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this takes place  in the beginning of breaking dawn when the wedding is being planned bella the vampire is how she was in BD (except for nessie) becasue Stephine did good with it so im not going to change anything about that

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okay half way done with the chap my grampa's moving in and its kinda load so its a little hard to concentrate when i get a moment of piece i will update :) sorry i also have another story i have to update so i will try soon
ok yeah sorry for ditching you guys but I DID NOT DIE :D just writers block and school now to so idk when i'll be able to update miss you guys :( most likely up after i update Sophie anyone still here??

hey guys sorry its been alomst a year sence ive updated but life took over and school's got me burned out of writeing, im not sure i want to anymore. plus, i dont want to continue a story if no one is reading it so be truthful :) but i have some finished chapters so i'll put them up. here they are :) and usuall discalimer applies nothting familear is mine.

Chapter 6



I was curled up against Jasper’s chest feeling horrible. He was holding me tightly rubbing my arm gently. My mind was whirling and I was starting to miss my family, but I couldn’t go back there, not after what happened. I always thought if we had to leave the Cullens it would be because Jasper had found that way of living to hard, I never imaged that it would be because of me. I know I’ve had my share of slip-ups in the past but this wasn’t just any human this time, this was so much worse .it was Bella my brother’s fiancée. Besides that she was my sister and she had trusted me. But she most likely hates me now or, at least doesn’t want to be anywhere near me. I knew she was doing ok because I had to check, just once to see what has come of the mess I had made and then I blocked them all out. Rosalie tried calling me along with Edward and the others but I couldn’t talk to them. Jasper had tried to comfort me right when we left but nothing could erase the guilt. In an attempt to make sense of the many thoughts swirling around in my mind I went over what happened before we left. Edward’s angered voice made me realize what I was doing and I had used my guilt as reason to stop I backed away quickly Carlisle came in and took Bella somewhere.  I saw Edward about to lunge at me but Jasper was already in front or me ready to throw off a seething Edward. When he did go for me a fight broke out between the two of them my favorite brother just tried to attack me. I thought grimly I caught sight of Esme’s worried face as she tried to pull my brother and husband apart before I jumped out the window running blindly trough the trees. when I finally stopped and realized where I was – I was in Philadelphia I had another place to go. I knew Bella would not wake up alone like me; she had Edward and Carlisle to help her. I don't know how long I was standing there before a pair of strong arms wrapped around me and a quiet voice whispered in my ear;

“It’ll all work it’s self out, it’s gonna be ok” some of the southern drawl slipping through when he spoke. I didn’t replay I simply turned around in his arms and sobbed into his chest. Occasionally he would murmur things into my ear that I really wasn’t listening to, but I liked the sound of his voice. Later we moved out to a place in Canada to really be alone. I crawled onto the bed with him and I haven’t moved since. Why couldn’t It be any one else? Some random stranger or class mate like all the other times. Why did it have to be her? The one human that was even more off limits then the rest.

“Alice you know this is what she wanted” Jaspers soft voice broke me from my thoughts speaking for the first time in hours.

“That’s not all she wanted, she wants well, he did want a wedding and she’s always wanted Edward to be the one” I replied

“ if I remember correctly she put up quite a fight on the whole wedding issue, plus being a vampire has never stopped us has it? Or Rosalie and Emmett? Certainly not them” he said.

“Anyway, you did promise her that you were going to change her” he added lightly. Of course he was right it smoothed my nerves a bit but the guilt was still there. 

 It was then, with my thoughts open to her, and them I was hit with a vision. It came so suddenly I didn’t have the time to block it out.

Rosalie and Bella boarding a plane later landing in Canada heading our way looking for us I  cut it off quickly and searched through Rosalie’s future she’s leading Bella to the bottom of a giant mountain one so big it had to be part of the Rockies.  I suddenly remembered telling Rose about this place one time.  that’s where they must be headed. I cautiously looked ahead into Bella’s future following Rosalie trough a maze of forest done to the bottom of the same cliff face, the just stood there looking unsure, of what I did not know .ok so they were coming but by the looks of it neither of them actually knew where our little cabin was on the huge mountain. I sighed I would have to face them sooner or later.

“What did you see?” Jasper asked me his voice laced in concern I looked up before continuing

“There coming, Bella and Rosalie” I said

“When?” he asked in a practiced manner we’ve gone through this several; times before

“I’m not sure yet a few days I think, but it looks like they don't know where to go” I answered

“What are they doing?” he urged

“Just standing at the bottom of the mountain it looks like there trying to find out what to do” I stated

“Should we leave?” he asked

“No, there determined to find us, they will just keep looking and looking” I answered. He nodded seriously and squeezed me comfortingly

“What ever happins we will get though it together” he whispered yes, always I added silently


Chapter 7



I watched the light change through the beam that was shining thought the open window as I tried to sort out my thoughts. I had called Edward earlier and things and were going fine. But I grew nervous as time passed, we soon would be starting the next part of our journey.

“Are you ready Bella?” Rosalie called to me from the front room.

“As I’ll ever be. are you Rose?” I responded

“Yeah the sooner we get going the sooner we can get to them” she said. And the sooner we can get home the thought echoed in my head

 “Okay let’s go then” I said she nodded and I followed her out.

“So I know the place is somewhere in the Canadian Rockies” she told me after a moment of silence.  That’s a strange place to put a cottage, but they were Alice and Jasper no one could really call them normal. We ran in silence left to our own thoughts and before I knew it I was watching the sun set behind the clouds. Now we were only an hour away from the American border.

“You know I always loved the sunsets, it’s the one thing that hasn’t changed in over a hundred years” Rosalie said softly

“Me too. Yeah I guess it wouldn’t” I said back.

“When I first became a vampire I watched the sunsets from a little hill, I liked the normalcy of it and I knew it was the one thing that would be forever” she said back to me. I was happy that she wanted to talk to me, I hadn’t noticed before but we were getting closer it’s almost like we were sisters now, which I guess we were.

“Yeah it’s always calmed me, back in phoenix it was beautiful if I looked out my back door” I said. She smiled at me

“When everything is changing the sunset is one thing that never will” Rosalie said and I wasn’t sure she was talking to me anymore

“The one thing we can always look to when every thing around you gets confusing” I murmured out loud. She nodded quietly

“Besides our husbands” she grinned after a moment. I giggled

“Yeah and them” I agreed. Well fiancée but same thing.

 We chatted on about little things until the comfortable silence enveloped us again; it’s strange I never thought I would be this comfortable with Rosalie. We both stopped when we were at the bottom of the biggest mountain I have ever seen. it seemed endless, and it was beautiful

“Wow” I breathed awe struck

“I know” Rose agreed. The breeze threw my hair around my face but  doing so it also brought on that familiar sent, all we had to do was follow.

“Rosalie” was all I said. she sniffed the air and looked me strait in the eyes. We started running. I ducked under branches and over huge boulders, glad that vampirism gave me much better balance. It seemed like we were running forever until we came upon a small out crop of cliff with a small cottage on it, it was a perfect place for someone who needed nothing but blood to survive and it was the prettiest place I had ever seen, well that and the meadow. We looked at each other no one really seemed to know what to do

“…go first Bella” Rosalie said after an awkward pause. I don't want to go first! No way

“Why don’t you go!?” I said

“Well she probably wants to see you more anyway!” she spoke loudly and pushed me forward

“Oh I highly doubt that!” I reasoned and pushed her slightly ahead

“Your too shy for your own good Bella” she rolled her eyes

“So you’ll go?” I countered

“Not at all” she said.

“You’ve know her longer”

“She likes you better”

“She does not

“go ask her then!” it was after that exclamation that I noticed how strange this situation was: we were arguing on a cliff face on the Rockies in front of our sisters door when her and her husband ran away because she bit me when we were planning my and her brothers wedding.. But in this family it would be completely normal I was starting to think the word Cullen translated into abnormal in some language.

“I would just like to point out how odd the situation is and the fact that this is normal in our family” I said. We stared at each other for a minute an the busted out laughing

“Bella you should know by now this is how things are” she stated after we called down some. I stepped back a step and I almost had a heart attack when there was no rock for my foot to land on) but Rose grabbed my hand quickly before I could fall of the edge

“Geez Bella how did you manage to do that?”  She teased I rolled my eyes

“I think my feet decided that it was about time I fall off of something, I just happened to be here” I said sarcastically Rosalie laughed

“Most likely” she agreed. Well I’m not going to live this down for a while.

“It’s this kind of a long time to be in Paris?” I asked her starting to worry

“Bella this is no where close to the longest I have been in Paris” she disagreed ok odd

“How long would that be?” I questioned

“Well to months for me three for Alice” she answered.  Three months!? What could you do in Paris for three months?

“What?” I asked amazed

“Yep we almost got the whole city there was even this one store she told me about that a vampire owned” she said completely at ease. Strange city that was.

“Um... ok” I said she laughed again

“I know. But he was like us, turns out were more common then we think” Rose said. I didn’t know what to say to that.

“I’ll take you there some time” I heard a musical voice say from some where behind us. We both whirled around to see a little pixie vampire in front of us.

“Alice!” we both yelled

A/N heres a bit of what i have from cp 8

Chapter 8


“Hey” she said softly we just stood there awkwardly for sometime before Rose broke the silence

“So I haven’t seen you for more then a month never thought you were coming back we finally find you and all you can say is ‘hey’?” Rosalie says. I giggled then rose giggled

“Bella fell off a cliff” rose said Alice laughed

Nice” she said

“Yep I always expected to be the first clumsy vampire” I agreed

“That dream is still alive” Rose laughed

“Good to know” I rolled my eyes



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