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Chapter One


Working in a book store has been Bella-Rose's dream job since the first time she laid eyes on a book. She's read everything that's ever been written about fantasy or fiction and now is surrounded by them. Every morning she wakes with a smile on her face and a skip in her step.


Living around the corner from Barney's Bookstore is an added bonus but to be able to touch them, to have them in her sights is that much better. The owner was delighted when Bella-Rose put in an application and without further a due hired her on the spot. They'd had trouble keeping employees after a week of working. For reasons unknown to the owner his past employees have up and left without warning or sometimes just disappeared.  But fortunately none of this matter to her, she was greatful for the oppurtunity to work there.


Bella-Rose stayed late most night to lock up and to be able to spend more time there but on her second night there, strange things started happening. Not unusual for a bookstore but definitely something that would catch your attention.


She'd be sitting in a corner, reading one of her many favorite books, of course it would be one that she'd already read and out of the corner of her eye she'd see something flash past her vision. It was shaped like the character in the book she was reading, the one that would be talking at that exact moment. And thinking to herself, she laughed out loud that she was far deeper into the novel than she'd thought. Shaking her head, she'd dive back into it and try not to be pulled into it again.  Little did that work, though.  But reading the words made her feel as if she stood next to the person speaking and seeing everything being played out in front of her. Her dreams being brought to life in the form of words.


But her life was no fairytale, she had bills that were due and her car that needed fixing. And then her love life, oh yeah that didn't exist, well that's one less thing to worry about. Honestly how many twenty-three year old women do you know that have never once had a boyfriend or even a boy as a friend before? Well, you can say you know one now.


The perfect man will come in one night and sweep her off her feet this is what she believes but that's a fairytale as well and something that will never happen. Or so she thinks.


Looking outside she sees that the sun has set and knows it's time to lock up. Walking through the rows she makes sure no one is left inside then makes her way to the front, turning off lights as she goes. With her back against the front door, she waves a quick good-bye to her love for reading, promises to pick up where she left off and steps outside into the cool nights air. Pulling the door shut securely behind her and locking it up tight.


The night so far has been delightful with a cool but comfortable breeze and just the thought of having to cover up with a coat makes Bella-Rose eager to get home. Her apartment is small with enough room for one person to feel right at home. Oh and what makes it perfect is it's on the top floor so she has access to the roof to be able to enjoy the lights of the city. It would make a romantic spot but romance is far to over rated. Plus this is where she'll bring her mystery man when she meets him and she couldn't share it with anyone else.


Although the work day is over, Bella-Rose's evening it's yet. Her friends who you've probably already guess are female have planned an evening out. They are destined to bring her out of her fantasy life and back into reality. The plan is to get Bella-Rose all dolled up and looking like a woman instead of someone that works at a bookstore and take her out on the town. Show her off to every male there is and then pick through them to find her the right man. That is the plan now lets see if it pans out.


Once inside her apartment Bella-Rose hangs her coat and heads straight for the shower. She knows already what her friends have planned but with a simple shrug, goes along with it anyway.


Dropping clothes here and there, she climbs into the warm water and allows her mind to take over. Dreaming back to the last chapter she read and visualizing the male character there with her. His hands scrubbing body wash on her back, kneading and relaxing her nerves. Strong arms wrap themselves around her waist and feeling the warmth against her back.


Leaning her head back she can almost feel his chest, his breathing of slow rhythmical movements. The feel of his muscles tighten against her back causes her stomach to quiver. Scared to look up, she closes her eyes and lets her fantasy man touch her in places that she's never been touched before.


Bella-Rose!” Carrie-Ann called out. “Please tell me you're almost done and that you haven't been in there daydreaming again.” She suppressed a laugh.


Maybe I've taken this a little too far.” Bella-Rose whispers to herself. Because this time actually felt like he was here with her. She could feel his hands, his warmth. Geez maybe she really does need to get out more. And maybe just maybe living your life through books is not the way to go. Okay that's a complete lie, one she doesn't believe at all.  But the convincing part was a good try.


At that moment she turned off the shower and stepped out, grabbing a towel on her way. Passing the living room she saw Carrie-Ann, Sara and Mandy all sitting waiting for her. Blushing she moved quicker to her room, drying off in a hast and pulling the only dress she owned out of her closet. The dress was a quick impulse buy, you know the kind. It's drop dead gorgeous when it hung in the stores window and you absolutely had to have it knowing it would look perfect on you. Well that's the one she's holding now.


It's green, dark enough to look black but the right green to match her eyes. And it's backless just enough to show off her birthmark of the rose she's carried with her all her life. At five-three it hangs low enough to cover but short enough to see. If that makes sense.


Slipping into it quickly, Bella-Rose pulls the matching shoes and rushes back to the bathroom to brush out her curly red hair. It hangs down to mid back and is something most girls would die for but Bella-Rose is not sharing her secret for that. It's something you'll have to wait to find out about.


Oh Bella-Rose, I knew you could look like a woman. Oooo...we're going to have so much fun.” Sara said jokingly. Standing up with the rest of them, they all made their way to the door and left.


Leaving behind her fantasy life, Bella-Rose sighed and locked up. Walking quickly but lady like to catch up with the rest and find out what the plans were. Already secretly knowing of course but whatever. Right?


The taxi ride to the all night club is better off not mentioning. Just imagine if you will four grown women, all dressed up for the night and all managing to fit in the back seat. Yeah disaster. But they made it there in one piece or several. Depends on how you look at it and from who's angle.


Fangtasy was the name and Bella-Rose thought it sounded strange enough and wasn't sure if they should go in or if it was safer outside. Remember she reads a lot of fiction novels and a lot of them have bars or clubs named similar to this. Especially the vampire novels she reads.


Come on. Carrie-Ann knows the bouncer and she can get us all in but we have to go now.” Mandy said, pulling Bella-Rose's arm and pulling her out of her revere.


The inside was yet another reminder of the vampire novels Bella-Rose had read. It was pitch dark inside and a lot of the crowd wore these fang things that honestly in her opinion made them look stupid. And low and behold she burst out laughing, just the sight of so many wearing them was hilarious.


In the middle of the dance floor is where they found themselves. Carrie-Ann, Sara and Mandy were all dancing a strange and exotic way that made Bella-Rose laugh even harder. That is until someone came up behind her, wrapping their strong warm arms around her waist and turned her around.


He was hard to see, his face she couldn't quiet make out but his eyes shone off the few lights that lit up the club. And just the sight of them scared her enough to stop laughing and back away.


I've met you somewhere before, haven't I?” He asked, bending closer to her. Wearing fangs like most others made his words slither out.


At first she thought of laughing just to calm her panic but the light that flashed beside them gleamed off his fangs and she knew they were real. Jumping out of his hold without a word being said, Bella-Rose made a bee line for her friends, leaving him where he stood.


This man, he was the same as the character in the book she had read at the store that evening. But for him to be real, she thought, he can't be.  It's not possible.  Is it?

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wow wow wow this story is just increadable post more real soon plz
Suzanne, wow thanks a lot. I'll be sure to continue writing this, it's a new favorite of mine.
You are much to kind and thank you so much, B!!
loved it...Is "Bella-Rose " only one person?? Loved this
Bella-Rose is just one person. And thanks for reading, daZzLEr priNcesS!
i loved it!!!
Okay Heather that was absolutely amazing. I love how descriptive it was and the plot is so explosive it just grabs you and pulls you right in. I have to say I was sorry to see that chapter come to an end because if I had your book I would have finished it from start to finish NO PRESSURE. I am so excited to see what happens next and to see if all of this is real or just her imagination projecting from a book. I love it Heather!!! Okay I hope you are doing well and I am anxiously looking for your next post.
Love & Hugs
You know to tell you the truth this idea just popped into my head while I was writing last night. I thought it would be a fun story to write and one that would hopefully captivate my readers. I'm so happy to see that it's already pulled you in and I have to admit if I or should I say when I complete this I'll be reading it over again from start to finish. It's even something my husband said he'd read, that's got to mean something.
I'm doing a lot better even though the news I received yesturday was not good. But writing helps once I find something to write about that peaks my interest, like this story.
Thank you so much Sarah.
Love you both,
Thanks semina cullen! I'm glad.
Love itt ! Plz update me if you can ! :)
Thank you so much Bianca <3:)!! And I've excepted your friend request so I can keep you updated.
Thanks . Excited for more of the story !


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