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What if it was never Edward- the shining vampire who always came first- what if he had come second in the race for Bella's love?
What if he had come second to Jacob?
Takes place from the very beginning of Twilight.

I entered the cafeteria on my first day at Forks High School, feeling anxious and a little sick. The reason of removal from my previous hometown, Phoenix, was a long and twisted tale but I had been forced to tell it many times that day I was so tired of repeating those words 'my mum got remarried and I needed to spend some time with my dad'.
I knew they were all being polite by asking, probably just conducting proper conversation, and I didn't mind mostly.
My day had gone well. People were kind, welcoming...with one exception. Edward Cullen. I didn't know him, and with the way things were going I didn't really want to.
Something about me seemed to repulse him.

I'd entered the science room first period after being chauffeured by two of my new friends, Mike and Eric. Mr Banner had pointed the only vacant spot out to me and the only thought that had entered my head had been 'well, isn't he just adorably attractive'.
The boy with the only spare spot next to him was Edward Cullen as I had later found out, and he was- I must say- extremely disturbing.
His skin was pale, his eyes black, his touch frozen and his teeth extremely pointed. My eyes protested to the beauty of his appearance, it almost hurt to look him in the eye.
By the end of the lesson I was shaken, confused.

The cafeteria's packed, people racing everywhere. Jessica led me over to their usual table, introducing me to a few new people and pulling me up a seat.
I saw Edward staring at me from across the room, where he sat with his family. He was frowning with frustration and anger. I hung my head in embarrassment.
"Who's the rest of them?" I asked Jessica, gesturing with a nod.

"Oh. Well, the blonde ones Rosalie, she's with Emmett, the big one with the black hair.
Then there's Alice, she's really weird. And Jasper, the blonde boy who always looks in pain. And of course, Edward"
She grinned at the last name and I wondered how she could still like him under that murderous glare. Or was it just me he glared at?

"Hey Bella. What happened between you and Cullen in science? He seemed kind of...tense"
Mike asked, taking a seat between me and Jess.

I shrugged, puckering my lips. "I really don't know. He just kept turning away and gasping for air or something"

"Wow. You don't stink that bad" He joked.
I laughed with him, just not to seem hostile.

The afternoon was welcomed with open arms. I jumped in my truck, trying to ignore Edward as he looked at me angrily from his expensive looking Volvo.
Skidding down the road, covered with afternoon traffic, I eventually pulled up outside my house, checking out the extra car on the drive.
There was Charlie's cop car, my old Chevy and another black truck.
I hurried inside, where my eyes met an old man with long black hair and a large stomach, seated in a wheelchair next to what looked like son.
Now my eyes feasted on this boy for more than a few seconds. He was brilliant. Tanned, as all the La Push Indians were, well built and extremely attractive.
I knew him well, but had never seen him this way. What was he know 15? 16? Last time I'd laid my eyes on him we were young kids, making mud pies and he was just another boy with coodies.

"Bella, you remember my friend Billy Black, and his son Jacob?"

"Yeah. Hey Jacob. Hey Billy." I smiled as polite as possible, trying to take my eyes off the boy.

"Hey Bella."
I blinked, slightly taken aback, as he stared at me in exactly the same manner, like I was the most gorgeous thing he had seen in a while.
Well of course, he wasn't attractive as the Cullen's, but so far- a lot friendlier.

"Why don't you kids go talk upstairs? Me and Billy are gonna watch the Teev for a while." Dad excused us and we jumped the stairs up to my room.

"Been a while hasn't it?" His deep voice rumbled from behind me.

"Yeah. Just a bit." I agreed.
He was a bit anxious, nervous, jumpy. He laughed a rough bark as I stumbled over air and caught me before the ground flattened my nose.
"Thanks." I flushed.

We sat on the top step, chatting about being kids and high school. Sadly, he went to school on the reservation- it would have been nice to have company.
The voices of our dad's travelled up to us easily- obviously they thought we were further away.

"There’s definitely something there!" I heard Billy comment, chuckling darkly.

"Something where?"

"Between Bella and my boy."

"Oh. I hope so. Jacob's a good boy and Bella...well, Bella's Bella."
I frowned at Charlie's lack of promotion on my behalf.

"Bella's a beautiful girl..." Billy paused momentarily. "We should have a try at this!"

"Sure, Bella can be there any afternoon this week"

Jacob laughed beside me. "So they've already started setting our play dates"

"Yeah, but I think they intend on leaving out the play this time" I joked truthfully.

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Really Really Appreciated. Thankyou! It's beautiful *sniff* *tear*
no problem .. i mak banners :) ... i enjoy it :p
dude, kan u make a banner 4 me? or tell me how plz. lol
luv this story!
I like your story. Apart from a few grammar issues, well written! Keep going! (Just don't hurt Jacob, he's already been through enough!)
Edward’s POV.

I snapped my car into park and slammed the door on the way out.
Where the hell was she?
Walking a little too fast, nearly fast enough for a human to expect foul play, I searched through the school.
It was more aggravating than ever not to be able to find her mental voice now.

"She's here Edward. Take a breathe"
I heard Alice sigh. I turned abruptly in the direction her voice had come from. The cafeteria.
I was there in two seconds flat, ignoring as passerby's marvelled over my appearance and then dismissed it as hallucinating.
There she was, Bella Swan, sitting with a few of her admiring fellow students, two tables away from where I stood.
I charged towards her.

"Act human" Alice snapped inside my head.
I nodded, slowing my pace and breathing out my hurried anger.

"Hello Bella."
I tuned my voice into a seductive tone. She melted before me as she looked up slowly into my eyes.

"Hey...Edward." She smiled.

"I was just wondering...I'm kind of in a hurry right now, but do you want to grab dinner sometime after school?"
I made my face, my smile, my eyes, my voice- everything irresistible.

"Like a date?"
She gulped.

"Yeah. Like a date."

"Uh...Sorry Pal. Bella's gotta a boyfriend." Newton interrupted, obviously with nearly as much distaste and anger as me.
I sighed. This wasn't new news for me.

"Oh. Well, just as friends then?" I shrugged, my physical appearance not showing any signs of caring about the difference. Inside I was burning.

She made an attempted smile, but was unsure and confused.
"Yeah. Of course. That'll be nice. Thanks Edward." Who was she to refuse the offer? I didn't need to read her mind to know she was curious about where I would possibly take her, looking forward to it even. But that still wasn't enough for me. I needed her to love me, to want to be with me forever.

I grinned at her and nodded. "I'll pick you up tomorrow then."
I stalked away, hideously slow.
As soon as I reached the car, away from prying eyes, I ran at vampire speed into the forest; deep into the trees.
Here I could chuck my tantrum. I whipped out half the overgrowth in one go. Growling, ripping, shredding, I continued until my emotions broke down.
Falling to the grown, I rolled into a ball, and let the dry sobs take me over. I wished I could shed a tear, to make this real.
I wished I could truly grieve for my loss. But I couldn't. I never could.

Sorry It' s so short.
Well written, I can almost feel my heart breaking for him!
This is really awesome! Please add me and let me know when you add more!
Amazing, write more and email part 3 to me
LOVE IT....Please continue.
Chapter 3- Bella's POV

I sat on my bed, simply staring into space. I'd been this way for about half an hour at the least.
I didn't think he was coming. I mean who cares if he wasn't right...?? At the start he was hideously horrid to me. And now his asking me on dates? It didn’t make sense.
He did seem comfortable with the fact we were just going as friends though. Maybe he didn't mean it as a date.
Just thought when I asked if it was that I had my hopes up and he didn't want to crush me. Maybe he was nicer than I thought.

Inside, I knew the real reason I was accepting to go was that despite my crush on Jacob, and the fact that he loved me back, and that we were finally together-
I had a small attraction for Edward. I mean, who didn’t?
Another reason was the curiosity was killing me. I needed to know why he hated me so much, if not now, then before.
I was surprised when he actually pulled up on the curb in his Volvo. I was only wearing a long sleeved white lace shirt and jeans, but he wasn't all dressed up either so I didn't feel like I should have done more.

"Hello Bella. You look beautiful" He commented, holding the car door open for me.
I melted again. It annoyed me that I did so. I shouldn't have eyes for anyone but Jacob, my sun, my boyfriend, my beautiful gorgeous loving caring man.
But I did. I felt something every time I looked into the golden eyes of Edward Cullen. The way he looked at me, it wasn't full of murderous hate now; it was more soft and playful.
I grinned widely and stooped into the passenger seat.

"Where are we going?" I asked once we were onto the road.

"I thought we'd go up to Port Angeles and just go get something to eat. You know, get to know each other."
My heart skipped. It really sounded like more of a romantic date than a friendly get-to-know picnic.

"Okay" Was all I could manage.

The drive passed quickly. Edward was easy to talk to after the first sticky layer of awkwardness and shyness was scrapped away.
He truly was trying to be nice to me, I just didn't know why. Did he want something? Had I said something to make him hate me on that first day and now he was over it?
No, that couldn't be it. I hadn't spoken to him on that first day; he hadn't given me the chance.

"Hey Edward..." I paused, on the edge of the forbidden question. The question of the week.
He smiled over at me and nodded encouragingly, hearing my hesitation.

"Do you hate me?" I frowned.

"No Bella. I don't" He denied calmly, looking confused.

"Well, it's just on that first day. The way you looked at me-"

"Oh yes. I see what you mean." He nodded, gulping. "As I've said before Bella, it wasn't was personal. But I am sorry you had to be burdened with that.
I may assure you that you have neither gained or deserve my hatred."

The way he talked made me shiver. It was like he was from last century, the words he used. How official he spoke. That put with his velvet tone that seemed to spill from his mouth like golden cloth, made me catch my breathe.
He was too perfect to be human.

We pulled up outside a small Italian Restraunt, expensive looking as everything concerning the Cullen’s was.
Edward led me inside and asked for a private booth. I was starting to get slightly uncomfortable, hoping he wouldn’t make a move I couldn’t resist.
I knew that if he tried to kiss me this very second it would be a few minutes before I could realise the reasons why I shouldn’t follow the lead.
By that time it would be too late.

“Can I take your order?” A young, dark haired waitress asked, smiling flirtatiously at Edward.

“What would you like?” He asked me, passing over a menu and ignoring her.

I chose the first thing I saw “Pasta with Chicken Sauce. Thanks.”

“And two Cokes”
He added, passing back the menu boards and turning away from the waitress, who waited eagerly for more attention. She eventually huffed and walked away.

“You’re not eating?”

“No. I’m on a…special diet.”

“I have noticed things you know” I snapped, not angrily- more with a soft tone.
He looked up, half grinning.

“Like what?”

“Like how you always seem to know what people are thinking. You gotta give me some answers. I’m going out of my mind here!”

“Oh. And here I was thinking you had never shed a thought of me”
He grimaced. I frowned at him, confused. “Never mind. It’s too complicated for a first date Bella.”

“This isn’t a date.” I corrected him.

“Of course.” He nodded, the corner of his mouth turning down with pain.

“Hey Edward. I really do wanna put the first week behind us and move on. Be friends you know. But you can trust me.”
I didn’t know where this was coming from. All I knew was my curiosity was getting the better of me, and I needed to know his secret.

He hesitated, swallowing over and over again “I can read every mind in this room…Except for yours”

I was taken aback for a second. He had said it so quickly, like a bandaid. The shock came late, freezing me in place momentarily. “Is there something wrong with me?” I asked, ashamed.

“No Bella. See, this is why I didn’t want to tell you. I say I can read minds, and you think there’s something wrong with you.” He laughed and I couldn’t help but to admit a small smile.

“Why are you trying so hard to be nice to me?” I asked suddenly.

He hesitated again, face twisted in a slight agony. “I feel…very, protective of you.”


“Hey Bella. Let’s just keep this light okay?” He cut off, trying to smile but not quite making it.

“Yeah, fine. If you don’t want to talk about it…”

“I don’t want to scare you off too early.”
I nodded, secretly a little scared.



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