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You all be twilight fans...But the most of yours like Rodert....I prefere Taylor beause is so cute and hot...Also i delieve that if taylor played eduard all the girls would love him...!

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Taylor is soooo much better, he actually washes his hair unlike robert!!! yea robert looks good in the movie and taylor looks a little weird with the wig but in real life Taylor is SMOKING!!!!
no way Taylor looks really sexy with long hair!!!!!
im more of a team Edward but i think that tayor is a better actor and hotter (with out the wig)
TAYLOR ...duh
Taylor lautner of course!
taylor of course!
"ya know i've never had a dog,"- bella swan to jacob black
rodert in the movie is sexy . dut i don't like him in the real life........... taylor is better
for real fans......!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor Lautner omj how can u not!:
1) cute
Taylor of coarse. he's way hotter and cuter than Robert. but he's not allowed to date! THAT IS MESSED UP! he's also a great kisser. this singer named Cassi Thomson got to kiss him.

he's very talented!
he has an amazing voice,great body,cute face,perfect teeth,he's an great actor,he's got a good personality and very neat to look at unlike robert pattinson.No offense to robert's fans im just saying my opinion.*laughs*
i like Taylor better cuz, he's soooo cute/hot/good looking, etc. :P
he is definately friendlier, & he can actually answer questions in interveiws without avoiding the question, mumbling or not answer the question at all & covering by running his hands through his hair like Robert!
but i have to admit Roberts accent is so sexy!
i don't think that i could picture Taylor as Edward though, Robert is better for Edward & Taylor is better for Jacob, that's just the way it is. ;)


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