The Twilight Saga

This is inspired by Taylor Swift's new song Speak Now.

Chapter 1

I was at the airport waiting for my best friend, Edward Cullen. We have been friends since we were little and I've always had a crush on him. Edward had been off in Spain at an exchange program for college. We have been exchanging letters all year and since it was summer, he was finally graduating from college. He had mentioned that he had surprise for me that I would love and I was very excited.
Finally, after hours of waiting, I saw Edwards messy bronze hair.
"Edward!" I said and waved.
He ran up to me through the crowds of people and spun me around. "Look at you! You look so different!" he exclaimed. "You look taller."
"Not really." I said "Maybe a few inches."
"Well, it's good to be back here." Edward smiled.
"So, where's your surprise?" I asked.
Edward turned around and looked towards the crowds. "Um, I'm not sure." He exclaimed. "Oh! There she is!"
She? I thought. He brought a girl home?
"Melissa!" Edward said walking over to her and hugging her. I felt a part of my heart crack. I'd never seen Edward with another girl before. They walked over to ne hand-in-hand with smiles on their faces. "Bella, this is Melissa, my fiancé."
"Fiancé?" I asked.
"Yes." Edward said "We met during the exchange program and dated for a little bit."
"Next thing you know we are engaged!" Melissa exclaimed.
Mellisa had chesnut brown, straight hair with brown eyes. She was wearing a flowered blouse with tan shorts and tan sandals.
"What's with the get up?" I laughed. "Haven't you been to Forks before? Didn't Edward tell you about the weather we get?"
She gave me a snotty look and said "I'm from Florida. It's usually hot and sunny this time of the year. Not rainy and gross."
"Well, get used to it." I said "It's goig to be rainy and gross the whole time you're here. Welcome to Forks." I said.
She raised and eyebrow at me and Edward kissed her forehead. "I'm going to get our bags Melissa. You can stay here with Bella."
"Okay sweetie." She said.
"So, what part of-"
"Shut up. I don't want to be here and I just am because Edward wanted me to meet you. I know you guys are close but, I also know you have a things for him. It's so obvious. While I'm around though, things will change. We're getting married and you're not. So, welcome to paradise you're not marrying him and your fantasy is over." Melissa scowled at me and walked over to the convere belt to where Edward was.
"Nice to meet you too." I said "This will be fun."

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omg love it! i think it's your best story yet... although i do love love in the city!
omg this is great update soon!
i love it!!!!
i like it!!
oooooooooooh! Sounds like fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please please please i love this is so gudddd plerase please update soon or else....
i like it post more soon plzzz
can u keep me posted? (=
well somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed
i hope bell tells him how she feels :(
i love this so far update me pleazzz
***New Reader***
Wow, what can I say. I am already not liking Melissa, what a...... brat (a nice word to call her even though I am thinking much worse words). And it is so saying something when even Alice doesn't like her. She likes everyone. I hope that Bella and Alice aren't the only ones that end up not liking her and someone says something to Edward about it. Like your story though and can't wait to read more.
update soon
Chapter 3

 (3 weeks later)

      23 and single. It's a wonderful life isn't it? I come home from the hospital internship to get licked from my golden retriever. What a life. I mean I couldn't just asked Edward out when I had the chance to so many years ago but, most recently before he left but, no....I was too chicken.
       "Oh Bellsey I'll miss you!" Edward told me while we were going in the airport.
       I chuckled. "I guess this is where we are supposed to make out for hours until your plane is called."
       "Okay!" Edward said and brought his lips so close to mine then laughed. "Unless you wanted to kiss me, I wouldn't kiss you."
       I bit my lip and laughed. "I'll miss you Edward."
      "I'll miss you too." He said then, his plane was called. "Any last words you want to tell me before I leave? A lot can change in one year."
     "No, just that I'll miss you." I said holding back my real answer.
     "Okay," Edward said "See you in a year."
    "Bye Edward." I whispered watching him leave.
     I saw Roxy, my dog, and pet her. "At least you love me."
     She whimpered and went to her bed. "Great..." I said.
     I heard my phone ring and answered it. It was Edward.
     "Hey Eddikins!" I answered.
     "Hey Bellsey." Edward said.
     "I thought you couldn't talk to me like that anymore?"
     Edward chuckled. "Melissa's not here so I can."
    "Sneaky now aren't we?"
   "Sometimes." He answered. "I have a question for you."
   "Okay well two actually, one, did you get the wedding invite?"
   "Got it this morning. I'll most definetly be there." I said.
   "Fantastic and come over tonight."
   "Where?" I asked.
   "Carlisle and Esme's." Edward said.
  "We're having a little dinner with Melissa's parents and I want you to come."
   "Melissa doesn't though."
   "I bet she does!" Edward exclaimed. "If I told her you would she would probably be ecstatic!"
   I sighed. "okay, sure, I guess so."
   "Alright." Edward said "Alice wants you over early so that she can dress you too."
   "Great." I said "This night just keeps getting better and better."
    Edward laughed. "See you soon."
    "See you soon." I said and hung up.
    If only I could tell him how I acctually felt. Things would be so much easier and maybe now we'd be planning our wedding. But no, I'm a huge chicken.
     "Alice don't you think this is too....I don't outfity?" I asked fixing my dress.
      My dress had light blue hints on it and it was dark blue with no sleeves. My shoes were pumps and dark blue. Alice curled my hair and did my make up.
     "Not once you see her parents." Alice said "You'll still look like you're wearing jeans and a tee shirt. I mean look at me, I can't even impress them."
       Alice was wearing a short, red, halter top dress and black heels. Her hair was in her usual pixie do.
     "And....maybe to can get Edward to leave Melissa with this outfit." She said.
      "Alice no." I said "No,no,no I can't do that."
      "Why not? You care more about Edward than Melissa does."
       "Maybe not." I said. "She might love him a little more."
       "I doubt that." Alice whispered. "Come on, let's go meet these parents of Melissa."
       A creepy brother and controlling sister, a perfect sister and perfect parents.  Can a family get any more annoying? The answer is no. Her brother, Johnathon, couldn't stop staring at me the whole time, Marissa, her sister, couldn't stand me, her parents hated me and so did Melissa. What was even worse was that Marissa was Melissa's twin.
"So Bella, you've been friends with Edward for a long time?" Melissa's mom asked.
       "Yes, a very long time." I said "I don't even remember how long."
       "Have you ever dated?"
       "No...." I answered with Melissa and Marissa eyeing me.
       "Mmmhmmm." Her mom said "Are you going to the wedding?"
        "Of course." I said.
        "Interesting." Her dad said. "That close?"
"Um, yes." I said.
"What do you do for a living?" Melissa asked.
"I'm going to be a doctor. I'm in my internship now." I answered.
"Really? A doctor?" Johnathon asked. "That's.....nice." He said and winked."
Alice nudged my elbow and pretended to silently gag.
"What are you doing Alice?" Edward asked.
"Oh nothing, just swallowed the chicken the wrong way." She said.
"Well, maybe you should watch what you're doing and be more precise like Marissa." Melissa said. "You'd make a much better planner too."
Alice eyed Melissa and tried throwing something at her. Jasper and I stopped her before she could. She looked at me and I shook my head.
After dinner I had to was dishes with Melissa. At first, it was good and then, it went downhill.
"You know, Edward told me that your friendship hasn't been what it used to be." Melissa said "He said it was going bad."
"No it's not." I answered. "We're best friends. We have been forever and that won't change."
"What do you mean it won't change?" She asked.
"I mean that we will still be friends when you guys are married." I said.
"That's what you think." Melissa said.
"No, it's what's going to happen."
"Not if I have anything to do with it."
"What?" I asked dropping a dish.
"I mean, you guys can't hang out around each other all the time. I know you like love him so what if he ends up liking you Bella? Thy wouldn't be good know would it?"
"First if all, you don't know who you're talking to, second, we will be friends no matter what you say and third," I sighed. "If he did like me more than a friend...he would've said it a long time ago."
"Well, you guys can't be friends after the wedding. I'm sorry Bella but, that is what's going to happen." Melissa said.
I put down my table cloth and the plate I was washing and grabbed my purse.
"Uh.....we have to finish these." Melissa complained.
"No, you can." I said "Apprently if Edward and Ican't be friends, there's no point in being here."
I ran past everyone and outside to my truck. Once I got to the truck I felt Edward grab my shoulder.
"Where are you going Bella?" Edward asked.
"I don't belong here." I whispered. "Not at all."
"What are you talking about Bella?"
"I'm talking about how I'm the loner. I'm the only one alone. I'm talking about what it will be like when your married and have kids. We won't be friends. We won't and it's the truth. I should just leave now so that I don't ruin anything." I said.
"Bella, you can't do that." Edward said as I got in my truck.
"I can Edward and Melissa was right. Maybe we just shouldn't be friends. I don't fit in here and there's no point in trying."
"But Bella-"
"Bye Edward." I said and drove away in my truck seeing Edward run into the house in te background.


This is so amazing!
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