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Hey, because I've seen this group start to loose interest/die down a bit, I think that more one shot competitions are needed!


This one shot competition is a little weird, i know, but it was the only thing i could come up with right now! The idea of the one shot is to find a song, any song, your favorite song, a song you like, ya know, and write a one shot based off of it!


You may choose any song you like as long as it is appropriate...



Results In!




You must tell me which song you would like to do, so i can see if it is approiate for this site--i would hate either one of us geting into any trouble with mods!


Has to be equivalent to at least 5 paragraphs, roughly, 2 pages!


4 Votes per person, yes you may vote for your own.


You may only vote for each story ONE time.


Finished One Shots:


*The Climb (Taken by Amanda) Story can be found on page 4 of this discussion

*Savior (Taken by Russet Wolf) Story can be found on page 2 of this discussion

*Alejondro (Taken by Luna) Story can be found on page 4 of this discussion

*Love This Pain (Taken by Kaitlynn) Story can be found on page 5 of this discussion

*Enter the Circus (Taken by All Star) Story can be found on page 5 of this discussion

*Savior (Taken by Russet Wolf) Story can be found on page 6 of this discussion


*1*Crush (Taken by Jocelyn) 

*2*The End (Taken by Hopelessly Devoted to Twilight)

*3*What Hurts the Most (Taken by Shadowkissed)

*4*Breakeven (Taken by Shana)

Numbers 1-4 can be found on page 7 of this discussion


In first place; Savior by Russet Wolf and Enter the Circus by All Star
In second place; Alejondro by Luna amd Brekeven by Shana
In third place; The Climb by Amanda amd The End by Hopelessly Devoted to Twilight

Honorable Mentions; What Hurts the Most by Shadowkissed, Love This Pain by Arrowpaw, and Crush by Jocelyn.

Great job to all contestants!

Banners should be here by Tuesday!


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OK, cool! This saturday is my birthday, so I'll prob post it by friday

That. Was. AWESOME!!!!!!!

I loved it!!!!! :D
I agree with Jane Doe, that was truely awesomeness! :) Lol, great Job!
Lunikins that was a great one shot!

Cassie, that was a great one shot too! I'm sorry that it doesn't count though! :(
Can I do "Need You Now By Lady Antebellum"? It's my favorite song EVA and I would love 2 do it :)
oh my gosh, i was considering doing need you now, too! Love, love, love Lady A! :) And yes, you may do that song, just be skimpy around the "It's a quater after one, I'm a little drunk" part!
Oh no! I acidentially deleated my comment on here!! With my one-shot!
Just re-post it! :)

Savior (Music one-shot based off Savior by Skillet)

There’s no way to hide from the secrets on the inside that lurk in the darkest corners of your soul. No way to escape the faces that are haunting you. No way to surrender. Life—it’s that what you would call this—was one big joke that God was playing on me. I was his entertainment; his sick joke.

“Journey!” His angry words stung through the air, breaking the indefinite silence. I sunk farther into the corner of the small room, wishing with all my heart that I could melt into it. But like most of the things I wished; it was impossible.

I wrapped my bruised arms around my thin, gangly knees and rocked back and forth. The tears stung my eyes and began to fall down my grimy face. I knew what was coming next and I knew there was no way to prevent it.

He burst through the door then, fury in his dark eyes. He wore his dirty work clothes that were covered in oil and grease, and his torn steel-toed boots. The smell of beer and smoke floated around the room along with sweat and cologne. The mix of the smells made me queasy still—even thought I smelt it a hundred times.

“I thought I told you to have dinner ready when I came home.” He said between gritted teeth. His unwashed, matted black hair fell across his unshaven face giving him an even more fearful look than usual.

When I didn’t answer he got angrier. “Answer me!” He growled taking two large steps towards me. My muscles contracted under my skin; ready to brace themselves against the pain I learned expected.

“T-T-there’s no f-food in the f-fridge.” I stuttered. It was the truth, but he didn’t seem to accept it.

“So why didn’t you buy some!?” He questioned. I could see his patience slipping very quickly.

“I-I don’t h-have any m-money.”

“Maybe it’s time you get a job then. I’m sick of supporting you.” He spat.

“I t-tried. I-I can’t find one.” I said weakly. This was true too; I had tried to find one so that maybe I could earn some money and finally leave this hell hole. But even in this low-class town no one was willing to hire a beat up teenage girl.

“I’m sure one of my co-workers would pay you well for providing certain… services to him.” He smiled deviously to himself, and then his face went back to the permanent snarl.

I felt a spasm of fear run down my spine at his suggestion. I knew what he meant and I didn’t want to do it; no matter how much it paid. I would never stoop that low. I was fifteen for goodness sake!

When I didn’t answer again he got angrier. “That’s it! You’re getting on my nerves now!” He yelled again. He grabbed me by the shoulders with his strong hands and lifted me to my feet. I shook all over with fear now, and he used that to his advantage.

He pulled me forward and with a crash slammed me back into the wall. Above me a single picture fell—the only one of my mother—and cracked on the top of my head. It fell to the ground and the glass shattered. Even though my mother’s smiling face was now covered in broken shards of glass, she still looked happy. Her bright blonde hair framed her oval face, making her bright green eyes stand out. She held a joyous little girl in her arms—me—and a handsome man stood above her. They all had happiness in their eyes; like their world was perfect. Back then none of us had any idea that our little world was going to crash down soon.

“No!” I screeched, ignoring the pain stinging in my head and reaching to pick up the broken picture.

“Oh, no you don’t!” My father boomed as he threw me across the room. I landed with a thud on the floor and slid into my night table. Pain pulsed in my ribcage bringing more tears.

“Please…don’t.” I whispered weakly.

“Don’t what Journey? Don’t be your father? Don’t teach you about the real world?” His voice got louder and louder as he continued. Before I could answer he was beside me. He grabbed the front of my over worn t-shirt and lifted my torso from the floor.

His fist collided with my jaw and pain seethed across my face. I attempted to block his hits; but it was useless. He pushed my weak arms out of the way and continued to bash his fists against me.

“THIS IS THE REAL WORLD!” He thundered as he smacked my head against the hardwood floor. Tears fell endlessly now and the pain covered every inch of my body. When I saw a break in his chain of hits, I curled my fingers into a fist and aimed for his nose.

But he saw my move and grabbed my hand before it could hit him. He laughed bitterly. While he was laughing I reached to punch him with my free hand. This time I succeeded. I whacked the side of his nose, and it made a splintering sound.

He jerked back and covered his nose with his hands. I breathed heavily under him, feeling proud and scared at the same time. I had never fought back before, never. But as good as it felt to punch him; I knew it would make him angrier.

“I’m going to kill you!”He roared. Blood poured down his dry lips, and clung to his beard. His eyes flashed more anger than I had ever seen and I instantly regretted my actions. He lunged towards me, rage surging through him. I tried to crawl out of his reach but it didn’t work. He grabbed me around the waist and threw me on top of my bed.

I struggled to get my back against the cool wall. That way he couldn’t attack me from the back. He grabbed my ankle and pulled me towards him. I clawed against the blankets but it was pointless. He slapped me hard across the face with his palm. While I recovered he grabbed my hair and pulled it. I screamed as he ripped out a big, brown chunk.

“Stop!” I cried. But he didn’t. He jabbed his knee into my stomach and wrapped his cold hands around my neck. He squeezed tight and my breath was cut off. I dug my nails into the skin of his arms but he didn’t stop. My lungs screamed for air, but I couldn’t get any.

Black spots began to blur my vision and it felt like my chest was going to collapse. It was just like they said in movies; I saw my life flash before my eyes. My pitiful, sad life. It was what you called normal until I turned six. Then my beautiful, loving mother died in a car crash by a drunk driver. My father closed off from the world and started to take his anger out on me. After the first few beatings I learned not to scream because that only made him hurt me more.

I put up for abuse for nine years. I never told anyone what my father did to me. I knew that if I did he would kill me. I knew that there was no future for me; but even thought I thought about it, I just couldn’t kill myself. I told myself that I would live for my mother, to make her proud. But I couldn’t do it anymore. I wouldn’t do it. There was no happy ending for me…no fairy tale. Nothing.

I started to get numb all over my body and I knew that the end was very near. I looked into my father’s eyes. The father that used to love me and my mother so much. He never hurt me before or even got mad at me. But after loosing my mother he lost himself completely. There was nothing of my father left in him. He was a stranger.

Suddenly there was a burst of light in the dark room. An unnaturally bright light. The light dimmed a bit and I saw a figure behind my father. She was pale with unblemished skin. She wore a white dress that covered her thin figure perfectly. She had wild blonde hair that spilled across her shoulders. Her emerald green eyes shone with a motherly love.

It was my mother. My mother! She looked exactly the same she did the night died except that two giant white wings were at her sides. My brain refused to believe what it was seeing. My mother was dead! She had been for nine years! But still, here she was. Was it possible she was an… angel?

“It’s okay Journey. I’m here.” He soothing voice said as she neared closer. My father didn’t seem to notice the sudden burst of light or the familiar lady standing right beside him, he just kept strangling me fiercely. “I love you honey.” She cooed.

I couldn’t talk so I reached towards her limply. She reached out one of her pale arms and her fingertips brushed mine. I could feel their warmth radiating through my cold skin. My brain tired to tell me that this was because I was dying. Because I was hallucinating. But my heart told me different. It told me that my mother was an angel who came here to save me. I decided to believe my heart for the first time in my life.

“Let’s go Journey. Let’s go home.” She breathed. New tears burned my eyes—different tears. These weren’t for the pain or the sadness, but for the happiness. The happiness I hadn’t felt for nine years. I was finally going to be saved. I had a savior.
Thank you Shadow_Kissed!
aww how sweet and sad it's really good =]
You've got about 4 days to write this...hope you can!


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