The Twilight Saga

This is a Sequel to Bella's New Identity

Plot: Bella and Ben are happily married and have a daughter named Emma. Life is Perfect. Even Jake is happy as he imprinted on Emma, or so everyone thinks. But it's a lie. Emma is heart broken when she finds out. But she keeps having these strange dreams she had for year that sprung from her bed time story. Those dreams so real and she wants to find The Prince she keeps dreaming about.

In another world and time Prince Peter is dreaming of Emma and he's in love with her. He wants to find her as well. But he's not human either. He's a Greek God as well, The son of Hera and Zeus to be exact.

But a new boy Caleb is in town. Even though Emma still wants Peter she finds her self drawn to the stranger. But nothing is as it seems. She's in Danger.

What happens when Jacob attacks a boy in the woods who happens to be Peter?

Inspired by this song:

Preface: Emma's Pov:

Dreams. Sounds simple enough right? Well not in my case. Since I was 4 years old but looked like 11, I had those strange dreams for the past 5 years that sprung from a bed time story, I still remember to this day. My dad told it to me one day when I was sleepy and ever since then. I had this vivid dreams, they felt so real. They still do.It makes me wonder if it's all just in my head or if he even exists. All I know is that I need and want to find him.

Preface (Above)

Chapter 1~Bed Time Story

Chapter 2~Jealousy

Chapter 3~Pain

Chapter 4~Waking Up

Chapter 5~Heartbreak

Chapter 6~The Coronation

Chapter 7~Fight

Chapter 8~Peter's Angel

Chapter 9~The Witch

Chapter 10~It All Starts

Chapter 11~Revealed

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These Character Banners were made by Ellie:

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Chapter 4~Waking Up

Ben’s Pov:

I noticed Bella was pacing up and down with pretty much everyone else in the main house, she was so worried about Emma who was out cold on the Couch. I found her in the middle of the woods with some odd stench around.

I heard Emma whimpering and I looked down at her “Emm?” I asked worried and her eyes opened, she seemed bit disoriented at the moment and she blinked a few times “You okay?” I asked, she was out too long

She nodded a bit “I am fine...I was with Peter again” she winced a bit “It was odd, I got hurt and then I was hurt in his world as well but his mom gave me this blue wild berry liquid that started to heal me.” She said

Bella looked at me then Emma “Oh thank god, did they take care of you there?”

She nodded “Yeah, they always do.” She said “But the person who attacked me had blonde hair”

“Tanya?” Carmen asked

I shook my head “No, it can’t be her. It smelled like a totally new person. Not one we know.” I said and looked at Emma “Just rest. I hope Peter didn’t do anything....”

“He’s always worried about me dad.” Emma said cutting in

I nodded “Okay, at least he’s a gentleman then” I said and kissed her head “Rest sweetie, you’re weak.”

She nodded “Oh and I told Jake to stay away as we don’t like him for what he did to me.” She said, her voice bit weak as she was in pain still.

I nodded and rubbed her arm “I am sorry he is like this.”

“He’s a jerk” Emma said and buried her face in the pillow “I don’t know why he is like this to me. Peter was right as well as Irina, I deserve better.”

Bella kissed her hair “You do sweetie, just be glad you have someone like Peter to watch out for you, even though he’s in your dreams.” I nodded, that was a good point and it made me wonder if Peter was actually alive but maybe in another world and time maybe.

Emma sighed “I wish he was real” she muttered and she soon fell asleep again. I rubbed her back softly. I wish he was too sweetie, for your benefit. I thought to my self and  covered her up with a blanket and looked at the time. It was around 4 in the afternoon. When Emma woke up few hours later, she was hungry so Bella made her something to eat and I helped Emma sit up, her ribs were almost healed but she was still in some pain but it was nothing bad.

“Who are Peter’s parents?” Carmen asked curious as she sat beside Emma who was eating

Emma looked at Carmen and once she finished chewing “Hera and Zeus, you know the Greek Gods.” She said.

I stared at her in shock “Wow, so he’s....”

Emma nods “Yes, he’s one of them as well as a Prince.” She said “He knows what I am” she said and before we could react “He’s good, I trust him.” She said

I nodded “Well, that’s good he can be trusted.” Bella said, it was like she knew what I was thinking and wanted to say.

Emma nodded when she almost finished eating

“Is he cute?” Alice pipped in

Emma giggled a bit trying not to wince “Well if you like guys with blue eyes and blonde hair, who are tall, sweet and royal then yeah he’s cute...really cute.”

“I want to meet him.” Alice said

“Alice...” I said “There’s one issue with that request” Emma said and looked away finishing her food

“Oh yeah, he’s not here.” Alice said and pouts “Why can’t Emma like someone who is actually here?” she asked

“It’s not my fault, okay?” Emma snapped annoyed now “Do you think I want him to be just in my dreams? No I don’t. Okay.” She said and turned away and curled up once she set the plate on the table.

I looked at Alice “Way to go Alice.” I frowned and rubbed Emma’s back softly.

Alice sighed “I just...”

“Alice, just don’t.” Bella said and shook her head and sat beside Me and Emma who was still curled up. I stroked her hair and then picked her up as she fallen asleep and I carried her to her room and tucked her in.

I kissed her head softly and then walked out of her room and closed the door behind me softly not waking her up.


Emma’s Pov:

I found my self back in Peter’s world, only a few days passed in the dream world and I was outside with Peter. I had no idea what was going on, I looked around and saw he had some swords, bows and arrow there and 2 horses tied to the tree.

“Umm what’s going on?” I asked looking at Peter

“Your lessons are going on.” He said and smiled

“Lesson’s?” I said and then it hit me. He was going to teach me how to fight with swords, bows and arrows, like the royals do. Oh boy. I felt my knees shake a little

Peter chuckled “Emma, relax and just breathe” he said looking at me and put his hands on both of my shoulders rubbing them in a smoothing circle motion

“Relax? How can I relax?” I asked looking at him

He kissed my cheek softly and my cheeks blushed “Okay, I think that helped.” I muttered mostly to my self under my breath.

Peter chuckled, he must have heard but I did not dare ask “Okay horses first” he said and led me to the horses and untied them and then we got on each horse. Peter’s horse trotted off and I followed him, well tried to, My horse went in circles like crazy.

Peter chuckled and then tugged on the horse’s rains and my horse stopped and then walked in straight lines “He can be a bit cheeky but once you get used to him, you’ll be fine.”

I nodded “Thanks for that.” I said and he nodded. He slowly taught me how to handle the horse and how to ride, first slowly then slightly faster and once I got confident with the faster mode, I made my horse jump over logs and what not.

“See, you’re getting the hung of this.” Peter said as he smiled “Race you back?” he chuckled, we were by the woods, close to the castle

I nodded “Mhh, why not.” I said and he chuckled and took of with his horse so I made my horse go faster, we leaped over logs, dodged the trees while riding back to the castle and we got there about the same time.

Peter smiled “Well, that was a tie” he chuckled as we both got off the horses and my knees felt like Jelly and I fell back on my bum

Peter chuckled and he pulled me back up onto my feet “You’ll get used to the Jelly legs after a while.”

“No Kidding” I giggled and ruffled his hair as we took the horses back to the stable.

Peter chuckled and he took the bow and arrows and handed it to me “Make sure you have a firm grip and trust in the bow, if you trust in it, it will serve you well” he said. That just sounded like a riddle and I held it like he showed me “Aim for that tree.” He said nodding towards the tree in front of me. I took a few steps back so I was far from it and aimed the arrow at the tree and then released it and I got right in the middle of the tree.

“Wow, Impressive” I heard Zeus say as he was right behind me and Peter.

I turned to face him to see him running his hand in his dark hair, he was rather handsome for how old. I could see where Peter got his good looks from and he got his blonde hair and blue eyes from Hera. She was just simply beautiful. I smiled softly “Thank you Lord Zeus” I said as last time he was mad with me for calling him sir.

Peter smiled and nodded “Yes, it was.” He said planting a kiss on my forehead and smiled

Zeus smiled and nodded “You’re doing good work with her son.” He said looking at Peter and squeezed his shoulder then mine. We both nodded and then we carried on with the training.

By the end of the day I knew how to ride a horse and leap of logs. I knew how to use bow and arrow properly in a fight and some basic sword moves. I fell on my back exhausted by the lake near the castle and Peter was next to me.

He squeezed my hand and smiled “You did well today” he said

“You’re a great teacher.” I said and we entwined our fingers together and I thought about how he almost kissed me before. I Wondered if he ever would but did not want to press him on it.

Okay here are some character Banners made by Ellie :) she did an awesome Job.

This the main girl Emma, as all Cullen's even Ben go by the last name Cullen in this story

This is our Hero Peter looking his handsome self when he is older, the oldest he will get to in this story is 19 forever sort to speak

Now this is the strange boy Caleb who will appear later on in this story, he will somewhat be a big part in this one and maybe a sequel if things go to plan

Now this is Peter's father Zeus and King of the Greek Gods, He's looking rather young and handsome. Not hard to see where Peter got his good looks from in this story

Now this is Peter's lovely mother Hera and wife to Zeus, Peter looks a lot like her with his blondish hair and blue eyes

Love the pictures!!!

Can't wait to find out who Caleb is!!!

Yeah the pictures are awesome :) and don't worry he'll turn in a few chapters 

Loved the chapter! Interesting to see how she drifts between the two worlds! Was he already training her in his dreams, or did both of them start to dream at that point? She clearly did not know what was going on when she saw him with the fighting gear! Or does he have a way of knowing when to expect her in his dreams? And when will they get to that first kiss?... Can't wait to see what happens next!

PS: Is that Julian MacMahon who plays Zeus in this story? ;-) He looks very dashing and a little mysterious in that photo! And who is Caleb? Please keep on updating!

Thanks for your lovely comment :) Seeing as they are both linked they share the same dream, but it was From Emma's pov so she sucked him into this dream as she started it off. And yeah she seemed so shocked as she did not expect him to train her so early on I guess. I am not sure if he expects things to happen like they do, they dreams seem to take their natural course. They sort of just go with the flow. Their first kiss will be far away still lol. He's now nervous as Jake's still in the picture and far as Peter is cocerned he thinks Emma and Jake are some what a couple.

P.S Yes that is Julian MacMahon who is Zeus :) and Caleb is Steven Strait. He played in Sky High and Covenant and other few films I haven't seen

Great Chapter! I'm wondering about this Caleb character....

Julian McMahon... he's just dreamy in every role.

AWESOME story and cast! That is hard to find ; )

Thanks :) and what about Caleb? He will be appear soon, in the next chapter or chapter after that, not sure yet.

Yeah he is so dreamy lol. And as Seugnet said he looks dashing and mysterious in that photo

Aww thank you :) I always try and picture my cast carefully that go with the characters of the story

Awesome chapter!!

I really like how Emma goes from her world into Peter's world, and fits completely right in!

I can't wait to know more about Caleb!!

P.S. Your cast is brilliant!!

Thanks for the sweet comment Rach :)

Yeah She is awesome and it's like she belongs both in her world and in his.

Caleb will show up soon I promise

Great! I loved it. I was wondering how old is Peter? I'm too lazy to check if you said how old he is.

Peter is 3 years older then Emma so he's 14

Julian McMahon.Im inlove with him right now. :)


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