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What if it was never Edward- the shining vampire who always came first- what if he had come second in the race for Bella's love?
What if he had come second to Jacob?
Takes place from the very beginning of Twilight.

I entered the cafeteria on my first day at Forks High School, feeling anxious and a little sick. The reason of removal from my previous hometown, Phoenix, was a long and twisted tale but I had been forced to tell it many times that day I was so tired of repeating those words 'my mum got remarried and I needed to spend some time with my dad'.
I knew they were all being polite by asking, probably just conducting proper conversation, and I didn't mind mostly.
My day had gone well. People were kind, welcoming...with one exception. Edward Cullen. I didn't know him, and with the way things were going I didn't really want to.
Something about me seemed to repulse him.

I'd entered the science room first period after being chauffeured by two of my new friends, Mike and Eric. Mr Banner had pointed the only vacant spot out to me and the only thought that had entered my head had been 'well, isn't he just adorably attractive'.
The boy with the only spare spot next to him was Edward Cullen as I had later found out, and he was- I must say- extremely disturbing.
His skin was pale, his eyes black, his touch frozen and his teeth extremely pointed. My eyes protested to the beauty of his appearance, it almost hurt to look him in the eye.
By the end of the lesson I was shaken, confused.

The cafeteria's packed, people racing everywhere. Jessica led me over to their usual table, introducing me to a few new people and pulling me up a seat.
I saw Edward staring at me from across the room, where he sat with his family. He was frowning with frustration and anger. I hung my head in embarrassment.
"Who's the rest of them?" I asked Jessica, gesturing with a nod.

"Oh. Well, the blonde ones Rosalie, she's with Emmett, the big one with the black hair.
Then there's Alice, she's really weird. And Jasper, the blonde boy who always looks in pain. And of course, Edward"
She grinned at the last name and I wondered how she could still like him under that murderous glare. Or was it just me he glared at?

"Hey Bella. What happened between you and Cullen in science? He seemed kind of...tense"
Mike asked, taking a seat between me and Jess.

I shrugged, puckering my lips. "I really don't know. He just kept turning away and gasping for air or something"

"Wow. You don't stink that bad" He joked.
I laughed with him, just not to seem hostile.

The afternoon was welcomed with open arms. I jumped in my truck, trying to ignore Edward as he looked at me angrily from his expensive looking Volvo.
Skidding down the road, covered with afternoon traffic, I eventually pulled up outside my house, checking out the extra car on the drive.
There was Charlie's cop car, my old Chevy and another black truck.
I hurried inside, where my eyes met an old man with long black hair and a large stomach, seated in a wheelchair next to what looked like son.
Now my eyes feasted on this boy for more than a few seconds. He was brilliant. Tanned, as all the La Push Indians were, well built and extremely attractive.
I knew him well, but had never seen him this way. What was he know 15? 16? Last time I'd laid my eyes on him we were young kids, making mud pies and he was just another boy with coodies.

"Bella, you remember my friend Billy Black, and his son Jacob?"

"Yeah. Hey Jacob. Hey Billy." I smiled as polite as possible, trying to take my eyes off the boy.

"Hey Bella."
I blinked, slightly taken aback, as he stared at me in exactly the same manner, like I was the most gorgeous thing he had seen in a while.
Well of course, he wasn't attractive as the Cullen's, but so far- a lot friendlier.

"Why don't you kids go talk upstairs? Me and Billy are gonna watch the Teev for a while." Dad excused us and we jumped the stairs up to my room.

"Been a while hasn't it?" His deep voice rumbled from behind me.

"Yeah. Just a bit." I agreed.
He was a bit anxious, nervous, jumpy. He laughed a rough bark as I stumbled over air and caught me before the ground flattened my nose.
"Thanks." I flushed.

We sat on the top step, chatting about being kids and high school. Sadly, he went to school on the reservation- it would have been nice to have company.
The voices of our dad's travelled up to us easily- obviously they thought we were further away.

"There’s definitely something there!" I heard Billy comment, chuckling darkly.

"Something where?"

"Between Bella and my boy."

"Oh. I hope so. Jacob's a good boy and Bella...well, Bella's Bella."
I frowned at Charlie's lack of promotion on my behalf.

"Bella's a beautiful girl..." Billy paused momentarily. "We should have a try at this!"

"Sure, Bella can be there any afternoon this week"

Jacob laughed beside me. "So they've already started setting our play dates"

"Yeah, but I think they intend on leaving out the play this time" I joked truthfully.

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amazing chapter...please write more soon......btw i hope that bella breaks up with jake and goes out with edward.....write more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WoW!!! I love it. How can you say I'm a better writer than you?? Your words are amazing, and the structure-perfect. Please email me with updates. Oh, by the way, I just posted more of "Shia Mae" Please check it out, and leave another one of your amazing comments. =]

Peace Love Twilight
I can very easily say you're a better writer than me. It's easy to tell the truth XD
Yeah I'll check it out now :) It's really goooood
you are both amazing writers! :D
wow loved it
Similiar to Twilight.
great story, i love jacob! i love how he's getting his chance to be with bella now
Me too...Me too...LOVE you STORY!!!!!!

Can't for the next chapter.
Hello :D
wow it seems really good. well written also. I cant wait for more!!!!!!
plzzz keep me updated


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