The Twilight Saga

A vampire war drives the vulturi to split the vampire race in half,This brought extreme conflict between the volturi members, this also lead to the Vultori spliting into two groups as well, Some vampires chose to follow Aro and Jane, and soon became known as the D.A.R.K, The few who followed Caius, Alec and a strong vampire name Lyzand became what is currently know as L.I.G.H.T, the war caused many vampires to die, soon both sides expanded and excepted other creatures, DARK taking anything that is demonic and is full of hate, LIGHT taking those who they can trust to fight to the death and stay loyal to them.

Years past and the war finally subsided, but things were far from over, Each side had lost almost everyone but their leaders, both needed time to recover. Lyzend fell in love with an elf women name Arawen, and soon they settled down and tried to live a normal life even though that a vampire and a elf were not alike in any way, they found a way to make things work, They had two kids, twins, Constantine and Aristotle  but light was not the only side that had people trying to settle down and have families, Aro and Jane's successor, Morkido, Fell in love with a mortal and had a son named Evadin, Times had changed slightly, a group of rebel vampires put fuel on flames that should have been burnt out.

Sent by Aro, Morkido lead an attack on the LIGHT facilities his main target was Lyzend and his family, At this time his son Evadin was only 7 years of age, two years older than Lyzend's two kids. Arawen and Lyzend fought to protect Constantine and Aristotle, but when one mistake occurred its costed them dearly, Aristotle was kidnapped by DARK and was taken away, Arawen placed a sacred blessing on Constantine to keep her safe from morkido's attack's, Called the Elysian curse, Her taking the time to do this costed Arawen her life, Morkido couldn't touch Constantine, no matter how hard he tried, his attacks proved to be ineffective, Morkido retreated and Lyzend  realised all that he had lost in that fight, he was determined to keep the only thing he had left safe and hidden.

Lyzend went into hiding with all of the other members of the light counsel. Constantine was now 12, and DARK attacked again, this time taking the only thing That Constantine held near to her, her father. The last thing she remembers was seeing Evadin for the second time in her life, him looking at her with so much sorrow in his eyes as he stood watch, she had seen him one other time when her brother was captured, doing the same thing. She was able to get away from morkido again and vowed that day to avenge her family and to never stop fighting for as long as she lived. She was placed into the Care of Coran her father's best friend and a war general of LIGHT. He trained her to be ready for everything and anything, for her father left her this war and it will be hers to control when she turns the age of seventeen. Constantine always will remember the boy who stood watch and didnt help nor attack, she will never forget him, ever.

Now 16, Constantine has not forgotten anything, nightmares terrorize her, all of the days that she lost everything and for what purpose? For a stupid army to show their strength and power, A fatal mistake...






Very wise, strong, hard headed, she is shy but won't let her guard down and never will.



Constantine's bestfriend, strong, a good fighter and very loyal.



Luciel( Caius's Son)










guardian of constantine



coran's daughter



Evadin~Chased dreams Haunted Nightmares


shy, loyal, but wants peace not to fight.



outgoing, hates to get his father (Morkido) mad, He has no knowledge of his past, or of his twin sister on the other side of the war.He is different than everyone else in DARK but he he doesn't know why yet.




Betrothed to Evadin









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Evadin- I took solstice's arm and said lightly "Come on. " I pulled her with me, but not before looking back at Constantine. I knew she was trying to hide her emotions from the two of us, but in actuality she was scared. I felt like such a power stricken jerk at this point. " I'll see you upstairs. " I said to solstice and she nodded. I walked back to Constantine's cell an opened the door, waiting until I heard solstice to into our room before moving to the side "Leave. "

constantine_ I sighed and said," Look I can't, I can't leave Danzor behind or my horse, plus your father will catch me anyways, So why don't you just go run back to your fiance.I'm just a lost cause." I said and turned my back to him. He didn't know me. He acts like he cares but he doesn't the moment I trust him, he will kill me.

Evadin- I sighed heavily and studied her for a minute. I couldn't believe I passed up the fact of how beautiful she was the night I saw her, I guess it never came to mind. I don't know why it does now either. I walked the length of the grundgy cell until she sat at my feet, I crouched down and took her chin lightly, pulling on it until she faced me, looking me in the eyes,hers being a strange color that i've only ever seen in books or shows. "Trust me and i'll get you both out,think of how long you've lived in LIGHT and add two years, I know my way around. " I dropped my hand from her pale face and stood again, this time offering my hand. I knew I would've never been cut out for DARK. I was a good leader though, I just could never in a million years think of killing people just to show people I can."I'll get your horse, he wouldn't let anyone touch him anyways. Danzor is right next to you, thanks to my idiotic father." I couldn't believe I had just said something like that about my own father, truthfully it was exhilerating.

Constantine_ I looked at him, I was completely shocked at what he was telling me. Maybe I had him all wrong, or maybe he is leading me into a trap. When he put out his hand, my heart started pounding so hard I could feel it. I reluctantly grabbed his hand, it didn't help that mine was shaking. Both from show and fear. He saw right through my mask of no emotions. He helped me stand and I could feel my knees shaking lightly. I looked at him as he helped me out of this cell, and tried to get both of us out of this dugeon. He assured me that He would get Danzor after i was out safely. I still was so scared of him. He was either caring or a really go actor. I couldn't believe this was happening. The feelings that i felt the night we met returned as we walked fairly fast until we were out. I heard people yelling and running, They had noticed i was gone. I looked at Evadin my fear now evidently shown in my eyes. I will die soon if he doesn't have a plan.

Evadin- As soon as I thought we had made it out safely, I began hearing yelling anf footsteps from behind us, that's when I had to think quickly. If I didn't get Danzor now, they would probably torture him until he tells them how to get to Constantine. I looked around quickly before lightly pushing her towards the stables. "Get the black fresian stallion at the end and your horse and bring them to the edge of the forest as soon as possible." I said in a rush before sprinting down the steps to where Danzor's cell was. The yelling was coming from a hall or two down so I had only a minute or so to get him. I fumbled witht the keys before unlocking the door and grabbing Danzor, he was weaker than myself, and slower but I helped him up the stairs and soon we were off, running to the forest. "Come, hurry, they'll kill you!" I yelled to him as we got closer and closer.

Constantine_ I had done what he said. Soon we were riding off into the woods, I kept looking back and I saw soldiers I said a chant in elves and some trees fell blocking their path. I smiled slightly, the amulet came in handy when i was in trouble. Shadow was faster than Evadin's horse and I kept having to hold him back because i had no clue where i was going. I looked over at Evadin and now I understood. These feelings and thoughts that i have for him. They are genuine. Not something that he had charmed with. I saw him for who he was. Who he wants to be. I stole a glance at him and I realized truly how caring, and loving this man is, I bit lip and then focused back on controlling shadow to get away.

Evadin- I had quickly helped Danzor onto the back of Constantine's horse, so he could get away safely if anything happened, I would be left to deal with the consequences of what I am doing. Soon enough, hoovebeats were behind us, and gaining. I spurred my horse and he lurched forward even faster, I was pushing him hard so we could get to the portal and close it. There were a few strides between us now, and I was hoping that the soldiers wouldn't find us. Eventually, the portal came into veiw as we were thundering forward. I shouted in German, the language my father picked out himself, which just so happened to be the only language the portal would open to. It was slowly opening, and I got nervous Shadow would crash, but he just squeezed thorough. As I rounded the turn to go through the gate, I saw soldiers coming in from my right and left, gaining to stop me from the portal. I spurred my horse one last time and made it through the passageway before we would've been caught. I stopped my horse and flew off, sealing off the portal from the other side with one word. I was so relieved, I cried out, and fell to the ground, my chest heaving. Constantine. Where were they now? I stood up and looked around, only seeing dust from her horse. Did she leave me?

Constantine_ I had Danzor go back to light I made sure he wouldn't fall off and pushed shadow to get him going," Go it'll be okay." i said and then he had shadow gallop off. I heard someone fall over," Evadin?" I asked. I was actually very worried about him. His father would kill if he found out what he was doing.Helping me. I waited for the dust to clear and then I saw him. i smiled and walked up to him, "Thought I left did you?" I said and smiled.

Evadin- I didn't wait to answer her, only pulled her into a long, comfortable hug, before letting go.I took a deep breath and looked her over, quickly examining her "Are you okay? Did you get hurt? Where's Danzor?" I fired questions at her, half expecting only some would be answered, my hands were on both of her shoulders as I caught my breath.

Constantine_I couldnt help but bluch when he hugged me, I hoped it wasnt showing when he let me go and then i looked at him and said " I'm fine, And so is Danzor, and he is on his way back to light, Coran knows I can take care of myself, but Danzor is still in training, plus his family must be worried stick." I said and smiled," What made you save me?" I asked looking him in the eyes.

Evadin- I dropped my hands from her shoulders and searched my mind for a plausible answer. "I can feel myself becoming power stricken." I said quietly and leaned against my horse, who was heaving to catch his breath again. "And I don't like it at all, I can feel my fathers hand itching it's way inch by inch into my life, trying to live through me. I didn't choose to marry Solstice, I love her but I didn't" I felt a stab in my chest for two reasons, one being I would never be able to see her again without being killed and two being that I had just confessed that to someone who was so gorgeous, yet my enemy. I stopped after that and shook my head "I couldn't let you sit there and become what I have, or even let you feel what I have. I feel very...protective over you, I guess." My face got very warm and I rubbed the back of my neck, staring at the ground, too embarresed to look at Constantine.

Constantine_ " Protective of me a person that you are trained to hate. Evadin you helped me get out of there, now im going to help you." I took off the amulet," You can repeat what I am about to tell you. This Amulet has the power to almost do anything, it can stop hearts, change time, but only for short periods, I can make it look like those soldiers never saw you, that memory erased from their minds." I said something change in his eyes, I smiled." I don't want your father to go after you, nor do I want my brother to end up leading Dark with the influence of your father, please let me help." I said 


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