The Twilight Saga

Summary: Bella is again over thinking is it good choice to be with Edward or not. So she talks with Emmett a little about it and she finally brings decision to break up engagement. And from been friends with Emmett she becomes more. What will happen?





A/N: This came as idea from talking with my friend Crazy Wolf.

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 Take Another Chance
Bella found herself starring at photos and things in her room. Again she took the dreamcatcher that once Jacob gave her and she couldn't help but sigh heavily. She put it down again, it just brought back to many painful memories. Jake loving her, her loving him but not enough as Edward was her soulmate, her twin flame that kept her going but deep inside she felt empty and like she was making the wrong choice. 
She was so much lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice when Emmett came in. She jumped a little and said,"Oh, sorry. I didn't see you." He smirked playfully at her and he sat next to her and took her hand slightly. He brushed her hair behind her ear." I'm huge mess, Emmett." She blurted out out all of a sudden.
Emmett was taken a back by her words and asked," Why do you say that?" He never thought she was mess, he thought of her more as a strong person.
" Because...I don't know what I want anymore. Everybody is telling me what to do and what is good for me."  she replied as he nodded, slightly understanding how she exactly feels. That's what he felt like when he was still with Rosalie. But now they were faling apart, not close anymore.
He will break up with Rosalie tonight he won't wait until the wedding because maybe it would be too late. He looked at Bella and whispered,"You don't need to to be with him if you don't love him, Bella." He told her. 
Bella stared at Emmett for quiet moment, it was almost like she sees him for the first time." Would you mind if I asked you to stay with me tonight?" She asked him.
" No, I wouldn't. You know...I'm good in making up stories for little kids." He grinned trying to make effort to make her smile. She started laughing and said," Emmett, I am not kid." He rolled eyes at her and said," I know that!" 
As soon as she layed down next to Emmett she started to fall asleep in his arms.

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Bella is playing with fire - does she know that?

What would Edward think if he found Emmett in her room? Or Rose for that matter?

A good twist, I'm looking forward to see where you go with this.

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