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Shooting Stars  (PG 13)


By; Luvme2day


ChApTeR OnE:  Teardrops…


“I can’t believe this!” I screamed. Tears ran down my face. Fast and hot.


“Stupid dirty liar!” I pushed passed him running out of the house.


“Bella wait!” He called after me.


I just kept running. I didn’t know where I was going but I didn’t care. He broke my heart. I trusted him and he broke my heart. I could feel it when I found out. I could feel the empty hole. I never felt anything like this before. I never felt so lost physically and emotionally. He’s gonna pay. Pay big time.


It was dark outside. They moon was whole above me and the stars twinkled. Why is it when I’m in pain the world isn’t?


I pushed through the trees not caring as blood trickled down my arms and legs. It was cold night and I was only wearing short shorts and a tank top. I had forgotten my jacket and cell phone at the jerks house. I couldn’t call my dad to pick me up. Where ever I was. I started to wander around blindly looking for a road. It was probably around 3:00 in the morning.


When I finally found one. I started walking. The cold air kind of felt good. My hair blew mindlessly through it. I breathed in. It still stung. He cheated on me with my best friend. I can’t believe Alice would do this. Alice Cullen of all people. I never should have trusted Jasper. I knew he was bad. Everyone told me he was bad news. But I didn’t care. I was in love with him. But now I know. He’s just like his sister Rosalie Hale. All snobby B’s.


As car pulled over beside me. A man in a black leather coat and blond hair tied up on a neck pony tail sat in the driver seat with a woman who had fiery red hair and crimson eyes. It was kind of strange. They both looked a lot alike with the paleness, blinding beauty and crimson eyes but yet different.


“Need a lift little girl?” When I heard that voice. It sent chills down my spine. His voice was deep. The kind that made you think that there was something wrong here.


I shook my head. “No.”


“I’m fine.”


I left it at that and kept walking down the road. The man was bad.  The car followed me about 20 meters. I stopped and it pulled up next to me again.

“Are you sure, sweet heart?” This time the woman spoke. There was no difference it there voices. They were both flat with no emotion attached to them. They sounded almost dead.


“I’m fine.” I said again. Quickening my pace.


But they still kept following me. That when I broke into a sprint down the road. I ran into something. Something cold and hard. I looked up to see the man.


“Hello, Bella. My name is James. I’m going to kill you.” He told me.


He then leaned in real close to my ear and whispered. “I’ll make it as painless as I can.” You could hear the smirk in his voice. The dead smirk.


My heart pumped with adrenaline. Fear washed over me. I tried not to show it. ‘Never show that you are afraid because fear is a weakness and anyone can sniff it out.’ My uncle once told me that. I didn’t believe him until now.


“Are you afraid, Bella?” James asked me.


I swallowed hard and shook my head. He circled me like he was looking for a right spot to start off. The I wondered where the woman was.


“Where’s the lady.” I asked him my voice shaky.


He looked at me still smiling and still circling me. “Oh, Victoria gone. She went to go get food for herself. I told you were mine.”


“Are you ready, Bella?”


“You smell appetizing.”


I took an unsteady breath. Was I really going to die like this? I figured differently though. Like I would die at the age of 91 sleeping in my bed. Not at 13 and in the middle of nowhere. I wasn’t really sure if the man would kill me. Most human boast about things they can’t even do. But when I looked at him deep flashing crimson eyes I knew this man meant business.


I saw him stop and smile again more profound now. He pounced at me and I shut my eyes tight not wanting to see him killing me. But then the seconds ticked by. 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds and then finally it reached 30 seconds. I swear he would have at least made me bleed by now. Well, bleed more that I already have.


I slightly opened my eyes. That’s when I saw him. He was as pale as James and Victoria, as beautiful as them. No, more. But his eyes weren’t red they were honey golden. It made my insides melt just to look at him. Who was he? This angel.

“Your safe now Bella.” He told me and I believed him. I believed him to the fullest.


I nodded at him. “Who are you?”


He smiled at me warmly. It sent shrills down my body. “I’m Edward Cullen.”


He looked at the ground and I followed his gaze. James lay there crippled. He almost looked dead. I think he was.


“You…You did that?” I asked in shock.


He grinned at me again. My heart skipped a beat. “Yeah.”


His face then turned consented. “Are you alright?” He asked eyeing my elbows and knee’s.


I nodded. “Just a couple of scrapes.”


After that everything went black. I could feel cool arms wrapped around me. I tried opening my eyes but they wouldn’t obey. It suddenly got cold. Colder than before. But I felt awkwardly safe.


“Edward.” I whispered.


“Shhh…” He told me.


“You’re tired. Sleep.”


And then I drowned in the current of exhaustion.






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thank you.
Love this!
So awesome.
Love it!!!!!!!
When are you going to post more??? I love this story can't wait!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))
plz keep me updated
Updating now...
Shooting Stars (PG 13)

By: ~Luvme2day~Vannessa

ChApTeR sIx:


Another month of school has passed. Alice and I are cool now. But Edward is a different story. He hasn't been to school in two weeks and my worries are starting to worsen as the days go by. I've tried calling him but nothing has worked. So all I’ve hoped for was he was there sitting on the front seat of Biology class with his white crocked smile pasted on his pale stunning face. But disappointment washed over me again as it had yesterday and the day before and the day before that.

"Ms. Swan?" Mr. Banner called me.

I shook myself out of my thoughts.

"Yes, Mr. Banner?" I looked up at him dazed.

He seemed angry or maybe frustrated. Half the class was not paying attention as it is.

"Is my class boring you?"

Yes. I thought. But what I did answer was the opposite. "No, sir. I'm just tired. That's all."

His lips pursed. "Well I suggest you sleep earlier next time. Mid-term exams are coming soon. You should be paying attention."

I nodded and opened my Biology text book.

Mr. Banner turned back to the board and continued talking. But of course I wasn't paying attention again. I went back to being studious.

The bell rang and I grabbed my things quickly and was out of the classroom before anyone else could even process in there brains that the bell had rung.

Alice was waiting for me outside. She was smiling and my curiosity grew wild.

“Hey!” She said.

My reply was indifferent. “Hello.” To my surprise she didn’t take notice of it.

We started walking to our next class. We had gym together. Oh how I hate physical education. But I saw the point of it. 1/3 of this school is unfit and I’m pretty sure most of the students had never set foot in a public gym other than a schools.

“Guess what?” She asked. I could hear in her voice that there was something she had to say. Something exciting. But I didn’t press upon it. I just acted like I didn’t notice.

Alice did not wait for me to answer but continued as if she had not even asked a question.

“Edward Cullen just asked me out!” She shrieked.

I paused right in the middle of the crowded hallway kids bumped in to me. Student around me yelled and some words weren’t very pleasant. One person gave me the finger. I did care about that right now. For I second I was confused but once I figured out what she had said I was outraged and I felt like fainting. I felt weak and helpless. I did not say a word.

When Alice saw my face I could tell her expression was befuddled. “Bella, did you hear what I said?”

I still did not speak.

“Are you ok? Bella, what’s wrong?” Alice kept on talking and I wished she would just shut up.

How could she not know what was wrong?

But when I did speak I was enraged, my voice was cold and spiteful. “I can’t believe you Alice! What the heck is your problem!!! Are you seriously mentally challenged that you don’t even care about other people!!!”

“What…” She started to say but I cut her off.

I fumed on and on. When would I stop? Nobody knows. “Don’t act like you don’t know. You are selfish, ignorant and this everything evolves around Alice Black.”

“Well I got new for you, it doesn’t.”

And with that I ran. Ran out of the school and left her; my once best friend who used to care about me and knew everything about me. Even my thoughts. Tears streamed down my eyes. I figured it out. It wasn’t that Edward was not there he was avoiding me. He dropped out of the class because the last time I saw him it was after school in the office talking quietly to the secretary. I hadn’t notice it at first. He never really like me, did he?
AHHH!!! POST MORE GOOOD! :))))))))))))) 1ST COMMENT 2 :)))))))))))))))
awesome chapter
Thank you.
Something good comin. I just wanted to show you how Alice is like Rosalie and how she doesn't care about Bella much even though there friends.


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