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One hundred and fifty years Aro discovered a vampire, Maya, physically she is at the lowest end of the scale regarding speed and strength, but she has a unique ability, to learned and mimic other vampire’s ability up to a certain extent. Aro saw the possibility he had with Maya and started teaching other vampires ability to her, but it always came with a price. She stopped learning and Aro thought she needed to punish her, so he exiled her, remove her source of how her ability works and appointed a soldier to guard her.


William is the soldier from the Volturi that Aro ordered to guard Maya during her exile. Opposite to Maya he is very strong and fast which would compensate Maya´s lack of skills and would be able to protect her considering how incapacitated she would be. Whatever Aro did not take into account the soldier falling in love with his prisoner.


Times moves forward and after the Cullens start to get in the way and Aro has created a new plan. How far is he willing to go to gain more abilities? Has she learn her lesson? Is she ready to work with them now? How far is the soldier willing to go to protect his little vampire?




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Good news everybody!!!! Instead of two weeks, I was able to get the chapter up in one. Here is the link for Chapter 12.- The Cullens.


I hope you like it and looking forward on hearing your reviews.

At last they meet all the Cullens!  It will be interesting to see what comes from this meeting.  Alice seems to be really thrilled with her new playthings!  I wonder how the wedding will turn out...

Good News Everybody, Chapter 13.- Better to get even is now up and ready.


I hope you enjoy it, next update is in two weeks.



Can't wait for the next chapter.  I am looking forward to see what Alice is planning for her revenge!

I felt that friday was taking forever to get here, so I am posting the new chapter today. I hope you like it :)


Let me know your comments

Things were going so well between Maya and William, and then Aro had to spoil things... Please upate again  soon!  I want to know what he is up to, and I hope they will find a way to get rid of the obstacles that stand in the way of their relationship.

Hello Everybody:

I have very good news, Chapter 15.- Team Up is already up and ready for you to review. I hope that you like it.


Maya William

What is William up to?!  How will Aro coerce the other vampires into helping them?  Will the Cullens and their friends be able to stop them or at least slow them down?  Please update soon!

Hello Everybody:


As promised December 4th, a new chapter of Solstice. I hope you like it, I personally love this one...


Chapter 16.- Just touch my hand

At last they know what they feel for each other!  I can't wait to see what happens next!


Hello Everybody:

I hope you are all doing fine. A new chapter of Solstice has been posted, I hope you like it.....

I still have pending the next update of Solstice, but I am attaching a small teaser of "Red Moon" the backstory of William and Ivan that is going to be posted on January 2014. The good news this story is complete and already beta so I won´t leave you on a cliffhanger for two weeks when I post a chapter.

Thanks Seugnet du Toit, somehow your questions kind of encourage me to write it ;)


I hope more people will comment and encourage you even more.  The two main characters are going on a big adventure now.  I hope they will get their chance to really be together very soon!


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