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this takes place  in the beginning of breaking dawn when the wedding is being planned bella the vampire is how she was in BD (except for nessie) becasue Stephine did good with it so im not going to change anything about that

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it sounds realy good lol

ok so here the first chapter had a weird writers black right in the middle anywayss here ya go!

slip up

chapter 1

I was curled up with Edward on the sofa when I heard the sound I was trying to avoid; witch I’ve been bratty good at doing so far
“Bella come help me with the wedding plans!” Alice said from her room. I groaned
“Sorry lone, she’s unstoppable” Edward said to me.
“I know” I replied and smiled then I untangled my self and headed up stares, silly annoying pixie of a sister. As if he herd my thought Edward smiled crookedly.
“You know sometime I think you’re just lying when you say you can’t read my thoughts, just so you know it’s really what I think” I told him as I got up
“Hmmm good idea, but a wrong one”
“Well good.”
“This is such a strange family” I muttered under my breath followed by a deep chuckle, of course he would hear everyone would hear.
“You’ll get used to it Bella” jasper called from somewhere in the house. Really? He just pops up at the most random moments sometimes I let my annoyance flare I swear this house has no privacy.
“I told you I didn’t want to help, remember I had originally agreed on Vegas” I told Alice as I walked into her room (witch the closet is bigger then, I might add)
“Too bad now you agreed on this” she shot back. I huffed and went to sit next to her.
“Esme is-“I was about to say before she cut me off
“You’re the bride Bella you’re helping that’s that” well it was a lost cause anyway, she’s almost as stubborn as Edward
“Mm, no that will not work Edward and Emmett both have tried it many times” she told me. Well great I guess I’m stuck here. She brought out the book and started flipping though pages speaking quickly I would only have a few choices to make so I was basically just sitting there listening but that was fine with me. Then she froze and something told me that this was not because of a vision. I was right. Her eyes glazed over and my heart started thumping because once again my body was faster then my mind at realizing things and, again, I was with Alice... coincidence? I felt like I needed to run but I was rooted to where I sat. Her breath came out with a hiss this. Was. Not. Good.
“A-Alice? Did you see something?” I said quietly I noticed her eyes were as black as coal, like the first time I had met Edward only this time I knew what it meant. She leaned towards me and I knew with out a doubt what was happing but all I could seem to think was oh crap. I felt razor sharp teeth cut into my neck and a fiery pain exploded and I gored with pain. I think I could hear Edward and someone else’s jasper? Growl one after the other. And I let the flames engulf me but they weren’t consistent at first they started t o fade only to be brought back harsher then before behind that pain I felt something sharp slashing my writs and elbows. This is going to be a long three days

iA/N kay so there ya go :) her plan was to snake out when she was having a vision if anyon can think of a better title for this do tell thanks for reading :)
wow! I LOV IT
i love it i wantt hhmm wait i need morrrrrrrrreeee
this sound interesting keep me updated:D
thanks all of u :D
I love it. please keep me updated.
i need more Ren. u cant leave me like that and remember i havent taken back my threat about emmett.
Chapter 2

**disclaimer: i used a lot of reference from breaking down i thought i should have a disclaimer.Stephine Meyer already made Bella's waking up perfect it all belongs to her**

A/N heres chapter 2 thank you all for commenting :D

I could vaguely sense Edward stroking my arm lightly but I was too lost in the pain to notice anything hasn’t been 3 days already? It feels like I’ve been this way forever I held the screams in as best I could, it didn’t help anything to scream or thrash as Rosalie had once told me. The morphine that I suspected Edward tried on me worked but not without bound and gagging me before it finally wore off. I realized something I could think I could concentrate on things other then the pain, although it was still there. I also, could hear some things; like the sound of a video game, cars passing someone’s steady breathing next to me (most likely Edward’s) I think he had tried talking to me once .. Or twice.
“I feel bad, Bella you wanted this I shouldn’t have been so hostile her visions could be helpful, and to tell the truth I m kind of miss my sister, and my brother for that matter” Edward told me his brother and sister? Jasper and Alice the pain was fogging u my memories
I remembered what had happened now. I wasn’t mad, just a little happy that she hadn’t killed me. I whimpered from the endless pain, yeah her visions’ would help. But finally, finally the pain started to fade going from the down up, but also intensifying in pain the higher it got. I let out a gasping breath slightly wreathing until the pain completely faded and I was calm I was a vampire. I laid there for a minute trying to catch up before opening my eyes and when I did I gazed into a world of wonder. I could see everything in perfect clarity that just now made me realize how weak my eyes had been before, I could even see the individual dust particles that I would have only been able to see though a beam of light.
“Bella?” Edward warm voice rang in the silence of the room. I sat up so fast my head should have spun witch of course didn’t and I whipped my head around to face him. I gasped at what I saw, what I thought I new, was so wrong before he was more gorgeous then ever before how in the world is that possible?
“Edward?” my voice chimed. Wow I sounded different
“Bella love? Its ok I’m here” his voice like his face sounded even lovelier to my new ears. I blinked a few times unsure of what to do
“Umm what I…do?” I mumbled
“Well I think you should hunt, but first how do you feel?” I almost giggled he reminded me of a psychiatrist asking for my mental stability
“Confused and over whelmed, Edward what happened after the thing?” his eyes hardened up a bit, just a little but I could still see
“Don’t be mad... it was going to happen anyway…” I now noticed the sparkly engagement ring on my finger “were still getting married?” I asked. Edward chuckled
“Of course love, just when things settle down” he answered me
“But right now I think you need to hunt I still remember my waking up” and as if his words triggered something in me I instantly noticed the flame in my through. He grabbed my hand and led me to the front door and into the woods.
“Just follow me ok?” he said and waited for me to nod and when I did he took of like a bullet, I ran after him. Loved running it seemed so thrilling and being able to run with Edward only made it better. He stopped once and sniffed at the air before tacking off again in the opposite direction I caught up with him in a instant
“Now... Bella what do you smell?” he asked me and I shut out the outside world only paying attention to my nose.

A/N once again that was mostly from BD but yeah all the rest of the cullens were gone thats why edward didnt call them up. thanks again heheh uncle emmet can stay where he is for now!


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