he could look her in the eyes.

Jason held on to her legs tightly so she wouldnt fall, she was so light it was ridiculous, Autumn baby, you need to eat more, i'm going to cook for you tonight and then we are going to watch movies and stay up all night eating junk food and making out" he said as he walked down the streets toward his house. Turnng his head he kissed her softly once on the lips.  

Lexi nodded "sorry" then she realized what she said, and said "Sorry" again. Shaking her head and taking a deep breath "I dont know what else to say but sorry, i know that you wont let anything happen to me but we aren't always together, i mean you have things to do, and i do too. I'm not saying that you cant protect me but he has ways. He knows what gets to me, and he uses that to hs advantage. I know that this was just a stupid dream and i over reacted but i'm scared Derrek" she said looking him in the eyes

Autumn shook her head, and laughed slightly. "Okay," she said. She smiled when he pecked her lips. She was slightly worried about the food though. Autumn didn't eat much. She had had an eating disorder a couple years ago, but she had overcome it, but she still never really ate much. She didn't say anything, she just smiled when he carried her into his hair, and she got off his back. She grabbed his hand and walked up his his room and laid on his bed.

Derek frowned. "let's just leave this town, so that he could never find us," Derek said. "Move to another date or something," he said. He knew she'd say no, but he couldn't help but ask. "You would always be safe. No more Alex," he said. "Just us," he whispered. He kissed her forehead, wishing they could do that.

Jason smiled and carried all the way to his house, placing her down so he could open and close the door. She interlocked their finger together and they made their way up the grand stairs toward his room. When they walked n she let go of his hand and headed straight for his bed. Laughing he said "Yeah sure go ahead make yourself at him " he joked and he took off his shoes and jumped into bed next to her and pulled her on top of him so she was looking down at him and he up at her. "so its dinner time, do you want me to cook now or do you just want to rest for a little then we can eat latter?" he asked and smiled at her beautiful face. Again he was struck at how much things had changed n a matter of days, but he had to admit that he couldnt have asked for anything better. 

Lexi smiled slightly " I really wish we could, that we could just leave everything behind and just start over with just me and you but we cant. Even if my parents are always at work, i cant just leave them, you cant leave your parents and all your friends.Plus being a wolf and all dont you have like some responsibility or something. i assume you do and they probably need you." she said in one breath, stopping only to take one in. chuckling she shook her head "i have no idea if you have any idea what i just said but basically what i just said was i love you for even suggesting the idea" 

Autumn smiled. "Eat later," she whispered and moved so that she could kiss his neck, right under his jaw. She closed her eyes, tangling her fingersin his shirt. She smiled against his skin. She couldn't be happier. He gave her this bubbly feeling, like everything is okay. She slowly kissed her way up to his lips and adjusted her self on his body so that she was more comfortable.

Derrek laughed softly. "I just wish we could," he whispered and brushed her hair from out of her face. He held her close. "I promise you, nothing will happen to you. I love you so much," he said and kissed her forehead. He played with her hair, and shut his eyes again.


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