The Twilight Saga

Summary: Bella swan (18) is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Jacob Black. Bella is drowning in fear, telling anybody is not an option. Her best friend and cousin; Alice, comes down to visit. She brings her boyfriend Jasper, his sister and her friend Rosalie, Rosalie boyfriend Emmett and his brother Edward. Alice -who had lived in Forks since she was ten- gets re-attached to her hometown. She is ridiculously enthusiastic and moves in with Bella, encouraging her friends to get there own place in Forks as well.
 Meanwhile, Bella is just giddy to surrounded by so many friends, but she still has to face Jacob. One day she becomes suicidal, and Edward is the one to stop her before she does anything reckless. Edward thinks he fell in love with Bella, but he already has a girlfriend. Bella wants to be with Edward but she unwillingly has to stay with Jacob.
So what will happen? 

 This was really a spur-of-the-moment idea. So, having any editor and someone that would be able to help me would be wonderful. If you want to just tell me about your writing abilities, give me the link(s) to any fan fictions you have written, and honestly tell me how much free-time you have to work!

 I balled up in a corner, cluttered with books. I was shaking violently. His face was more enraged then ever. I never thought that this how I
would die.
 Edward! Edward! I need you!
 I was screeching in my head. I decided, as long as I'm here, and since
this will be the last thing I breathe, I wanted answers even if I was
the only one to hear them. I gulped at that thought.
 "Why?" My voice cracked, and it was barely a whisper. I was surprised he even heard me. He halted his attack. "WHAT?"
 "Tell me why." I whispered.


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Firstttt yes it is. end of story;)
second: awh thanks! Id love to be your editor!
thirdly:thank you:)
So I'll send you the chapter once its finished, then I'll tell you from there in the message!
okay!! :D
hope you update soon!

Sorry for not updating!
School is starting!

I will update soon!
love it! cant wait for more

its really good =D
love it i just finished dthe two chaps u have and i love it plz more soon
NEW READER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plz send me d updates..............i lyk d story.....
if u wanna read my ff.
here's d link
Sorry its late!
School is a little difficult! I'm gonna update again tomorrow!

Chapter Two:

"Hey Jake." I struggled to keep my voice light. He sighed, frustrated on the other end.
"You at school?" He guessed.
"Yes." I peeped, my throat narrowing in fear.
"Get over here, NOW." I wasn't at all surprised by the aggravation in his tone.
I nodded to myself, and slapped the phone shut.

I went as slow as possible to Jake's house. Of course that would backfire in the end.

"I knew you were with some other guy!" He exploded as I walked in.
"What?" I asked, so appalled it came out sounding like shrieking.I immediately cringed away from the glint in his eyes dark eyes that all but spelled rage.
The swooshed as I slammed against the wall, and sank on the ground.
So many different pains at once; I could fell the blood boil and well up in my arm, effectively bruising it. And a more malicious, sharp pain in my cheekbones. Duller searing on banding around my ankle.

Then there was a swift slash of pain at the edge of jaw, where he had just punched me. I screamed, thrashing my legs around uselessly.
I jerked around for another hour until I manged to gasp. "I need to see my cousin. I I'm not there, Charlie will know somethings up."
His eyes softened.
"Bella...I'm sorry." He chocked out, looking over my injuries. I could never doubt the sincerity in his voice, for some reason. I stayed up half the night thinking, and I decided he was honest and just needed help.
Of course that was all forgotten when he was beating me to the death.
I felt his fingers wrap around my wrist as I turned to leave.

"I really am." Tears were in his eyes, I looked at him in shock.
"I don't know whats wrong with me." He said said quietly as a tear streamed down his cheek.
I was gaping openly at him. We barely talked, now. He would just accuse me of something and hit me.
He had never confessed something like this. We used to be so close when we meant. But it had been months....

I had the oddest urge to comfort him. Of course, only I would comfort the psycho.

I know its like super-short, but I'm writing more tomorrow.
Does anyone else feel bad for Jake? I do! I was almost crying writing this!
No worries, things work out with him...much later!
Aw, no comments?!
I know he really worthy of her comfort, just wait till later on!


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