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Chapter One : Amber's P.O.V


Drip Drip Drip. The rain out side was pelting against the roof with a vengeance. Thunder rumbled and seemed to shake the house. Suddenly I hear the baby in the other room start to cry.

“No I got her” mom said to my dad. I rolled over throwing my pillow over my head. I could hear Embers loud snoring. We may be triplets but we were very different. Today was our last day here, Mom and dad wanted us to finish High school in La-Push Washington.

“EMBER BLACK” My mom yelled

“Mom I uh-” I heard. I quickly got in the closet and opened the Secret door. I hadn't told anyone about it , and when ever something was going on that my parents wanted to keep a secret about , I knew about it instantly. My brother and sister were always surprised that I knew before them. Mom and dad thought I was like aunt Alice for a while seeing the Future and everything. We found out about Vampires when we were ten and our parents had to explain why we had powers. I slid through the small hall that circled around the house. When I was young I put markers in here so I could tell where in the house I was. I finally reached Ember's room. I slid the Piece of wood away from the wall so I could see in the room. It always reminded me of Scooby doo when someones looking through the eyes. I Had to hold in my gasp. Ember was in bed with a girl. I tried to see who the girl was but it was too dark for me to see at the moment. My vision isn't as good as full vampires, but I guess you could say I would never need glasses. I slipped over down the call to Asher's Room. She was curled up in her Hammock, She said it was like having someone hold you , You could fit like 6 people in her hammock not that anyone would try tho. I walked back over to Embers room, Dad and Ember were sitting on the bed talking. Mom came rushing through the door.

“Amber’s missing” Great now there gonna be asking me where I am going. Dad jumped up and ran towards my room.

“AMBER” he yelled, I quickly ran to the front of the house and went through the escape route.

“Yeah dad” I asked

“Where were you” He asked Sternly

“Chill I was in the woods” I said He shook his head.

“Where are you always going” He asked

“No where” I said and walked into the kitchen to get me a drink. Asher Is the only one who technically likes the taste of Animal Blood, Just like out mother we can survive on both. I never tried, just the thought repulsed me.

“Are you hungry dear”

“Yeah, I could eat a cow” I said with a smile,She giggled at the thought

“they don't taste good” She replied knowing I would understand.

“Your uncle is on his way” My dad said, my mom shook her head.

“yes” I said, Uncle Emmett was my favorite by far. Me and Him wrestled, he usually won.

“Hey guys” Emmett said coming through the door.

“Uncle Emmett” I yelled and jumped at him. He smiled and hugged me.

“Good to see you too kiddo”

“Wheres my mom” My mom asked

“Shes getting abused by Alice of course” My mom nodded. Lightning struck out side.

“I love a good Rainy day” Uncle Emmett said, Ember came out of his room with the girl from last night , mom scowled at ember.

“Looks like the rain isn't the only hitting hard” Ember growled at uncle Emmett. He chuckled. I stuck my fork in the pancakes and then poked one in my mouth.

“Dang girl chew” my dad said , As he said this Asher came out of her room Stretching and yawning.

“Are you hungry baby” my mom asked. You almost couldn't tell the difference between me and Asher except our hair, Mine was long and had light brown streaks, hers was just dark brown and shorter than mine, Mine fell about half way down my body, hers just came to her shoulders. Ember was sitting on the couch playing with the girls hand and kissing it , she laughed and giggled. Mom never liked Embers Girlfriends, or one night stands. I laughed at moms Expression, she looked at me and frowned, then smiled when she saw that I was laughing at her and not Ember.

“Not really” Asher answered.

“I'm going out, ill see you later” I said to them as I shoved the last pancake in my mouth.

“How many Pancakes was that”

“mmm20mm” I said between bites. My mom shook her head. Dad stared at me strange.

“Are you getting taller” He asked

“I don't know”

“Bye” I yelled



Ember P.O.V


“I'm worried about that girl” Dad said to mom

“you don't think” mom said , dad nodded

“what are you guys talking about” I asked them still holding Mary's hand.

“Its nothing”

“But ember is too” My mom said

“Oh come on” I groaned. I rolled my eyes and then took Mary back to my room.

“Why don't you just stay baby” Mary said to me.

“I have to go babe”

“Are you sick” She asked

“No why”

“Your hot”

“Its genetics” I laughed

“Not Genetically hot silly, just your temperature.” She said smiling, I kissed her softly on the lips.

“You worry to much” I whispered, She laughed and pushed me on the bed.


Asher's P.O.V


“I don't think so Anna” I said to my best friend

“Come on, Just ask the If you can stay two days, Ill pay for your plane ticket”

“I can't I have to help my uncle Seth and Aunt Kathy, they have a new baby” She rolled her eyes

“What are you going to tell Henry about you leaving”

“I was thinking about breaking up with him actually”

“What why” She asked hurt

“Long distant relationships never work out” I said. My phone buzzed, I looked down to see a text from my Boyfriend Henry.


We need to talk – Henry

I agree – Ash

Meet me at the park around your house – Henry

be there in 5-Ash


“He wants me to meet him at the park in 5” I said to Anna

“Well go meet him, Ill talk to you later, I have to help my mom with her new boyfriends stuff anyways” I smiled



I gave her a hug and slipped on my shoes and walked down stairs.


“where are you going” my dad asked

“To see Henry”

“Why” He asked, he never liked Henry I could always tell.

“I'm breaking up with him if you must know” My dad smiled

“Gee dad dont have to look so happy”

“Sorry honey its just”

“dad I have to go” I walked out. I loved the winter it was freezing,and most people didn't notice my cold skin in the winter. I walked down the street when I got to the park I noticed him sitting on one of the swings, talking to himself. I shook my head.

“Hey Henry”

“Asher” He breathed and then smiled

“hey Henry” I sat down next to him.

“Henry, I'm leaving tomorrow” I said to him.

“I know”

“What did you want to talk about” I asked

“Asher we have been dating for three years now, and I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. We are finishing school in a year and I want you to marry me when school is over” He pulled out a ring from his pocket.

“Henry-” I began.

“You wouldn't have to worry about a job, my dads trust fund would take care of us both”

“Henry , I'm breaking up with you” I blurted out. He froze

“Why” He asked when he finally spoke

“I'm moving, long distant relationships never last” He nodded.

“Okay” He stuttered.

“Sorry” I left him sitting there on the Swing stunned.

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Chapter 4 -Mixed Feelings.



Asher's P.O.V



“Here is your table sir” The Waiter said. The restaurant was huge, White walls with gold Decoration. There was tons of people talking and full of happy cheerful chatter.

“Thank you” Harry said, Harry pulled the chair out for me and then sat down him self. Suddenly a women across the room started yelling YES at the top of her lungs, Everyone clapped, I guessed he had proposed.

“That’s nice” Harry said looking back at them


“Can I take your order” The waiter said

“Ill take the Lobster with Mash potatoes and a class of Pepsi” Harry said, the waiter turned to me and smiled

“I will take the steak with Veggies and mash potatoes”

“I like a girl that can eat” Harry said with a smile.

“then you would like my sister more” I said with a smile, He shrugged. Moments later after talking to him about all the guys around la push acting weird the past year or two, the waiter came out and gave us our plates. I was starving, I cut into the steak letting the hot spicy juices run free in my mouth.

“Is it good” Harry asked with a smile

“yes it is,thank you” We continued to eat and talk about things we liked, things we didn’t like, I was noticing that he sounded like amber a lot.

“Asher” I turned to see my aunt Alice standing there with uncle Jasper. Harry shook his head a little I wonder why he was sweating. I gave uncle Jasper and Aunt Alice a hug and then they were seated in the other room.

“Are you okay” I asked Harry.

“I'm just not feeling well” Harry said, He picked up a glass of water and took a sip. Then raised his hand and the waiter came over.

“Check please” He said to the waiter, the waiter went back to the desk and started to fumble around.

“I'm sorry, I think I need to get home, I'm Just not feeling right”

“Okay well we can do this another time” I was a little disappointed but I didn't want him to get sick or to get me sick. He paid for dinner then we walked to the car hand in hand, His hand was shaking and was really warm.

The Drive home was Quite and he kept making apologizing. I told him it was fine, When we got to the house, He didn’t even walk me to the door he just left. I thought it was really Odd. When I got inside, Aden,Simon,Ember,Duke,Joey and Chandler where sitting on the couch, Aden looked over at me ans smiled. I tried to make my smile touch but I couldn't.

“Whats wrong” He asked

“Its nothing, Just weird date is all” Aden looked Confused.

“Did something happen”Ember asked

“Want me to punch I'm Amy yelled from the kitchen.” Chandler laughed, as if Amy could ever get violent.

“No, Its just Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper came to the restaurant and then after they left Harry started to act weird, His temperature was high and he kept shaking when holding my hand, and he didn't even say good bye he just went home” Duke looked weird, like he had to be somewhere.

“Come on sis lets go get you some coffee ” Amber said

“Alright” Duke,Ember,Joey,Chandler started to head out the door. Aden walked over to me.

“It will be alright”

“Thanks” He hugged me, and it felt right. I pulled away and smiled.

“Thanks” I said with a smile. I took the cup of coffee from Amber and then headed up stairs. I could feel Aden's eyes on me.



Amber's P.O.V


I could hear Asher and Amy talking in the next room, how odd it was to see harry like that, and then Amy telling her that shes seen that with some of the guys around la push and that it eventually goes away. I laid there in bed listening to every detail until I fell asleep.




I'm standing in the forest alone. A cool fall breeze hits my face. Wind tosses me hair.

“Hello Renesmee” A cold voice says, I stared at the vampire that now stood before me.

“I'm not renesmee”

“LIES” the vampire screeched. She started to lean forward like she was going to lunge for my throat. Suddenly I notice a group of boys near the edge of the forest, Shift into a Extraordinary large wolf, I stared at the boys that have known so well, and they all attacked the Vampire.

“Run Amber” Someone yelled, I ran as fast as I could, Rushing to my house, but the blackness started to surround me, everything slowly loosing grip, as if reality was no longer an option. I fell and everything went black.


End of Dream:


I jumped up in bed with a heavy breath. I tried to slow my breathing, Suddenly all memories of my child hood came back, dad and Seth and Sam running after me and Asher when we were little. Everyone's expressions as we are being lifted up by a vampire and hauled away. I froze on my bed like that for a long period of time. I didn't know how long time had passed, but I heard my father yell I was going to be late for school. I through on some clothes and headed down stairs, my dad looked at me.

“Are you okay you don't look to good”He asked

“I..I...Um... Fine..I mean I'm fine” Everyone in the room looked at me strange, I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. I hopped in the car and drove to school, Letting one of the guys take my siblings to school. Was I not ready to find out the truth, I had been begging for someone to finally tell me the truth, in these crazy tangled Lies. I shook my head and parked in my parking space. I grabbed my bag and purse then started for the school.

“Are you Amber” A girl asked me

“yes why”

“I was wondering if you would trade me Bio partners” I looked at her strange.

“Um why” I asked confused.

“It's just my boyfriend and I would like to work together and I know that you and Simon are friend so I was hopping you would be willing to trade.” I smiled

“Sure” Her smile would have been noticeable from space.

“Thank you so so much” She said

“No problem” then she hugged me and ran off to her group of friends, I continued on my day avoiding anyone in the pack that I could. The bell rang for lunch and there was no way I was going to be able to avoid them now. I headed out of class when the same girl stopped me.

“By the way my name is Sherry” she said with a smile

“nice to meet you” I said taking her hand in mine.

“Do you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch today” She asked

“Sure” It was like it was meant to be. I followed her in the lunch room to a table of girls. I could feel the packs eyes on me as well as my sister and of course the imprints. I had remembered every detail, I remember my parents talking about the pack and imprints and kids and leaders and all that when I had my secret tunnel in the old house.
“Hey everyone this is Amber”

“Hi amber” they all said

“This is Jesse,Ashley,Cayenne,Ray, and Tina”

“hello” I said , I sat down, the girls continued with there conversation.


“And did you hear about the new guy Ember Black, hes a total hotty” I couldn’t help the laugh that came out.

“What you don’t think so” Tina asked

“Ew of course not ,hes my brother, we are triplets, Asher is our sister” There mouths dropped like 4 inches with in 2 seconds.

“Is he single” they asked

“I don’t know why don’t you go ask him, he doesn’t mind”

“nah” they all said at the same time, I smiled, I looked over to see Simon staring at me, I looked down, and sighed.

“You know Simon” Tina said

“yeah we are really good friends”

“Ahhh” ray said.

“yup” I looked back over to see all of them taking looks at me. I sighed.

“I will catch you guys later” I said

“where are you going”

“Just gotta get some things out of my locker” I said taking another look at Simon. His eyes were concerned and Caring. I rushed out of the cafeteria, I knew I was going to have to tell him I knew sooner or later, and I had next period with him, I was contemplating weather or not to ditch. The bell rung , and my time was up, I walked to class and there he was sitting in his new seat. I sighed and walked over.

“hey” He said happily, of course he was happy, he was a werewolf.

“hi” He noticed the tone in my voice.

“whats wrong” he asked. I shrugged

“don't give me that Amber” he said sternly I sighed, When I was about to talk, the teacher interrupted.

“Class today you will need your partners for the homework, Its 4 pages long and you will have to talk about Plant reproduction” Some of the girls in class giggled, I rolled my eyes. I looked down at my notebook and opened it and began to write. I was half paying attention to the teacher.

I know everything, The pack,Imprints, The legends,well some of them. I know okay, I know about Ember being part of the pack, I know Everything.


The teacher started to pass out the homework assignment. When he passed our desk I slid the notebook over, I looked over at him as he read it, His face snapped up and looked me in the eyes, we kept eye contact.


“Amber can you answer the question please” The teacher asked

“ The main differences between plant and animal eukaryotic cells are that plant cells contain cell walls, glyoxysomes and plastids, while animal cells do not.” I said still looking at Simon , I turned and looked at the teacher and smiled.

“Correct” he said and went back to what he was doing. The bell rang then, I stood up and tore the note from my Notebook and handed him the paper. Then packed my stuff up.

“we can do the homework at my place tonight, Just tell Duke I said not to put you on any patrols for at lease two hours please” He didn’t answer me. I walked out of the room and went straight to my car, and headed home.


Simon's P.O.V


“We can do the homework at my place tonight,Just tell Duke I said not to put you on any patrols for at lease two hours please” I didn't answer that, How could I answer that, In fact how could she even know. The room was empty now just me, Duke,Joey,Ember,and Chandler,Aden entered the room.

“Whats up” they asked, I handed them the piece of paper cause I still couldn’t talk.

“Didn't know you could write so neat” Joey laughed

“I didn't write it”

“Amber did” Ember said before I could, He knew his sisters well.

“Did you tell her” Chandler said, I frowned, Of course I didn't , I'm not her Imprint.

“No, I don’t know how she knows, but I'm Suppose to go over to her house for homework tonight” they all looked around.

“Good luck” Aden chuckled

“You laugh now, don’t you know sisters tell each other everything” Joey said

“She wouldn't dare” Duke said ,We all looked at each other then ran out to the parking lot to try to caught her, She was already in her car and driving away. I noticed Asher standing by Amy. Amy looked at us weird.

“Go to Amy to keep Asher away from Amber until I can talk to her” I said to the guys, I ran over to my motorcycle and got on it and took off.


Aden's P.O.V


“I don't Understand why he won't call me” Asher complained, I walked up to Amy.

“Can I talk to you for two seconds” she nodded.

“hold on” She said to Asher, We walked a little bit a ways.

“you need to keep her away from Amber for a few hours, Amber knows the secret, and we are worried Amber will tell Asher”

“Okay, why did Simon rush after her”

“To keep her from telling Amber”

“Oh, okay well me and your Soul mate will be at the house then” I glared at her.

“Don t call her that” Tho I liked it more than I should, it hurt to know I wasn't with her and it makes me hurt more to know that harry is hurting her by not breaking it off sooner.

“Fine, touchy”

“talk to you later” I headed towards Duke and Joey. Chandler was already making his way to my sister, I sighed, I wished I would have the relationship that my sister had. I knew it was only a matter of time before Asher and I could be together.


Amber's P.O.V


I walked in the door, and my parents where sitting on the couch. They looked like they were looking for an answer on my face.

“I know okay” Annabell was sitting in my moms arms.

“Know what” my mom asked innocently.

“Oh Come On” I said loudly, Annabell stirred in her arms. She gave me a disapproving look.

“You know what, How could you guys just lie to our faces all this time, you had to know we were gonna find out about the pack and imprinting eventually. “

“We didn't think you would” my dad said staring at me, My hands started to shake, I didn't know why.

“you need to calm down, Go get something to drink” my mom said, I Ignored her and went to my room. I tossed my self on my bed, I held up my hand and produced a small ball of fire, I had learned to control most of my powers when I was young, I rolled the ball of fire in my hand, until Simon burst in my room.

“Ever heard of knocking” He smirked.

“Look we have to talk before we do homework” he said, he looked at the fire in my hand.

“cool” I shrugged

“I guess, So what did you want to talk about”

“your sister doesn’t know and cant know until her imprint tells her” My mouth must have dropped.


“my sister has an imprint, who” I asked, He chuckled.

“Aden” I laughed

“what” he asked

“Its just , she always thought of him as Amy's little brother, and when she finds out, its going to shock the heck out of her”

“you cant tell her”

“fine fine, Ill keep this entire thing to my self, I’m still mad that no one told me”

“Sorry” he walked over and hugged me, I wrapped my arms around his waist and laid my head on his stomach.

“your freakishly tall” I said to him

“part of the Wolf genes” He said matter of fact.


“well lets get started on homework”



We started on our paper and decided to split it 2 papers each. I was almost finish when I heard him chuckle.


“remember that summer your family came down here and I pushed you in the mud puddle” I smiled

“yeah, I’m still mad about that too”


“what made you think about that” I asked

“Its nothing” he said ,

“Come on” I said playfully pushing his arm. He looked at me and smiled.

“Nah you don’t want to know” he said again

“Please” He pushed the hair out of his eyes.

“Okay” He leaned in, I froze at first, his lips met mine, It was a soft building kiss, I could feel myself lifting my self into his lap, his hands went to my hips, my hands found his face. His tongue made entrance in my mouth, I could feel his strong arms around me. Ember walked into the room.

“DUDE THATS MY SISTER” he yelled, I jumped off his lap and back on my bed in seconds. Simon stood up and walked out of the room and was gone. I frowned at Ember. I touched my lips lightly remembering the soft touch.



1 Week later Asher's P.O.V


Harry and I walked down the board walk in Seattle. This date was much different. More controlled more everything. I held his hand as we walked. We finally sat on the beach for a long period of time talking. This was our second date. When the date ended, he drove me home, and kissed me goodnight. I noticed to late tho that I had left my jacket in his car. I smiled, just means he will have to bring it back tomorrow.

oh DANG ! i hope aden will tell harry tht he imprinted on asher....maybe amber and simon will get ineresting!!! hahaha



ohhh,, this chapter has been exciting ;) i mean girl that kiss was passionate ;) 

i hope that Aden will tell harry that he imprinted on Asher so he could leave her alone!! 

anyway amazing chapter !! love it ., can't wait for more !! POST SOON!!

amazing i love it update soon.

:/ So many characters to keep up with.


So Aden imprinted on Asher but she's dating Harry who just became a wolf.

Ember had his girlfriend- Amy

And Amber has a thing for Simon...

Where else does Harry fit in? o_o


Loved <3

Lol Here let me help you out...


Ember - Part of the pack and isn't dating anyone and hasn't Imprinted YET. 

Asher - Has more vampire in her than Ember or Amber is the Imprint of Aden, but is dating Harry.

Amber - Unknown what Amber is at the moment concerning vamp/wolf/  But She didn't like Simon until he kissed her and that's when she realized she had a thing for Simon. 

Simon-No imprint and part of the pack

Harry- No imprint YET - part of the pack and dating Asher

Duke-Son of Sam Uley and Pack leader, also Kelsey is his imprint. 

Joey- Third in command in the pack and imprint to Violet who is Dukes sister. 



Jared-Kim - Harry(18), Chandler(17)

Seth-Kathy – Amy(16),Aden(16 Just turned 16)

Nessie-Jake -Ember(17), Amber(17),Asher(17) Annabell (Newborn)

Emily-Sam – Duke(19),Violet(16)

Clair-Quil- Brandy(4), Spencer(16), Solace(12)

Embry-Allah -Annie(13),Kelsey(18) Simon(16)

Paul-Rachel – Tammy(4) Tony(4)

Leah-Tom - Joey(17) 



Got it o_o
amazing! update soon! I love this :)


Chapter 5 – Nothings ever normal -

Ember's P.O.V


There was a light pattering of rain on the ruff. I tossed and turned, not able to sleep. It was Friday so school would be unavoidable at this point in time. I rolled over to look at my clock. 7:00 o clock I groaned and got out of bed. I walked to the bathroom in just my boxers. Thunder rolled across the land shacking the house a little. Suddenly someone bumped into me. I looked down to see a girl laying on the floor. Snip snip snip, I felt my body give way. I have felt this in the minds of some wolfs in my pack. Imprinting. I stared at the girl for a moment longer.

“Are you alright” I asked

“yes, sorry I couldn't see where I was going.” I held my hand out to her, She took it and it send a shock through my body. She let go quickly, making her self fall again, I quickly grabbed her around the waist pulling her up. Her hands rested on my bare chest. I stared into her eyes, she blushed and stepped away.

“well, I uh,should get back to Asher's room” She stumbled again almost falling as she backed away. I chuckled took her hand and lead her to the door.

“thanks” she breathed. I slowly released my hand off hers. She smiled and then slowly closed the door. I could hear her heart beat sputtering fast. I chuckled again and went into the bathroom. The light was blinding as I flipped the switch, I looked in the mirror and stared at my face. I looked different than I did a few weeks ago. I washed water over my face. I headed back in my room, I could see the light on in Asher's Room, My mind was filled with Spencer's Face. I could here their girly giggles.


Amber stepped out of her room with her hair in Curlers and in PJ, she was still mad at me for interrupting her and Simon.

“Put a damn shirt on” she said

“Still mad I see”

“yeah so” She went in the bathroom and slammed the door in my face. I shook my head and went into my room. I slipped on a shirt and jeans and headed down stairs, Asher and Spencer were eating pop tarts, I smiled at Spencer and she blushed. I chuckled and winked at her,that set her face beat red. I went to the living room and grabbed my car keys. We had a AMC Javelin , but Uncle Emmett gave me his old jeep.

“Y'all want a ride to school” I asked Asher and Spencer.

“Sure” Spencer said

“No” Asher said

“Why not” I asked

“yeah why not” Spencer asked

“Because We are catching a ride with Amber remember.”

“We can see Amber at school” Asher looked at Spencer weird.

“Okay” Asher said

“I'm going up stairs to get my purse”

“Okay” Spencer said, We watched as Asher went upstairs.

“We can't” Spencer said once she thought Asher was out of hearing rang.

“Oh but I think we can” I said stepping closer to her, She breathed heavy for a second then held her hand on the counter to keep her held up. I stepped closer to her, Only an inch from her face, I could feel her cold breath on my skin.

“But your my best friends brother” I ran my hand down her cheek. She closed her eyes at the touch, I heard Amber and Asher heading down stairs, I stepped back.

“Your right” I said blankly.

“Ready” Asher said

“see you at school amber” Spencer said , and We walked out the door and got in the car, Asher sat in the front, and Spencer right behind me. I could feel her eyes on my face, in the mirror. I wanted her more than I had ever wanted something in my entire life.


Amber's P.O.V


I pulled out some milk and chugged it down, Feeling the cold milk sipping down my throat.

“Use a cup young lady” my mom said as she rocked Annabell in her arms

“Sure sure” There was a knock on the door so I walked over to answer it. When I opened the door Harry was standing there with out a shirt. I stared at his perfect body. He didn't talk just staring at me.

“Hi” I said finally

“Your sister left her jacket in my car” I smiled

“Ill Give it to her for you”

“Okay” He was quiet now, My dad stepped in behind me and then looked at Harry's

“Come in” Harry instantly moved towards the door. I grabbed my bag and headed to school.

When I got to the school everyone was in the parking lot. I started to walk in the school when I saw Simon leaning against the school wall.

“hey” I said, he was quiet. Then he sighed.

“Hey we need to talk” I sighed, Stupid ember ruining everything.

“yes we do”

“I shouldn't have kissed you like that, it was really uncool of me” I stared at him for another minute.

“Its okay tho” I said

“no, no it..s” I silenced him with a kiss, he instantly smoothed out.

“I liked it okay” I said once I pulled away. He smiled

“Good so did I” he said, I took his face in my hands and kissed him again. He was warm not hot like the other wolfs but warm. He wrapped his arms around my waist. His soft lips against mine, I heard a throat clear, and Chandler was standing behind us.

“See you in Bio” I said softly , He chuckled and kissed me once more. I walked a way. I noticed Simon's face go serious before I went through the door.

School went by fast, Simon skipped lunch and Biology. I noticed neither where the other guys. I walked to my car to see Simon leaning against my car with a smirk on his face.

“Where were you” I asked seriously.

“I had some vamp business I had to take care of”

“Oh” He pulled me into his arms and kissed me instantly. My arms wrapped around his neck and he lifted me off the ground.

“PDA y’all” Spencer giggled, as her Asher and Ember walked to his car. I laughed.

“Need a ride” I asked him.

“Sure” He looked over at Aden who had caught a ride with Duke this morning.

“Aden, Ride my bike back to Amber's house will you” He asked

“Yeah man” Simon tossed his keys to Aden and then kissed me one more time. I handed him my keys and he smiled.

“how was school” he asked, holding my hand while driving.

“It was school” I said staring out the window, I kept thinking how Harry was staring at me.

“Are you okay” Simon asked, looking at me

“Yea” I said instantly , He smiled, We reached my house to find everyone already there.

“How was school kids” my mom asked

“I'm just glad its Friday” I said plopping on the couch. My dad was looking at me weird.

“what” I asked

“you look different is all”

“that's funny my teacher said the same thing” I said mussing what they could possibly mean.



Ember's P.O.V


I decided to go for a walk on the beach. I was sitting there thinking how strange life had gotten. Asher still not knowing about werewolf's was making it hard to be around her. Not to mention I Imprinted on her best friend Spencer. I sighed , such a complicated life I thought. Harry imprinted on Amber but Amber is seeing Simon. I laughed the irony of it all was funny, just a few weeks ago Aden imprinted on Asher but Asher is seeing Harry. This could get interesting I thought. I was watching the waves, my thoughts kept getting redirected to a mental picture of Spencer's face.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I heard a voice say, I looked over to see Kelsey,Dukes Imprint walking towards me.

“Just thinking”

“About “

“How crazy our lives are”

“Sooner or later things will smooth out” she said as she plopped down on the sand.

“I guess” I said still looking at the waves

“Where is duke” I asked after a long period of silence.

“I don't know actually” She mussed.

“Probably with the guys in the woods, you know how you wolfs are, always running around” I smiled


“I only wish I could be half the imprint his mom is to his dad” She said looking out towards the water.

“I'm sure you are Kels.” She laughed

“Nah, I don't cook and clean, and I'm not smart” I chuckled.

“You do know your the one who got your brother Simon into trouble.” She laughed.

“that summer was really fun” I smiled

“I can't believe harry imprinted on her”

“On who” I asked

“On your sister Amber” I was shocked

“He imprinted on my sister” I half yelled

“Oh no you didn't know” She shook her head.

“Stupid stupid, I thought you knew” I calmed down.

“Its okay, Kels, I promise I'm not going to phase” She sat back down. I sat there Quietly for a long period of time. Then Chuckled.

“Whats so funny” She asked

“Want to know something everyone else doesn't know” I asked, She smiled, I knew her Weakness for rumors.

“Tell me” She said

“I imprinted” She squealed.

“On who” She asked Parents

“Spencer” She Squealed louder. Suddenly Duke came out of the woods.

“And what is going on here” Duke said with a laugh

“Nothing” Kelsey said , Jumping up and into his arms. He twirled her and gave her a kiss.

“We need to get to the house” he said to her.


“bye ember” I waved.

“Oh, wait” I turned and looked at them.

“Does she know” Kelsey asked me

“Not yet” Kelsey laughed. And clapped her hands, Duke raised an eyebrow with confusion.

“Kelsey let him in on it while your walking away” She pulled dukes arm and instantly started talking, I could hear his loud laughing down the beach. I laid my head back into the sand, when I looked up it was Spencer.


“hey” I breathed

“ Watcha doing” she asked sitting next to me.

“Just watching the ocean” She smiled and laid her head on her knee's.

“Its beautiful this time of day” she said

“yeah” The sun was just setting over the water. I looked over at Spencer, the way the sun was playing on her skin was beautiful. She looked over at me and smiled.


“You beautiful, has anyone ever told you that” she smiled

“not in that tone they didn't”

“SPENCER” someone yelled, Two girls running down the beach towards us.

“I gotta go” I told her, she looked sad for a little bit.

“okay” she whispered.

“See you tomorrow” I leaned in and kissed her cheek. Her heart picked up pace. I chuckled and ran towards my house.


Ashers P.O.V


I was standing in the kitchen with the phone in my hand, making cookies for the guys. Aden was sitting on the couch with Joey and Duke. I had called Harry 74 times, and he wasn't answering. He avoided me all day at school,what was up with this kid. I groaned.

“Are you okay” A low voice said, I whirled to find Aden leaning against the counter top.

“Um..Yeah I'm Alright” he could tell I was lying, but I could see he wasn't going to press either.

“I'm fine really” I said , He came over to me and hugged me. I locked my arms around his body. Hugging Aden felt so right, it was like the feeling of being home, on a warm summers day. He smelled like the woods and Lilac. He kissed my forehead and then stepped away.

“It will be okay” he said , I smiled

“thanks” He smiled and then went back in the living room. I wondered around the kitchen, baking things trying to get stuff off my mind. I set the cookies, and the ham , and biscuits on the table.

“foods ready” Everyone joined the table and dug in. I laughed and then headed up stairs. Annabell was crawling on the floor next to my mom.

“Hi honey” she said as she played with our baby sister.

“Hi mom” I said sitting next to them.

“and what are you doing” she asked

“Nothing, Bored, harry wont answer my phone calls”

“he will soon honey give him time” I sighed. Annabell giggled

“pack” She yelled

“what” my mom and me said

“Pack” she yelled again.

“Why does she keep saying Pack” I asked, my mom looked confused.

“umm, I dont know”

“Pack” she yelled again, suddenly the doorway was full of people, Duke,Joey,Aden,My dad.

“Pack” she said again with a giggle.

“maybe she heard someone say pack of gum earlier,” Aden said I thought about it , why did it seem like everyone was hiding something. I stood up and looked at everyone and then went to my room to think about it .


Spencer's P.O.V


“Who was that” Hayden asked

“Just a guy I know”

“Are you going to go out with him” Jan asked

“I don't know” the tingling from his lips lingered on my cheek. I touched my cheek and kept walking with my friends. I thought about ember the entire time. He was cute definitely but he was my best-friends brother. I'm not sure if Asher or Amber would like me dating their brother.

“Are you paying attention”Hayden asked

“what , uh yeah”

“What are you doing for spring break” they asked

“Probably doing stupid family reunion things” I said with a sigh.

“SPENCER” I heard a yell, I looked over to see my mom Clair standing at the top of the hill waving for me to come over there.

“Gotta go , ill talk to you later” I gave them both a hug and headed up to see my mom.












i loved it i was confused at the begining but i got it now
this is sooo good izzy!!! :) excited !
Update soon! :D


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