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The Battle Scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie

Hi guys,

I would like to know what you were feeling when the battle scene went ahead? I was very upset at the thought of The Cullens and the Wolves all perishing and was very releaved at the end to see it was Alice showing Aro what "could be".

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I thought that the scene was very very well done.  Based on the trailer and some comments by the actors I had a theory that there would be a fight scene and it would be Alice's vision.  However, I thought it would be when Alice first gets the vision, and so when that didn't happen I basically forgot my own theory (lol) and was watching the fight scene wide-eyed and was so relieved when it was a vision (and then shortly after that felt stupid for forgetting my own theory, hehe).  

I felt like the movie, and more specifically this scene, explained the book.  I do not like BD at all, and I still don't like it, but I feel like the movie helped to explain what Meyers wasn't able to tell us due to being limited by Bella's pov. (I personally think she should have had the third part of BD be in Edward's pov instead of going back to Bella and then we could have gotten this scene and we could have gone without the complete waste of time which was Bella getting the IDs for Nessie and Jacob.  Edward knew Bella was up to something and that is all we needed to know.  Edward's pov would have been awesome!!)  

I didn't read BD before going to the cinema, so I had no theory's or expectations how it would be. I preferred it that way as I didn't want to be comparing until after I had see the movie and read the book.

I felt the battle scenes were fantastic and I'm glad I didn't wait until it came out on dvd to watch it, small screen doesn't do it justice.

I felt very upset at the thought they were all being destroyed and was almost in tears when I saw what happened to the Wolves (I' LOVE all wolves)  But I laughed to myself whe it turned out it was Alice's vision. Aro's face was a picture, as brave and undescructable as he thinks himself to be----there was a flash of fear on his face.

The scene with Jacob (in wolf form) taking off with Nessie was fantastic, kept me on the edge of my seat.


What did you think of the book after seeing the movie? 

When I watched the battle scene in BD part 2 I was shocked horrified and confused.

When Alice revealed to just be a vision of "what could be" I was so relived.

One major flaw though, how the hades could Alice see the Wolves and Renesmee and the whole rest of the battle scene if she is unable to see any future affected or containing the wolves/ Renesmee?

This is similar to later in the film when Alice has a vision of Renesmee as an adult with Jacob on first beach.

Of course we know that Alice can see neither Jake or Nessie so that is another flaw in the film.


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