The Twilight Saga

The blind side of love 

A Twilight Fanfiction

By: Zaicha The Vampire Goddess




You don’t have to see the one you love to know that it's the one.

I'm Edward Mason and this is my love story:

Who said that you have to see the one you love to that she’s the one? I can’t say that exactly because I’ve been blind since I was 10 years old. Ever since then I’ve been living in the dark, but as the years passed I had learned to cope with my incapacity. Is been hard and sometimes I thought that it was unfair but who said that life is fair?

I’m almost 18 years old my twin sister Alice is my best friend; we are both on our way to college. She had dedicated every minute of her life to take care of me. She’s the best friend or sister that anyone could ask for and I love her a lot. Sometimes I wished that she had a boyfriend; she has a few friends but I know that she hasn’t gone on a date in a long time, she had cared too much for me.

My mother, what can I say about my dear mother Esme, she has also dedicated her life to take care of me and Alice. She’s been a widow since my father died in the car accident in wich I lost my vision. It was caused by a drunk driver; my father died instantly. Since then I had to learn to live without eyes; I had learned to see with my other senses. It wasn’t easy but that was the way I have to live.

I refuge myself in music, I relearned to play the piano and a few years ago I started composing music. Next fall Alice and I will be entering college, mom didn’t want me to enroll but I convinced her. She’s a bit overprotective but I love her anyway.

 I have to say that I’ve never fell in love. Let’s face it, who will want a boyfriend who can’t see? Alice says that we will find love together, I laugh every time she says that. Maybe for her but for me…

You don’t know how wrong I was, very, very, very wrong…







Rosalie & Emmett 

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Mike (Edward's Guide dog)

Emilia, Ethan and Lillian

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Outtake no. 1

Kendall Spring Ball

(Still in April, as last chapter, this outtake will not affect the flow of the story at all.)

Esme never found out that Edward and Alice had stayed at my house when she was gone.

A few days ago Alice called and told me that Rosalie Cullen wanted to have a sleepover with us. I agreed even thought it was weird, yes Rosalie, Alice, and I had hung out and stuff but Rosalie is way older and she has a husband and home to take care of, that is why it was weird.

The sleepover was tonight, Rosalie and Alice would come in at 6:00, and we would have a taco night with some chick flicks. Tomorrow we were going to have a SPA day and we were getting our nails and hair done because we were going to the Kendall Spring Ball for Hope for the Blind; Alice told me that she was going to enjoy this year’s ball better because she had Jasper and Edward had me. Carlisle had 3 extra invitations so he invited me, while Esme gave her extra invitation to Jasper, per Alice’s request and she had agreed. (Esme)

I had gone dress shopping with mom, and didn’t show anyone the dress even though Alice has begged me to let her see it; I only told her the color so she could get Edward a matching bow tie.

Alice had a thing for matching couples…

We had then agreed to see each other’s dresses tomorrow night.

At 5:30 on the dot I got in the shower and got ready for the sleepover, we were going to use Phil’s man cave because the futon was big enough for the three of us and the plasma was also bigger. Alice and Rosalie were at my door at six on the dot, I led them to my room where they placed their stuff and went down only with what they would need for sleeping. They were both already in their PJ’s and I noticed that Rosalie’s shirt was bigger… it probably belonged to Emmett.

I had selected a few movies for us to watch, mom and Phil had ordered takeout for dinner and they locked themselves on their room. The girls and I went to the kitchen and started to get on the taco fest, they had both pitched in with the ingredients while I had to get dessert. Alice wanted to help but since she lacked of any culinary abilities I showed her how to cut the vegetables while I cooked the ground meat and Rosalie diced the chicken.

20 minutes later we were almost done, the fixings for the tacos were ready we prepared a tray and went to start the first movie; Alice was looking at my selections when she squealed loudly.

“Pretty please Bella lets watch ‘A Walk to Remember’ first.” She said “have you seen that movie Rosalie?” Alice asked her, Rosalie denied with her head since her mouth was full of taco. Alice jumped kissed both of our cheeks and went to put the movie, I sat and grabbed a taco…

~~ BSOL O no.1 ~~

When the movie ended we were 3 blubbering and sobbing messes on the futon, cuddled against each other, the tray of tacos empty.

I took out the movie while Rosalie excused and went to the bathroom, Alice and I went back to the kitchen and cleaned up what we had left on the counter; Alice placed the dishes in the dishwasher.

“I want more tacos” she told us shyly.

I looked at her confused, “you want more? But you ate half of the tray already!” I said.

Rosalie just smiled widely, while Alice and I looked at her.

“Girls beside our age difference I consider you both my friends, I have something to tell you both…”

Rosalie started, “what?” Alice and I said.

“I’m pregnant” she admitted

It took Alice and me a second to react, “you’re going to have a baby?” Alice asked.

Rosalie nodded, “but that’s not all of it…” she told us.

“I’m expecting triplets!” she added, I think my eyes just bugged out of their sockets and my jaw hit the kitchen floor.

“You’ve got to be kidding me right?” Alice asked.

Rose again just nodded.

“Wow” we both said, “it’s weird I know, I couldn’t believe it either!” she told us.

She revealed her stomach for us, it was slightly pronounced a little too big for her being three months along. “It’s so weird. I’ve never seen a pregnant woman before… so up close I mean.”

“I know girls; I’m going to get huge! I cannot wait to know the sexes, I hope that at least one of the babies is a boy, Emmett will be so thrilled”

“Congratulations Rosalie” both Alice and I said.

“Now where are those tacos?” she laughed

I got the goodies ready for dessert; I had ice cream, chocolates, brownies, and a homemade batch of chocolate chip cookies.

We headed to the cave again and got ready to watch the other two movies, “Remember Me and Shadow Hal” I know the last one is an oldie but I like it so much.

~ (~BSOL~) ~

We came out of the spa ɛ salon and went for a late lunch. Rosalie showed us the pictures of her ultrasound, the babies were so tiny. We arrived to Olive Garden, we ordered and ate our lunch in comfortable conversation, after that we went back to my house to get ready for the ball.

Alice had arranged with Esme that she was going to pick us up at 6:45 at my house and the guys (Emmett, Edward, and Jasper) were going to meet us at the party. We got there just on time, Esme was wearing a sapphire blue simple gown she had on silver and diamond jewelry, her hair done in an elegant French twist. Esme is a beautiful woman, I would really like to get to know her better to meet the real her. I do not know her past but what has made Esme Masen be the way she is now…? Because it’s impossible that she has had this attitude trough her life…


We rode the elevator in silence, Alice had texted Jasper and he and the others were waiting. Rosalie had told us that she suspected that Esme and Carlisle were hiding something she stated with her lawyer eye that they were secretly dating.

The doors opened and all of them where there waiting, looking hot even Carlisle, they all smiled I rushed and went to Edward’s side.

“I missed you” Edward told me kissing my forehead.

“I missed you too Edward, and by the way, you look very handsome”

“You think so?” he asked me, “well of course love” he smiled and took my hand.

We went to the ballroom, it was lovely decorated for the occasion, white orchids were the selected flowers, everything was green the color of hope. There was a stage where a band was already playing, servers started to pass with drinks and hors d’ oeuvres.

Carlisle was the spoke person for the event; we all got to seat at the table that what set up for him. I looked for it and went to seat, the others followed after.

Conversation flowed on the table, even Esme was in a good mood tonight, we had a few drinks and the dance floor was opened.

“Do you want to dance?” Edward asked me, “sure lets go” I told him. We danced for a while and since this was my first time at this fundraiser Edward told me all about it and some of his previous experiences.

“I’ve been coming since I accepted my disability; this is for a good cause. The money they raise is for research, medicine, and equipment for a person who needs it. It’s a good thing that they hired Carlisle. He will be an asset to the hospital.” Edward said with a smile.

“You like Carlisle a lot don’t you?” I asked

His smiled widened and he nodded.

“The fundraiser also has an auction for which they have a list with the items and people place their bids; obviously the highest bidders win the auction prize. I have never won anything because I never placed myself in the auction, mom just makes a donation and that’s about it. But I would love to bid this year, well if something from the auction caught my interest of course.” He told me

“Yeah love, that would be cool. Do they auction trips and stuff like that?” I asked suddenly curious.

“Yes they do, last year was a trip to Paris, and tickets to six flags. They were two separate auctions actually”

The song changed, Edward embraced me closer to him; I kissed his lips lightly. Jasper and Alice were dancing too, as Emmett and Rosalie, she looked radiant and Emmett had a big smile on his face. He was looking at Rosalie with adoration. I guessed she told him about the triplets, because he had her close to his chest to back, his hands resting lightly on her stomach.

I looked to my right above Edward’s shoulder and what I saw surprised me, Esme and Carlisle were dancing too. They were talking and Carlisle laughed to something that Esme said, and he was looking at her the way Phil sometimes looks at my mom when she is not aware.

Could Rosalie be right? Was something developing between the two of them?

I then looked at Carlisle for a minute, I saw in him a compassionate and affective man. I knew Carlisle gave everything for his patients…deep down in my heart I knew that he could make Edward see again. I just had to make Edward “see” that.

“Edward, do you believe in Carlisle?” I asked him.


“Why do you ask me that love?”

“Just answer” she said.

“Well, I know that he would take care of my blindness, he’s better qualified for it” I replied spinning her back to my chest.

“Love that is not what I mean, what I’m trying to say is, if you believe that Carlisle can make you see again? Do you believe when he was telling us about all the people that he has helped” Bella inquired.

“Ohm, I do not know Bella, my mother is entire opposed to any type of surgery. She doesn’t want me to get my hopes up and then crash if it doesn’t work.” I replied Bella gave me an exasperated sigh, “Esme, Esme, and always Esme! Why does she always have to think for you Edward? You are your own person, I cannot believe that you can’t even voice a thought or make a decision without it being all about her!”

She told me all of this on a hushed mad tone.

I sighed and took her face in my hands, “love I understand what you are trying to say, but this is not about what my mother thinks… I really don’t want to get my hopes up, it’s impossible for me to see again Bella.” I told her

“Why is that Edward? What analysis or test you’ve been through that has given you those results? Tell me that and I’ll shut up about this subject.” Bella said

“I haven’t been through any tests Bella, I need a cornea transplant, and if they haven’t found a donor for me in eight years there’s nothing to do Bella, I want to believe that Carlisle can give me my sight again, but if I don’t have a donor there’s nothing can be done; I don’t actually know if it’s possible Bella. It’s been too long.”

“Maybe there’s something that Carlisle can do about it? We should consult this with him, to know the possibilities, we won’t know if we don’t give it a try Edward. I promise you that I’ll be here with you, by your side no matter what. I love you whether you can see or not.” Bella said

“Do you believe me?” she asked her voice a whisper.

I caressed her cheek, “of course I do my love, with my life, I know that all you want is what’s good for me and I agree with you. Can I think about it?” I asked her.

She snuggled to my chest and nodded.

After the song ended Bella and I went to the restrooms.

I waited for her, she waited for me, we headed back to the ballroom and I told Bella to take me to the auction table too check if there was something of my interest enough to place a bid.

She told me everything that there was but nothing caught my interest until the last item,

“And there is an all included week vacation to Orlando for four, plus tickets to all the parks and… oh my God, tickets for the Wizarding world of Harry Potter!” Bella said exited.

“Are you a fan?” I asked her raising my eyebrow, “Edward Masen! You’re kidding me? Of course I am a fan! I would love to go to the park… maybe in the summer if I make enough money working at the library… would you go with me?” she asked.

“Of course my love, with you I’ll go to the end of the world” I told her, “you are the best!” she said exited then she grabbed my face and kissed me not so lightly, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back fiercely.

Dinner was going to be served then, so Bella and I headed back to the table. I have to say that dinner this year was exquisite, I loved it and everyone agreed with me; we were all conversing amongst each other when Rosalie cleared her throat,

“Everyone, Emmett and I have something to tell you…” Rosalie started.

“What is it sweetheart?” Carlisle asked her daughter.

“We are pregnant!” she announced

Wow I didn’t see that one coming! (if you know what I mean…)

“I’m going to be a grandpa?” Carlisle said his voice cracking at the end. “Yes daddy you are” Rosalie said to him.

“This is great baby girl! I bet your mom would be so proud and happy” he told her. “I know dad”

“But that’s not all…” Emmett said.

“Oh come on guys cut off the tension; tell us once and for all!” Jasper said

“My Rosie just told me a while ago that we are expecting…TRIPLETS!” Emmett said exited.

“Really…? That’s even better! Congratulations sweet tea” Carlisle said.

Everybody had their chance to congratulate them after that; Bella told me that Rosalie had told her and my sister last night.

“Mom, can I speak with you for a moment?” I asked her.

“Yes dear, what is it?” she asked

“I want to participate in the auction” I said “what, the auction? Okay” she replied.

She and I went to the auction table and I showed her what I wanted, “tickets for Orlando? Are you out of you mind son?” she said indignant.

“No I am not out of my mind mother, it’s a gift for Bella, and I also want to contribute with more money for the foundation this year. Mother please it is for a good cause; besides Alice and Jasper will come too I’m sure and maybe you and Carlisle can come too…? And Emmett and Rosalie if she can, please?” I said.

Mom sighed deeply, “okay Edward, okay I’ll write the check.” She said

“Thank you mom, this means a lot to me.” I told her, “alright son” she kissed my cheek then left.

I went back to my girl, she was telling a joke; “do you know how to drawn a blonde Rosalie?” she asked, okay this was bad…Rosalie is a blonde; this is not going to be pretty unless Rosalie had ask Bella to tell the joke.

“No I don’t, tell me”

“You glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool!” Bella said giggling, to my surprise they all laughed.

“Good one Bella, I haven’t heard that one before!” Rosalie said.

A few minutes after that Carlisle went on stage and gave his speech after the spoke person from the foundation said a few words and thanked the hospital for founding the even yet again.

Carlisle talked about his previous work in England, the success of many of the procedures he did, and he mentioned some of the new equipment that was on the market, which he wanted to acquire for the optometrist area of Kendall.

After he was done it was the auction so guess what…

I was the highest bidder for the trip to Orlando, so I won. I couldn’t believe my mother took such an amount of money from my trust found (which I didn’t use for college because I got a full scholarship) and placed it as a bid. Bella was so happy when I was announced the winner, she hugged me and cried, everyone got excited because we were all going to Orlando in the summer.


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Chapter 19

Our first summer: Part 1



Second semester of college was finally over, summer time. Bella had saved enough to have some spending money for Orlando, she was looking forward to that trip, it was going to be great! And even though I can’t see, I’m going to enjoy it; I can still go on the rides and take pictures. I actually do not care, I did it for Bella she is the only thing that matters to me.

Rosalie’s pregnancy is going well, she is six months pregnant, the baby shower is in August. Her doctor was surprised that Rosalie hasn’t had any of the typical problems with multiple pregnancies, and she told her that it was possible that the babies were going to be born on their due date in October.

Bella wanted to make a birthday party for Alice and I, she asked mom about it and she agreed, (yeah I couldn’t believe it either). So it’s going to be at Bella’s house, it’s a beach party and all three families are invited, even Bella’s dad is coming with Bella’s friend Jacob. She also invited uncle Eleazar and Aunt Carmen with the girls. Alice and I were having a luau since Bella’s house had the beach behind it she was going to have the access gate opened so everyone could enjoy it.

I was looking forward to that, our last birthday party was when Alice and I were nine, it had been a combined theme; superman and wonder woman, mom made us the costumes and it had been the best party ever.

 X o x 0 x o x BSOL x o x 0 x o x

The day for the trip was here, Rosalie had told us that her OB gave her the clear and allowed her to go, although she asked Rosalie to have a wheel chair available for the parks in case that she got tired, so Carlisle asked for permission at the hospital and they lent him an electric one that they used for stay in patients.

Carlisle also rented a van for the six of us plus all the luggage so he asked for an 8 people van, so we could all fit comfortable. Rosalie and Emmett left their car at Carlisle’s house, they came by and picked mom Alice and I up, we then went to Bella’s house where she was waiting with Jasper.

Before they got in Carlisle decided to assign seats; Bella, Jasper and I were going at the back row, while Alice, Rosalie, and Emmett had the front row, Rosalie sat on the door side in case that she had to vomit or stop to pee she could make an easy exit. Mom was in the front and Carlisle was pilot and mom the co-pilot. Carlisle had the route dialed on the GPS and we were ready to go, it was 8:00am in a Sunday morning.

“Orlando here we go!” Alice exclaimed, we all clapped and got comfortable, the van had individual radios and a DVD player, we all chatted amicably for a while on what we expected to see and the places we all wanted to go, Rosalie was already thinking on lunch while she was eating a fruit salad.

Bella asked me if I wanted an apple, I told her yes so she gave me one form her cooler bag with a bottle of water.

After that Bella took out her iPod and an attachment so the both of us could hear it at the same time. Bella rested her head on my shoulder, while I took the hand that was rested on my thigh, we threaded our fingers while we listened through her playlist.

Halfway through it the both of us fell asleep.

Alice awoke us, it was near lunchtime and we were going through the drive thru at a McDonalds, we got to have a bathroom break but we decided to just stop to use the bathroom and eat in the van, we all got in again and Carlisle made the line to the drive thru which was less crowded than the line inside, he said that he was paying for lunch Bella didn’t wanted him to pay for her but he insisted.

 Carlisle ordered for Emmett and Rosalie first, and geesh they ordered a whole lot of food, they had food for five people…oh wait they were actually five, rose and Emmett and the triplets. Then Alice just asked for two snack wraps and a berry smoothie with yogurt, Jasper wanted an Angus burger with wedge fries and an Oreo Mcfflury. Bella ordered a big Mac combo with a fruit n’ yogurt parfait, I simply asked for the 10 chicken Mcnuggets combo and a cherry pie. Then Carlisle ordered for him and mom. After that we went on the road and I do not know how Carlisle drove and ate at the same time, Bella laughed and told me that it was possible since she did it all the time.

After lunch, Alice the wise had brought a movie and she put it on, Carlisle connected the sound system to the DVD and we could all hear it, and that’s how our afternoon on the road went.

We made two more pit stops to use the bathroom and we bought snacks at the gas station while Carlisle refilled the tank, I got potato chips and an icee and some candy, while Bella had some Doritos, a vanilla cream soda, and some peanuts m&m’s. I don’t even want to know what Rosalie an Emmett got, we were all already used to it. Believe me a pregnant angry craving Rosalie is not pretty, or so Bella and Alice tell me.

There were only two more hours left on the road, we weren’t going to any of the parks tonight but we were going out to dinner and maybe watch a movie, we were all staying on separate rooms at the beginning but Carlisle talked with the people who auctioned the trip and they changed it to a penthouse, Carlisle, mom, Emmett and Rosalie pitched in to pay the difference.

Author Note: (the trip was only for four)

The penthouse came with three bedrooms a common room, two bathrooms, and a small kitchen area for quick breakfasts. Mom told me and Alice something about going to the grocery store and getting some snacks, cereal, milk and drinks to keep at the kitchen and some water.

We arrived at the hotel and unloaded the mountain of bags, Alice herself had brought 2 ½ bags and she expected me to do the same but I didn’t give in, I just brought one and a sort of carry-on, that was all I needed, plus my backpack with my laptop all the chargers and some books.

We checked in and our luggage was taken to our room, they gave us four copies of the keys, but Carlisle paid for an extra key, now there was one for each couple and one for Carlisle and mom. We rode on the elevator and entered the room, mom tipped the bellboy and he left.

“We are finally here!” Bella and Alice squealed together their excitement evident. Sometimes my girlfriend spent way too much time with my beloved sister. But actually their excitement was rubbing off on me…


Alice and I sat on the couch of the common room; we were waiting for room assignments, although I had an idea of how this was going to go.

“Emmett and Rosalie will get one bedroom, which is connected by the bathroom of my bedroom which I will be sharing with Jasper and Edward.” Carlisle said, and all of us nodded.

“Bella and Alice will share one room and Esme will have the last one for herself, those rooms are also connected by the last bathroom.

“Boys our room is downstairs, girls your room is upstairs. Also upstairs there’s a mini terrace with an outdoor dining room and seating so we can enjoy the view, you can actually see magic kingdom from there.” Carlisle added my eyes lit up when he said that.

“Okay, lets fresh up and we’ll meet here in an hour to go have dinner at…Golden corral!” Carlisle said, Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper grinned. I took my bags and followed Alice upstairs, Esme was behind me, and it was an understatement that this was going to be weird.

As soon as I got into the room I took out my phone and snapped a picture of the view, I texted it to mom, Phil, and dad; then with my camera I also took more pictures.

“Isn’t it pretty Bella?” Alice said standing beside me, “yeah it is” I told her.

“This is great! The last time I went to Disney was when Edward and I were four” she told me, I knew this already; I saw the pictures Esme has on the living room.

“I went with mom when I was six, and then dad took me when I was ten. It’s been nine years since my last time.” I told my best friend and sister.

I turned around opened my suitcase and got my outfit ready, I took out my bathroom necessities too, and headed to the bathroom; I knocked just in case and then showered quickly.

I dressed and got out; Alice went in from Esme’s door, she had obviously been in her room. I was going to let dry my hair naturally; I just applied some curling cream and put on a headband. Then I put on light make up and some gloss, and then put on my new sandals, I then snapped a picture of myself and went out of the room.

Carlisle was downstairs already changed talking on the phone, “yes…okay, can it be brought now? Fantastic! Thank you” he placed the phone on the cradle and smiled at me.

I was ordering a futon for the room, Jasper said that he would sleep on it” Carlisle told me, he came to take a seat beside me.

“I’m guessing that you are ready?” he asked me, I nodded.

“Thanks for coming Carlisle” I said to him. “Oh Bella, don’t worry, I needed the vacation plus I also knew that Esme wouldn’t let Edward and Alice come alone.”

“Yeah, she would have had a fit.” I said sourly, Carlisle smiled and patted my hand. “Give the woman a chance, please?” he pleaded with me.

But why would he be pleading on her behalf? Could what Alice suspects be true?

“Of course” I told him smiling.

“Hey Carlisle…I wanted to ask you something” I started

“Yes Bella, what can I help you with?”

“Is there anything that can be done for Edward, I mean is it possible that he might see again?” I asked.

Carlisle looked at me. “I knew this question was coming sooner than later, well Bella Edward’s case is very complex; his corneas received severe damage and they were mutilated. I’m doing the best I can, I do not know about now, but maybe…perhaps in a few years I’m sure that by then I would have figured something.” He told me, I nodded.

“Edward told me that, he needed a cornea transplant but that they haven’t found compatibility in seven years, is that’s why he and Esme say that it’s impossible for him to be cured?” I added

“Yeah that is another matter, I’ve been studying his case very close, and besides the transplant he will need a laser surgery procedure to ensure that he will have at least a approximate to a 20-20 vision.” he explained to me.

“So it’s a possibility then? He is not a lost cause?” I asked.

“No one is a lost cause Bella, have faith. I will make Edward see again” Carlisle said with determination.

“Thank you Carlisle” I said hugging him.

We went to the movies after dinner and we had a good time, we even had a chance to pass by the grocery store, and get some essentials. We were all buzzing with excitement when we got back to the hotel. Tomorrow we were going to magic kingdom; we were going to be there all day.


That morning we got everything ready and got dressed in haste, everyone had cereal for breakfast except for Rosalie who Emmett woke up thirty minutes early and made her oatmeal and fruit salad with cottage cheese and a cup of tea.

After that we headed out the door and to the first park, Magic Kingdom. Bella was at one side of me, Alice at the other jasper beside her, mom, Carlisle, Rosalie and Emmett were in front of us, Rosalie had woken up tired so she was on the electric wheelchair. At the park, Alice mentioned that Rosalie wasn’t the only one with a chair; at least she didn’t have to feel alienated. She couldn’t get on most of the rides though because she was too far along, but she said she didn’t mind, she came with us because she wanted to do something relaxing and fun before the babies came in and she would have no time at all…

Since we were at magic kingdom when they opened in the morning we had the opportunity to go to the whole park, we were going to be there until they closed at ten at night, we went to trough main street USA, we took pictures and got in a few rides as we made our way to the Cinderella castle and fantasy land, we spent most of the morning there, we went to the Cinderellabration show, Alice and jasper got in the teacups ride, while Bella and I went to Cinderella’s carrousel ride mom and Carlisle went in with us, Emmett and Rosalie went in to all the quiet indoor in the dark rides, Bella and I went in to two. It was really fun, I could sense the energy from everybody, and the excitement from the people it was amazing. Now we were seated at Pinocchio’s Village Haus, we all ordered salads, soup, and three pizzas, half of one was just for Rosalie. After lunch we headed to Tomorrowland, straight to the indie speedway to ride racecars, I got in one with Bella, it was actually fun, we raced against Jasper and Alice, mom and Carlisle got a car for themselves, Emmett raced Carlisle. Rosalie was in charge of taking pictures.

Then they got in the indoor rollercoaster, I declined because my stomach unsettled a bit, I had had a big meal. Then we went to the buzzlightyear ride. We took some pictures around the park and then we headed to Mickey’s Toontown Fair; there we made some major character greeting, and we visited Mickey and Minnie’s houses. I knew that Bella had a good time, she was laughing and being herself, I didn’t need to see to know that she did, the energy and happiness that she was irradiating were contagious, I had smiled all day long. Everyone was having a good time, even mom.


The day had been awesome, everything is like I remember it and more, I’m glad Edward is here with me, although he can’t see, I know he is enjoying himself. I love him so much, I’m glad that Mrs. Esme is giving me a chance, but I’m not trying to get her to like me, I’m just being myself.

After Toontown we headed to Liberty Square, there we went to the hall of presidents and did more character greeting, and got on the river boat. From there we headed to Frontierland we visited the railroad rollercoaster and the tom sawyer island, then we had some fries and we made our way to Adventureland.

We went to the Robinson’s house and to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Alice, jasper and I went in the Aladdin ride, and before we left Magic Kingdom we had ice cream and slushies at Sunshine Tree Terrace.

Back at the hotel room Edward and I were in the living room with everyone else but we were sitting at one of the couches, he was spread out on my lap while I read to him the next book from the immortal series, I definitely loved the books, you never know what Ever Bloom is going to encounter next, its exiting and it has a romantic side too with her mysterious boyfriend Damen Auguste.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow, we were going to spend half of the day at Epcot. We went to every single attraction there, Rosalie didn’t go in all the rides, and she was a bit tired from yesterday. After Epcot we went to Animal Kingdom for a scheduled safari and then we visited Disney-MGM Studios Park. After we got out of the park we went out to eat at “on the Border” and then we watched a movie and played a board game at the hotel, tomorrow we were going to wet n’ wild.


There were only two places left to visit we went to downtown Disney for some relaxed time, then we played some golf, and three hours before going home we went to Typhoon Lagoon. I admit I was tired, I needed to rest before we went to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure so de next day we had a SPA day and then we went shopping. That evening, Esme and Carlisle told us that we were going to go dinner to a fancier place from where we have been going the past few days, so I dressed in a blue one shoulder dress and paired it with silver heels and some accessories.

I blow-dried my hair straight and did a fancy ponytail, I applied light makeup and some lip-gloss. We all looked nice, but the dress Rosalie wore showed that she was very pregnant alright.

Dinner was going alright and it was comfortable, we had been talking about the upcoming party for Alice and Edward and also of Rosalie’s baby shower, Alice and I were going to help her and Emmett get the nursery going, we were Rosalie’s friends here she had let them all back in London.

“Everyone, we have something to say” Carlisle announced as he and Esme looked at each other, Edward turned his attention to them, I could see Alice bouncing in her seat. Jasper looked curious and Rosalie and Emmett were expectantly looking at Carlisle.

“What’s going on dad?” Rosalie asked concerned.

They didn’t say anything, “mom?” Edward asked.

“Ah, Esme and I are…we are” Carlisle stumbled. Esme looked at her and gave him a smile, okay that was confusing…

“Carlisle and I are a couple, we are dating I mean” Esme finished for him.

I did notice that they looked at each other a lot and whispered to the other, why didn’t I see it? Was it because she and I don’t get along that well…? Alice’s eyebrow shot upwards as she smiled, jasper looked down and then he looked at me, Alice was right, there was something going on between them.

“That’s amazing mom, I knew it!” Alice broke the silence, Rosalie went to her fa5her and hugged him, we all did the same and congratulated them.

“How did it happen?” Rosalie asked, “Well sometimes Esme came to my office, but we mostly talked on the phone or saw each other for lunch or breakfast” Carlisle replied.

It figured because Esme never left before dinner or anything, she had spend her nights as usual, if something on her habits would have changed Alice would have noticed.

That’s why he asked me to give her a chance, because he was seeing the real her, from that moment on I saw Esme with different eyes. And I was going to do my best on getting my relationship with her to be good; for her sake, mine and Edward’s.

“For how long has this been going on?” Edward asked.

“Just a couple of months, it was nothing serious until just two weeks ago when Carlisle labeled it, that’s why we decided to tell you now” Esme explained.

“Well I’m really happy mom; you have been alone far too long. It was time. And for the record, I’m glad that it was Carlisle” he said smiling in their direction.

“Thank you Edward, Alice” he told them, they both smiled at him, the rest of the night was pleasant.

The next day we woke up early and had breakfast at IHOP, Rosalie had more than pancakes, she almost ate the entire menu, nah I’m just kidding.


We were all dressed in our Harry potter fashion since we were going to Island of Adventure and we were spending four hours or so at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Park. This is the reason why I bid on the trip, just for this park section, just because Bella wanted to come see it after being a fan for so long. I have read the books but didn’t have a chance to finish all the movies, they started after I got blind so I didn’t have the opportunity to experience the book coming to life on the big screen.

But I wasn’t going to let that stop me, for Bella I would do anything. She was everything I never thought I wanted, but she has become an essential part of my life, I loved her she was my best friend, she cared about the me inside and didn’t look at me different because I was blind. That’s why she is so amazing; I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost her.


We were finally at the park! Finally I was entering The Wizarding World of Harry Potter; the place was packed with people dressed in character costumes and their preferred house of Hogwarts colors. I was wearing a Gryffindor shirt, Esme was wearing a black shirt that said ‘I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good’ it was funny, although she didn’t get why we were laughing and then we explained her that’s what you had to say in order to open the Marauder’s map which I had in my hands, of course this one was of the park; telling you where everything is, it was absolutely awesome.

We headed for Platform 9 ¾ and saw the Hogwarts Express, it was majestic, black as night with its crimson and gold details; we could go inside and watch the interior, marvelous I tell you. I was in a daze of amazement and I haven’t even seen the whole park yet. After that we headed to Hogsmeade, the village that the Hogwarts students visit. Which as the castle was enchanting and real, we went into every shop all of them like in the movie, I loved Honeydukes, the candy shop, and I bought a bunch of the iconic candy and some memorabilia.

I couldn’t wait to get inside the castle so we headed that way, once inside we explored all the seven floors and I did jumped once or twice when the holograms appeared out of nowhere, it was funny, there’s one time caught on tape, yes Jasper brought his video camera and was capturing every single detail. I was unbelievable how accurate everything was inside; I felt as if I wasn’t in Florida anymore but in London inside the story, they caught every detail, I couldn’t believe it.

Everyone was mesmerized, even Esme who haven’t either read the books or watch any of the movies. I think the park made her want to see them, I heard when she whispered it to Carlisle and he laughed, he admitted that he saw until the fourth one; he had just missed two, not bad.

We saw everything, all of the characters and iconic props where there, the holograms made it all more real, my jaw hurt from all the smiling, laughing and gasping I was doing. It was surprise after surprise, I felt like a five year old inside that castle. After the tour we got in line for the Forbidden Journey, which is a ride that makes you feel as if you were having an adventure with Harry and his friends.

After that we followed the path and got in line for the Flight of the Hippogriff ride which would take us over the pumpkin patch and Hagrid’s Hut. We all got in the ride except for Edward and Rosalie. I got a bit of jitters after we got out of that ride and followed the map towards the dragon challenge, those rollercoaster’s looked awfully big and I admit I was a bit scared, but it was just a little. I made the line with the others; I could hear Carlisle whispering to Esme that she didn’t have to go on it, he pointed out that she could stay with Rosalie and watch from the ground. She was telling him that she wanted to do it, since she had never done something like it before.

Edward did come with me on this one, Rosalie stayed behind with our bags and Edwards cane, she got the cameras to take pictures and record everything. We got in the cart and I told Edward to not let go of the handle bar, and I checked that we were secured tightly. I can’t even begin to describe what I felt while I was up there, it was exhilarating, fun, but I felt like I wanted to hurl all at the same time. I looked at Edward once and he was grinning from ear to ear, I was so happy I’ve never seen him so carefree before, for a few moments he looked normal, although he is normal to me always. I don’t care that he can’t see, I love him for whom he is, and he is one of the best things that have happened to me on my nineteen years of life.

After we got out we headed back to the park and went into The Tree Broomsticks to rest and have something to eat, of course me being the ultimate fan I ordered a butter beer and to be honest it tasted like butterscotch candy with soda, it was crazy good!

That night Edward and I were out on the terrace of our room, we were listening to music and just hanging out, just the two of us.

“Thank you Edward” I whispered.

“What do you thank me for love?”

“For making this the best summer ever” I replied with a smile, Edward brought his finger to my lips and traced them.

He sighed, “I would trade everything that I have just to be able to see your smile right this moment” he admitted, I took his face in my hands and told him, “I promise you Edward, that one day you will, one day you will be able to see me and everything around you. I’ll make sure of that, even if it’s the last thing I do.” I vowed to him.

“I love you so much” he said kissing me, we kissed for a moment

“I love you too”

Our summer was just beginning, I couldn’t wait for the rest of it, I knew that everything was going to be amazing, and I wanted Edward to be there right beside me to enjoy it.


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Chapter 19

Our First Summer: Part 2



I still couldn’t believe that mom and Carlisle were dating, but I knew one thing, Carlisle was softening her. Yes she was still sometimes hostile and she was still a little cold towards Bella and Jasper, but she has clearly loosened up.

Bella, Alice, mom, and Renée had gone shopping for the decorations for the party. I had asked Bella about the budget and she told me that it was taken care of, and she swore that she would kill me if any of us tried to give her money or buy anything for it.

Bella and Renée were going to be in charge of everything, I didn’t like mad Bella so much so I let her have that argument. I would do something extra special for her birthday in September so we can be even.

Alice and I were getting ready for the party, Bella did let Alice be in charge of our outfits, she told us that the main colors of the party were going to be Fuchsia and green, the dress code for everyone was Hawaiian fashion, I hoped that I didn’t look ridiculous on my Hawaiian shirt. We were ready for the party in no time; this morning mom gave us one present and made us our traditional birthday pancakes, we headed out for the party fifteen minutes before the time it was supposed to start, the ride to Bella’s house was 20 minutes long approximately. We were going to be fashionably late as Alice would say.


Mom and I had worked for two days on the party, I had baked cookies and decorated the backyard yesterday, this morning after a quick phone call to both Alice and Edward I had breakfast and then decorated the cookies while mom started some of the food. Phil, dad, and Jacob finished setting up outside and making sure that the tiki torches were functioning for later on, they got the grill ready for later when we grilled the skewers and some barbequed food we were going to have.

“Okay Bella, the table for the drinks is set. Want me to start cooling some soda cans?” Jacob asked.

“Sure, the ice is on the freezer and the drinks are stacked by the door of the den” I instructed him.

An hour later all the cookies were iced and ready; I started on the piña colada mix, two cans of coconut milk per can of pineapple juice. We had three jars of cherries and a special cup. We got one cup per guest so if they wanted a refill they had to use the same cup which was going to be also one of the favors of the party. After that I went to check that the tables were set like I had designed, and to my surprise the guys did a great job with the details. Even my swing was decorated; the backyard and terrace looked like it belonged in a Hawaiian hotel. The party was scheduled to start at two; the last thing that needed to be done was to décor the cake table, so I decorated it with a fuchsia table cloth and a green runner on top, a small grass skirt and flowers all around. Then I placed some real seashells I hunted down at the beach, alongside some fake starfish. Twenty minutes later, the cake was delivered because it was out of my league and I wanted to go big. Edward and Alice didn’t know but Esme had given us a small fee for the party, I took the money and ordered the cake, it was enough to cover the cost and the delivery, so it all worked out.

Mom was inside getting the punch ready and finishing the rice, Phil was marinating the chicken; I went to my room to get ready, we had gone shopping for the party, a few days after the trip to Orlando, we got our clothes for today and for Rosalie’s baby shower. The thing with it was that they didn’t know what they were having, so the gifts had to be neutral and three of everything; I hope that they told us soon.

I was dressed and ready, I had decorated a box for Edward and Alice to place their gifts; I went outside and placed it at the entrance to the backyard, besides the sign that read; Alice & Edward’s tiki party.

The doorbell rang; it was Carmen, Eleazar, and the girls. They were all dressed according to the theme.

“Hello Bella, it’s nice to see you again. How are you dear?” Carmen asked me with a genuine smile.

“Everything is fantastic”

She went to place her bag at a table and then the girls placed their gifts on the bag.

Soon after them jasper and his family arrived, followed by Carlisle, Rosalie, and Emmett.

Carlisle came to say hi to me, on the same moment that Carmen was walking over to me.

“Bella dear, the place looks amazing. You have a nice home, Esme told me that they were on their way already; we’ll start the party soon.” He told me, I laughed and pointed at where Rosalie was “I think the party already started, for her at least” she had already started eating.

Carlisle looked at Carmen waiting, “Carmen, this is Carlisle Cullen Es…”

“I’m Edward’s new doctor” he said looking at me, he knew I was going to say Esme. I almost blew it, I didn’t know if Esme wanted Carmen and Eleazar to know.

Jacob and dad came out of the house with Phil, mom followed and started telling everyone that they could get something to drink and eat if they wanted while we waited for Edward and Alice. They arrived a few minutes later, everyone cheered to them, Irina, Kate and Eliza beat me to hug Edward; Eliza liked me now, we had made a truce … I think. At some point, Carlisle introduced Rosalie and Emmett to everyone and the party started.

It was almost time for dinner, everyone was having a good time, and we were dancing, eating and joking. Edward and Alice danced with everyone they wanted. I knew Edward was enjoying himself because I haven’t seen him smile so much, Alice was currently dancing with jasper, the girls were seated on my swing joking off.

Esme told Eleazar and Carmen about Carlisle, to say that they were surprised but pleased was an understatement. I knew they were genuine when they told her that they were happy with the news.

Dinner was served; everyone took their seat and started eating. Rosalie and Emmett had a second serving of food, dinner was delicious, and mom outdid herself with the food. I stood up then and called everyone’s attention:

“Thank you all for coming today to celebrate with Alice and you’re like a sister to me…and Edward, I love you more than anything. I hope that all of us can become one big family, to Alice and Edward; happy birthday.”

“To Alice and Edward” everyone repeated.

I went back to my seat beside Edward and we kissed, dad then served the piña colada and we all danced some more. Forty five minutes later, we gathered around the cake and sang happy birthday, Edward and Alice made the first cut then I took over and cut a piece for everyone.

Soon after that the party died down and everyone started getting ready to leave. The last ones going were Rosalie and Emmett, Carlisle lingered and stayed behind for Esme. Alice helped me cleaned up a bit, then I left her and joined Edward on the swing.

“Did you enjoy the party love?” I asked him, “of course I did, I had a lot of fun and the food was delicious. But the highlight of it all was that I spent it with you.” He declared with a smile, “I love you so much Bella.” He told me as he kissed me; I brought him closer to me and kissed him back.

. . .

It was time for Rosalie and Emmett’s baby shower, I was dressed and ready, mom was coming with me but she had an impromptu meeting and she couldn’t, Phil was at the high school he worked, because there had been some vandalism to the baseball park and he had to go to the evaluation, I grabbed my car keys and headed out after activating the security system. The gift for the babies was already in the car. Rosalie had asked the close family to dress in peach colors, I thought I didn’t have to but Rosalie told me I was the girlfriend of her stepsister, so I had to. Apparently Rosalie believed that Esme and Carlisle were going to last.

I knew that Rosalie and Emmett’s friends alongside his family were coming to the party; it was going to be a total of around 50 people since all Emmett’s family was coming. The party was going to be held at a poolside room on a Miami hotel, there was going to be access to the golf course and the guests could use the pool facilities.

I arrived to the party just a few minutes after the time on the invitation, which we had to show to the hotel, I grabbed the gifts and headed inside. Everything was marvelously decorated, the theme was ‘she’s about to pop’ and the colors were mustard yellow, teal, and white. I had helped Rosalie with the favors the other day, she had given the design of what she wanted to the hotel and they had placed everything according to what she wanted.

Some people were already there, of course I didn’t know any of them, went to check where I was supposed to seat, table two it was. I saw that it was reserved for the Masen family, there were four more chairs, and Alice told Rosalie to place me and jasper on Esme’s table too. Soon enough they arrived, Alice perched of Jasper’s arm, and they placed their gifts at the table and went to sit with me. Carlisle arrived with two butlers who were carrying two other gifts. He greeted the attendees and came then to us, he kissed Esme tenderly, “thank you all for coming” he told us.

More guests arrived, Carlisle told us that it was Emmett’s family and he headed to greet them. Fifteen minutes later Rosalie and Emmett finally entered and the party started…

We were playing games, enjoying the music and the food. We had all met Emmett’s family since he introduced us to each and every one of them; Carlisle introduced Esme as his girlfriend. I don’t know why but we felt out of place, Emmett’s family looked so primed and proper, they came and went with an air of importance around them, to me they felt as if they were royalty or something. I took Edward to the dance floor to distract ourselves, he was a bit apprehensive too, I think he knows that everyone noticed that he is blind although no one was treating him like a freak; I knew that this was going to be too much for him.

Emmett’s family was nice, but he felt pressured or something, also I was uncomfortable because there was this guy who kept looking at me; he was not looking but creepily staring.

After dinner and more games Rosalie started to open her gifts. There were some cute things, almost everything in neutral colors. After the gifts Rosalie and Emmett went to cut the cake and Rosalie while people ate, she started handing out the party favors so everyone had theirs before they left.

Edward and I decided to take a walk to get out of the crowded room. The night was lovely.

“Rosalie seemed in her element in there” I commented.

“Yeah, the vibe was overwhelming in there” he agreed, “Yeah I don’t know how Alice handles it.” I said to him, Edward laughed,

“Bella, Alice likes parties it’s her thing.”

In took his face in my hand and kissed him, the feelings within me were the same as the first time we kissed. Edward and I have been together for about nine months and everyday felt like the same, I didn’t want it to change; I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life…


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Chapter 20

Our first year:

Time flew by and it was November, Bella and I were going to celebrate our first year together. I can’t believe that she stayed with me all this time; they say that things get easy after the first year passes, I really hope so. I was so happy with her, and I knew she was happy with me, she hasn’t said otherwise. I had Alice’s help to plan everything out. Since it was still warm weather, I planned to take her to the spot on the beach were I asked her to be my girlfriend. We were going to spend the whole day there. Then I was taking her out to dinner near the marina. I had gotten her a necklace, which Alice mentioned that she had liked online once, I asked her to order it for me, and it arrived a few days ago.

Rosalie had her babies on her due date, I don’t know how she endured it, I spent the whole birth process on the waiting room with Bella, Alice, mother, and Carlisle. Emmett’s mother had come from England to help them with the babies for a few weeks until Rosalie got the hang of things. My mother had helped too, rose was now on the clear and she tried to work from home, whenever she had to leave the house she would call my mother and she would babysit since she had a bit of experience with multiples. I have held the babies, everyone except for Carlisle, Alice, and Bella thought that I wouldn’t be able to carry them. Well let me tell ya, I did and there’s a picture that proves it, I felt the personality of each baby and I could actually decipher which cry was from whom, Rosalie loved it.

If we were all together and the babies started crying I could tell her either if it was Lillian Rose, Ethan Carlisle, or Emilia Rose. Rosalie had two girls and a boy, Bella talked about them every time she could, she liked helping Rosalie with them too. Bella loved children and it made me wonder if she would ever want to have children with me, heck I wanted to know if she would marry me at least. Those thoughts were always on my mind, I wanted everything I could have with her.

 Mother and Carlisle were fine, their relationship going well; they have gone out more now that Alice and I knew about it. I was really happy for them, mother deserved it. They have been alone way too long, both of them.

I was very excited for my date with Bella, we had gone out for her birthday, but it had been just the four of us, I had gotten her some books that she wanted, she and jasper were taking some classes together since their majors were similar, they both even had a general content class with Alice, I didn’t share a class with any of them though but it was alright.


It was the day of our anniversary date, I had called Bella at midnight and we congratulated each other, we went to bed after that. It was ten in the morning, I had Alice arrange everything two hours ago at the beach, mother had helped with the food, she made us an easy brunch, some snacks, and also lunch. Everything was simple and easy to carry, I needed to hurry I didn’t want to leave our spot at the beach alone too long, James was going to drive me to pick up Bella, I was taking my guide dog Mike with me today, he was on his travel crate ready to go, the picnic bag was on the trunk alongside my bag for the day. I was jittering with excitement at the prospect of spending a whole day at the beach with Bella, no one else, just her and me.

James got to her house rather quick, I was thankful for that. I sent her a text and about a minute later she came out, I was sitting on the front seat she was at the back with Mike. I greeted her and we went on our way, James made it to the beach on record time, he helped us get everything unloaded, I thanked him and told him to pick us up at eight at the pier area were the restaurants were located. After he left I properly greeted Bella with a smile and a kiss, I had sent her some flowers this morning it was a twelve mixed rose arrangement (one for each month together) with some baby’s breath for fillers, some balloons, and a card. We took all the stuff and started walking, Mike by my side as usual. Soon enough we arrived at the spot where Alice had set up a sun tent, some blankets and cushions for us, also a cooler which had some drinks and lots of water.

We got settled; Bella laid her towel on the sand and did the same with mine.

“Let’s get lathered up with sunblock before we do anything else, if we are going to be here all day we will need loads of it” she told me. I agreed and got ready for her to put it on, then she put on some herself and she told me she was cleaning her hands with some baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

“All of this is really amazing Edward, I hope you didn’t go into much trouble” Bella said to me.

“Hey now, I owe you after what you did for my birthday Bella, that was the best party ever” I said truthfully.

“Edward you know you don’t have to pay me back” she said her tone stern.

“I was just saying Bella, I know”

“Mom made us the foods for today” I said, “are you hungry?” I asked her.

“Yeah” I heard the smile one her voice, we started arranging brunch, mom had made breakfast pot pies; they had scrambled eggs, cheese sauce, sausage, and a combination of onions and peppers.

“Wow Edward this is amazing! I have never eaten something like this before, it’s delicious” Bella said satisfied. She then put everything away and leaned closer to me, Alice had even given us mints and all of that, I took a bottle of water and rinsed my mouth twice, then I took a mint.

“Can you believe that it has been a year?” Bella broke the brief silence.

“I know it has, it had been the best year of my life” I stated sincerely.

We kissed for a while, we had nothing to fear, no worries. Today was about us, just us. I brought her closer to me by her waist; her hands found the back of my neck and our kiss deepened. Kissing Bella was amazing, the emotions that ran through my body were incomparable; there was nothing better than the feel of her lips on mine. “I love you” I breathed when she broke the kiss gasping for air, our foreheads touching. “I love you too” she replied.

Bella and I spent the day at the beach, we played with Mike, went in the water, lounged in the sun, Bella buried me in the sand. She took pictures, and we made out… a lot.


We were both lying inside the tent resting from the sun, Bella was beside me and she had her head on my chest, we had just about finished lunch. Cold tomato soup, a salad and homemade chocolate bars.

“Bella” I said my voice low

“I love you”

“I love you too” she said sleepily.

“Do you want to be forever with me?” I asked. Bella’s head rose a bit and I could feel her looking at me. She sighed and took a second before answering me.

“Why wouldn’t I Edward? They say that the first year is the hardest; I think we went through that and came out victorious. This has been one of the best years of my life, I mean look at all of the things that happened; you and Alice have experienced things you never did before, you both found love, and even your mother. Our families grew even more with the addition of Carlisle, Emmett, Rosalie, and the triplets.” She took a breath and then cradled my face.

“forever may seem to be a long time now Edward, but I don’t think I can be without you, I need you, I want you, and I love you with all my being.” She declared as she leaned in and kissed me.

The kiss was so intense; I could feel the meaning of her words trough the kiss. A tear had escaped from my eyes; I was truly madly deeply in love with Bella. She was everything I didn’t know I wanted, but everything I ever needed, she was the one for me, I didn’t want to be without her.

I decided that it was the right moment to give her the present I have gotten her, I broke n away from her and reached my bag, I had packed it so I knew where everything was, her present was on the front pocket, Alice had told me that the box was pink, I had wrapped a lavender silk ribbon around it.

“Happy anniversary” I said my hand with the gift extended.

She took it from my hand and went to open it.

I heard her intake of breath, “oh Edward! How did you know, it’s even more beautiful than the picture, thank you baby.” She said hugging me.

“Glad you like it” I said smiling.

“I guess is my turn now” she said while I heard her fuss with her bag. After a minute she finally found what she was looking for.

“I hope you like it” she said as she placed a box on my lap. “It’s a mint green box, topped with a light blue ribbon.” She described it to me, she was so sweet by letting me see everything through her eyes and I loved that about her, she didn’t limit me, but helped me on the little details.

I opened the box and moved away the tissue paper, inside it was another box a bit smaller than the one it was wrapped in. Bella then guided my fingers to the top edge of the box, I felt braille dots and read that it was an iPod for the vision impaired. I was speechless; this must have cost a fortune.

“Bella, you shouldn’t have, these things are expensive” I explained.

“Edward, I got a good deal on it don’t worry. I noticed that yours was pretty beat up and old so I saw this one and placed it on hold at the store, it took me a few weeks but I managed to pay for it on time. Its fine Edward, I want you to have everything you need, it doesn’t matter the cost Edward, if it’s on my hands ill make it happen” she said, I noticed the determination in her voice.

“Thank you Bella” I kissed her.

We went back on the water after that, this time Mike joined us, he was a good dog, and he has become part of my family. He has been with me for a year and had never failed on his job to guide and protect me.

Bella’s POV

Our anniversary had been the best day of my live, we have had just a few chances to be just the two of us and we always cherished those moments. After being on the beach all day, we packed everything up and walked hand in hand to the pier area where Edward had made reservations on a sea side restaurant to have dinner.

I was wearing my cover all and I had fixed my hair, Edward had on another pair of shorts and the shirt he had got to the beach with, we had washed off some of the sand and sunblock at the showers of the beach and I was wearing my coverall as a dress, it actually worked out well. The restaurant wasn’t fancy on the dress code but since it was one of the best you had to reserve your spot.

We had a quiet and tranquil dinner; it was very romantic and sweet just like Edward. We ate off each other’s plate and for dessert he had ordered the strawberries with chocolate, and again we fed each other. Everything was amazing and I couldn’t believe that I met someone like him, I look past his impairment and love him for the man he is, he may be blind but he sees with the heart, Edward is so intelligent and loving, humble and sweet, and of course so handsome. Everything I ever dreamed of in one guy.

We were pretty tired on the ride back; we were both dozing off in the back seat. Edward insisted on accompanying me to my door, there we kissed good night. As I lay in bed that night, I replayed the day’s events on my mind, no day could compare to this one. We both forgot of the real world and focused on just us and our feelings, and that moment I knew that he was the one for me, and yes I wanted to spend forever by his side.

This was the beginning of the rest of our lives… 


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Chapter 21

3.5 years later: (From the chapter above)

Almost four years have passed, Bella and I are still together, and the past years have been amazing. I love her even more now than before, she is everything to me. Rosalie’s babies are almost four years old, they love me very much, Emilia likes me the most she likes to guide me; she takes my hand and leads me to wherever I’m going when we are at the same place. She likes music and is learning to play the piano, her sister Lillian is into ballet and all things from that type of art, and Ethan likes to construct things. The kid sometimes forgets that I can’t see, he likes to show me what he had constructed, I always take my time examining whenever he asks me to “see” something. Bella and I love to be with them.

Mother and Carlisle got engaged and they had started planning the wedding but plans had to come to a halt because of Alice. She had secretly auditioned for the reality show project runway and she had been selected to be in the show so she had to leave for New York. Everyone was happy, it took mom a bit to come out of the shock but she was happy, and I know that everyone was doubting her but I could feel that she was being sincere when she said she was happy with this opportunity Alice had gotten. 

Alice had graduated early, well she has the certification of a fashion designer, and a business manager certificate; she made it by taking summer classes and 15 credits in some semesters (that’s 5 classes). It was a lot of work but she pulled it off, she was now finishing an internship as a fashion consultant and TA at the art institute. She just needed to get the diploma but she was waiting for us to finish so she can go to the ceremony since she wants to graduate the same day Bella and I do. I had added to my major also, I wanted to be a music teacher besides just my bachelor’s in music and composing, so I added those classes to my load and worked extra hard to be at the same level as Bella and Jasper. They both helped me all the way until I caught up with them and the rhythm of the classes and BA.

Alice had everything packed and ready. Jasper was going with her on this journey, he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to see or talk to her while she was in the show but it made him feel better if he was in the same place as her, so he is taking some independent studies classes and he had transferred to NYU, so he was going to finish studying while he was in New York.

Her going away party was tonight, everything was ready everyone had put their grain of sand to make this party happen; it was going to be project runway and fashion themed. Everyone was enjoying the party, Bella told me that everything was pretty but that the place looked as if Alice had exploded on the place, and that there was no corner that didn’t have something that represented her. Alice said that it was the best going away/good luck party ever and it was also complete with a karaoke time. Alice loved that.

We had a good time, we ate, we laughed, we remembered stuff about the past years, and we ate cake, danced and had a lot of fun. I was going to miss my sister but she needed to do this, this was her time to fly, one big opportunity that she couldn’t refuse.

Alice’s POV

I was going to NYC to participate on Project Runway, Jasper was coming with me. I had everything packed and ready to go. I was at the office of the house looking for some papers when I one of the places I looked I found a small box, there were similar looking boxes alongside it. I opened and was surprised to see Grandma Mason’s engagement ring, the one that my father had given to mom, I knew that the ring belonged to Edward…

Then I remembered that Edward had once asked me about what I thought on him and Bella getting married, this happened a few years ago, I had told him to go with it but he had been hesitant. Now that I saw the ring I knew that it was meant to be, this ring belonged to my brother and I was going to give it to him. He needed to man up a bit and take the next step with Bella; I would do everything in my power to make that happen.

I put the ring in my pocket and finished looking for what I needed.

It was time for us to go through security, jasper was saying farewell to his family, while I did the same with our big group, even Aunt Carmen and uncle Eleazar had come for the party and they stayed to see me leave. After saying goodbye to everyone I took Edward away from the group, I needed to give him the ring.

“What is it Alice?” he told me.

“I need to give you something but I couldn’t do it in front of everyone” I stated.

“What is it?” he asked now curious.

I took the ring and placed it in his hand making sure that no one noticed.

“What is in this box Alice?”

“Grandma Mason’s ring” I said.

“And why are you giving it to me?” he asked skeptical.

“Because it belongs to you brother and because I remembered what you asked me a few months ago, I told you before that you had to come forward and tell Bella how you feel but since you haven’t, I decided to give you a little push in the right direction by giving you the ring” I told him.

“Alice I…” he started.

“Nothing Edward, you don’t have to rush into it, I just wanted you to have this and tell you that you have my approval. You and Bella belong together; this is just another step of the many you still have to come. I’m sure she will say yes, believe me. I love you and I will miss you brother.” I told him kissing his cheek and hugging him tight, this was the first time that we were going to be separated, but it had to happen eventually, I know that Bella will take great care of him; I know he will be in good hands.

Jasper joins me and we both wave at our families, with one last look back we hand in hand walk to security and to the beginning of something amazing, I had a feeling that things were about to change for all of us. I was confident in myself, I know my abilities and I know that I can be the next designer sponsored by project runway. They didn’t know what was coming to them…


Edward and I were studying when I noticed my cellphone was blinking, I had a few missed calls and unseen texts; I also had a voice mail. I listened to it first, it was Jacob. I was a nervous wreck when I finished listening to the message.

“Bella, what wrong?”

“My dad…”

“What is it, Bella?” Edward asked alarmed now.

“Jacob has been trying to contact me, my dad had an accident, and he is in the hospital.” I explained

“But is he okay?”

“I don’t know, Jacob called hours ago…they didn’t know the extent of the damage when he first called.” I said panic in my voice, I couldn’t lose my father.

“Love, I’m sure that everything will be okay, why don’t we pack up and go to your house, call Jacob and get things sorted out. Remember, bad news are the first to come, if something bad happened to him you would have already known.” He reassured me.

We went home and when I got there I found both mom and Phil on the kitchen, she was on the phone. She hung up and went to me.

“Oh Bella you are finally here!” she exclaimed.

“How is Charlie?” I asked her.

“He had a car accident”

“What happened?” Edward asked as he wrapped his arms around me.

“He was off duty so the car who hit him didn’t know it was him, he was at a stoplight light when a car that didn’t see that his light was red passed by it and hit him on the driver’s side, he hit his head and has a concussion, and he also has a broken leg and arm. The accident was this morning on forks time, they didn’t want to call us until things were concrete. The driver was also a bit tipsy, he was taken into custody; they are waiting to see if Charlie wants to press charges although he is going to be in jail for a few days.” Mom explained.

“But dad is okay?” I asked again.

“Yes he is stable, he is not awake but he is okay.” She answered.

“I have to go see him, he needs someone you take care of him, and I have to go back to forks.” I stated

“Bella dear I know, but what about your studies?” mom asked.

“I can email with my professor’s mom, this is more important. I have to start packing. Phil can you please make arrangements for me to leave as soon as possible?” I pleaded.

“Sure Bella. Edward, are you going with her?” he asked.

“I don’t know, Phil…” he replied uncertain.

Once in my room I opened up my closet and took out a big duffel bag, and started putting clothes into it, it was already snowing in forks so I needed winter apparel. I still had clothes from when I was back there but some of it didn’t fit I had taken it out years ago, then what was left was not enough, good thing Alice made me buy a coat and gloves on our last shopping trip. I placed jeans, leggings, and fleeces, long sleeve shirts and everything I needed in the bag plus my necessities bag. I also added my chargers and prepared my school bag with all I would need. Mom called the university and spoke with the dean on my behalf.

“I’m calling Carlisle; he can come pick me up.” Edward said.

“You are leaving?” I said.

“I have to, you’re going to see your dad, I can go to school for the both of us, I can give you my notes and all that.” He said, that was a great idea but I wanted him with me.

“I want you to come with me to forks Edward. I need you” I said taking his hand.

“But Bella you are going to take care of your dad, I’ll just be on the way” he stated. “Edward you are never on the way, you can take care of yourself more than any of us. I need you there with me, I want you to be there.” I replied to him.

“Bella, I can’t just drop everything and go. We don’t know how long will take for him to recover.” Edward added.

“Look, if you don’t want to go then fine! You don’t have to make up excuses Edward.” I said to him.

“Love, I’m not making up excuses, I’m just trying to be rational. Don’t be mad at me okay?” he said hugging me.

“I’m sorry” I cried.

“I’m just overwhelmed, I can’t lose my father” I said.

“You won’t Bella, you heard your mother he is out of the danger zone” he reassured me.

“Please come with me” I said again.

“Okay” he said kissing my forehead.

We broke apart and he went to call Carlisle while I finished packing.

Phil came to my room and asked Edward if he was going, I nodded to him and to also make arrangements for Mike to come with us. Edward needed his guide dog. Later after that mom told me that she had already talked with the dean and told them that both Edward and I were going to be absent for a few days. They said to call if we were extending or for any eventuality.

Carlisle came to pick Edward up, “what’s going on Bella?” he asked me.

“My father had an accident and I have to go see him” I stated.

“Oh goodness, how is he?” Carlisle said.

“We don’t know yet” mom said.

“He is?” he asked looking at Edward.

“I am Bella needs me there.”

“I know but what about your mother, Edward one thing is Alice leaving but another is you. And I know that this may sound unfair but I don’t think she will like that idea.” Carlisle pointed out, he was right.

“Carlisle please, don’t make this harder, it’s just for a few days. Please, help me.” Edward said.

“Okay, okay let’s go. You have to pack right? At what time is the flight?” he asked.

“It’s later tonight, they still have some time.” Phil said giving him the printed itinerary.

We grabbed our stuff and prepared to leave, “I will go with you, just in case that it’s just Bella leaving” mom said, I nodded.

We arrived at Esme’s house, “what’s going on?” she asked as we rushed inside.

“Bella’s father had an accident mom” Edward told her.

“How is he?” she asked.

“Everything is uncertain, but he has a broken leg.” Carlisle said.

“I’m going to forks to see him Esme.” I said I didn’t want to beat around the bush.

“And I’m going with her” Edward stated.

“What?” Esme asked.

“I going to forks with Bella” he said again.

“No you are not; there is nothing for you there.” She said.

“I can understand that Bella has to go but why you?” she questioned.

“She is my girlfriend mom; I have to be with her. She needs me; I’m not going to fail her now. She has always been with me” Edward told his mother.

“Edward I can’t let you leave, you can’t” she argued.

“Why mom, why can’t I, is it because I’m blind?” he asked, I could see that he was getting upset with Esme’s attitude.

“No, of course not my dear, I don’t doubt that Isabella can take care of you, is just the situation Edward. She is going to take care of her father, it would be inappropriate for you to be there too.” Esme complained.

“mom, what you just said sounds even worse, I’m not an idiot okay, I’m pretty sure that Charlie won’t mind that I accompany Bella, he doesn’t think that I’m a hindrance or a step in her way because I’m blind, hey will be glad that I went with her, of that I’m sure. I may not be able to see but I can take care of Bella and protect her, just as I know that she can take care of me.” Edward snapped.

“Okay everyone, let’s take it down a notch please” my mother interjected.

“Renee is right Esme; this conversation is out of context.” Carlisle said.

“Esme, come with me for a moment please”

They left the room, mom and I sat down. “I will be right back, wait here” Edward said turning around the corner, it looked like he was going to the bathroom.

He came back and sat beside me, he was clearly upset but trying to be strong in front of me and mom. He must feel horrible, Esme was changing but things like this were the ones that made us doubt of her change.

Esme and Carlisle returned a few minutes later, she looked somehow calmer.

“I want to apologize for my behavior, Isabella and Renée I’m sorry.” She said.

“And Edward, my boy I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have said that. You are not a child anymore, you can go with Bella. Come with me, let me help you pack. We need to get you winter gear, its already snowing in Washington, of that I’m sure.” Esme said as Edward took her hand.

Carlisle stayed with us until they finished, they didn’t have to go shopping for a coat, Carlisle lend Edward one from the clothes he still had from a urgent trip he did to London about a year ago, it had been winter time.

“I’m ready, at what time is the flight?” Edward asked, “It’s at six we still have a few hours, but I think we should head that way now just in case.” Mom said.

“Okay then let’s go” Carlisle said.

We got Mike ready for the car ride, he needed to be in his kennel until we got to the airport and were told differently, he wasn’t any dog he is a guard dog so this gives him some privileges.

We went and did all the customs in time, we then had a light dinner and after that we headed to the security area and that’s when we said our goodbyes. Edward and I went through security and soon enough were in the terminal waiting for the flight to be called. We had to wait a whole hour but finally the time for boarding came, Edward and I were taking a direct flight to WA, well as direct as we could get it, we were making a stop along the way but it was just one. I wanted to get to Seattle as soon as possible.

We were in the air; Edward grabbed my hand as the plane was going upwards. “You’ve never flown before?” I asked him.

“Once, but it was a long time ago.” He admitted, “Is okay Edward” I said grasping him tighter.


After six hours of being on the plane we arrived at the Seattle airport, waited for twenty minutes and took a smaller plane to forks, it was a three and a half hour by car from Sea-Tac to forks and I wasn’t going to wait that long.

We finally landed, it was almost midnight, I had contacted Jacob while we waited and he agreed to pick us up.

“Hello Bella, Edward it’s nice to see you again; it’s been a while” Jacob greeted. We took our bags and Mike and went out, we got in Jacobs car and went our way to my house, and it’s been a while since I’ve been here. I thought I would never be back, and now that I was here it was because of the wrong circumstances. Soon enough we were on Charlie’s driveway, I took a moment to look at the house, nothing had changed on the outside; Charlie had kept it the same way it feels as if time had stopped and I had never left him. I wondered if the inside was the same too.

We got out of the car and went inside, I used my spare key Charlie hadn’t even changed the locks in all these years. He was such a traditional man, he didn’t do well with changes, his recovery was going to be tough, and of that I was certain.

I turned on the lights and was correct, the inside of the house was the same, save for my father’s favorite chair; he bought a new one or changed the fabric from the old one. I directed everyone to the kitchen.

“So how is he really Jacob?” I asked as I prepared to make hot chocolate for everyone, Edward was caffeine intolerant and I wanted to sleep so coffee was out of the question.

“He is stable Bella, he broke a leg and an arm, but the doctors assured us that he was going to be okay.” He said with conviction.

“I want to see him” I stated.

“Later, its late now, you both need to rest it’s been a long flight” he pointed out.

“Okay Jacob” I agreed.

“I’ll come and pick you up in the morning, goodnight”

After that he was gone, I hope he wasn’t lying to me when he said that dad was alright.

Edward and I finished our chocolate and sandwiches, after that I led him through the house with Mike so he could get acquainted with it, then he went to shower, after I was done I took my shower and I took him to my old bedroom, everything in there was as I left it…I think, but it had been cleaned. I sat beside Edward on the bed.

“Thank you for being here with me” I told him.

“You do not have to thank me Bella, I’m here because it’s important for you, and because I wanted to, forgive me for being so close minded earlier.” He said,

“Never mind love” I said kissing him.

I went to my father’s bedroom and got in bed, my father was going to be okay…

The next morning, Jacob was at the house early, he brought Sue Keller with him; he and my father had been dating for the past six months. I wonder why Charlie didn’t tell me anything about this.

We arrived at the hospital and Jacob took us where Charlie was quickly enough, Mike could come with us since it was allowed, I was taken to my dad’s room, Edward and everyone else stayed outside while I went in to see him.

He looked so broken in that hospital bed, although I knew he wasn’t because his heart was beating on the monitor. I got closer and took his hand, “dad, it’s me Bella, I’m here” I said to him.

“You scared me dad, but you are going to get better, I’ll make sure of that” I told him. “Please daddy, open your eyes for me please come on” I encouraged him.

“Edward its outside, he came with me, he wanted to be here also. He loves you dad, and I love you too.” I said kissing his forehead, he had a bandage there, and some butterfly bandaged cuts on his face, from the chattered glass I suppose.

And that’s how I spent the day, talking to him telling him about everything that had happened to me in the past weeks and about Alice being selected for project runway. Edward came in the room for a while but Mike stayed outside, waiting by the door as instructed. At lunch Edward and I went to eat while Sue stayed with dad, she stayed for a while more but had to leave for work, Jacob came when she left, he took Edward to the bathroom while I stayed talking to dad.

“I was so worried about you dad, everyone was, even Carlisle…” I felt his hand move.

“Isabell…Bella” dad whispered.

“Bella…” he said again.

“I’m right here dad, grab my hand if you can hear me” he did he held me tighter; I pressed the call button for the nurse.

“Dad I’m right here, open your eyes please.” I said

The nurse came in with the doctor, “what’s going on Ms. Swan?” he said.

“He’s calling me, I asked him to grab my hand and he did, he is listening to me doctor he is responding!” I said exited. Charlie’s heartbeat got faster as I talked.

“Chief Swan, Charlie can you hear me?” the doctor said as he took my place beside him.

“If you can please try to open your eyes” he said.

“Isabella, Isabella” he called again.

“I’m right here dad” I told him.

He finally opened his eyes, “oh thanks God! Dad you opened your eyes” I said.

“Bella?” he asked confused.

“Where am I? Why are you here?” he asked his voice hoarse.

“Chief you had an accident do you remember that?” the doctor asked him.

“No” he said.

The doctor explained what happened to him and told him about his injuries, and then he told me to get out so he could check him through, since he had just woken up from an unconscious state.

I called mom to give her the news, while I did that Edward and Jacob returned from the bathroom.

“What happened Bella?” Jake asked alarmed.

“Dad woke up! The doctor is checking him up.” I said with a smiled, both he and Edward smiled and celebrated with me, Edward called Carlisle to let him know about the news and I decided to email Jasper.


Dad was getting better, his health improved and he was ready to go home, he had been on some rehab and he moved on crutches, the fracture wasn’t that bad after all. He was going to need therapy for his arm though; there was a little more damage there. We have talked and talked while I came to visit him, he had spent some quality time with Edward and I spent some time knowing Sue. Dad said that he was going to tell me about her during thanksgiving, but that was more than a month away. I let him of the hook because he seemed happy with her. Dad had told me to go out, that he would be fine at the hospital by himself for one night so Jacob planed a date, he wanted me to meet his girlfriend Vanessa, he had told me about her and I had seen her in pictures but never talked to her or seen her personally. The night had been great, it was a fun dinner Jacob’s jokes were hilarious. After the restaurant we went to dance for a bit, but we had an early night since dad was coming home the next day.

“You didn’t go through too much trouble right Bella?” dad asked as we got him out of the car, Jacob and his friends had shoveled the entryway of the house

“no dad, you are just going to sleep downstairs until you are out of the crutches, I don’t want you falling and breaking a hip old man” I joked.

“Funny Isabella, absolutely hilarious, didn’t know you were also a comedian.” Dad said

I had prepared him his favorite meal for lunch, Jacob and Sue were going to stay and eat with us, and then Jacob had to go to the station to cover up a shift. He had been a cop for a few years; ever since we were kids he told me that he wanted to be a police officer that was his dream. He admired my father and wanted to be like him, his father and Charlie got closer when Jacob’s mom died, Billy and my dad had been on a rough path and Sarah’s sudden death brought them closer as friends. Billy died a few years ago so Jacob refuge in Charlie since he was like a father to him also, I love him like a brother and I’m glad that Charlie has him here.

Charlie retired to the living room, to catch up on his games on the DVR while Edward helped me around the kitchen.

“He seems better now” he told me, “yeah he is I’m happy that he has Jacob and now Sue. I had been feeling guilty that I left him all alone when I moved to Florida, but I don’t regret it at the same time.” I said.

“Why?” Edward asked.

“Because I found you, Edward” admitted.

“I love you Bella, with all my heart, never forget it” he told me as he took my face in his hands and leaned in to kiss me.

Edward and I spent one more week in Forks, I accompanied dad to his follow up appointment and then dropped him and Edward home, while I went to the supermarket to stock his fridge and pantry. It took me a couple of hours to do the groceries, I found some classmates and old teachers while I shopped so I had stayed and mingled. When I came home I found my boyfriend and my father in the kitchen on what it looked to be a private conversation. They stopped talking when dad saw me.

“Hi there Isabella” dad said.

“How was shopping?” Edward asked.

“It was alright, what’s going on here you two?” I asked.

“Nothing” they both replied at the same time.

“Right…” I said my eyebrow raising; I didn’t believe them, not one bit.

I let it go and went to get and put away the groceries, then I cooked them some dinner and dad had an early night, he was tired.

Edward came and hugged me from behind while I was doing the dishes, “you and dad have gotten close” I pointed out.

“He’s a great man” Edward said.

“Yeah I know”

“When do we leave again?” he asked me.

“Sunday” I replied.

“Can you show me around town tomorrow?” he told me.

“Where do you want to go?” I asked.

“I don’t know, show me your favorite places around town, what you did for fun, I want to get to know Bella’s Forks” he said.

“Okay, we will go after breakfast tomorrow. I have to go put the laundry in the dryer, wait here.” I told him.

I made some chocolate and we snuggled in front of the fireplace, we had a quiet evening, just me and him talking about anything and everything, and his experience on the trip. The hours passed by and we didn’t notice, when we did it was morning, we had fallen asleep in the living room but I didn’t care the night had been amazing, Edward and I haven’t had time for us like that lately and I mean even before Charlie’s accident.

As promised I took Edward to town and “showed him” my favorite places, my schools, the park, the library were I spent a lot of time. The town area and Newton’s were I had worked all four years of high school and all summers since I was sixteen, we then had lunch at the lodge and I took him to the reservation and the beach although it was winter. Edward enjoyed everything, I took him to the rez gift shop where he got some souvenirs, he bought a book about the History of the Quileute Indians, and asked me if I could read it for him, I of course accepted.

We then had a chocolate at the coffee shop, and then Edward wanted souvenirs from forks so I took him to the gift shop, he bought another book about the founding and history of the town, some post cards, T-shirts and key chains for everyone back home. He got a tote bag for Rosalie and Alice, some bears and forks story coloring books for the kids (Emma, Emilia and Ethan) and matching shirt and cap for us. He got a mug for Carlisle and Esme; he also got calendars and pens.

“Are you going to tell me what where you talking about with Charlie?” I asked while we finished packing our suitcases.

“No” Edward laughed.

“Why not Edward, since when are you and my dad having secrets?” I asked offended.

 “No love is not like that, don’t worry” he told me.

“But if you want to know so badly, we were talking about you” he said poking my side.

“What about me?” I asked.

“Everything” he said.

“We were just saying how lucky we both were of having you in our lives, him as your daughter and I as your boyfriend. You mean a lot to the both of us and we both love you” he said kissing me tenderly.

“We were just having a man to man talk Bella” he reassured me.

“Okay” I said.

We had an early flight the next morning, Jacob took us to the airport, Sue and dad came also although I told dad he didn’t have to. We said our goodbyes and soon enough Edward and I were on our way to Florida…


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Chapter 22

Anniversary Proposal

Edwards POV

I’ve been thinking about what Alice said to me before she left for New York; I made my decision after I talked to Charlie back in forks when he had his accident. I didn’t like lying to Bella but I couldn’t tell her what we were talking about. Since neither Jasper or Alice could help me plan the proposal I asked Carlisle for help, I told him what I wanted and he made it happen, I had a reservation for a new restaurant that Bella had been dying to go to for a while but it has been impossible until I told Carlisle, and he pulled a few strings and made it happen. I had the flowers ordered and the ring has been polished, mom still didn’t know that I had it; I didn’t want to ruin the surprise by telling her, I knew it was wrong but mom was still a little sore from when Bella and I went to Forks.  My suit has been tailored by one of Alice’s colleagues, she told me to go straight to her if I needed some help with my clothes while she was gone.

It was the date of our anniversary, as it was tradition Bella and I talked at midnight and then went to bed, I was picking her up at eight, tonight I wasn’t only going to propose to her but I was also telling her that I was going to get my transplant done. Carlisle and I have talked about it and he says that there is no reason for me not to get it besides fear, he told me I qualify. He did some tests and told me the type of transplant I needed, it was a full cornea transplant.  The shards of glass that mutilated my corneas when I had the accident damaged all my cornea layers.

This procedure wasn’t painful, I was going home the same day, but the recovery would take from a few months up to a year, I needed to be careful with what I did after the surgery and also I was going to still be blind for a while until it was time to remove the bandages and see if my vision returned. I wasn’t scared, I trusted Carlisle he had done this many times before with people younger than me and he has been successful. I wanted to tell Bella so bad, she loved me as I am right now but I want to do this for me, for us I want to see her face, I think it’s time for me to search for the light and stop being in the dark.

I arranged for a limousine to pick us up, ever since Carlisle started living with us we didn’t need James so much so we retired him, he started a family back when we started college, his first baby was born that February, then he had another child a few years ago and we wanted him to spend time with his wife Victoria and his children Valerie and Laurent. We are still in touch with him but he doesn’t work for us anymore, he had been working for us since his mid-twenties, he was grateful for the trust and the job he had with us but we knew he wanted to be with his family more.

I was very nervous for what I wanted to do tonight, I got this feeling that it was time for us to take that next step, I was ready, and I just hoped Bella was…

“Edward son, where are you going so dressed up?” mom asked when she saw me.

“I’m going on a date with Bella, it’s our anniversary today.” I replied.

“Oh right, I had forgotten. How long has it been?” She said.

“Four years mom” I clarified.

“Okay then, have fun.” She dismissed me.

“Bye mom, Carlisle” I said he followed me outside.

“I’m nervous” I admitted to him.

“It’s only natural Edward; I was very nervous when I asked your mother to marry me too.” He told me.

“Bella is a fine girl, you will do alright son.” He encouraged me.

“Okay then, I better gets going I don’t want to lose our reservation.” I acknowledged.

I told the driver Bella’s address and we were on our way to pick her up, I just hoped that this night didn’t backfire on me…

Bella’s POV

I was getting ready for tonight’s date with Edward, he told me to dress fancy, and I guess we were going to a fancy place for dinner. I admit that I wasn’t feeling well, I think I was going to get a cold or something because I had a light fever this morning when I woke up but I controlled it, but I think its back again. I know I should cancel but I don’t want to, I know that Edward had done a lot to make tonight special I didn’t want it to go to waste.

I dressed and asked mom to help me with my hair and makeup, the AC on my room was high since even though I had a cold shower I felt hot and was sweating a bit.

“All done Bella, you look fantastic.” Mom said.

“Thanks mom” I said. 

“My baby girl is so grown up!” she added.

I blushed, “oh, mom please!” I whined.

“Okay, okay. I’ll let the sentimental talk for some other time….” She said kissing my cheek and handing me my clutch. Right that moment the doorbell rang and my heart started beating faster, I didn’t know why I felt jitters as if tonight was different from the others, something was going to happen I could feel it, I just hoped it wasn’t anything bad.

 Edward’s POV

“Oh Edward wait until Bella sees you, so handsome!” She greeted me.

“Thanks” I replied.

“Bella is ready, wait here I’ll go get her and my camera you both look amazing!” she said rushing.

I heard heels on the stairs and I was hit with the soft scent of Bella’s perfume I knew she was in the room, I smiled.

“Good evening Bella, happy anniversary.” I greeted her.

“Happy anniversary Edward, she said lightly kissing my lips, after that she ran a finger through my lips, removing the stain of her lipstick I suppose.

“Stay just like that and smile” Renée said all of the sudden.

“Mother! You scared me.” Bella said.

“Sorry” she giggled.

She took a few pictures from us; this was actually a good idea.

“These are for you” I said handing Bella the flowers, “oh Edward they are beautiful!” she cried.

“I’m glad you like them.” I said truthfully.

“Okay kids, Bella give me the flowers; I’ll get them some water you go now.” She rushed us out of the door.

“Bye mom” Bella said.

“Bye Renée” I smiled.

“A limousine Edward?” Bella gasped.

“Yes, the best to take my girl out.” I said.

“You didn’t have to do this” she told me.

“I know but I wanted to, my pleasure remember?” I told her.

“So where are we going?” Bella asked as we left her house. I just smiled and didn’t answer.

Soon enough we were at the restaurant, and bellas gasp had me grinning like an idiot.

“Bella Italia? Really Edward? Oh goodness this is amazing! How did you do it?” she asked all of this at once.

“Okay I take that you like the surprise” I stated.

“I love it; you know I’ve wanted to come here for a while.” She said.

We were greeted by the hostess, “hello, and welcome to La Bella Italia. Reservations for two?” she asked.

“Yes” I replied.

“Name please” she kindly asked.

“Masen” I answered.

“Oh, yes right here it is private area number three.” She said.

“This way follow me, I will take you to your table.” She added.

“Private dining area? Edward what’s going on?” Bella whispered.

“Nothing love, you wanted to come here right?” I said.

“Yes but I didn’t know you were going to go through all this trouble” she hissed.

“Bella, love please relax, it was nothing okay.” I placated her, I knew she didn’t like ostentatious but I wanted tonight to be perfect.

We were taken to the room and seated.

“Do you like it?” I asked Bella, I had asked the flower shop to deliver a few flower arrangements and the restaurant to ambiance the room a bit with some music I brought and dim lights. “Oh Edward, its lovely.” Bella said.

Our waiter came in and filled us a glass of water and brought in complimented breadsticks with garlic, we ordered our drinks and for appetizer we ordered a shared capresse salad.

Bella and I were of age but none of us were drinkers, but for today I had ordered just one bottle of wine to go with our entrees. We stared a conversation while we ate our salads and enjoyed the best iced tea I’ve had in my life.

“I was babysitting Emma the other day while rose took Ethan and Emilia to the dentist and she was so good. She didn’t give me any trouble at all, I enjoyed playing with her, and I rewarded her with making cookies I can still hear her scream of joy.” Bella laughed.

“You like them” she said.

“I love those kids, it’s the teacher in me, I love children, and I’ve bonded with them since I’ve been their tutor. They are going to start school next year; I’m going to miss that part.” She told me truthfully. Rosalie and Emmett were hitting a rough economic path, their businesses where not giving them the profits they used to, so they couldn’t sent their kids to preschool so Bella offered herself to tutor them for half of the price that the tuition at the school they were going was going to be, everything they know from school Bella has taught it to them.

Our food was brought in Bella had ordered mushroom ravioli while I had a steak and pasta dish, the food was amazing. As the night progressed I felt that Bella was a little off. I reached for her hand, it was hot, and I mean it wasn’t her normal temperature. Maybe it was just me, I don’t know.

“The night has been great Edward, thank you for doing all of this.” Bella said to me.

“Anything for you Bella” I said with a smile taking her hand.

“Bella” I started.

“Yes baby” she said smiling.

“I’m going to go under the surgery” I bluntly said.

I was met with silence.

“For real?” I nodded to her.

“Yes Bella, Carlisle and I have been talking and I’ve decided to do it. There is nothing stopping me but fear, Carlisle said that my body is more than ready.” I said.

“Is it going to hurt?” Bella asked concerned.

“No he told me that if I wanted I could get a full body anesthesia, not just my eyes” I explained.

“That’s a great option. So what kind of transplant is it?”

“I’m going to need a full cornea transplant, because when I had the accident all of the layers of my cornea were damaged. I will undergo some more tests for size, eye pressure and all of that.” I explained to Bella.

“I’m so happy for you Edward!” she said kissing me.

“Yeah I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, I want to do it for me, and I want to do it for us. I want to be able to look into your eyes my love.”

We finished or meal and then ordered dessert, we didn’t say anything for a while desserts were great.

I was ready to ask her, I couldn’t wait any longer; I needed to say it already.

“Bella we have been together for a while, we have matured and experienced so many things with one another, and I want to keep living these things with you and whatever the future may bring. I love you with all my heart Bella, I never in a million years thought that I would fall in love but I’m glad that it was with you, you are it for me Bella I don’t want to be with anyone else, nobody would ever compare to you.” I declared.

“Oh Edward, I love you too, so so much, I don’t want to be without you, nothing in my life would be the same now. I want to be with you too for as long as you have me.” Bella said kissing my lips, she tasted of chocolate since we had just finished eating dessert and she had a piece of chocolate cake.

This was it, the moment of truth, I was going to spill the beans, and I was going to ask her to be my wife.

“Bella, would you ma…” I didn’t finish my sentence because I heard Bella say something that I quite didn’t understand, the scrape of her chair and then a thud.

“Love, are you okay?” I asked alarmed, Bella didn’t reply.

I got out of my chair and kneeled on the floor looking for her; I felt her hand and took it. “Bella baby what’s going on, answer me please.” I said, I then cried for help, until two servers heard me and brought a cloth with some alcohol, they rubbed it under Bella’s nose and I felt her move.

“What happened?” she groaned.

“You fainted” I replied relived, well at least for now.

“Miss, Can we get you anything, maybe some water?” one of the helping servers asked.

“Yeah water sounds great actually, I feel a little hot.” Bella replied.

“Can you get the check while you’re at it? Ask our server please. Thanks” I said.

“Sure, water and the check coming right up.” He said and left.

“Are you okay Bella?” I asked.

“To tell you the truth Edward no, I wasn’t feeling well but I didn’t want to cancel tonight, everything was amazing until now.” She admitted.

“Oh baby, you should have told me, we could just have rescheduled.” I said a little hurt.

“No, no is okay. Tonight was the best” Bella kissed my cheek.

The server came with the water and the check, I gave enough to pay the bill and leave a hefty tip to all of them servers who had helped Bella. They took all the flowers to the limo outside as Bella was leaning on me for support. I helped her into the limo and told the driver that we were going to Bella’s house. I called Carlisle and put Bella on the phone, she told him how she had been feeling; he said that he was meeting us at her house. We got there as quickly as possible, I paid the driver for the rest of his services plus a little tip and he left, Carlisle was inside talking with Bella’s mom when we got in.

“Bella sweetie, are you okay?” Renée asked her.

“I think I have a fever and I fainted.” Bella explained.

“Okay, let’s get you out of these clothes so that Carlisle can examine you properly, or you prefer to go to the hospital?” Renée suggested.

“No, no just Carlisle.” Bella agreed.

“Okay then, guys wait here.” She told us.

“So tell me, how did it go? Did you ask her?” Carlisle asked a little excitement on his voice.

“No when I was going to ask she fainted, she didn’t even give me a chance to say the words.” I stated.

“Oh I’m so sorry Edward.” He said.

“Is okay, I guess today wasn’t the day.” I said dejectedly.

“Hey, don’t get discouraged okay, the moment will come, just be patient.” He reassured me.

“Carlisle, you can come up now.” Renee called from the top of the stairs, I followed him but didn’t go into Bella’s room, I knew that there was a chair in the hallway as part of the décor of the house so I sat on it and waited for Carlisle to tell me what was going on with her.

He was in her room for a few minutes, I started bouncing my leg in desperation, I was a little upset that I didn’t get to say what I had to say, I was trying to calm myself I didn’t want to get mad it wasn’t Bella’s fault that she may be sick sometimes your body controls you.

Renee then opened the door and told me to come into the room. I went in and as usual I was hit with Bella’s smell and her perfume.

“So what’s going on?” I asked.

“Nothing too serious, she just has a mild fever episode, this is common so it can be treated with regular fever medicine, I just gave her some by vein so it could act faster.” He told me.

“That’s good” I said.

“Bella please take liquids and rest until you feel better, check your temperature every thirty minutes and take more medicine if you need it. Here is the prescription for a fast acting liquid mix. Goodnight, Edward lets go.” He said.

“No, Edward please stay” Bella said.

“I’m not sure that’s going to be possible love” I said.

“Oh okay” I heard the disappointment in her voice and I cracked, I was making her miserable with my attitude over something that’s out of her control.

“Edward, don’t worry about your mother, I’ll handle that.” Carlisle said.

“Okay then, I’ll stay” I said putting down my walking cane and sitting at the edge of Bella’s bed.

“Goodbye Edward, get well Bella, don’t hesitate to call if you need anything.” Carlisle said pointedly.

“Of course” Bella said.

“I’ll walk you out, Bella I’ll bring you another tea; do you want anything Edward?” Renée asked.

“Yes, a very cold glass of water please” I said.

“I’ll be right back” she said, I heard her and Carlisle leave and the soft click of the door closing.

Silence fell over the room; I felt a little tension coming off me and also awkwardness. Since Bella didn’t say anything I decided to get comfortable and took off my shoes, socks and removed my suit jacket and tie, I laid them at the sofa that was on the wall in front of Bella’s bed, I knew this room like the back of my hand even though two years ago Bella changed the décor of her room and bought a new bedroom set, she gave the one she had to my cousin Irina since she loved it and said that would look amazing on her bedroom. 

I went to lie beside her, Bella got close to me but not close enough; I took her hand and kissed it.

“Are you feeling better?” I asked sincerely.

“Yes a little, the medicine is working.” She replied.

Bella laid her head on my forehead and sighed.

“Thanks for tonight Edward, it was amazing. I’m sorry that we had to cut it short after all the effort you put into it.” Bella apologized, I sighed. I was being stupid, “I know Bella but is okay, it’s not your fault baby, right now what’s important is that you get better.” I said sincerely.

Renee returned with Bella’s tea and my water, she checked Bella’s temperature as I took small sips letting the water finally cool my mood down, I was being a pain I didn’t know if Bella noticed but I was hoping that she didn’t.

“How is the temperature?” I asked.

“Almost back to normal, I think that you should sweat out with the tea and then take another shower Bella, you can’t take more medicine until a little after midnight ill set an alarm for you okay sweetie?” Renée said in her concerned motherly nature.

“Okay mom” Bella replied.

“oh Edward you must be uncomfortable on those clothes, let me get you something more comfortable, I think there’s some clothes on the guest room for you, I’ll be right back.” Renee said hastily. She came back a few minutes later and gave me some of my clothes, I indeed had some things over at Bella’s house it wasn’t a lot but it would suffice for tonight.

I went and got ready for bed in Bella’s bathroom when I went out I heard ruffling and drawers closing, Bella was out of bed.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Looking for something to wear, the tea made effect and I need to shower the sweat off, I don’t want you catching this.” Bella said

“Carlisle said it’s not contagious but okay” I replied.

“I’ll be back soon” she said closing the bathroom door.

I got my things neatly organized and then got settled on Bella’s bed, she had removed the comforter and was using the thinner sheet, and I went to her closet and looked for another sheet for myself. I got settled in bed after that.

“I see you got settled” Bella stated as she came out of the bathroom.

She came to lie beside me.

“I love you Edward” she said kissing my lips softly, all of what I was feeling melted away and I realized that this was us, simple, private, just Bella and me and that we didn’t need anything else. Yes dinner had been amazing but this moment right here is what defines us, it’s what we are used to, I was going to risk it all and ask her, I had the ring on my pocket, I didn’t want to risk that she saw it so I was planning on sleeping with it there.

“I didn’t think you were going to do the surgery Edward, you surprised me with that.” Bella stated. You haven’t “seen” anything yet…

“It’s time for me to start taking some risks in life Bella.” I stated

“I completely agree Edward, and I’ll be with you every step of the way. I will support you all the time.” Bella said in reassurance.

“Bella, these past years with you have been the best of my life. I don’t want to be without you Bella; I want to see what life brings us from this day forward. Bella I want us to take the next step on our relationship…” I started I felt Bella stiffen beside me.

“What you mean?” she asked.

I sat on my side, assuming the same position that she was in; I faced the direction of her voice and smell. I took her hands in mine, “Bella you mean everything to me, I never thought that I would find someone like you baby, that I would fall in love so hard, I thank God for placing you 8in my path and I thank you my love for being the light of my dark for being my guide, my companion, my best friend. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you Isabella Swan, I can’t imagine being without you, I want us to see the world together, to chase your dreams and mine together side by side, but to do that I need you to be finally mine. Bella, I will love you now and forever, would you do me the extraordinary honor of being my wife…” I said I head Bella inhale and gasp.

Her hands started shaking.

“You’re proposing…to me, you want to marry me?” she whispered.

“Yes Bella I do, would you marry me?” I said again.

There was a moment of silence; I was trying not to think of what was going through her head at this moment.

Her hands stopped shaking, they broke away from my grasp I felt them on my face.

“Why wouldn’t I Edward? Yes ill marry you!” she exclaimed throwing herself at me and nearly throwing me off the bed.

I took the ring out of my pocket and present it to Bella, she gasped even deeper as she saw it for the first time.

“Oh Edward, it’s beautiful” she said amazed.

“May I?” I asked she took the ring out of the box and gave it to me; I took her hand and placed her on her ring finger. I then kissed her knuckles, “I love you” I whispered.

“I love you too Edward, more than anything in the world. I never thought ill love someone so much as I love you. The fact that you love me without being able to see me is amazing, you love who I truly am as I love you Edward although you are extremely gorgeous.” She said

“I can’t wait to finally see your face my love, I want you to be the first thing I see when I can finally see again Bella. I want to see the face of the woman that captured me with the pureness of her heart, her out of this world kissing, and amazing baking skills. The girl who showed me life through her eyes, to feel and take risks to not have fear and achieve anything I want.” I smiled at her.

“Thank you for showing me the blind side of love Edward, to see with my other senses and experience life in a total different way. For giving me everything you can and more, for always taking care of me like only you can and most important for loving me.” Bella told me

“You’re my one and only” I said to her, “oh Edward” Bella said taking my face in her hands and kissing me. 

Our new lives started this moment forward, Bella and I had made a commitment, I couldn’t wait to tell everyone, although Carlisle, Renée, and Charlie knew about it, I needed Carlisle’s help so I had to tell him and I had asked Bella’s parents for her hand separately as soon as I made the decision to ask her to be my wife. Alice and jasper were going to be thrilled, soon enough Bella and I would be united forever as husband and wife and I couldn’t wait until I could see her walk down the aisle escorted by Charlie and to be finally able to see her beautiful face, the face of the girl of my life, my Bella.


So Edward and Bella are engaged...things are about to get heavy with some angst on the next few chapters. Hope you are still with me...?

The goodies of this chapter are on the blog under the archive of June 2013, thanks for reading!

So glad you posted again!  It was wonderful!  Can't wait to read the rest!

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