The Twilight Saga

Jason and Autumn cannot stand each other.  They can't be alone in the same room for more than five minutes before they start screaming at each other.  But one day, in the middle of a fight, they started making out.  It's been a few weeks and they think they have feelings for each other, but they can still barely stand each other.

Jason; Lexi.

Autumn; Me.

Lexi and Derrek are best friends, and Derrek imprinted on Lexi when he was sixteen.  But Lexi has a boyfriend.  A boyfriend who hits her.  She hasn't told Derrek, but he has his suspicions.

Lexi : Lexi.

Derrek : Me. 

I will allow other people to join when I feel like more people are needed.

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Autumn blushed when he left and shook her head.  His sister ended up falling asleep, but Autumn couldn't sleep, so she headed downstairs to watch a movie, but saw Jason sitting on the couch and she sighed.

Derrek shook his head and ordered the same as her, and looked at her.  "I promise you, you didn't ruin our day," he said.  "And I swear we'll see each other alot more," he smiled and ran his hand through his hair, and bit down on his lip.

Jason looked back to see who had come down the stairs, already knowng that it was her, he sighed "You cant watch a movie with me" he said then looked down at his empty bowl of popcorn "Unless you get me more food" he said without looking at her

Lexi smiled and nodded "Good i missed you." she said and laughed "I remember when we would spend  day together, i would stay at your house then when my mom said i had to come home, you would stay at mine" she said and smiled at the memory 

Autumn debated it for a second, but she wouldn't give him the joy of knowing she did something for him.  She looked at the tv to see what he had been watching, and she had no idea.  She looked at him, "Make it yourself," she said and turned around.

Derrek smiled.  "Remember when we were like, seven, and we climbed that tree in your front yard, and we got stuck in the tree, and your mom had to call the fire department to get us down?" He said and laughed.

Jason laughed and paused his movie, he got up and went to the kitchen "Ugh you are so rude, you can never do anything nice for anyone" he said rolling his eyes. popping his pop corn in the microwave, he reached in the fridge for a slice of cold pizza. 

Lexi laughed "Yes! how could i forget, i was terrified" she said taking a drink of her coffee. "You know that i am still afraid of heights and trees, and its all your fault." she laughed "I wanted to do everything you did so when you climbed, of course i followed you." she shook her head 

Autumn laughed, and went and sat on the couch.  She took the remote and put it on Spiderman.  She couldn't explain her love for all things Spiderman.  She heard him in the kitchen, and she smirked.

Derrek laughed.  "I wouldn't have let you fall," he said and smiled.  "How about that one time we spent all day in the woods and we didn't check in with our parents, and when we came home, the cops were there?" He laughed.  "That was funny."

Jason finished getting hisfood and went to sit down and saw that Autumn had changed his movie "Oh no, heck no" he said and snatched the remote from her hand, well he tried to anyway. hs hands were full with food "Give me the remote and change t back now!" 

Lexi sat up in the chair "i know" she smiled at him"Yeah now its funny, then we were so scared that something bad had happened to our parents and our parents were worried about us. t was just bad" she said and laughed "Oh and that one time when we went camping together, i am never going back to that place ever again"

Autumn laughed at him.  "Make me!" She said and sat on the remote.  She turned her attention back to the movie, paying no attention to his protests.  She ran her hand through her hair again.

Derrek laughed.  "Oh god, that was so much fun.  I scared you so bad," he laughed.  "I will never forget the look on your face," he said and smiled at her.  "That was amazing."

Jason girnned and sat his food down, he was so going to win this. He went back to her and sat on her "Give me the remote now!" he said and laughed at the sounds she was making, he was not that heavy, but she was tiny so made to her he was, oh well. all she had was give him the remote 

Lexi shook her head and made a face of mock disgust "that was so not amazing! i had to sleep with my light on for like two weeks, and you scared me so bad that i actually peed my pants a little" she sad narrowing her eyes at him and blushing a little, she never told him that 

Autumn tried not to laugh. "Jason, get off me!" she said trying to push him off, but she was nothin compared to him. "I am not giving you that remote," she said.

Derrek laughed a little harder. "And I think I love you even more now," he said. "But don't you remember that time you got me back by pretending to have drowned in the lake the next day?" he said. That was one of the worst days of his life.

Jason laughed and wiggled on her, "look if you just gve me the remote we can watch you r stupid movie" he said truning around to look at her, he knew she wanted to laugh, he could see t in her face. She never wanted to have fun, she always seemed to be composed and she just never let lose and have fun, he didnt like that

Lexi laughed and rolled her eyes "well i'm glad my pee made you love me more" she said and smiled at him "Omg yes i remember! " she laughed hard "That was so funny, you were trying to get to me so fast that you ddnt even realize that your shorts had fallen down," she said, that was just so funny, best day ever 

Autumn shook her head. "You're lying," she said simply. She didn't trust him. Why should she? She looked up at his face. Their faces were no more than a couple inches apart. She bit her lip, resisting the urge to kiss him right then and there.

Derrek laughed. "Yeah, pretending to die, real hilarious, Lexi," he laughed and shook his head. "Things were so much easier when we were kids," he said and looked over at her, smiling slightly. He ran his hand through his hair, and the waitress came with their food.

Jason looked at her and his gaze automatically dropped to her pink lips, they looked so kissable. all he had to do was lean down only a lttle and their lips would be connected once again. And he wanted to, oh he really wanted to but she pulled away last time so unless she made the move he was not going to chance it

Lexi laughed "ok so it was a little dramatic but honestly, it was funny, plus i got to see you butt" she sad and winked at him which made him and that made her laugh harder. When their food arrived she poured syrup over her pancakes and started eating. "Yeah, they were so much easier, and all that time, we wanted to be grown ups, Ha. I dont want to anymore, I want to go back" 


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