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Just saw that there isn't a lot of covens on here, and thought I'd give this a try.





Age:unkown, looks 19


Role:Is leader of the coven.

Personality:A true gentlemen when he wants to be. Is quite and antisocial. It takes a lot just to get a full sentance out of him.

Image:Tall, lean, muscled, red eyes, brown chin lentgh hair, handsome.


Name: Keira Hazel

Age: middle-aged for a vamp, looks 17

Gender: Female

Role: Second to Alexander

Personality: watchful, always alert, refuses to be without a bow and arrows on her back, protective of Alexander for some reason she hasn't quite figured out yet

Extra: She's been with Alexander for all of her immortal life that she can remember



Name: Blake Hazel

Age: middle-aged for a vamp, looks 18

Gender: Male

Role: Keira's brother

Personality: rarely leaves his sister's side, kinda shy but with a temper if Keira's threatened and/or hurt at all, and in any way.

Extra: he's actually her younger than Keira, but was changed two years after she was (so he was 16 when she was changed)

Image: (gold eyes & hair)


Name:Skyler Moon

Age:middle-aged for a vamp, looks 17


Role:Alexander's sister

Personality:Quit but deadly, specilizes in martial arts, and weapons protective over her friends and family, loyal and has a pet farret named mo-mo,

Extra:she's able to tell your whole life when she touches you just once

Looks:tall, brown skinned, long brown hair, red eyes, and beautiful


*Just follow the same form I filled out to join! Thank you!*







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Keira: I brightened at whatever form of joy I saw light his face, and didn't bother trying to hide it. My steps were lighter, I was ever quieter. I wondered if he'd notice, but doubted he paid that kind of attention to anyone, so I slapped the half-hope away.


Peeta: I grined wide. "I smell a bear."

Alexander silently studied her, slight curiosity as he stared at her openly. He shook his head slightly, his face masking back over before walking in the direction he'd already smelt the bear.

Keira: I jumped again when I noticed him staring, then cursed myself for being so obvious. Stupid, stupid! I chided myself. "I'm gonna head back. Have fun, guys." I raced to the house before either of them replied.

Alexander gave a long sigh and gestured to continue the hunt. "Shall we, or should we follow her?"

Blake: "You can follow her if you want, but I know she won't want to talk to me, at least not right now." I shrugged. "She doesn't usually tell me until she's calmed down enough not to punch me by reflex."

i gtg DX l8rz :P

Alexander frowned and motioned for him to continue on the hunt. "Go ahead and feed. I'll speak with her." He could handle it if she tried to punch him. He was older and strong enough. He hurried back to the house and opened the door, his eyebrow raised. "What's wrong?"

Keira: "Surprised you came," I answered honestly. he didn't seem like the comforting type. Or whatever he was doing. "I - um - kind of . . . embarassed myself . . . " If I still could have, I knew I'd be blushing, even though i wasn't normally shy.

Alexander frowned and shrugged. "With all honesty I don't know why I followed." He sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. "What bothering ya anyway? I might look hard on the outside, but I actually do care what you guys are feeling."

Keira: Again, I would have blushed -- which was so unlike me. "Sorry," I muttered quietly. "I didn't mean it that way." I sighed, trying to figure out how to word what I wanted to say, then just decided to wing it. "It's just -- you never let anybody in. I've tried to get to you before, but you won't tell me what's wrong. I guess I just unconciously expected it to be the same when it came to you trying to talk to people. If that makes sense." I bit my lip. Why did I feel the need to explain myself like that?

Alexander looked at her with a blank expression before running his brown hair. "You'd like to know why I preferr to keep my thoughts and emotions hidden?" He raised a eyebrown then rubbed his face, looking tired for the first time in centurys.

Keira: I nodded a little sheepishly. "Yes," I answered, then quickly added, "But you don't have to tell me, you don't owe me anything."


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