The Twilight Saga

The blind side of love 

A Twilight Fanfiction

By: Zaicha The Vampire Goddess




You don’t have to see the one you love to know that it's the one.

I'm Edward Mason and this is my love story:

Who said that you have to see the one you love to that she’s the one? I can’t say that exactly because I’ve been blind since I was 10 years old. Ever since then I’ve been living in the dark, but as the years passed I had learned to cope with my incapacity. Is been hard and sometimes I thought that it was unfair but who said that life is fair?

I’m almost 18 years old my twin sister Alice is my best friend; we are both on our way to college. She had dedicated every minute of her life to take care of me. She’s the best friend or sister that anyone could ask for and I love her a lot. Sometimes I wished that she had a boyfriend; she has a few friends but I know that she hasn’t gone on a date in a long time, she had cared too much for me.

My mother, what can I say about my dear mother Esme, she has also dedicated her life to take care of me and Alice. She’s been a widow since my father died in the car accident in wich I lost my vision. It was caused by a drunk driver; my father died instantly. Since then I had to learn to live without eyes; I had learned to see with my other senses. It wasn’t easy but that was the way I have to live.

I refuge myself in music, I relearned to play the piano and a few years ago I started composing music. Next fall Alice and I will be entering college, mom didn’t want me to enroll but I convinced her. She’s a bit overprotective but I love her anyway.

 I have to say that I’ve never fell in love. Let’s face it, who will want a boyfriend who can’t see? Alice says that we will find love together, I laugh every time she says that. Maybe for her but for me…

You don’t know how wrong I was, very, very, very wrong…







Rosalie & Emmett 

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Mike (Edward's Guide dog)

Emilia, Ethan and Lillian

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u are so talented...i'm loving this second fav ;-)
More soon.
my gosh love it you are a greeat writer!!
Hello Zaicha! My Awesome Author! You have definitely stoled my heart with your Awesome visit to my humble home last week. When are you going to post the next chapter of this Amazing story? I know we have been discussing this story so much, and you left me teased with your visit last week. I hope you get an awesome idea for their class schedule from our Master Schedule we have in my school. Now you see how complicated it is to create the class schedule for our students & the Teachers. It's not as simple as it looks. I had an awesome time with your visit in New York. I hope you felt the same. I can't wait to see if you can visit once again in December. Now I know you go back to school this month, so please update us with at least another chapter or two before you get too busy pleaseee..... I need to read how Edward & Bella finally meet. You have also teased me with some of your ideas. However, I want you to write them down and share them with us. Thank you for signing my story now it's an official collection of mine. You have definitely stolen our hearts so please post the next chapter. Oh by the way Teresa wanted me to let you know she misses you so much. You are the big Sister she never had. She hopes to see you soon. Love you my Angel... and keep writing this Breath Taking story. Hugs from your Big Bear Emmett on the site and on our personal side your Mom from New York. Smiles!
my good can´t wait for more

I loved it!

I like how Edward talks about his sister,

"The day that started it all" <- Great line!!

this is great..two thumbs up!
LOve it!!!!!!!!!!!! ITs so cool! POst more for me please!
i love this update me please this story is really good!
Okay Zaicha! You need to post Chapter 4 already. I know it takes a long time so I hope you are typing the story today so it can be posted on Sunday. Please Zaicha I will be on vacation and won't be near a computer unless I come back to work. If you text me letting me know you updated this story I will definitely come back to work on Monday just to print your story. Also, please update me on the other two as well. Thanks my awesome angel. You know The Blind Side is beginning to win over your number two spot of your stories. So please update quickly since you will begin school on Wednesday. I will call you tonight or tomorrow my Angel and keep you posted with my vacation plans. Please post Chapter 4 this week I can't wait to read it. I know you have it done so please stop making your readers anxious. Love you & smiles! Teresa says hello!


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