The Twilight Saga

Bella moves to Forks after her mother dies in a car acciedent.Little does she know that her world will be turned upside down.















Chapter 1
This airplane ‘food’ is so gross! If you can even call it food. I open my laptop and put the food away.
1 new email message
I open it.
“No” I wail as I look at my mother’s casket. Someone had pulled me away from it..I looked up, and it was Phil, my mom’s boyfriend. He pulled me into a hug and I stayed like that and cried.
****1 week later****

It’s been a week since the funeral and I’m moving to Charlie’s. I wanted to stay, to be close to my mom; but no one would listen. I packed all my beloved memories throughout my house. Soon the social workers came.
“It’s time,” they said.”
“Ok,” I said not wanting to leave.

“I’m gonna miss this place,” I mumbled to myself, as I got into the car.

The car ride to the airport was quiet and long. At the airport I saw my friends: Sophie and Josh, also Phil. We had become really close. I ran up to them, after we went inside. I hugged everyone .I had tears in my eyes as I said,” I’m gonna miss all of you!”
“I can’t believe you are leaving, you have to promise we will stay in touch,” Sophie exclaimed.
“Yes, you have to promise,” agreed Josh.
“I’m gonna miss you kiddo,” said Phil getting emotional.
“I’m gonna miss you too, Phil.”
“Flight 293, to Forks, Washington,” the announcer said.
“That’s me,” I said trying to hold back tears. I hugged everyone and got onto the plane. I was gonna miss sunny Florida. After all I was going to Forks. It’s rainy and cloudy in Forks.

“Goodbye sun,” I mumbled to myself as I get off the plane. I turn to see Charlie waving from the gate.


CHAPTER 2- Jacob Black
I was welcomed into Charlie’s arms as soon as I stepped outside the gate. Let’s just say Charlie is a ‘hugger’.
“Hey Bella,” Charlie said taking a step back.
“Hi,” I mumbled dryly.
We got into the cruiser and went to his, no MY house. When we got there, there was a car in the driveway.
“Who is that?”
“Do you remember Billy and Jacob Black?”he asked getting out of the cruiser. I followed.
“Hello Bella, I’m Billy.”
“Hi.” I replied.
Then I turned around. Jacob Black. I instantly I felt a pull toward him. It was like he was holding me to the earth. He had a russet colored skin, dark brown, cropped hair. His grin was big and goofy. He was perfect- for me.
“Hi,” I mumbled shyly. He still didn’t wipe off that grin, even though I found it cute “Um…. Jacob?”His father, Billy, asked.
“What, yah?”Jacob asked, still staring at me”
“Would you guys like to stay for dinner?” Charlie asked.
“Sure,” Billy said.
“I’d love to.” Said Jacob cheerfully.
“Let’s go inside,” II said. Jacob smiled and grabbed my suitcase for me. I smiled to.
We got into the house and I asked Jacob to put my suitcase in my room. All of my other stuff had already been shipped here. Then Jacob came to my side and we started dinner.
“That was great!” Jacob exclaimed. I had made , with Jacob helping me when needed, steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.
“That sure was,” said Billy and Charlie simultaneously.
Jacob and I laughed. His laugh was deep, rumble, and husky. My laugh was like bells, so everyone says. That caused me to laugh harder. I looked to see if he was still watching- he was.
I turned to see Charlie and Billy looking at us like we were crazy.
* * * * *
Jacob and I started to clear the table. Charlie and Billy wandered toward the TV.
“So….” Jacob started,” why did you move here, I mean to Charlie’s house?”
I hesitated,”Um my mother d-died in a c-car accident. B-because of a d-drunk d-driver.” I choked out the last words. I felt salt water, tears coming down my face.
Jacob pulled me into a tight hug. Oddly enough I felt content there, like I never wanted to move.
I pulled back and wiped off my tears, only to be pulled back. Jacob must have thought that I was going to break down again. We stood there for who knows how long.


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Bella's house(Chapter 1):

Bella's first day in forks outfit(Chapter1):

Bella's first day of school outfit:

Bella's room:

Bella's hanging out with Jake outfit(chapter 5):

Alice's outfit for shopping(chapter 6):

Bella's going shoping outfit( Chapter 6):

 Bella's prom dress:

Alice's prom Dress:

Bella outfit in Chapter 7& 8







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chapter 1

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chapter 2

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chapter 3

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We will post more soon, but we have a paper due monday so idk what time we will....... kepp readn n reviewing plzzz :D
CHAPTER 7- Part 1

3 weeks later......

( Outfit:

" Hey Bella!"
"Hey Jake!"
"Do you want to come to my house after school today? I want to talk to you about a few things."
i found this odd, what could he possibly want to talk about? I hope it's not something bad!" Sure"
" Thanks Bella." He said grinning while walking away.First period class and last were the only class Jacob and I didn't have together. Weeks after the dance, Jacob and I have been hanging out a lot, we more chapter!!!!!!!)


As soon as the last bell rang, i ran outside after going to my locker to greet Jacob. He had been driving me to and from school lately. I loved it too.
We hoped into his rabbit and sped off to his home in La Push.(earlier in the day i asked Charlie if i could go) I had been to Jake's house a couple of times but mainly he came to my house. Every time i came i never got over the cozyness of it.

It was a 2 story , red house with an amazing rap around porch on the botem level.
My favorite part of the house was that every room had a fireplace.We walked up t0 his room and he asked...........

srry for the cliffy but i will post the rest if i get at least 7 comments!!!!
I wonder what Jake will tell her! Love it :)
love it *new reader is amazing so far and i think it will be all the way! haha please post more soon and update me

suspense!! I like it a lot

Strange Days in Forks




"we walked up to his room and asked....'

'Bella will you please be my girlfreind?'

I blushed but said' i'd love to be'. A big grin spread across his face as he picked me up and spun me around as i giggled. I was in pure bliss and i was sure he was to.

We were lying across his bed cuddling and watching a movie( after i changed) , when he said with a sigh,

"Bella there is somthing i have to tell you"

" Go ahead Jake"

" I dont know how you will react but please don't run away,"he said with pleading eyes, as he grabed my hands in his.

" I would never, ever, do that to you. Now please tell me." I said softly.

" I'm...................... a werewolf." he said turning his head.

Jacob? A werewolf? That was..... kinda cool.

I grabbed his chin and forced him to look at me. " really?"


"Thats cool, so tell me about it," i said fasinated

" So your not scared?"

"Of course not. Why would i be? I love you."His eyes poped put of it's sockets and a grin spread across his face.

" I love you to," he beamed as i blushed.

" So........ whats it like?"

" well.... i can run really fast, my temperature is like 105 or somthing like that, i heal really fast, and i can phase whenever i please."

" wow"

" yah and i have to pratrol to keep the people safe."

" from what?"

" Vampires"

What? i thought they were fake!

"Its ok i wont let anything hurt you" he said embrasing me.

I let out a sigh of relief

" also......."

" what is it Jake?"

" have you ever heard of imprinting?"

ok so what happened at the dance and didnt they decide to date when they watched movies in bellas room? anyways keep me posted


hey didnt he already ask her to be his girlfriend

other than that it is a great story


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