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this takes place  in the beginning of breaking dawn when the wedding is being planned bella the vampire is how she was in BD (except for nessie) becasue Stephine did good with it so im not going to change anything about that

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I love it. please keep me updated
can't wait for more.
heres a book cover Ash Blackwood made in her banner shop :)

OK so this is a vary fluffy chapter with lots of dialogue (not quite sure how it turned out i wrote it at 3;10 in the morning with a 'i need to write' feeling) so yeah


“That was easier then I thought it would be” I told Edward as we walked home. I enjoyed the sounds of the forest, it was just so fresh. Then Edward stiffened for an instant
“What is it?” I asked worriedly
“Nothing big, the others just came home”
“Yeah” then he smiled and took my hand. It reminded me of when I had first met his family and how nervous I was, but I kind of was meeting them all again for the first time, again.
“Nervous?” he asked
“A little” I answered truthfully
“Don’t worry there still the same, crazy bunch” I laughed as he described them they were a crazy bunch.
“Let’s go” I said and we walked into the house. I gasped at what I saw it was like I’ve never seen them before, they were even more lovely and Emmett well he just look bigger then before (how is that possible?!)
“Hey Bella!” Emmett greeted me
“Hey Emmett!” I said back he ran over and pulled me into a bone crushing hug.
“Yeah we don't feel left out or anything” Rosalie joked from where she was reading a magazine. It was weird seeing Rosalie joke around I’m used t other not likening me.
“Awe you know I love you all” I said to them all more then just her. Esme was next to hug me, but unlike Emmett her was soft and gentle.
“So Bella how do you feel I’m guessing your hunt went well?” Carlisle asked from the couch next to Esme.
“OK and the hunt went well I think” I replied
“Very uneventful” Edward agreed
“That’s good” Esme smiled. I almost expected Alice to come bouncing down the stress asking for every detail and that’s when I realized she was not here, the same with jasper he was not here to ask why I was feeling so down what had I done to this family?
“What wrong Bella?” Edward asked me
“Nothing, nothing” I trailed off
“Why don't we go into our room” he said.
“OK” I told him and he led me into what now was our room,
Now tell me what’s going on, please” he whispered and looked deeply into my eyes. I had to look away
“So I’m guessing there not on a hunting trip?” I asked him with little hope in my voice. Most people would be mad after what happened, but I wasn’t it was going to happen anyway.
“No, they left, well she left and you know jasper” he said a little sadly. This shocked me some
“They left?” I asked shocked
“Yeah I tried to stop them but nothing worked” he answered
“When you were changing”
“I kind of figured” I was so confused when I woke up that I had hardly noticed there absence. I was now lying on the huge gold bed next to Edward
“What are you thinking?” the familiar question caught me off guard and almost made me smile
“The bed” I said. He chuckled
“Some important decisions were made on this bed” he said with a smile and smiled to
“I think I love this bed” I added
“The best one in the house” he laughed
“And you would know this how?” I joked back faking a serious tone into my voice
“Would you like me to show you?” Edward asked and I slapped him on the chest
“What? you are less breakable” he grinned my favorite crooked smile and we continued into pure bliss


“Arg! I almost got you!” I yelled somehow Emmett had gotten me to play video games with him and had to admit it was actually fun
“Ha-ha! No one can defeat me young one!” he bellowed
“Oh really?” I said and I must have looked really mad back because the look on Emmett’s face was priceless, he was terrified of me
“That’s right” I said and I burst out laughing.
“May I ask what is so funny?” Edward asked as he walked into the living room
“Emmett’s face!” I yelled
“It is quite funny looking” he said and smirked
“Whateva’” Emmett said to the two of us, which of course only made us laugh harder
“Bella can you come here for a sec!” Rosalie called from upstairs
“Sure!” I called back and ran up stares. Once I was in her room I closed the door and she grinned evilly I did not like where this was going
“Help me scare Emmett” she said to me never mind I love where this was going
“Great what do you want me to do” I said to her
“Pretend to be really mad at him because he ruined something of ours” she answered
“That’s perfect” I grinned
“Alright so I already know what were going to do, I’ll just have Alice-“Rosalie stopped then and a look of sadness crossed her features as well as mine
“What happened?” I asked sadly
“She left when you were changing, I wasn’t there but ill doubt she’ll becoming back anytime soon” she said and I sighed
“Rosalie do you know what happened. I mean with me?” I asked
“No what?” I took a deep breath
“Well rose don't tell anyone else this I don't think they should know but she was the one who changed me rose. And I fell like I’m the one who made he and jasper leave” I confessed. I look of pure shock crossed her features
“But you told Carlisle you didn't remember” she argued
“I know but I remember now I’ll tell you everything” I said she nodded and I told everything that had happened that day at the end of my story she looked even more sad then before
“I don’t think there coming back now, but Bella I think we should find her they belong with us
“I agree completely rose we have to find them”
“Then that’s what we’ll do”
“Whatever it takes” I agreed I’ve never felt so intone with Rosalie then I have now all plans of pranking our brother forgotten

A/N like i said before almost 3:30 in the morning i have no idea why love it? hate it? review please!
can't wait for more.
i love it. pleae keep me updated. i want alice to come back.
love it keep writing i want more
thanks :D i got the next chapter typed i just have to edit it
kind of a filler chapter next they will go and actually strat to find jasper and alice but i think this chap is somewhat important

Chapter 4

“Ok, one problem how are we going to find them? None of can track” I pointed out and she seemed to think it over.
“well when they first came and when Jasper was struggling Alice said that they had a place up in Canada in the mountains they would most likely go if he found it too much to handle” Rosalie told me
“Ok at least it’s a place to start with” I replied
“What are we going to tell everyone else though? I don’t think they will approve” she pointed out, she had a point there.
“Well I guess we could say were going on a shopping trip to Paris because I need some new clothes” I suggested
“Good idea, but I think we should tell Edward, you said he knows and Emmett can’t keep his big mouth shut for vary long”
“True, vary true, come hunting with me I don't want anyone to over hear” I told Rose
“Kay I’ll start explaining to Edward what’s going on” she said. right now it was good I was a new born, because it would be kind of odd for anyone else to be going hunting two days in a row plus I needed someone with me so Rose could have be that person, but of course Edward knows. We walked down in to the living room and Edward caught my eye ‘good luck’ he mouthed I smiled at him.
“Ok me and Rose are going hunting, see you guys later” I announced followed by murmurs of ok’s. Once we were out of hearing range we started to plan
“ok so we’ll try to find a sent trail then if that doesn’t work go to Canada, Mississippi then Texas although I doubt they’ll be there, what happens if we cant find them in any of those places?” Rosalie said going over the plan
“I think the only reason they would be going to Texas is to see Peter and Charlotte” I said back
“Yeah but what is another place they could be? I know there’s another place special to them”
“Hm” I murmured she was right I know she was they traveled for quite a while looking for us. What was a place special to both of them? I was about to give up when the answer came to me with a burst of intuition and by the look on Rosalie’s face she seemed to get it to
“Philadelphia!” we blurted out at the same time
“Of course!” we once again said at exactly the same moment
“It seems like they’d go there over Mississippi or Texas” I said
“Vary true, so now it stands: try to follow some sort of trail then to Philly, Canada, Texas then if we can’t find them in any of those places Mississippi?” they way she said it made it seem like a question
“Yep, now lets get home so we can to go ‘Paris’ “I answered
“Lets” I agreed.


When we got home I spent time with Edward while Rose spent time with Emmett.
“We have to do this Edward, they left because of me and what happened, I’m the only one who can bring them back” as I said the words I realized just how true they were.
“I know I’m going to miss you” he told me quietly
“Me to, me to” I agreed softly and we spent the rest of the night in each others arms.

A/N kinda short sorry about that
can't wait for more.
yep that's where they met Alice had a vision of him and waited for him there (its in eclipse when jazz is telling Bella his past with the whole "you kept me waiting along time" "I'm sorry ma'am" thing to be specific its a diner in phili) (haha total Jalice fan i feel nerdy lol


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