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A new year of high school can mean many things, but for Bella Swan, this ment breaking the rules. A new English teacher could change Bella's life more than she ever knew and she finds love when she least expects it. "Edward this is so wrong..." I closed my eyes, savouring the taste of him as he pulled back from the kiss. "Silly Bella, that's what makes this so right."


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"Cullen are you crazy?"He just laughed and tugged on my hand even more. He was acting like a child in a toy store, and even though I had no idea what brought this on I must say, I liked this side of him. I was so used to him being so wound up and head down in work that I had no idea he could be like this. "Edward it's raining. Where are we going?" As if to prove a point, thunder clashed through the sky, lighting the darkness even for a tiny bit. My heels were making contact with the ground so fast that they felt as if they were about to break. I was absolutely soaked, from head to toe. I tried to slow down, which didn't do much good since Eddie here was still pulling me by the hand.

We stopped when we reached the garden house behind the old cottage. It was dark, cold and I was really confused. I told Edward about this place when he took me on our first date. Yeah, we had to do it in secret but I'm not complaining. I told him that this was practically my dream home. I was amazed that he even remembered it "Do you trust me?"

I laughed, looking up at Edward to see of he was serious. When I looked into his eyes there was no little twinkle to show he was playing around. Why would he ask that? I thought. "Of course I trust you Edward. I trust you with my life."

He gently placed a hand on each side of my face and brought us closer together. The electricity never failed to spring to life when ever we would be this close. He was a centimetre away from kissing me when he whispered, "You really shouldn't of said that." He smiled that make-you-weak-at-the-knees smile and his lips came crashing down on mine in a passionate, toe curling kiss. My hands, like they had a mind of their own, went straight to his hair. Pulling and tugging as the kiss grew deeper.

It was only when we needed a breath that we actually pulled away. I looked deep into his eyes, feeling the love that we both shared flow through the both of of us. "What are we doing here?" I asked. Edward fiddled around in his pocket till he pulled out a chain and key and walked to the front door of the garden house. My eye brows shot up. It opened

"Um, how did you get the key for that?" Edward ignored my question and held out his arm for my to hold and walked me to the center of the plat form. "Do you remember when I finally got the balls to kiss you?" I smiled and nodded my head, to show that I do and for him to continue. "I knew that what I felt for you was more than just a simple attraction when I first saw you in class. I tried to forget you, honestly I did. "She your student Cullen. Your fricking student" but no matter how many times I told myself this I just couldn't. That night, when I kissed you, I realised that you were the one for me Swan. You're beautiful, smart, funny and you don't take no cr*p from me." I giggled like the love sick teenager I was. Edward wiped the tears that had began to fall with his thumb and rubbed his nose against mine. "Do you remember what you said to me?"

I smiled, the memory so clear in mind that it could of been yesterday. "Edward this is so wrong." I quoted. A small smile was threatening to breake though on his face. "Silly Bella, that's what makes this so right." He let me go and got down on to the floor. I gasped. Oh god! Hid head shot up. "Jeez Swan, I'm only tying my shoe." I glared at him, and gently pushed him on the shoulder. He held up his hands in surrender and gave me his famous smirk. "Okay, okay!"

Still on one knee and with nervous, shaky hands he held on to my left hand and showed me a ring. My hand went to cover my mouth. It was his mothers ring. I had fell in love with it the first time Esme should it to me. It was so simple yet absolutely breath taking. "I know you're still in school and at the moment I'm still your teacher but truth be told, I couldn't give a rats a*se. I love you Bella, so much and nothing will come between that" He took the ring out from the box and slid it onto my finger. There was nothing that I could do now to stop the tears from fallin. "Marry me Bella. Make me the luckiest man to walk the earth."



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Chapter One: Same Old Alice and......Oh You're Not Mr Fettler?  

Chapter Two: Coming Soon

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sounds good

how much older is edward and what age is bella 17 or 18? oh and this is really interesting! hopefully u post more soon.

Bella is 17 :D Later on in the chapter, maybe around 10-13 she'll be turning 18 :D (A Give Aways There lol)

Edwrad is 23 :D He graduated early from Collage and Uni :D

wow a six year difference but its true love.
Um, wow.  Sounds really good, can't wait for more.  :)

love it

keep me update please

This is pretty good.


Update ASAP I already love this story

Hey Guys! Well here it is, Chapter One of So Wrong, It's right! I really am sorry for the wait but like I said, my History work was through the roof! I just finished this just now, some bits may be rushed but I had a case of writers block.


Well Still, I hope you like it.





Chapter One: Same old Alice and.... Oh, you're not Mr Fettler.


"Bella! You better be ready by the time I get out of the shower! Or so help me...." I zoned out. Same old Alice. Threating to do something we both knew she would never do. She had phoned me at five o'clock this morning asking can she use my bathroom. Something happened to her shower head and the water won't come through. Personally, I think she did it on purpose. Alice had a way of breaking things just at the right time. I had started my monthly cycle last night and I wasn't what you would call A Ray of Sunshine today.

"Bella! Are you even listening to me?" She was banging on my door and if she kept this up, she'd knock it off its hinges for sure. She may be small but believe me, that girl is strong.

“No!” I giggled. She grumbled in annoyance but it was too quiet for me to her. You would sometimes think Alice belonged in a mental home with the amount of times she talks to herself. I remember when we first met. It was in kindergarten when I first moved to Forks. It was already half way through the term so obviously I didn’t know anyone. I was the new kid, shy, quiet and cowering in the corner. It was then that I saw Alice.


*Flash back


“What if I put it there? Aw, no that’s not ganna look right. What about here? Arghhh, why won’t this work? Stupid piece of paper, I hate you!” I just stared at this little pixie like girl sitting in the middle of the carpet. It was obvious she was struggling with something, the lines on her face we showing very clearly.

I hesitated at first but soon got up and headed towards her. All the other kids were too busy with what they were doing to notice that I actually moved from the corner. The closer I got to Pixie the more I could hear. “I’m sorry paper, I didn’t mean what I said, I love you really!” She cuddled the paper closer to her chest and rocked it side to side. It was kind of funny to watch and soon found myself giggling.

I tried to smother my laughter with my hand but it was too late, Pixie looked up and saw me. “NEWKID!!”She dropped everything she had in her hand and came charging at me. I held up my hands to stop her but she knocked us both to the ground. “You moved from your corner! I thought that would never happen! I’m Alice by the way and there’s no need, I know who you are already! I was talking to Miss Flander about you!” She spoke so fast that I had to go over what she said a few times before it registered in my brain. It was also then that I started to have trouble breathing. “So Alice?” She smiled and nodded. “Yeah?"

“Can you get off me now? You’re kind of heavy.” I said breathlessly. She looked at me like I had two heads. Then it registered. “Oh right, I’m so sorry! I’m already squishing my best friend.”


Flash back*


We have been inseparable ever since! She wasn’t joking when she said I was her best friend. From then we did pretty much everything together, even shopping. I shivered. I hate shopping.

I decided that it was time that I actually got out of bed. The cold air hit me hard and I grabbed my blanket to wrap round me. I hissed as my feet touched the cold floor. I really should start wearing socks to bed. Or get a carpet, either one. Goose bumps were already forming on my arm. I looked out the window by my dresser and sighed. Today was like any other day in forks. Cold, wet and forecast rain. Sometimes when Ali and her family take me on their annual trips I wish to stay there. They took us to Spain last time and let me tell you, if I had the chance, I’d go back. Would I miss the cold weather and rain? Well, would you?                

My phone rang then, signalling I only had an hour to get ready and cook my full morning breakfast. It’s Monday and a cook brecky in the morning has always been done.

I slid my phone shut and walked over to my closet. Alice had let me choose my own clothes this morning as long as they match the jacket that she brought over for me.                        

This was a first for her.                                                                                                                              

I found it odd but didn’t question it. It was very rare I got to do this. The jacket was rather simple for Alice’s taste but it was nice. It was a plain black zip-up. My wardrobe was only small but it was packed with boxes of things I’ve never worn. It was either Alice’s fashion sense rubbing off on me or something was wrong.

I picked a pair of black ankle boot heels, my favourite pair of skinny jeans, a white long sleeved ruffles top and the bag Alice bought for my last year. I placed them on the bed, jacket wrapped round the top, jeans below it to see if they go together. I smiled. Perfect! I shivered. Arghhh, I’m becoming like Alice!

It actually didn’t take long for me to get ready at all. In fact I was already downstairs making my breakfast within ten minutes. I didn’t really bother with my hair today. I just threw it up in a messy bun and let the shorter bits fall over my face. Alice the other hand took the whole hour to get ready. I was already washing up the dirty dished when Alice came downstairs. “Jeez Ali! I thought you fell down the toilet or something.” I giggled at the face she pulled. It was her typical ‘Ha-ha-Really-Funny….NOT!’ look. It always made me laugh. “For your information Bella I actually like to look go......” She stopped when she saw what I was wearing. I started to feel rather nervous as she looked me up and down. If she doesn’t like it she’ll make me go and change and I don’t want to be late for school. “What?” I finally asked. She squealed rather too loudly for me in the mornings. “Bella! Finally! My fashion sense is rubbing of you. You look good!” I rolled my eyes. She was too much sometimes. “Come on Alice. We’re going to be late if we don’t leave!” I was already half way out the door when she came up behind me. “But I haven’t eaten anything yet” I swung my bag over my shoulder and handed her the sandwich I had made for her earlier. “It’s a good thing I love you Ali.” She smiled a small thank you and grabber her car keys. “LET’S GO!”

Don’t tell her this but Alice’s driving scared me….A LOT!

The car ride was the same as always, music on full and Alice trying her best to sing. She had put it on the local station, which was weird. Normally she would put on her CD’s. I guess luck was on my side today after all. I took all of them and hid them under my bed! She hasn’t noticed yet but she will eventually, and when she does I’ll be emigrating. If she did go in the head bored and get her CD’s and found they weren’t there I’d be a goner!


“If I was a flower growing wild and free all I wants is you to be my sweet honey bee, and if I was a tree growing tall and green all I want is you to shade me and be my leaves. All I want is you, will you be my bride? Take me by the hand and stand by my side. All I want is you, will you stay with me, hold me in your arms and sway me like the sea.” 


I couldn’t resist it anymore and I joined with Ali. People on the street were eyeing us as if we were mentally ill but I couldn’t bring myself to care. It was Monday morning and I need something to brighten my mood if I was to endure Jessica Stanley and her ‘Wanna-Be’s’


“If you were a river in the mountains tall, the rumble of your water would be my call. If you were the winter, I know I’d be the snow, as long as you are with me when the cold winds blow. All I want is you, will you be my bride? Take me by the hand and stand by my side. All I want is you, will you stay with me, hold me in your arms and sway me like the sea.”

By the time we had reached the school, we were doubles over laughing. The students who were surrounding their cars turned their heads to us. This just made me and Ali laugh more.     

I leaned over the seats to the back to get my bag as Alice turned the car off. I got out after her and almost had to jump back in through the window.

Forks High School was always the same. Dull. So when a new car pulled up next to us, and almost knocked me over everyone was staring like they’ve never seen a Volvo before. Alice on the other hand was smiling like no tomorrow that I was sure her face would crack. I even waved my hand in front of her face, still no response.

I looked back at the car to see who the driver was but they were already gone. The bell rang then, signalling the start to school. I even heard a few whines here and there. “Alice, do you kno-” When I turned round she was already half way across the parking lot. I just stood there, staring after her. Typical Alice. Always leaving me!

Classes where a total drag.


No one paid any attention, so the teachers had to keep repeating themselves. Half way through the hour the teacher chose me to hand out the booklets. I was doing okay, considering I haven’t fallen over anyone’s bag yet. Then I got to Mike, the school’s bad boy.   “So Swan? You wanna met me behind the benches after school? Have some ‘one on one’ time?” I mentally barfed. He empathized the ‘one on one’ making it hard to keep my breakfast down. I just smiled. “Oh, Mikey”

I was then that my feet decided to fail me. They got caught on the leg of his stool and I fell into Jessica. Great! Just what I need!                                                                                                    

“Watch were you’re going Swan! You may be alright with being ugly but I’m not and if you bump into me like that again, I’m sure I’d have to have surgery.” This, my friends is the over size, bobble head drama queen! “It’s not like you can’t pay for it Jess. How much did it cost to pay for you boobs? Or better yet, how much did it cost your dad? Unlike you, some people have to earn what they want, not raid daddy’s bank!”

The class gasped at my come back. It wasn’t like me to stick up for myself. Normally I’d just let it pass, but I really have had enough.  Jessica just sat there, looking at me as if she’d never seen me before. I’m sure I’d feel this later at lunch.


Edward’s P.O.V

“EDWARD!!!!” I slammed my books on my new desk.Today I started Forks High as the English teacher. Alice has been following me around since this morning, telling everyone that we’re related. “What is it Alice?” She sat down in my chair and stared swinging on it. “Can you tell Ma and Dad that they’ll need to cook an extra dish tonight? I’m bringing Bella over later”

I had never officially met this Bella yet. I’ve seen photos of her around the house, especially on Alice’s wall in her room. I also almost ran her over this morning. She was a rather beautiful young lady. Never wore any make up, by the looks of the pictures anyway and always had a smile on her face. I have been looking forward to meeting her; both my parents care for as if she was their own. This was hard to understand. When I first introduced them to Tanya they took a dark shinning to her instantly. When I had asked what was wrong they just shook it off and said nothing. So I did the only thing I could do, ask Alice.


*Flash back


“Alice? Can I ask you something important?” She was drawing some designs in her sketch pad when she looked up. “It’s about Tanya isn’t it?” I  never quite got how she managed to know what you were about to say or thinking. So I just nodded. She sighed and patted the space next to her on the bed. “What is it big green?” This was the nick name she gave me when she was a toddler. It always stuck! No matter how hard I tried to get her to stop, I couldn’t. Alice was a force to reckon with. “Why don’t they like her Ali? I mean they don’t even know here and already you could cut the tension with a knife.” She squeezed my shoulder. “Just give them time Eddie.” I knew she was hiding something,  it was written over her face but I let it slide. I mean Tanya was pretty. She was kind, when she wanted to be and…….




The bell rang then signalling lunch. Alice was already half way out the door when she turned round. “It’s a family dinner Edward. If you have to bring Tanya” I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. No matter how much my parents didn’t like Tanya I’d have to bring her. I wouldn’t hear the end of it otherwise. She never liked being left out of things. Didn’t matter what they were, she had to be a part of it.


I had just finshed marking my students work and was half way through eating my sandwich when I heard it. The voice of angels, I was sure. “Mr Fettler? Dad said that if you are free will you be able to go fishing this weekend? Also I need some help with my home-” I dropped my food when she looked up. She was even more beautiful in person, which surely should be illegal. Her eyes were a deep brown that I could definitely look into forever; they showed me everything about her. Her smile was, breath taking and her hair, even in a messy bun made her look gorgeous. What she was wearing surely complimented her figure too. “Oh, I’m sorry. You’re not Mr Fettler.”



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omg!  Im so glad you updated... This was a GREAT chapter! LOVED IT!
Love it!!!
it was worth the wait !


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