The Twilight Saga

                              What if . Bella decided to reach over and kiss Jacob in her truck? Would that change how she feels about Jacob over all ? Knowing the feelings he has for her,knowing he could give her more. Knowing,she wouldn't have to change for him...


[Disclaimer]; not everybody posts the disclaimers in their fanfiction,but i'm going to. ;) Idon't own Twilight,or any of the characters in it. All belong to Stephenie Meyer- All though I wish I did.(;


A/N; I hope you enjoy ... :) & I'm starting at chapter 1 :)






Chapter 1; One Last Look.


   My fingers were curled tightly around the steering wheel,as i stared out ahead of us. We were in front of Charlies-though his cruiser was missing. I bite the inside of my lip,my brows mashed together,listening to Jacob's breathing. He was staring out the window,as we sat in my old truck silently. Sometimes, I wish I knew what he was thinking,and then he let out a breath.

   "What are you thinking,Bells?" he asks,breaking the awkward silence.

   I loosen my grip on the steering wheel,and lean into the seat-sighing,"I,was ... Going to ask you the same thing." I tell him,glancing side-ways. He was still looking out the fogged window.

   " You really want to know what i'm thinking about?" he questions,now turning to look at me.


His stare sent shivers through-out my body,and his question made me think about how to answer. Do I want to know what he's thinking about? The way he said it,makes me wonder if it's a bad thing- something I actually don't want to know. But,maybe I'm just over-thinking. I do want to know what he's thinking about,but,maybe when I do know-I'll regret asking what he was thinking about.


I'm over-thinking... I think.


   I nod,"Tell me what you're thinking about Jake."

   He smirks,his eyes slightly lidded."You." he whispers."Always..."

   I sigh,and smile weakly."Jacob..."


   He shakes his head,and takes my hands off the wheel-and into his hands,mine so small compared to his. I look down,not wanting to stare into his eyes-knowing it would be for the best. I think. Because,if I fall in love with Jake ... I'm just going to end up hurting him,when Edward comes back. Eward will come back,I know it... Jacob is my best friend,and i can't stand,loosing him.


   "Bella,I love you. I've always loved you. And you know that,I know you know that." He sighs,"Bells,look at me. Please." I bit my lip,and shook my head.

   "I can't." I whisper.


    One hand disapeared from mine,and moved swiftly under my chin. Forcing me to look up at him,I tried to look away from his face,but mine landed on his. His gaze so intense,I couldn't look away. His hot breath was circulating around my face,the woodsy scent i always loved-intoxicating me. Wanting me to move closer to it. But I stayed where I was,our gazes interlocked.


   I was waiting for him to say something,but he just remained speechless;his lips parted-as in lost in thought. I bit down on my lip hard,as the silence intensified. Just when realization hit me. My fingers slowly,crawling up his arms-as his hands hooked onto my waist-pulling me into his lap.


   Jacob can never be just a friend to me. I've always seen noticed him,always known he was attractive to me in some way.But,Edward...


   "I can't hurt you." I mumble,my lips brushing across his in the process. I never noticed how close we were until now.

   "Do you love me?" he asks,his eyes closed-waiting for my answer.

   I press my lips tightly together,curling my hands into fists-agaist his covered chest. "I..." i press my lips back together,taking a stead breath.



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Thank you ! :D

&& No worries Kaycee,glad your back<3

I might be adding a little bit tonight,but not a full chapter..

Chapter 39 ; Settling,Finally.


    It'll never be like home,how it was before.

    Things will never be the same,the past is no more.

    This is it now,this is where we stand.


   We had already made the arrangements,and bought a house right on the spot,and they gave it to us willingly,it already came with the basic apliances,but we'd have to go shopping soon. It was average sized house,four-bedroom, four bathroom,a large living room ; that came with a black leather couch,a fire place and a flat screen TV, a dining room with an antique wooden table ; with the chairs,and a few mosaic paintings. Also,a finished basement with two couches,another fire place,a TV,and bathroom branched off too the side,and a laundry room,and a storage closet. The kitchen was quite large too,with the usual appliances,only needing food ; but we have some with us to start us off,until we can go shopping.

   I helped Jake unload the car,taking our stuff into out bedroom : the master bedroom. I took out my clothes,folding them into the dresser,and then did the same with Jake's few clothes. I set up my many perfumes that I've never really used,putting them on my dresser,then walked into the master bathroom,putting our tooth brushes and such on the  counter top,then make a mental note to buy toilet paper.


   "Well... What do you think about the place?" Jake asks,wrapping his arms around me from behind.

   I shrug,"It's not the same,but I'll get used to it."

   He sighs,nodding in agreement."It'll never be the same."

   I shake my head,agreeing with him this time.


   He lets go of me,walking back into the bedroom,taking his shirt off at the same time,tossing in the laundry basket I set up by the doors of our walk-in closet. I turn around,following him into the room,to see him stripping out of his jeans. My breath caught in my throat- not that I've never seen him without clothes on,but,I have to admitt... It has been awhile,I will never get used to seeing him this way. The way his muscles rippled through-out his body when he bent over,or the way the light reflected off his skin.

   Suddenly he turned around,his eyes meeting mine instantly,a smirk appearing on his face,and I roll my eyes.


   "Liking what you see Ms.Swan?" He wonders,raising his eye brows.

   I smirk,"Indeed I am,Mr.Black."


   He winks,only taking him two steps to cross over to me,his hands coming down to the hem of my shirt,wasting no time to pull it up and over my head,tossing it behind him,as his lips immediately went down to my collar bone,making a circuit,from the base of my neck,and up my ear,then back down.


   My fingers crawled up his fine chisled chest,knotting into his hair."Jacob..." his name came out of my lips in a low moan.

   He growled softly,his fingers caressing my hips,pulling me in closer."God,I love when you say my name like that."


   I felt a sudden heat rise to my cheeks,and he just chuckled,his fingers running down my legs,and lifting me up into his arms,carrying me over to the bed,and setting me down. I felt his smile on my shoulder,which caused a small smile to from on my lips as he stared down into my eyes,pressing his lips softly to mine,his fingers working on the buttons of my jeans,and gently slipping them off.


    He rolled onto his side,pulling me into his arms,"Tomorrow is going to be a very long day,you need your sleep."

   I snort,"You're such a tease." I mutter,then cuddle closer into his side.

I'll be adding on sometime soon this week.(:

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add more...i like this chapter.. :D

Adding the rest of chapter 39 soon, and chapter 42.


Stay tuned for notices about the last closing chapter {which will be soon}

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