The Twilight Saga

                              What if . Bella decided to reach over and kiss Jacob in her truck? Would that change how she feels about Jacob over all ? Knowing the feelings he has for her,knowing he could give her more. Knowing,she wouldn't have to change for him...


[Disclaimer]; not everybody posts the disclaimers in their fanfiction,but i'm going to. ;) Idon't own Twilight,or any of the characters in it. All belong to Stephenie Meyer- All though I wish I did.(;


A/N; I hope you enjoy ... :) & I'm starting at chapter 1 :)






Chapter 1; One Last Look.


   My fingers were curled tightly around the steering wheel,as i stared out ahead of us. We were in front of Charlies-though his cruiser was missing. I bite the inside of my lip,my brows mashed together,listening to Jacob's breathing. He was staring out the window,as we sat in my old truck silently. Sometimes, I wish I knew what he was thinking,and then he let out a breath.

   "What are you thinking,Bells?" he asks,breaking the awkward silence.

   I loosen my grip on the steering wheel,and lean into the seat-sighing,"I,was ... Going to ask you the same thing." I tell him,glancing side-ways. He was still looking out the fogged window.

   " You really want to know what i'm thinking about?" he questions,now turning to look at me.


His stare sent shivers through-out my body,and his question made me think about how to answer. Do I want to know what he's thinking about? The way he said it,makes me wonder if it's a bad thing- something I actually don't want to know. But,maybe I'm just over-thinking. I do want to know what he's thinking about,but,maybe when I do know-I'll regret asking what he was thinking about.


I'm over-thinking... I think.


   I nod,"Tell me what you're thinking about Jake."

   He smirks,his eyes slightly lidded."You." he whispers."Always..."

   I sigh,and smile weakly."Jacob..."


   He shakes his head,and takes my hands off the wheel-and into his hands,mine so small compared to his. I look down,not wanting to stare into his eyes-knowing it would be for the best. I think. Because,if I fall in love with Jake ... I'm just going to end up hurting him,when Edward comes back. Eward will come back,I know it... Jacob is my best friend,and i can't stand,loosing him.


   "Bella,I love you. I've always loved you. And you know that,I know you know that." He sighs,"Bells,look at me. Please." I bit my lip,and shook my head.

   "I can't." I whisper.


    One hand disapeared from mine,and moved swiftly under my chin. Forcing me to look up at him,I tried to look away from his face,but mine landed on his. His gaze so intense,I couldn't look away. His hot breath was circulating around my face,the woodsy scent i always loved-intoxicating me. Wanting me to move closer to it. But I stayed where I was,our gazes interlocked.


   I was waiting for him to say something,but he just remained speechless;his lips parted-as in lost in thought. I bit down on my lip hard,as the silence intensified. Just when realization hit me. My fingers slowly,crawling up his arms-as his hands hooked onto my waist-pulling me into his lap.


   Jacob can never be just a friend to me. I've always seen noticed him,always known he was attractive to me in some way.But,Edward...


   "I can't hurt you." I mumble,my lips brushing across his in the process. I never noticed how close we were until now.

   "Do you love me?" he asks,his eyes closed-waiting for my answer.

   I press my lips tightly together,curling my hands into fists-agaist his covered chest. "I..." i press my lips back together,taking a stead breath.



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Great job! Happy to see you've posted again

wow. it was deleted again,LOL,I don't understand why it's being deleted?

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Yeah...I'll try to see what's going on... I'm pretty sure there was nothing bad in that chapter though...

&& Ahah,yeahh,I'm pretty surprised...(':


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Chapter 49 ; What Makes You Beautiful Baby you light up my world like nobody else The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell You don't know Oh Oh You don't know you're beautiful I have a feeling that taking Bella out will be good. We've literally grown a reputation around our neighborhood. Never leaving the house, broken doors, yelling and screaming, then me leaving for about a week... It's a small area,so word travels around fast. Even Bella's little vampire friends are scared of our relationship. I've only gone out of the house to get grocceries,and that's pretty much it... Other wise we're cooped up in here,in eachothers arms , or at eachothers' faces. Sad,but true. I buttoned up the rest of my shirt,and then combed my fingers through my hair. I put on a pair of dark blue jeans, and a black and white button up,with black shoes. Nothing too fancy, but not something too ordinary. I stepped out of the bathroom,and into the bedroom to see Bella bent over pulling on a pair of black heels. Yeah,heels. I think she was a little too excited about going out. I guess I can't really blame her. She stood up straight once she pulled on the other shoe,and squared her shoulders getting used to her new height that the shoe provided.
She caught my gaze,and smiled softly. My breath nearly caught in my throat, she looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a bold red dress that just covered her thighs, her hair hung out in her natural curls, and the top of her dress extending down into a low V, tieing in the back,exposing her creamy shoulders, and her long pearly legs. Her lips were tinted with a red, and sparkly pink eye-shadow. She crossed her arms uncomfortably across her chest.
   "Do you like...?" She asked, doing a small twirl to give me a look at all angles, and then tripped over her own feet,falling backwards onto the bed.
   I laugh out loud,and walk over to her,"You look beautiful." I take her hands in mine,yanking her towards my chest.
   She yelped,then wrapped her arms around me,burrying her face into my neck,her heels giving her the height to do so."You think so?"
   I kiss the top of her head,"Of course you do,hun."
   I felt her lips press against my skin,"Thanks."
I grabbed the keys on our way out,and helped her into the Rabbit. I quickly got in on my side, started the car,and took off. I didn't know much places here, but on my way back from La Push I had come across a Greek restaurent. Nothing too spectacular, but it's also still quite fancy. I pulled into the parking lot,and then helped her out of the car,and she clung to my arm as we walked into the restaurent. I walked up to the desk with Bella.
   "Do you have reservations?" The lady asked.
   I nod,"Yes, Black. Jacob,Black."
   I watched as she scroleld through the names,"Alright! Follow me to your table, for two right...?" She asked politely, gathering two menus in her hands.
   "Yup." I answer,with a small smile, as Bella and I followed the lady to a table set with two chairs.
I sat Bella down in her chair,kissing the top of her head.
   "I will be your waitress for the night." The lady instructed throwing me a smirk."Would you have anything in mind for a drink?" She took out a small booklet and a pen.
   I raise my brows towards Bella,and she shifted uncomfortably,"Uhmm... A water thank you."
   The waitress nods,and looks over to me,"And for you?" She asks,her voice soft.
   "Ah,just a coke thank you." I answered simply.
   "Notta problem!" She scrawled it down in the booklet, she looked about seventeen or eighteen, the same age as Bella.
Her hair was auburn red,and pulled back in a pony tail, her nose pierced with a small diamond, three piercings on her right ear,and two on the other. She wore bright red lip stick,and the uniform she was wearing was a dark blue skirt, and a white shirt under a black sweater vest, black and white striped socks,with orange converse. I hear Bella huff,which snapped me back into reality. Not that I was checking the girl out,cause I wasn't. Just, taking in her image. Definately one of those 'out there' kind of girls.
   The girl snorts,"The name is Kiana, holler if you need me, I'll check up in a few minutes though." She smiled,throwing a wink.
   As she walked away,Bella rolled her eyes."Unbelieveable."She mutters.
   "What's wrong?"
   "She was totally checking you out the whole time,and failing at flirting." She grumbled.
   "I don't think she was flirting..."It hardly looked like it,I think she was just being nice... But,then again Bella was always the jealous type.
   She scoffs,"Okay..."
   I sigh,"Bella,you know I love you. I'm bound to you forever. You're not only my bestfriend,but my lover. How many people are lucky enough to have this kind of bind? Not many. So believe me, I know it's true, I love you,and only you. I will only ever love you,I will only ever see you the way I do. You're beautiful, you're ... Amazing. And you're mine." I smile softly, taking her hands from across the table into mine,and kissing her fingers.
    She smiles slightly,her eyes started watering,"Aweh,Jake!"
I leaned across the table,to press my lips softly to hers,and her hands weaved into my hair,pulling me closer. Kissing Bella, I'd never get used to it. It's different everytime, but I always get the same feelings,if not ; more. I pulled away slightly,my tongue running a long her lower lip,before pressing them fully to hers again,before sitting down. I hadn't noticed Kiana standing a few feet away from the table,watching. When we were seated again,she skipped over.
    "Ready to order?" She asked,not as enthusiastically as she was before.
    Bella took a quick look from the Menu,"Ahm, just a Greek salad,thank you." She smiled,smug.
    "I'll have the Lamb Caserole."
    Kiana nods,"Alright, it'll be about ten minutes." She said before walking over to another table.
     Bella giggled.
     "What's wrong now?"
     "Lamb... Weird." She mused.
     "How is it weird?" I raised my eye brow.
     She shrugs,"Just is."
The rest of the night went by pretty smooth. This was definately a good idea, and I'm planning on doing it again soon. I think she had a good time, and it was good to see her laugh and smile like old times. It was almost like it was just me and her. Just Jacob and Bella, like she's always wanted.
Kiana came back with the bill, and when I turned it around, a number was scrawled across the back, I stared at it in confusion until it finally dawned on me. It was most likely hers. I shake my head, pulling out my wallet,and walking up to the desk to pay,then put the bill in a nearby garbage. I walked back up to the desk where she was.
    "I have a girlfriend. I love her. I don't mean to sound... Like an ass, but, it would be nice if you just backed off a little." I told her.
    The smile that was on her face disapeared,and she only shrugged,"You're a teenager,you both are,you'll get over eachother one day."
     That ticked me off."I'll never get over her. And I mean this,sincerely." I waved bye before she could say anything that would set me off.
I helped Bella stand up,putting my arm securely around her waist,and walked out to the car with her clutching my arm, still not used to the heels I guessed. I helped her into the car,and then got in on the other side.
    "Thanks Jacob."
    "For what?" I wonder,as I started up the car.
    "Telling her off." She smiled brightly,and kissed my cheek.

this is the chapter that was deleted, and I fixed the problem, so hopefully it'll stay up :)

I've been gone for awhile, but I finally finished the story. It is AWESOME!!!!!!

Love it!

to me the biggest and dunbest thing j did was the time she was gonna let him kiss her in the kitchen and he rite at her lips and the phone rang and all of a sudden the ringing of the phone became the most important thing in his life no guy who wanted to kiss the girl he loved first time with ready would not even hear the phone ring or not care if it did i think that part makes j look very stupid

@ D.Ann Logan , thank you so much!

@charley hollis , Ahaha,I completely agree with you.

me too!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 50.

The way back home was slightly peaceful. There were no words shared between us, he just held my hand-with his free hand- as he drove us  home. After everything we've been through, I can say that it was worth it. I just hope he feels the same. We've both put up a fight for each other, but everytime I rejected him it was as if it just spurred him on more, to try harder. I'm glad he didn't give up on me.


We walked silently up to our house, our home, and he locked the door behind us. He cleared his throat, and I glance up at him, raising my brow.


"Uhm, Bella..." he starts,his thumb brushing across my jaw,as he holds my face between his hands."I want to try again."

I smile softly at his gentleness, "What do you mean?"

"I want to try again. I want to be a dad, and I think you'd be the perfect mom for my child. I want to try again, and if it goes wrong again, then maybe we can adopt?" His right hand left my face as he scratched the back of his neck,biting down on his bottom lip, curious for my answer.


There was an ache in my chest. The child we were going to have, but never made it. I could feel the tears building up, and my forehead creased as my eye brows pulled together,my chest heaving. My throat suddenly felt really thick, and if I were to speak I feel like everything would just spill out, everything. All of my organs, and I was scared to see what my heart would look like. Tattered, worn out; a few holes, punctures, wounds. That's how it would look like. As if the organ itself participated in war, and just nearly made it out alive from the battelfield.


I felt Jacob's arms wrap around me, pulling me to his chest,he started to kiss the top of my head.


"I know Bells,I know. You're not the only one hurting. But, would it be so bad to try again?" He wondered.


I took in a deep breath,trying to clear my throat, but it sounded more like a gasp, like I was running out of air to breath, and everything just flowed out. Tears started streaming down my face,and the most wretched sound escaped my lips.


He squeezed me tighter,"Aww Bella..." He kept kissing the top of my head,pulling me closer to his body,"Shhh..." He murrmered.


His body heat was some-what comforting. I sighed into his chest, and tried to ponder the idea more. Would it be so bad to try again? Not that any baby could replace this one. Of course not. But, Jake is hurting too, and to try again, and having it work, hopefully, this time...


I nod into his chest,"Okay." I took another deep breath,and let it out in a sigh.


I step out of his hold,and look him in the eyes,"Yes, we can try again." I lift my shoulders,shrugging.

A smile spread across his face,as he lifted me up over his shoulder,"Oh,Bella,Bella,Bella..."


I roll my eyes,"Can you put me down,please?"

He laughs,a throaty laugh,that echoed off the walls,"Oh, I will..." He started walking, and I sighed.


Then my back made contact with the bed. Jacob crawled over top of me, pressing his lips to my forehead.


"You are so beautiful." He whispered,kissing down to my nose,"So gorgeous..." He whispered against the corner of my lips.


I gulped, my breathing started to pick up a little.


He took my bottom lip between his teeth gently, and I ran my fingers through his hair. His lips travelled down to my neck, his warm breath against my neck sent shivers down my neck,"So sexy..." He moaned.

His voice sounded like liquid sex, and I couldn't help but bite on my lip to stop the moan that was begging to escape. He's hardly even touched me, and I feel like I'm melting. I wrapped my legs around his waist, grinding my hips into his. This time his lips were by my ear, as he let out a long, moan. He gripped my hips, controling the pace we were moving at. I was going insane, I just wanted him. I want to feel him.


"Jake..." I sighed,breathlessly.

"Mmmm,yeah Bells?"

"I need you,right now." I groaned, arching my back, as he thrusted.




The sun bursted right through the curtains. We really needed new ones. I sigh, opening my eyes, to see Jacob sleeping soundlessly beside me,his arms still wrapped around my waist, he was pressed against my stomach. The thought, and the sight made me moan quietly.


A small grunt escaped his lips,"Bells..." His eye brows pulled together,"We need to buy new curtains." He removed one hand from waist, to rub his eyes.

I laugh softly,running the tips of my fingers along his lips,"I was just thinking that."

He quickly grasps my hand,dragging it down his body, and I snatch it away before it touched his manhood. He snickers."I could've sworn you were thinking about something else."

I shifted uncomfortably,"Before that I was thinking about... The curtains." I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks,and I hid my face in his chest.

He started laughing,"Aww, Bells don't be embarrassed." He lifted my face up to meet his, capturing my lips between his.


My fingers fisted his hair,as his tongue slipped between my lips running along mine. I moan softly.


It was short lived though, he pulled back, and yawned, stretching,"So how was it?"

I raise my eye brow,"How as what?"

He bit down on his lip,his eyes lidded,"Last night..."

"And part of this morning?"

He chuckles,"Ohh, yeah..."

I smile,"It was... Okay."

"Just okay?" He scoffs.

I giggle,"You were amazing..." I kiss his chin.

He smiles,"Oh I know. Considering the sounds you were making..."

I blush,"Oh shut up."

He laughs,"Oh babe." He kissed the top of my head," I love you so much."

I could feel the smile stretch across my face,"I love you too."


He smiles,pressing his lips gently to mine, once, and then sat up, making me sink into the bed more. I glare at him through narrowed eyes, and he chuckles.


"I have to take a shower."

"So do I!"

"Care to join me?" He winks.

"Of course not!" I jump up out of bed,"I bet I can beat you there!" I say running towards the bathroom,before he could get up.


But, not even a second later his arms wrapped around me, pushing me back as he pushed through the bathroom door. I cross my arms over my chest, as he starts laughing.


"When will you ever learn?" He chuckles.

I roll my eyes,"Damn all Werewolves." I grumbled under my breath.

"I heard that."

"Good." I mutter, marching into the bathroom with my head held high.


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