The Twilight Saga

A vampire war drives the vulturi to split the vampire race in half,This brought extreme conflict between the volturi members, this also lead to the Vultori spliting into two groups as well, Some vampires chose to follow Aro and Jane, and soon became known as the D.A.R.K, The few who followed Caius, Alec and a strong vampire name Lyzand became what is currently know as L.I.G.H.T, the war caused many vampires to die, soon both sides expanded and excepted other creatures, DARK taking anything that is demonic and is full of hate, LIGHT taking those who they can trust to fight to the death and stay loyal to them.

Years past and the war finally subsided, but things were far from over, Each side had lost almost everyone but their leaders, both needed time to recover. Lyzend fell in love with an elf women name Arawen, and soon they settled down and tried to live a normal life even though that a vampire and a elf were not alike in any way, they found a way to make things work, They had two kids, twins, Constantine and Aristotle  but light was not the only side that had people trying to settle down and have families, Aro and Jane's successor, Morkido, Fell in love with a mortal and had a son named Evadin, Times had changed slightly, a group of rebel vampires put fuel on flames that should have been burnt out.

Sent by Aro, Morkido lead an attack on the LIGHT facilities his main target was Lyzend and his family, At this time his son Evadin was only 7 years of age, two years older than Lyzend's two kids. Arawen and Lyzend fought to protect Constantine and Aristotle, but when one mistake occurred its costed them dearly, Aristotle was kidnapped by DARK and was taken away, Arawen placed a sacred blessing on Constantine to keep her safe from morkido's attack's, Called the Elysian curse, Her taking the time to do this costed Arawen her life, Morkido couldn't touch Constantine, no matter how hard he tried, his attacks proved to be ineffective, Morkido retreated and Lyzend  realised all that he had lost in that fight, he was determined to keep the only thing he had left safe and hidden.

Lyzend went into hiding with all of the other members of the light counsel. Constantine was now 12, and DARK attacked again, this time taking the only thing That Constantine held near to her, her father. The last thing she remembers was seeing Evadin for the second time in her life, him looking at her with so much sorrow in his eyes as he stood watch, she had seen him one other time when her brother was captured, doing the same thing. She was able to get away from morkido again and vowed that day to avenge her family and to never stop fighting for as long as she lived. She was placed into the Care of Coran her father's best friend and a war general of LIGHT. He trained her to be ready for everything and anything, for her father left her this war and it will be hers to control when she turns the age of seventeen. Constantine always will remember the boy who stood watch and didnt help nor attack, she will never forget him, ever.

Now 16, Constantine has not forgotten anything, nightmares terrorize her, all of the days that she lost everything and for what purpose? For a stupid army to show their strength and power, A fatal mistake...






Very wise, strong, hard headed, she is shy but won't let her guard down and never will.



Constantine's bestfriend, strong, a good fighter and very loyal.



Luciel( Caius's Son)










guardian of constantine



coran's daughter



Evadin~Chased dreams Haunted Nightmares


shy, loyal, but wants peace not to fight.



outgoing, hates to get his father (Morkido) mad, He has no knowledge of his past, or of his twin sister on the other side of the war.He is different than everyone else in DARK but he he doesn't know why yet.




Betrothed to Evadin









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Evadin-I nodded and grabbed the clothes, they smelled musty, yet they seemed to be my size. I peeled off my old shirt, which was now prctically ruined and tossed of the comfortable cotton one. The only time we were allowed comfort in DARK was for sleep, sometimes not even that much. I glanced over at Constantin, who looked stunned and scrunched my eyebrows together "What's the face for?" I tossed my socks in the same pile as my shirt and set my boots neatly next to them.

Constantine_ I smiled and said," Nothing." I then quickly added," Look i'll let you get settled, I have some business I have to take care of." By business I meant to go talk to Leon and also check on the younger kids that live in the light facilities. I walked out of his room and went to find Leon.

Evadin- after Constantine went out of my room, I was left to my own thoughts. I thought of all the consequences that would follow my actions. I stopped my trai of thought after a while and finished dressing, then laying down, deciding unconsciousness is always a good choice.

Leon- I looked up from my job I was doing when I heard light footfalls approaching. I nearly tripped myself as I ran to Constantine, enveloping her into a hug and sighing. "I thought you were dead!" I looked her over quickly "Are you okay? Did they hurt you? I swear I'll kill em'"
Leon- I waited for a while and processed what she had said about Evadin. I still wanted to kill him, but I would hold off I guess, until he proved he needed to die again. I just hugged Constantine and sighed " Fine, but don't expect me to be incredibly enthused. " I said an walked away.

Evadin- I woke up in a cold sweat, shooting straight up. I couldn't have slept more than an hour tops. I stood up before stretching and putting shoes on, deciding to take a look around LIGHT.

Constantine_" I never would have expected you to be.Just don't kill him, can you manage that?" I asked. I walked to the house where the youngest children were, Danzor was there with his younger brothers, and once I made sure he was okay. I made my way to the stables, got storm out of his stall, tied him up outside of the barn and started to brush him, he was all dusty.

Evadin- I decided to go to the place where I knew I would have a friend. The barn was dusty midday, full of dust and hay but the smell was like it always was, andI loved it. I walked in and didn't pay attention to anything around me except my horse, Romeo. I walked in his stall, where he looked very stressed. He never did good in new places. I took him out and tied him up, rubbin the spot on his head he loved, behind his eyes.

Constantine_ I took Shadow's halter off, I always knew he would come back, once released he began to be his weird self, prancing around like he owns everything. He seemed to be happy to be home. I turned to walk to a tree nearby, I liked to climb trees to find a quiet place. I climbed up to the lowest branch hanging and I smiled as Shadow trotted underneath me. I counted to three and then hopped down onto his back, starling him, and causing him to run. Being an elf, riding without a saddle or a bridle, it came very easily to me.

Evadin- I heard a horse trotting then saw Constantine running with Shadow. I quickly got on Romeo and went flying around the corner after her, quickly catching up. I was so glad I had gotten atleast a saddle on.

Constantine_ Shadow got scared by Evadin horse and stopped, dead in his tracks, sending me flying, I landed on my back, it hurt a little but i had been hurt worse, I got up and brushed myself off," Hey Evadin." 

Evadin- I flew off m horse and ran over to Constantine as soon as she fell. "Are you okay?!" I asked and grabbed her forearms. "That was a nasty fall..."

Constantine_ " Im fine, I have taken worse falls." I said. Shadow trotted up to me and pushed my shoulder with his nose. He seemed to trust evadin, since I did." So how do you like it here?" I asked

Evadin- I smiled and shrugged a little. "It's alright, I haven't looked around all that much yet. " I got back up on Romeo, who was still bridle less. "Mind showing me?"


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