The Twilight Saga

The Volturi have finally met there match, and they never even knew they where real.

News of sailors disapearing on the shores of Italy reached the Volturi and they thought it was the act of vampires. So to stop it one night they left and headed that way. Only to find out that vampires where the fatherest from what was killing.

Mermaids are lurking in the waters and killing the sailors, and when the Volturi step in they are furious. They wont have some one get in there way,

On the spot the war has started as the Volturi fears that the mermaids are going to attempt to take over.


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Ariel is the princess and in charge. she can be snappy but thats how she i. she gets what she wants when she wants it

crush is alec

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Felix watched as he had silently seen what his companions were talking about and looked at the grisly scene they were all standing around this wasn't the first time and it looked like it wasn't going to end soon "what is the plan" he said with a small smile on his face he loved a good fight.

Alec skimmed over the water's surface and nodded to them, "There is something watching us." He moved back slowly watching closely how the water moved and ruffled in the wind. He heard some water move and smelt the fresh blood. "Demitri is right. I smell blood too."

Selene looked at Demitri, "I thought I saw something completely new to my eyes below the dock." She lowered the gun and stepped back smelling the air, "Does anyone else smell fish-like human blood?" She waited for a nod from Alec and raised her gun back to the water. 

Lilac quietly watched the newcomers realizing they weren't like the sailors they were different she just couldn't place it so she ducked back under the water and swam thinking about the pale creatures on and near the dock near the body.

Ariel Watched the creatures on the shore. They looked like they wanted to kill her. She ducked back down into the water. Here it was shallow so she would have a hard time getting away. She pressed her belly against the sandy bottom and started to swim away


Cecelia stared at the pale look-like-human things on the beach. But instantly she saw them, she realized that those weren't humans. They didn't smell like humans, they weren't fascinated with her beauty. She looked at the tall and strong one, and for the first time in her life, since humans attacked her, she felt fear and that word wasn't in her vocabulary.

''Cecelia, go away'' she told to herself, as she turned around and saw Ariel's tail.


This was the adventure Caius was needing. His red eyes shined when Selene told them that there was new species in the shore. The excitement made him jump and smile. (Hypothetically). As they approached to the shore, he saw a fish tail, but that was a weird fish.

''If it is a fish'' he said quietly. 

Felix "these siting are starting to get weird" he told the group " we all smell weird blood and fish tails" he said then he looked at the body well whatever did this they weren't nice not that it mattered neither were they for that matter.


Lilac saw two others of her kind who must have been doing exactly what she was doing watching the weird non human things up top she recognized them and went up to Ariel "who or what are these creatures" she asked her as she swam next to her.


''I don't know'' answered Cecelia to Lilac, even though she wasn't talking to her. ''but whatever it is, It's a thread, do you think we can destroy them?'' Cecelia herself, didn't believed they were able to finish with them, cause they were new creatures. Something they didn't know. Mermaids were used to finish humans off, but those were not humans and that was more than clear, because of their fast moves. 


''They are not fish'' he told Felix. ''I red about them long time ago, but I thought  they were just a myth, because no one could ever see  them closely, not even a vampire... not even me'' Caius closed his mouth, and started trying to remember their names. Suddenly, the answer stroke him like a bolt. ''Mermaid'' he mumbled

I wanna join... can i?

As Caius and:

Cecelia Bonne


Cecelia used to try to make mermaids change their way of life. She thought that if they respected humans, they would respect them, so once she went to the shore to try talking to humans, but they tried to catch her and hurt her tail. She hates humans since that day.


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Ariel looked up at the surface "they look strong and those eyes are creepy" she said as she shook her head. "What would they want for us?" She sighed when she realized it was her duty to go find out. "You two stay here ill go find out what they want" she said and swam to the surface

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