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Just saw that there isn't a lot of covens on here, and thought I'd give this a try.





Age:unkown, looks 19


Role:Is leader of the coven.

Personality:A true gentlemen when he wants to be. Is quite and antisocial. It takes a lot just to get a full sentance out of him.

Image:Tall, lean, muscled, red eyes, brown chin lentgh hair, handsome.


Name: Keira Hazel

Age: middle-aged for a vamp, looks 17

Gender: Female

Role: Second to Alexander

Personality: watchful, always alert, refuses to be without a bow and arrows on her back, protective of Alexander for some reason she hasn't quite figured out yet

Extra: She's been with Alexander for all of her immortal life that she can remember



Name: Blake Hazel

Age: middle-aged for a vamp, looks 18

Gender: Male

Role: Keira's brother

Personality: rarely leaves his sister's side, kinda shy but with a temper if Keira's threatened and/or hurt at all, and in any way.

Extra: he's actually her younger than Keira, but was changed two years after she was (so he was 16 when she was changed)

Image: (gold eyes & hair)


Name:Skyler Moon

Age:middle-aged for a vamp, looks 17


Role:Alexander's sister

Personality:Quit but deadly, specilizes in martial arts, and weapons protective over her friends and family, loyal and has a pet farret named mo-mo,

Extra:she's able to tell your whole life when she touches you just once

Looks:tall, brown skinned, long brown hair, red eyes, and beautiful


*Just follow the same form I filled out to join! Thank you!*







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Alexander gave a soft smile and shook his head. "And if the answer was I just don't want to appear weak?" He raised an eyebrow, cuiros.

Keira: I smiled, I coudln't help it. "I know exactly how you feel. I had to be the same way when I was human. Guess I just didn't recognize it because i know I can wear my heart on my sleeve around here. Well, 99% of the time."

Alexander tilted his head, staring at her curiosly. "And what is the last 1% that you can't show?" His red eyes stared into her own and he ran a hand through his messy brown hair.

Keira: I tensed. "Um . . . it has something to do with why I left the woods . . . " I couldn't decide if I wanted to tell him or not. Five seconds ago I'd been ready to kiss him, which surprised me somewhat, but now I was warring with my need to protect my heart and the instinct that I knew, at the very least, he'd be nice about denying me.

"That would be?" He said patiently, taking a cup from the cuboard and pouring himself some Pepsi, the only human drink he actually liked.

Keira: I sighed, pulled my legs up to my chest and held them there with one one hand locked around my wrist. "Okay. After you joined us in the woods and I asked if you wanted to join our hunting trip, I say some kind of . . . happiness in your eyes. I don't see it very much, so it made me happy, too. Then I saw you staring at me, and I don't know, for some reason I felt like you'd caught me doing something embarassing. I don't think I've ever seen you stare at someone before." I forced myself to look at him, waiting for a response, then added, "I guess I'm not accustomed to you noticing my moods, or not showing that you notice." I shrugged one shoulder.

Alexander grabbed a chair with one hand and turned it to where he was facing her. He tilted his head and took a sip of his Pepsi before answering, "I never thought any of you cared if I noticed or not. I do, though, just not as noticable as I had in the woods. Why does this bother you?" It was the most he's ever really said in years, and speaking several sentances felt weird to him.

Keira: "Why does it bother me? For my entire immortal life, you've barely smiled, laughed, anything like that. I see you upset and trying to hide all the time, and you never let anybody in! I've been trying my hardest to get you to open up and talk to me, but you won't. Alex, don't you know I'm not going anywhere?"

All emotion vanished from Alexander's eyes, a habit he had when he was thinking. He kept his voice calm as he said, "I've no idea still why you, or others would actually care?" He took another drink of his Pepsi, but still watched her over the rim.

Keira: I was standing in less then a millisecond. I couldn't keep from yelling. "This is what I'm talking about! Someone tries to get close to you and show that they're here, and all you do is pull away!" After taking an unnecessary deep breath to calm myself a little, I continued. "And I don't know about anyone else, but I care because you are my only family after my brother. When I couldn't go hime because I was afraid of killing my parents and Blake, you were the only one I had. I probably would've died if you hadn't been around." I crossed my arms over my chest. "And if you didn't want me to stay you should've told me a couple centuries ago."

"I want you to stay..." He trailed off and sat the Pepsi on the table. "But it's because of my kind that you're a vampire. I'm a pure blooded one to." His voice became hard, somthing that always happened when speaking of them. "My parents were vampires, did I ever tell you that? No proably not." He ran a hand through his hair, and looked at her with pure red eyes. "My father taught me emotions were a weakness. My apologies if I'm a ice hearted PureBlood." He stood as well, facing her a moment before turning to the living room. He hesitated, then stopped with a shy, and did somthing he hadn't done since his mother was staked, he hugged her. It was stiffly though, but it was a start. "I really am sorry."

Keira: I held him tight. "They're only a weakness if they get in the way of you know is right, okay?" I looked up at him, probably a good foot taller than me -- I was short. "And nobody thinks you're ice-hearted. Well, no one that knows you like I do. And I'm sorry. I had no idea about your life before I showed up. I should've asked." I reached up on tip-toe to kiss his cheek. "But nobody's going to expect you to wear your heart on your sleeve, just in case you're wondering."


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