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I was at work last night and me and the rest of the nurses got into a discussion on Twilight. I just wanted to know to know how many of you read the books, way before the movie came out??? We were talking about how many fans Twilight has, and some people havent even read the books at all. Wheather or not you never have or you have I'm not here to make judgement.

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i saw twilight 1st and then read all da books and then the other movies came out :)
I actually watched Twilight first then read the books. This just started for me around the middle of last December. Have been an obsessed person since.
me too. I watched Twilight the movie then read the entire series within the next week. twilight came out nov 21 2998 in ny
I read the books just in the last month. Then I went to my sister in laws house and watched the first two movies before we went to the midnight premier!
yeah any true fan has read the books before the thought of the movies was even a glimmer in anyone's brain. I read them at least once a month to keep me in the right mindframe to write my fanfic.
I did!!! And boy am I glad that I did, the movies leave so much detail out. The books really do give us a better perception of all of the characters and their back grounds.
i actually saw the apple on the cover and I was intrigued it was 2007 the books I think were made in 2006?
it was made in 2005...but released in 2006 ...i think
thats when i first red Twilight was back in 2007. I was truely in love with Edward after reading it! It was so intense!
I read the books sometime around 2005 or 2006. then i was so excited for the movie i was instantly hooked. I cant believe that ppl didnt read them if you didnt you arent really a true fan
i sort of agree with Grace, but you can still be a fan...of the movies, i guess
but i see the point
OMG, how can ppl not read the books at all yet?
they're the AWESOME-OUS part of the TWILIGHT SAGA!!!



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