The Twilight Saga

The Volturi have finally met there match, and they never even knew they where real.

News of sailors disapearing on the shores of Italy reached the Volturi and they thought it was the act of vampires. So to stop it one night they left and headed that way. Only to find out that vampires where the fatherest from what was killing.

Mermaids are lurking in the waters and killing the sailors, and when the Volturi step in they are furious. They wont have some one get in there way,

On the spot the war has started as the Volturi fears that the mermaids are going to attempt to take over.


boy and girl

dont ditch

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Ariel is the princess and in charge. she can be snappy but thats how she i. she gets what she wants when she wants it

crush is alec

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Lilac "I thought so" she said as she made a face "no offence but I would rather stay here" she said as she sat up on the dock it was better than facing an angry king at least she could take Blondie but she also knew she would have no choice.


Alec "your father can cause this" he sais his eyes widening slightly looking to her "wow that's one powerfully mad daddy you got there Ariel" he said at least he knew she wouldn't be hurt he didn't care if he got hurt he was her only and main concern.


Ariel grinned "I can do it to" she said and smiled. "I can also do this" she said proudly and held her hand out toward the water. Instantly it was like the water formed a arm and reached up toward the sky

Alec looked on amazed "wow you are the most impressive woman I've met" he said as he watched her she was amzing.

Ariel smiled and waved him over "come here" she said and smiled as she smiled sweetly

Alec went to the dock and set his legs over the edge "do you want me to get in the water" the idea wasn't the most appealing he liked being dry but he had no problem doing anything for her.

Ariel just grinned not saying a word. She watched the water move with her hand she watched it snake up his leg though it never touched him. She just grinne and smiled

Alec smiled "wow i't not even wet" he said sounding astounded.


Lilac laughed.

Ariel smiled and reached over and kissed his cheek softly. "Will you come for a swim with me?" She asked softly and smile again

Alec pretended to think "well I can't see what it could hurt" he said with a laugh as he flipped into the water.

Ariel smiled and dove in after him. She smiled loving the feel of the water. She smiled as she glinded through the water swimming circles aroud him

He laughed and brought her to him in the water "hello beautiful" he mouthed to her not being able to speak under water like they could.

Ariel smiled and blushed "hello handsome" she whispered then giggled as she wiggled out of his arms and did a few flips and grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the dolphins


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