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This has been in my head for a couple of days now and i want to write it!

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the song that inspired me to write this fanfic! that is why it is named after it! Song: Tears Of An Angel!

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine, well except the ones I may make up. The rights to them are Stephenie Meyer.

Jup Then Fall: sequel to Tears Of An Angel
Link: :

Summery: edward has left bella over 100 years ago!! ( takes place after new moon) she lives with a vampire family. she is the sister of Lee, Steph, Crystal, and Tabitha. The 'father' of the family is Aaron. The cullens all think bella got old and died of old age. They kept edward hostage and locked him in his room so he can't go kill him self. They decide to go back to forks scince every one died. When they move, they soon find out thier is another family ,that is vampires, that live their. Is it bella's vampire family... or will edward never find bella again! What if he came back 100 years later?

Preface: i stil don't understand the reason. It never will make sence to me. After all these years I finaly can say i am happy. Though i get nervous when he needs to leave, i do trust that he will stay. My heart is now fixed, not in the state it was in when he left. I am not hurting every one, but only one. he is my best friend and i feel like i hurt him. i need to make it right, but some how i can't. i feel like i am in one of those dreams where u are running but you can't run fast enough. I can't chatch him to make it better, but some how i will. The only question is if i can fix one with out hurting the other...

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thank you! i really enjoy writting this...i hope i can put up another chapter soon! why dose school have to get int he way for things?
I absolutly LOVED your story !! I can't wait to start reading the sequel.. =)
that was awesome plz continue to write
Love this story


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