The Twilight Saga

A vampire war drives the vulturi to split the vampire race in half,This brought extreme conflict between the volturi members, this also lead to the Vultori spliting into two groups as well, Some vampires chose to follow Aro and Jane, and soon became known as the D.A.R.K, The few who followed Caius, Alec and a strong vampire name Lyzand became what is currently know as L.I.G.H.T, the war caused many vampires to die, soon both sides expanded and excepted other creatures, DARK taking anything that is demonic and is full of hate, LIGHT taking those who they can trust to fight to the death and stay loyal to them.

Years past and the war finally subsided, but things were far from over, Each side had lost almost everyone but their leaders, both needed time to recover. Lyzend fell in love with an elf women name Arawen, and soon they settled down and tried to live a normal life even though that a vampire and a elf were not alike in any way, they found a way to make things work, They had two kids, twins, Constantine and Aristotle  but light was not the only side that had people trying to settle down and have families, Aro and Jane's successor, Morkido, Fell in love with a mortal and had a son named Evadin, Times had changed slightly, a group of rebel vampires put fuel on flames that should have been burnt out.

Sent by Aro, Morkido lead an attack on the LIGHT facilities his main target was Lyzend and his family, At this time his son Evadin was only 7 years of age, two years older than Lyzend's two kids. Arawen and Lyzend fought to protect Constantine and Aristotle, but when one mistake occurred its costed them dearly, Aristotle was kidnapped by DARK and was taken away, Arawen placed a sacred blessing on Constantine to keep her safe from morkido's attack's, Called the Elysian curse, Her taking the time to do this costed Arawen her life, Morkido couldn't touch Constantine, no matter how hard he tried, his attacks proved to be ineffective, Morkido retreated and Lyzend  realised all that he had lost in that fight, he was determined to keep the only thing he had left safe and hidden.

Lyzend went into hiding with all of the other members of the light counsel. Constantine was now 12, and DARK attacked again, this time taking the only thing That Constantine held near to her, her father. The last thing she remembers was seeing Evadin for the second time in her life, him looking at her with so much sorrow in his eyes as he stood watch, she had seen him one other time when her brother was captured, doing the same thing. She was able to get away from morkido again and vowed that day to avenge her family and to never stop fighting for as long as she lived. She was placed into the Care of Coran her father's best friend and a war general of LIGHT. He trained her to be ready for everything and anything, for her father left her this war and it will be hers to control when she turns the age of seventeen. Constantine always will remember the boy who stood watch and didnt help nor attack, she will never forget him, ever.

Now 16, Constantine has not forgotten anything, nightmares terrorize her, all of the days that she lost everything and for what purpose? For a stupid army to show their strength and power, A fatal mistake...






Very wise, strong, hard headed, she is shy but won't let her guard down and never will.



Constantine's bestfriend, strong, a good fighter and very loyal.



Luciel( Caius's Son)










guardian of constantine



coran's daughter



Evadin~Chased dreams Haunted Nightmares


shy, loyal, but wants peace not to fight.



outgoing, hates to get his father (Morkido) mad, He has no knowledge of his past, or of his twin sister on the other side of the war.He is different than everyone else in DARK but he he doesn't know why yet.




Betrothed to Evadin









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Morkido- " My traitor of a son has returned!" I exclaimed as I stood up," What ever you are planning it wont work, I already have a plan devised to kill that little elf of yours, You had such a bright future but you threw it away. Why my son?" I looked at him, I had raised him right. To be a good ruler like me. But he gave it up for an elf girl.

Evadin- I was horrified quickly but hid it well, thanks to the man standing in front of me. "I never threw anything away father. Unlike you, I followed my heart and JUST like you, I have devised a plan of my own. " I took out the gun that was in my jacket and laid it on the ground. "Let's just talk, shall we?"

Morkido-  I laughed," you think that you will kill me if I don't cooperate, you dont have to guts to you never have." I mocked him he doesn't know  how in over his head he is. This is all for a elf girl that will be dead after she becomes a princess.

Evadin- He thought he had me all figured out, but e would've known that he was so wrong if he had ever given me the time of day the last 19 years of my life. "I would never kill you father, I'd just like to talk. Are you willing to have a civilize conversation?" If he wouldn't, I had a plan B. Like always.

Morkido- I thought for a second," Talk." was all I said I was not about to let him win this, he knows me more than anyone, I always win. No matter what the challenge I can and will always win in any fight, even if it costs me my own.

Evadin- I nodded towards a chair and let solstice watch us as we both sat. This is simple father, both Light and Dark have resources besides physical ones that will allow to prosper greatly. You know this, so why must you still insist upon this barrier and petty war? No ones gaining anything, just destroying. So all I ask is to live in peace with one another. Don't start thinking I'm saying this vicariously through Constantine, because I've always thought peace was the answer my entire life. No help from you of course. "

Morkido- I rolled my eyes," You have forgotton what you were taught, Evadin there is a reason there is a war, both sides can not clash, there was once a time of peace where the vulturi ruled over all vampires, but that changed all because of rules that were set, I lived in that time period I saw the war start, My orders have been set and I will honor them with all I have." I said, I was not allowing this to happen I will not let Light and Dark clash, ever.

Evadin- I shrugged "Then I may have to shut you down father. You are the only one with those set of orders. We need peace, Mordiko. " This was the first time I had ever called him that and I saw anger flash before his eyes. But I knew he saw the fire behind my own eyes that showed I would never back down as long as I live. "You never were and never will be my father except in blood. "

Morkido-" Evadin the only way you get any order of peace from me is to kill me." I said, I could easily fight and win against him, if he thought it hurt me, him saying that I will never be his dad, he was a mistake in the first place, he was never meant to happen. But I did take on the challenge of being a general and a father.

Evadin- I shrugged and internally got giddy "I had a feeling you'd say that. I'm not as stupid or as weak asylum think, but you haven't trained in anything for five years. " I whistled extremely loud as the windows busted inward, knocking my father to his feet. The elves I let out rushedin and covered Mordiko, binding him in spells as cuffs then bringing him to his feet with a glowing knife to his throat. "I'll allow you one last time to negotiate peace. "

Morkido- I knew solstice was still in the room, I looked at her and said," Solstice woud you leave me while my son and I have a chat." She knew what she had to do, she would send the order to attack light facilities, the message would go out to Coran, he would ow what to do. She left the room, in a hurry quite the actress she could be. I then focussed my attention, on the traitor." Go ahead and kill me, see if I care, but once im dead, there is nothing to hold back the dark warriors anymore, you will die, but im guessing you already knew that." 

Evadin- Had I known that? I guess there was a chance when I left Constantine, I just hope she would be okay. "Oh Mordiko, you never had accepted the fact that their magic could wipe out your entire army, could you? " I walked up to him and took the glowing knife out of the elves hand and put it on my fathers neck. My hands shook slightly as I thought, could I do this? But my answer was loud and clear. Of course I could, and I definitely would. I pushed lightly on the knife till a small stream of blood ran down his neck, my fathers face was still plain now, no emotions. I then pulled the knife to my side and drove it into his chest. He was thrown to the floor as his face contorted in pain. "I would like to say I'm sorry, but I'm not." I glanced at the elves and nodded at them. "Take him in a cell and bind it, then warn Light as quickly as possible. " I ran down the hallway and threw the doors open, only to find soldiers surrounding me.


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