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Ok, I thank the one person who inspired me to write this. Aurora Rose.  From her Fan Fiction “Till Death Do Us Part”; I got the idea to write something about social issues. I don’t really relate to this but, I know some people do and I hope they learn from this fan
fic. Thank you to the people who read and commented. It’s what keeps me







Sing Me to Sleep.


ChApTeR oNe: The whole truth and nothing but the truth. 






    In the bathroom I stood in front of the mirror. I spend hours watching the razor blade and my flat half-bared stomach. The distance between the two was significant. I had to
wait for the right moment. I never cut.


I never tell the truth either.


I lie. 





    I stood motionless in the centre of my bedroom; in my hand lay a razor blade that I had furiously ripped out of my mom’s Venus. I had waited long enough for this.
Nearly two weeks. The clock showed
7:43. It would not
be long before my parents have arrived from work. Time was ticking and I didn’t
have very much of it. But still enough to do what I came for. I didn’t like to
be rushed through this process. This was the wonderful part.


    I finally lifted my shirt and placed the cold hard blade against my soft pale flesh and sliced through it slowly. A little deeper than last time. Right under the other
four marks. Cold comfort. I let the pain ripple through me. It was a safe pain.
I sighed in relief and watched the blood trickle down staining my jeans.


    Quickly I took the piece paper towel I had ripped and dabbed it onto the sliced skin until the blood no longer flowed. Tucking the razor blade into the napkin I placed it
under my sock drawer. Where hopefully no one would look.


    I examined the small cut that lay 3-4 inches above my liver. A perfect cut I remember Jacob whispering to me once.  He was my brother. Before he died of course. People say it was a gang beat but I thought otherwise; when the police called
our house telling my parents the news. We spent hours in the hospital waiting
but we all knew the out come to this. There was no chance of him surviving so I
gave up home as soon as I felt hope.


    It’s been 5 years, 10 months, 18 days and now 19 hours and 50 minutes. I’ve been counting.  He had died a few months after
I had turned twelve. I could still remember his face on my birthday. It was so
bright and full of joy when he woke me up on that school day. ‘
Happy birthday
little sis!
  He had excitedly
yelled and wrapped me into his arms. He would have been twenty two earlier this
year on January 15th.


    I could feel the lost feeling building up. That’s why I never think of him much. It hurts too much to.


    A long sigh escaped my lips; slowly I lowered my shirt down carefully not to irritate the skin and made my way into the hall. The brightness burned my eyes and I stood
there for a moment while my eyes adjusted then took a step outside.


    The pitter patter of dishes told me they were home. I checked my watch. 8:03 it said in a bright green color. 


    “Bella!”  Some one called for me.


    I did not answer right away. “Yes?”  


    “Come down!”


    I yelled from the railing looking directly under. “Yeah?”


    My mother stood her hands to her hips. Her mouth turned down but from where I saw it she was smiling. Renee’s pale skin glowed under the brightly lit hall way.


    “I said come down. Not yell from the top of the stairs.” Her voice grumpy and clearly stressed.


    With out I word said I made my way down the stairs not even looking at her and into the kitchen where Charlie sat. I could feel her glare as she watched me walk buy and
followed me like a stray dog.


    My body went straight to the fridge and grabbed some milk.


    “What? No hello?” My father whispered.


    I shrugged. “Never knew you wanted one.”


    His yes narrowed. “Now listen to me you little brat. I’m the man of this house and you respect me. You hear me?!”


    I didn’t say anything. Just got a mug from the cupboard and boiled water in the tea pot.


    “Look at me!” He yelled.


    I felt a hard grip on my arm and in seconds I span around with no intention to. I was now staring at my angry fathers face. It was red and I swore a saw a vain throb in
his temples. But I paid no mind to that. My cup dropped and it shattered into a
million pieces. No one went for them.


    My lips were tight. “Let go of me.”


    He didn’t.


“Charlie please, leave her alone.” My mother trembled in the corner of the kitchen but did nothing to help me.


    His reply to my mom was harsh. His deep voice made it sound worse. “Shut up, Renee!”


    “I said let go of me!” And with that I pushed him away only to get a slap across the face.


    Tears streamed down my face fast and hot. This was not the first time my father had hit me and I was sure it wouldn’t be the last. So I slipped through his fingers and ran.
Ran out of the room and out of the house. I couldn’t take it, this family was
messed up. Ever since Jacob died. Of course Charlie blamed me for what had
happened to him. He always does.


I miss him.


But he’s gone.





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I can't believe Charlie would do that!
Bella should disown her parents for being so cruel to her!
Alice had some type of vision of Bella getting beaten didn't she?
That's just sick and wrong what her parents are doing to her!
*Staring at the screen in disgust at Charlie and Renee*
Thank you. I read you Fan Fic. It's really good. Waiting for the next chapter to be posted.
Sing Me to Sleep.

ChApTeR fOuR:

May, 5th 2007

Another year passed.

Another year with out Jacob.

Another year alone.

It was a warm sunny morning as I got ready for school. Hastily I dressed into proper clothes. Today I was wearing all black, toping the outfit up with black leather high heeled boots that my grandmother had gotten me three years ago before she had died. I have never worn them.

Charlie sat on the kitchen table sipping a cup of coffee. I gave him a distasteful look and walked over to the cabinet that held the mugs. I winced as I raised my hand and got out a glass.

Yesterday Charlie had decided to use a new way to harm me physically. He had noticed that I had gone back to the cutting after I promised I wouldn’t cut again. So he decided to teach me a lesson by cutting me himself. Over and over he took my mom’s Venus blade and sliced my arms, back, legs stomach, even my face. Scabs trailed every inch of my body. It took all my strength not to scratch or pick them. This was supposedly going to get me to stop harming myself.

It’s kind of funny. My mom actually showed him where she kept her blades.

“Good morning, Bella.” He said to me.

I did not turn as I felt his eyes on my back watching me.

“Morning.” I mumbled and left it at that.

Quickly I poured myself some coffee and took a slice of toast that sat on the center of the table, and ran upstairs careful not to burn myself.

When I reached my room I sat down on my bed and ate. It was silent and my thoughts were no where at this moment. When I was done my coffee I checked out my scares to see there healing process. There were some that were already faint but the deep cuts were just beginning to scab.

I sighed. How long must this go on? How long will I feel empty and secluded? How long will I live.

“Bella!” I heard my mother call me from downstairs.

Slowly I got up and was out of the room. In seconds I was downstairs in front of my mother.


“I’m going to work now would you like a ride to school?” She asked me kindly.

I’ve always wondered if my mom really knew what was going on in our family. Sometimes she just seems out there. Like she is in another world or something. Far, far away.

“Yes, please. Just let me go get my things.” I exclaimed.

She replied. “Hurry up.”

Upstairs I grabbed my bag and stuffed all my books into them. Then raced to my closet and un-hooked my jacket. Renee was waiting for me at the bottoms of the stairs.

She said bye to Charlie and looked at me as if she was expecting me to not depart before telling my father good-bye. Her face was serious and I could not argue with that. Plus another beating would occur if I didn’t.

“Good-bye, Dad. See you soon.”

Charlie grunted. I thought that was rude. But I still could do anything about it. So I shrugged it off and headed to my mother black SUV.

The air was warm and damp as I breathed it in. It had rained yesterday and the whether woman said it would today. She was wrong. It was a fine day. It reminded me of the past. Two summers before Jacob died.


I stood on the edge of the deck leaning on the railing for support. This summer was going to be amazing. We were at our summer cottage in Florida. My parents, cousins, aunts and uncles and my little sister Bella where we would spend three months.

The sun was warm and inviting. But I couldn’t enjoy it. Stupidly of me I had broken my leg the week before school ended. I had stumbled down the stairs at school.

Bella raced from the beach and her shining brown eyes looked up to me from down bellow where she was dressed in her blue bathing suit. Her chestnut brown curls bounced as she ran.

“Come on Jacob! Come swim with us!” Her voice was begging.

I shook my head. “Broken leg, remember?”

I saw the sadness slowly draw to her eyes and guilt spread through me. Gradually she turned around and headed back to my cousins where she once was.

Not long after giggling started. I adore her so much and I could tell from the look in her eyes she loves me back. She looks up to me and I will never let her down. Never leave her to fend for herself. That’s my promise to her.

I smiled and continued to look at them playing.


I smiled. That summer I had wished that Jacob had not fallen and broken his leg. It killed me to see him watching me on the deck so alone. But by the shimmer in his black eyes he was happy somehow. I didn’t understand why.

“Bella?” Renee called me.

I turned and looked at her in the driver seat.

“Were here.” She said.

“At school.”

“Oh yeah.” I said and got out of the car.

“Thanks for the ride, Re… mom.”

She nodded and I was off. Today was going to be long day. I met up with Alice at my locker she had no idea what I went through and I plan to tell her someday. Somehow. But for now I’ll take the beating and smile the whole way through them.
Love it!!!!!
Please don't hurt Bells anymore. Even I don't like her, and I don't want her to suffer anymore. PLEASE POST MORE SOON!!!
Sorry, I'm just catching up with the first story. I think she should've tell someone asap. But oh well, I'll see how the story develops. I think your story is great. I'm Not so much of a self-inflicting pain kind of person either (I'm such a pansy when I give myself a cut). But I think you're doing a great job reflecting Bella's pain and the abuse she takes from her father.
Thank you.
her parents are evil write more soon
post more love it
............ wonder why she will go threw that??? more ASAP love it!!
Sorry guys but this is kind of long. Hope your willing.

Sing Me to Sleep.

ChApTeR fIvE:
Was Blind but Now I See…

I was talking to Alice when Edward came up. His golden eyes glowing and pale face shinning it almost looked like it was sparkling. But I bet that wasn’t it. He gave me that crooked smile of his and he placed hands on the table where Alice and I sat.

We were in the Cullen’s house. My parents were fighting again when I got home from school. I didn’t even bother opening the door; I just turned and made my way at Alice’s place. Esme happily let me in.

I have grown fond of the Cullen’s they were always so helpful. Excepecially now a days with my brother gone and all and also with parents fighting twenty four seven.

“Bella…” Alice began but she cut herself short and shook her head.

I looked up to her a line forming on my forehead. “What?” I asked but she did not reply.

“Come on, Alice. You can tell me. I won’t bite?” I laughed with that thought.

She laughed too. But there was some inside joke to that that made her laugh even harder.

“I have a question to ask you. It’s important. And please, please, please answer it.” Alice begged.

I nodded.

My best friend took a deep breath and sighed. “Do you cut yourself, Bella?”

I stiffened then hesitated. My brain wasn’t functioning. I knew what I should say. The only words to protect her from the truth. From worrying. No. But I just couldn’t say them. They got stuck in my throat.

“Bella, tell me the truth here. I just want to help.”

What I did say was a terrible mistake. That in the future would change my life. I just didn’t know why I said it. Edward was right there in front of us watching T.V paying no mind to our conversation. I knew he was listening though. He had to be. With what was being said he had to be listening. Who wouldn’t?

I sighed. “Yes.”

Time seemed to stop or was it slow down. I didn’t know. But everything paused. All the Cullen’s were in the living room now. All eyes wide and bulging. All except for Rosalie. She was just standing in the corner filling her nails. Typical of her. I didn’t expect other wise.

Carlisle’s mouth opened and he spoke. “Your visions were right, Alice.”

Alice looked offended. “Of course they were right. I saw her in front of her bathroom mirror cutting herself. What more can you get from that.”

“Bella, why?” This time Edward spoke.

Visions? I thought. Alice has visions? First time I’m hearing of it.

I shrugged. “Ever since Jacob died I felt so alone. So empty. He was my only brother. Only sibling for that matter of fact. I didn’t…I don’t know how else to deal with it.”

Alice’s favorite brother pursed his lips. His eyes showed anger even though he was trying to hard to compose his face, his voice. “Do your parents hit you?”

This time I did not hesitate to answer. The words came flooding out. “Yes.” I said. “But only my father. My mother doesn’t like to hit me. Her job is to watch.”

My eyes wondered down. Everything and everyone fell silent.

“We should talk to them.” Edward’s father suggested. But it was more like a demand.

For the first time Rosalie spoke. “Why do we even care? Is it any of our business what happens in the Swan house?”

Alice’s face slowly turned to her. Her eyes glaring. “Go fuss over your hair Rosalie. That’s all you’re good for.”

You could feel the tension between the two girls. It cut through the air like paper. But Rosalie left and Emmett followed her trying to reassure her that Alice didn’t really mean it. At the look of Alice’s face she did mean it.

His posture was stiff. Carlisle I mean. “We should go now.”

“No!” I begged.

“They can’t know I told you. They just can’t.” With those words being laid out my only thoughts of what Charlie would do to me once I got home. Just thinking of the pain made me flinch.

Esme placed a hand on me. “It’s alright dear. We won’t let them touch you.”
For some reason I felt safe and confident. Looking at the number of the family. Minus Rosalie. They were pretty large. With Emmett I felt safe. Even my own father couldn’t tare him down.

So with that we got up and went outside. I was glad that this issue was being dealt with without consulting the government or authorities. For once I felt… I don’t know what I felt but it was a good feeling.

Twenty minutes later we were at my house. It was nearing 5:00 and the lights in my house were on. No argument accured. That was good sign. But I feared for my mother. Has he beaten her to make he stop complaining? Had he silenced her for good this time not just make her unconscious? I felt my skin crawl. I wasn’t so fearless anymore.

Esme nodded at me when we reached the front entrance. I took the key out of under the mat and opened the door.

“Mom?! Dad?!” I called out.

No reply.

“Mom? Did you guys stop fighting or did you stop to give dad a chance to twist your ankle or break you ribs?” This was the only was the only way for them to answer me and to get them pissed off to come out.

“It’s ok. I can just come back later when dad is done.”

I made a shuffling noise and then dad burst through the door that leads to the backyard. “Why you little imbecile! Do you want me to break Your ribs! Or cut you like yester…” He cut short when he saw all of us there.

Charlie gave a weak chuckle. “Like yesterday’s fun game we played.”

A smug smile came up on my face. “Dad you know who the Cullen’s are right? They have and issue with you anger and abusive ways.”

He continued to laugh. “Abusive way. Teens have such an imagination.”

“You know she was screaming last night. Telling someone to stop hurting her. I think it was because of all that scary movies she watches.”

Carlisle face grew solemn. “This is not a laughing matter, Mr. Swan.”

My father smile turned into a frown. “Ok, Dr. Cullen lets speak. Follow me to the living room.”

He nodded and we were off.

With all of us sat there in my living room no one said anything. All was quiet until Edward spoke. “Mr. Swan I…we have and impression that you beat your daughter. Your wife even. Is that true?”

My lips curved up slyly. “Yes dad, is that true?”

My father grinded his teeth. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” He said through tight lips.

“Bella show him the marks.”

I did. I pushed up my sleeves showing the cut marks he gave me. I knew it was his because I only but my stomach; places where they can’t be seen easily.

Alice gasped but kept her mouth shut.

“Do you have an explanation to that, Charlie?”

“How do you know she didn’t do that herself?! She’s always been lying these days” Charlie’s face turned tomato red.

“No, she’s not lying. You did this to her, Mr. Swan. I know for a fact” Alice said.

“Ok if you know for a fact that I did do that to my only child left why don’t you ask my wife? She can prove to you I am not a child abuser.” Urgh! Hated my dad with such passion. Now there was no way Renee would admit to this.

“Ok.” Carlisle said. “Where is Renee right now?”

“She’s upstairs. Honey! Can you come down for a moment?!”

My body felt cold for a moment. Oh please mother tell them that Charlie hits us. Well, mostly me. I can’t go through another beating tonight. I just can’t. He’ll kill me. This time for real. In my thoughts I begged.

Mom came down the stairs slowly. She looked awful. There were bags under her eyes like she lacked sleep. She looked like she was going to drop any minute. Her steps were slow as if she was forcing herself to come talk to us. But not by will.

“Mom are you ok?” I asked. For once I was concerned about her.

She didn’t say anything. She didn’t even seem like she was in this world. Her eyes were staring passed me. Somewhere that I could never reach.

“Mom? Does dad hit us?” I asked another question.

She hesitated. But her lips did not move to form the words I wanted her to say. Her mossy green eyes went to Charlie and they looked frightened.

What happened next I wasn’t really sure of. It took place so fast that sometimes I wonder if the event really accured.

Renee dropped to the ground. For a fraction of a second she was still. Then she started screaming. I mean at the top of her lungs.

“Don’t let him hurt me!!! No Charlie, please!!! It burns!!!” She said.

“You’re hurting her!!!” Was her next words.


The last lexis she said really got to me. ‘Don’t touch them?’ Who was she talking about? Jacob and I? Some other child?

Words kept coming out of her. I was happy but also taken back. When she finally stopped everything was silent. Charlie didn’t bother speaking. The truth was already laid out. My mother was the witness. I don’t really know how it would happen. A cop going to jail. Will they give him I free pass for protecting the law? But, I doubted that thought. They gave no free pass to anyone, especially to a cop.
Loved it post more soon!! keep me updated


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