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One hundred and fifty years Aro discovered a vampire, Maya, physically she is at the lowest end of the scale regarding speed and strength, but she has a unique ability, to learned and mimic other vampire’s ability up to a certain extent. Aro saw the possibility he had with Maya and started teaching other vampires ability to her, but it always came with a price. She stopped learning and Aro thought she needed to punish her, so he exiled her, remove her source of how her ability works and appointed a soldier to guard her.


William is the soldier from the Volturi that Aro ordered to guard Maya during her exile. Opposite to Maya he is very strong and fast which would compensate Maya´s lack of skills and would be able to protect her considering how incapacitated she would be. Whatever Aro did not take into account the soldier falling in love with his prisoner.


Times moves forward and after the Cullens start to get in the way and Aro has created a new plan. How far is he willing to go to gain more abilities? Has she learn her lesson? Is she ready to work with them now? How far is the soldier willing to go to protect his little vampire?




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I am posting the Second Chapter of Solstice. I hope you enjoy it


Let me know your comments about the story





This story has a very interesting premise.  I like Maya and William and I think they could make a great couple.  It was very funny when she woke up in a setting very unlike what he pictured in his mind.  Her reaction was also very different from what he expected.  He will have to stay on his toes with this girl!

I wonder what he will do if she refuses to join the Volturi.  He is very protective of her, but he is also a soldier who has been taught to do his duty and follow the rules.  Will he be open for any alternatives?  I can't wait to see what happens next!

Hi Seugnet du Toit:

Thank you very much for you feedback, it means the world to me. Hope that I can keep up with your expectation, I´ll post the third chapter next week.


Regards Maya William

Chapter 2 and 3

Let me know your comments and enjoy.


Next chapter to be posted on August 6th.




Yay!  A new chapter for the weekend!

Helsing certainly is an interesting addition to the story.  His gift made him extra dangerous and he knew too much!  Maya felt the pull, but in the end she made a very good judgement call.  William's warning and her strong feelings for him certainly helped too!

I am looking forward to the next chapter!

Just a suggestion: If you post your new chapters directly on this page, perhaps more people will read and comment on your story!

Hello Everybody:


Chapter 4 has been posted

Comments are highly appreciated.

Next chapter to be posted on August 13th.



Interesting game of hide and seek!  I wonder if he will be able to stick to this new diet!

Thanks Seugnet du Toit



I know I said that I was posting the next chapter until Tuesday....but is the weekend and I already have it ready, so I hope that you enjoy it




Love to hear your reviews

Next chapter.....could be sooner....if not until August 17th


Looks like there is a spark between them, but he is so careful with her! Unfortunately he does not know how she truly feeIs about him. It is a good thing that he teaches her how to be independant. What will happen when they encounter the Volturi again and she learns the truth, or will they encounter the Cullens first? It would be interesting if Aro's attempt to teach her a lesson had the opposite effect. Her (Maya's) decision would probably influence his (William's) decision and vice versa in such a situation. When they encounter others of their kind things will probably come to a head. Can't wait to see what will happen then!

Love your posts :)   ........some of your questions will be answer shortly .....



Hello Everybody:

I was hoping on posting the chapter earlier, but as promised here is Chapter 6 Classified Information.

I hope that you really enjoy it.


Next upcoming update: Saturday August 24th, 2013


Looking forward to hear your comments :)


Have a great weekend.






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