The Twilight Saga

A vampire war drives the vulturi to split the vampire race in half,This brought extreme conflict between the volturi members, this also lead to the Vultori spliting into two groups as well, Some vampires chose to follow Aro and Jane, and soon became known as the D.A.R.K, The few who followed Caius, Alec and a strong vampire name Lyzand became what is currently know as L.I.G.H.T, the war caused many vampires to die, soon both sides expanded and excepted other creatures, DARK taking anything that is demonic and is full of hate, LIGHT taking those who they can trust to fight to the death and stay loyal to them.

Years past and the war finally subsided, but things were far from over, Each side had lost almost everyone but their leaders, both needed time to recover. Lyzend fell in love with an elf women name Arawen, and soon they settled down and tried to live a normal life even though that a vampire and a elf were not alike in any way, they found a way to make things work, They had two kids, twins, Constantine and Aristotle  but light was not the only side that had people trying to settle down and have families, Aro and Jane's successor, Morkido, Fell in love with a mortal and had a son named Evadin, Times had changed slightly, a group of rebel vampires put fuel on flames that should have been burnt out.

Sent by Aro, Morkido lead an attack on the LIGHT facilities his main target was Lyzend and his family, At this time his son Evadin was only 7 years of age, two years older than Lyzend's two kids. Arawen and Lyzend fought to protect Constantine and Aristotle, but when one mistake occurred its costed them dearly, Aristotle was kidnapped by DARK and was taken away, Arawen placed a sacred blessing on Constantine to keep her safe from morkido's attack's, Called the Elysian curse, Her taking the time to do this costed Arawen her life, Morkido couldn't touch Constantine, no matter how hard he tried, his attacks proved to be ineffective, Morkido retreated and Lyzend  realised all that he had lost in that fight, he was determined to keep the only thing he had left safe and hidden.

Lyzend went into hiding with all of the other members of the light counsel. Constantine was now 12, and DARK attacked again, this time taking the only thing That Constantine held near to her, her father. The last thing she remembers was seeing Evadin for the second time in her life, him looking at her with so much sorrow in his eyes as he stood watch, she had seen him one other time when her brother was captured, doing the same thing. She was able to get away from morkido again and vowed that day to avenge her family and to never stop fighting for as long as she lived. She was placed into the Care of Coran her father's best friend and a war general of LIGHT. He trained her to be ready for everything and anything, for her father left her this war and it will be hers to control when she turns the age of seventeen. Constantine always will remember the boy who stood watch and didnt help nor attack, she will never forget him, ever.

Now 16, Constantine has not forgotten anything, nightmares terrorize her, all of the days that she lost everything and for what purpose? For a stupid army to show their strength and power, A fatal mistake...






Very wise, strong, hard headed, she is shy but won't let her guard down and never will.



Constantine's bestfriend, strong, a good fighter and very loyal.



Luciel( Caius's Son)










guardian of constantine



coran's daughter



Evadin~Chased dreams Haunted Nightmares


shy, loyal, but wants peace not to fight.



outgoing, hates to get his father (Morkido) mad, He has no knowledge of his past, or of his twin sister on the other side of the war.He is different than everyone else in DARK but he he doesn't know why yet.




Betrothed to Evadin









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Evadin- I was glad father had stopped us because I was getting very angry that Aristotle could get me so many times. I would have to spend tonight drilling myself again. Usually I didn't sleep when I did. "Yes father. " we both said in unison and as soon as father left we cracked grins and hit each other lightly before putting our weapons back. We took off running towards main hall and I actually managed to keep up this time. When we got there we straightened up and walked in like the deadly duo we were. Together our prescence was undeniable, there was almost a wave of royalty and power coming off of us.
Leon- I tried desperately to catch up and even though Constantine liked to think she was the fastest creature here, she was miserably wrong. The first lap around the perimeter I let her lea but in a burst of speed, I pushed past her and grinned, sticking my tongue out.

Aristotle_ I saw solstice walking towards Evadin and I," And that is my cue to leave." I said and walked away going another direction. Evadin tried to love Solstice with everything in him but his words say one thing and his eyes say another, tomorrow  the masquerade will commence and father will practically throw Evadin at Solstice just like every year.

Constantine_" Hey!" I said and I started to run a little fast until we were at the same pace. I crinkled up my nose and made a funny face at him right when i caught up to him.

Leon- I laughed and we both slowed down till we stopped. I laughed once more and looked at her,making a face "When did you become able to keep up with me??" I asked and grinned.

Evadin- I saw Solstice coming my way but barely heard Aristotle as he walked away. "Hi. " I tried to say, but I was still caked in sweat and breathing heavily. I smiled at her and took her tiny hand in mine. Her blue eyes stared back at me as a grin formed on her lips "Are you ready to get this over with?" I asked, meaning planning the masquerade.

Solstice_ I sighed but my smile didn't fade," Yeah..I guess." I said. Evadin was the guy who was chosen for me to marry , he is attractive yeah, but he is always so secretive, he never lets me in, i know he says that he likes me to please his father but why cant he just learn to love me the way i have learned to love him?

Constantine_" Kiana got me pissed off as usuall and instead of facing me she took off running, so i must have gotten faster." I said with a smile.

Leon- I smiled at her and shook my head. I suddenly heard someone storm outside, in a frantic manner. I was Coran. "Constantine. I need you in here, right now. " he said, out if breath. I glanced at her then back at Coran. What was going on?

Evadin - I tried to keep the most painful memories of the raids ad all my other childhood memories locked away from here,for I didn't want to scare her away. I thought I loved her, I really did. I just never felt what actual love was an this was the closest I've ever gotten to it. I was very awkward in the subject of intimate things like hugging, kissing etc. but Solstice seemed confident and helped me out. Threw me a bone I guess. I wrapped an arm around her waist and guided her down the hall to my fathers meeting room,where I knocked twice before entering. My mother, father and brother were already there, so I took my seat at the head of the table opposite my father,and solstice took the seat to my right.

Constantine_" Uhh sure.." I said and walked up to him, he proceeded to tell me about the dark masquerade and said that it would be a great mission for me," HUH?!?!? You want me to go into their territory are you nuts?" I exclaimed.

Morkido_ " As everyone here knows LIGHT always hears about our little masquerade, we need to be heavily guarded in case any of light members show up." i announced.

Evadin-I nodded, it had always een that way but I could tell Soolstice was not so pleased, she frowned and fiddled with her skirt. I knew she was nervous. I took a hold of her hand and smile reassuringly to her. "I'll be fine to guard myself father. Aristotle and I could easily guard each other if anything happens too. " I said in my formal, meeting tone. I had many voices that I had to use. We then took around an hour discussing what the theme would be,etc. but we had most of this figures this out before hand. My father kept me back after the meeting and told solstice to wait outside. I wonder what this was about.. My father turned an looke at me critically,examining me. "Two things. "He said formally. "One. You need to train harder Evadin, if you wish to come into power after me, you need to be able to win over anyone. Faster stronger and smarter than everyone here. Including your brother. Don't think I wasn't watching, you're weaker than him. And slower. Fix it. Two. " he handed me a small box with fancy writing on top "You will be proposing to Solstice at the masquerade. "

Coran- I nodded "Costantine,he know who they have. And you need to invade. Morkido doesn't know who you look like. Darling you have to do this. "

Constantine_ I sighed and nodded," Okay, what time do I leave tomorrow?" I asked and tried to find the bright side, i will see my brother who won't even know who I am probably. After the breif meeting I walked outside and sat down on the ground, I was scared, i admit I was scared, they a ruthless over there and to invade during their busiest time of year, Im not so sure about this, and what if something goes wrong, like i get noticed because of my slightly pointy elf ears, what would happen then? Leon looked at me and I sighed," Guess who is going to invade dark tomorrow?" I said and smiled weakly.

Solstice_ I waited in the hallway, I wondered what they were talking about. I couldn't here them but i could feel an uneasy feeling set into the room, i wondered why, I could tell it was Evadin feeling this way but why? I needed to know this and if I am going to be his future wife someday he needs to tell me these things, i know he doesn't like the idea of bethrothal but he has to deal with it, his father arranged it so it is practically set in stone, no turning back or away from it, Evadin needs to realize that, and soon.

Evadin- I took the box uneasily and looked at him "Are you sure? " he scoffed and hit my back in a friendly manner "Son, I believe you two are ready. " I smiled slightly and nodded, shaking hands with him then pocketing the box. My father explained how Solstice's items will be transferred to my room before the night was over. I had to admit, I was awfully nervous, but I accepted that she would be my wife. Welcomed it even. I thought I loved Solstice, almost positive but we had a few kinks. I walked out and saw her, smiling like crazy. I wrapped my arm around then said we had to talk. I explained to her that we would be moving in together and even how excited I was.

Leon- My mouth fell open and I shook my head "Alone?? No way! Someone has to go with you!" I was silent for a second. "I should go, you can't go alone with the savages. If they lay a hand on you I swear..." I stopped and looked at her "Ill ask your father, I have to come. "

Constantine_" Leon if you havn't realised my father has been dead since i was twelve." I said and then added," And i will be okay, i survived dark twice before ill be able to do it again, and dark knows who your are they dont know me at all, they won't know its me." I was nervous, Leon had went into the house and was yelling at Coran about how dare he send a 16 year old girl alone on a mission of this size. Coran just said for him to go away his mind was made up.

Solstice_ I smiled widely, I was excited to live with Evadin, we were moving fast in our relationship, not that I am going to reject us moving fast, but I know his dad is forcing him to do this, he wants to but he also doesn't.

Leon- I argued with Coran for nearly an hour before he flat out told me his mind was made and he wasn't budging anywhere. I stormed out and saw Constance sitting where I had left her. I took a deep breath and sat next to her. "I can't believe this...I can't..."I said and shook my head. "Constance, I have to come. " I said quietly and looked at her.

Evadin- Once we reached her room, I kissed her quickly before saying I had to go train. I told her I wouldn't be back until atleast ten o clock or later, so not to stay up. I was so nervous about her moving in, but I trusted it was the right thing to do. I wanted her to come and see more of my life, so she didn't feel as much in the dark. As soon as I left her I began training, beginning with laps around our territory, which was anything but small. Instead of slowing down everytime, I made myself speed up until I had done 5 miles going at a dead sprint. When I stopped my legs were shaky but that had to be just a warm up.

Constantine_ I sighed," I'll be okay, hey i will be able to see my brother again right? I will be disguised so i won't be noticed i will just look like guest going to the masquerade." I said and then since it was getting dark I walked back to the small house that all the junior aged soldiers and I lived. 

Aristotle_ I was walking and i saw Evadin pushing himself to the limit," Hey! If you keep that up your going to make yourself pass out." I exclaimed. My brother was crazy, if he thought that he could do this to himself without me yelling at him.


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